Amazon Fine Food Reviews

248400248400B001SB85Z2A2JKK6LIR7X579Bill Walton "Bill"0051333324800World's best mild salsaI swear, every time the powers discover that I've found an item I like, every local store stops carrying it. Most recently, it's Mrs. Renfro's Peach Salsa that can't be found locally, and I've had to resort to ordering online.

Shipment was prompt and packaging was sufficient, so everything arrived unbroken. As always, the contents of the jars was/is excellent - slightly sweet, mild but obviously salsa, and consistency is good - sticks to the chips so it doesn't drip on my shirt.
248371248371B0029NIYLSA1TJYJ336K3PCTFlying Penguin "Lefty-ist"0021349654400Not for Picky DogsMy two Maltese dogs enjoy eating Cesar canned food products, but for some reason they really do not like to eat this style of filets in sauce. They would much rather eat the all mashed and ground up typical canned food style instead. Both products made by Cesar, but my dogs would much rather prefer I not buy the filet style anymore!
248372248372B0029NIYLSA2A5OQT2N7S5AXL. Shapiro0011335830400My dog hates itFour times I have put out this product for my dag and each time he smells it and then walks away. I just gave the unused food to my friends German Shepherd. Maybe my dog is just too finicky.
248373248373B0029NIYLSA3B2XELS2O1RMEileen0051331856000CarsonLove this product and the on line shopping. I buy more then this flavor because this is the only food our dogs will eat.
248374248374B0029NIYLSA1NMLNH40B9XM9Angie0041318291200Great for a Picky EaterMy mom's beautiful Sheltie was a very picky eater at the end of her life. For quite some time, the only thing we could get her to eat was Cesar Gourmet Filets. What a blessing it was to be able to buy it in bulk from Amazon!!
248375248375B0029NIYLSAC45KFWE74RRTeducyv0051315094400Just deliciousThe item is easy to open and serve. My dogs enjoy the food and are doing very well. I will be trying the chicken flavor next.
248376248376B0029NIYLSA2KWT6O18LED1AMaryooch0051313712000CesarGenuine Cesar dog food at a great price. They pack them great. They look fresh and you can't find them at a better price anywhere.
248377248377B0029NIYLSA38BKEVPEU4DF4Brenda Diehl0051282262400Cesar Canine Cuisine Gourmet Filets in Sauce Braised Chicken and Garden VegetablesMy dogs favorite flavor. No retail stores seem to carry it, anymore. She is so happy to have her favorite food delivered on a regular basis!
248380248380B0029NIYLSAO2Z6SCI5TDBJA Customer0051210291200My best frieds love Cesar!I have four small-to medium size best canine friends. They absolutely adore Cesar and turn their noses up at anything else. I am especially grateful to Cesar in one respect. A year ago, we rescued an elderly Pom who had been fed nothing but table scraps which meant her teeth were ruined. It took a while to get her to eat actual dog food. She licks the dish clean now, thanks to Cesar!
248381248381B0029NIYLSA1P6O51R22CJIOMarcia K. Nelson "Marce Nelson"0051178928000Great dog food and EXCELLENT SERVICE!!!!!!The Cesar Filet Mignon is a terrific dog food either by itself for small dogs or an extra added treat mixed in with food for the larger dog. My two Shih Tzus won't eat anything else and my two Silky Terriers loce it mixed in with their Pedigree Lean Liver and Beef. Cesar Filet Mignon is truly a GREAT dog food!!!
248382248382B000F9HM70A1BDJJPSXUES0moonbeam101051157414400fiji---the drinkable bottled waterI have tried alot of bottled water and usually go right back to drinking the water from my tap. Fiji is the first bottled water I have tried and will buy it again. It has the taste of refreshing water. The way it should be.
248383248383B000F9HM70A1BTVPTHV0E6K6Travis L. Senft "Travis"2211255910400Fiji water is awesome but...I think it might be an error, but believe me 12 bottles of .5 liter Fiji Water is nowhere near 65 dollars...this HAS to be a mistake for real. The Online Candy Shop itself has the same item on sale for 28 dollars, which is still pricey but MUCH MUCH closer to the real price. Amazon PLEASE REMOVE THIS ITEM SO PEOPLE DON'T PAY 70 DOLLARS FOR SOMETHING THAT COSTS 30.
248384248384B000F9HM70A18FQF33JR7A0GC.T1151239494400The water of paradise!Who says all water tastes the same? I can tell the difference while drinking this. This stuff is the best most crisp bottled water I've had. I like to try different bottled waters, such as VOSS, Fred, Smart, Evian, etc. But nothing seems to top Figi, this stuff is truely refreshing. Buy some now!
248385248385B000F9HM70A3KJ9ONYM913ZJane Olson1251241481600Every word they say is TRUEFiji Bottled Water

Expensive, but there is a good reason, its taste is beyond wonderful. Wish I had never taseted it :))
248386248386B000F9HM70A2HRH9VEIIYV0CC.A. Attorney1251217462400It doesn't get any better then this...This has been the purest and best tasing water I have ever drank. I leaves a great after taste too. Yes, its a little more expensive then other brands but you really get what you pay for here. If the "thousands of miles from the nearest industrialized continent" statement doesn't impress you...nothing will.
248387248387B000F9HM70A145B8OHVNNFAJSteward Willons1251217462400The best bottled waterAt first, I was cruising Amazon looking for random products to review. What could be less deserving of a review than bottled water? But then I discovered that you can buy Fiji water on Amazon, and that's worth an actual, serious review.

At the time of this review, the idea of bottled water is in question. It's harvested in one location, shipped to another location for filtering a bottling, and then shipped all over the world. You've got the plastic bottles and the energy used by the processing and shipping industry. I'm not a 'green' fanatic, but I know a lot of people seem to care about this. Fiji actually goes to great lengths to give back to the environment by way of protecting the areas where they find the water, by planting new trees, and probably other ways. According to their website, they'll soon be carbon negative. Personally, I don't think bottled water is that terrible. When you think about all the other industries polluting so much more, bottled water seems pretty harmless. Nevertheless, some people care, and those people can feel good about Figi water.

Now on to taste. Water is water, right? Not when it's Fiji water. This is the single most pure-tasting water available. I've had all the premium brands, but I keep going back to Fiji. It uses a complex filtration system, explained in detail on their website. It is certainly more than glorified tap water. Unbelievably, the majority of bottled waters are tap water from wherever the packing center is located, maybe with a few added minerals for taste. Fiji is one of the few waters that is actually different than what comes out of your faucet at home.

Fiji is plenty expensive, but it can't be beat. Enjoy.
248388248388B000F9HM70A2W8E91R4R9NF5Karina A. Suarez "Karina A. Fogliani-Ahmed"2451199664000Pure and pristineOn my quest to improve my overall health, I have been on the lookout for the best water I can possibly find so I can flush my system of toxins and, at the same time, have glowing skin. Although I keep trying different brands, I always come back to "Fiji", the natural artesian water from the islands of the same name. "Artesian" means that the water is protected inside a volcanic rock formed millions of years ago. Because it's bottle at the source, the water preserves all its minerals literally untouched. The difference is also obvious to the naked eye, when upon looking through the attractive bottle, one can see the clarity and transparency that just makes one want to dive into its purity.

Taste-wise it does not dissapoint either. Imported from the distant falls of Viti Levu, Fiji tastes free of all particles and just... fresh! I usually keep a bottle by my desk at work, and use it hot or cold, for tea, hot cocoa, or straight up.

The typical analysis in mg/liter states:

Silica: 85
Calcium: 17
Magnesium: 13
pH: 7.5
Bicarbonates: 140
Total dissolved solids: 210

Cases are offered at a discount at the company's website for delivery in the USA.
248389248389B000F9HM70A2R6RA8FRBS608Matthew G. Sherwin3741195430400very good but not perfectFiji bottled water is purified "through volcanic rock over hundreds of years." Well, that sounds nice and I believe that this water is purified before Fiji bottles it--but I'm not sure just how the water is filtered through volcanic rock. The water does taste good, however; and this is great either chilled or at room temperature in the colder months.

The water also contains a mineral called silica which may help improve our overall health; it goes into more details on the bottle but I remain slightly less than convinced.

On the bright side, the company that sells this has a website and a telephone number for customers to use in case we have further questions.

Overall, Fiji bottled water is very, very good; but I'll never completely understand precisely how they filter it. I do believe that it is indeed filtered; and this is one of the better brands of filtered water. It doesn't appear to come from a spring, however.
248390248390B003SWGJR0A2QX8AEQKCD0CFI <0011348099200Not a good deal
248391248391B001W3QTK4ARBBPL61RIAJKJohn B. Myers1131262822400Too Hot for TastersIf you like spicy food you will like this Cinnamon,Pomegranate and Limon Candys. But if you have a sensitive palliate you won't. I like Butterscoch,Just Chocolats,Coffie and Starlight Ments.Splenda is the best suger substitute. John B Myers
248392248392B001W3QTK4A1S9ZLTZ1WI090Faye Carlisle1151252368000Fabulous tasteThis is the best tasting sugar free cinnamon candy. Wonderful for after meals mouth freshener!
248393248393B001W3QTK4A13N9P0VQU812IS. Lawhorn0051331769600A Favorite TreatThis is one of my favorite treats. I keep them
everywhere, my car, my purse and all over the
house. They taste so good you can't tell they
are sugar free. If you like cinnamon these are
248394248394B001W3QTK4A3MKH0QWMCS5QXLaura NV USA "QueenofEverything"0051265068800Golightly Sugar Free Cinnamon FlavorI have tried lots of Golightly no sugar flavors. Although I like several of the flavors, this one is by far the best.
248395248395B001W3QTK4A3I1LYDUSZSGUYJohn D. Steere0051259107200Good Cinnamon TasteI've bought these a few times. I keep them in a candy jar at work to help me avoid other candy snacks, and my coworkers are taking to them as well. I'm a big fan of cinnamon and these help with that craving.
248396248396B001VE573YA3L746H2C8GQJ6Michelle M2251270166400ADDICTIVEWarning - these cookies are highly addictive and you will most likely eat the whole bag. I used to go to a grocery store out of my way in order to buy them. Now I am having them shipped to me in Germany.

Non vegans like them. I am a big fan of crumbly peanut butter cookies and these fit the bill. They are not dry nor are they bland like some vegan desserts. I recommended them to another non-vegan friend who happily agreed with me.

248397248397B001VE573YADAZ7DTPAN85emelbee1151246320000The best cookies I've ever hadYou would never know these cookies are vegan. They are delicious, crumbly, and the perfect combination of salty and sweet flavors. They are absolutely worth every penny.
248398248398B001VE573YAVKF94H2RA1OUS. Phillips0051332374400Vegan?These are the best vegan cookies we've had so far. Found them at a health food store in Colorado, now we order from Amazon. Great cookies, vegan or not, everyone likes them. $6 a bag seems a little steep, but they are pretty darn good.
248399248399B001VE573YAKF4DY5A875JXMickey "DidIHurtYourFeelFeels?"0051298073600Vegan CrackA little too good me pants thinks. Impossible to stop at one, cravings persist for days. Prudence suggests abstinence.

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