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248401248401B001SB85Z2A2FNNQM5UXWME0J. M. Burkhart "J. Schmidt"0051325808000Best Salsa Ever!I'm not a salsa fan at all. I don't even like tomatoes. However the Mrs. Renfro's peach salsa is so delicious. I just want to eat the peach salsa and chips all the time. It's not spicy which is a plus for me. It's not super sweet either...just the right amount of peaches.
248402248402B001SB85Z2A1PMFS3DY0JW7BK. Smith0051291680000Best salsa ever...Not sweet, just right!Mrs. Renfro's puts the right amount of peaches to tomatoes and the result is delicious. Just hints of peach with mostly tomato deliciousness in every bite. They know how to play of the peach so well--it is all I want to eat with chips! Pace just won't do anymore.
248403248403B0045H264CA1821RZMPRSJBHPeg4451315785600Excellent honey, honey.This stuff is the bomb! I think I like it better than the orange blossom honey...its close, but both are superior in quality and taste. it shipped on time, and the shipping cost was reasonable. Thanks amazon, you rock!
248404248404B0045H264CA240SSTBQN1RH3JonnyBoy "JonnyBoy"2251308960000Great honey at a great priceThe first time I ordered the cap was broken and leaked. I have since purchased this honey 3 times and have no issues with the packaging. This honey is the best honey I've had since growing up on my fathers bee farm.
248405248405B0045H264CA3IYSIAKYOMKTORenter0051351209600Wild HoneyThis really is unfiltered honey made from wildflowers, so if you have allergies expect a reaction, at least initially. If you are planning to visit Central Florida on vacation this is a good buy to prep your immune system against the local flora. The flavor is a little stronger than single cultivar honeys, so you don't need as much to flavor your food and drink with. I detect more than a hint of honeysuckle in there. It's tasty, and the price is right.
248406248406B0045H264CA3E3NZODTWYJGNrichard0051349654400Good stuffThis met all my expectations for honey. Plus the price is right! But I am the only one in my house that uses it. It has been a good experience for me. Richard
248407248407B0045H264CA1MPBBC8CYYF3RBDP0051336608000good tasteI highly recommend this honey. It is much better taste compare to other store bought. Tropic Bee Tupelo Honey, 16-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 3)
248408248408B0045H264CA1LXBIDWACC4TSJ. Friedman "JF"0041336089600Tasty but has a strong flavorThis is a tasty honey. It is thick and delicious. However, it does have a bit of a strong flavor. It is wild so that is to be expected. Comes in a 32 oz bottle and I ordered it via Subscribe and Save so I could get it on a regular basis. Pricing is a bit expensive for honey, but it's not outrageous. The cap broke on my first order immediately but still closed properly so that did not bother me.
248409248409B0045H264CA2JSJSQH6MKBY5kristin2421322006400Not 32 OuncesI am very uspset. This product is labeled 32oz. i specifically bought this in 32 oz because my recipe called for 24 ounces and i wanted to have a little extra. I was using the honey to brine a turkey for thanksgiving which called for 24 ounces...AND its not even 21 ounces! very upset...I didnt even have enough for my turkey!!! NOT HAPPY!!!
248410248410B007Q3MOB2A37PG0UZX02A4XL. Martin "l.belle"0041346544000Delicious!This is a fantastc product! A local restaurant told me it was what they used and I loved it . It is sweeter and thicker than balsamic vinegar but just as functional. Great on bruchetta, caprese salads and vegetables. A new staple for my kitchen.
248411248411B000TYDWTIA4X8KW8U7BF6QJack0031341014400Quick and painless gift.Average quality of salt and suger and it was a quick gift for my sick college kid. I could have put together a better and healthier product, but it was quick.
248412248412B003YBJA4EA2NQ1MNUYUTRAPJiri Sladek5551300579200Love it and addicted to it but wont buy it from here at $40 +S&HYes it is the replacement for the original General Foods International Cappuccino Coolers and I am addicted to it I think. It is little bit different, I think they lower the sugar content in this new one and it has little bit more coffee taste to it vs. the original but I still love it. But what's with the price? I use to by this for around $15 pr box of 8 and now it's like $50? wtf when did this happen, I am still buying it locally at the original price and now I found out that even Wall Mart is selling it for about $1.80 a box! I guess I won't be buying it from here any more!
248413248413B003YBJA4EAH8PGDV8TSWTGcheesystuff6751291075200Seller Rip-offThis is the same product as the Cappuccino Coolers. Just the name has changed and the packaging. They are available in most Walmart stores that have a grocery store. They are also sold in Rainbow stores in MN, in Publix stores in Florida and some Hyvee stores in the midwest. I have never seen such a high price as these sellers are asking. Notice that Amazon is not the seller. The price has not changed much since Maxwell House added their name. They are still only $1.89 - $2.09 in all of the stores I mentioned. Shame on these sellers for suggesting $49.95 for 2 boxes. They aren't that hard to find!! One seller asks $6.09 for shipping and the other wants $16.99 for the exact same product to ship. You can probably go on line to Walmart or Publix or maybe Rainbow and see if they will ship you a case. I guarantee it won't cost a fraction of the $49.95. Good luck.
248414248414B003YBJA4EA2LD5OSXTAN60VHomebody3341301788800Different than the old one, but still goodKraft got rid of the General Foods brand and replaced the Cappuccino Coolers under the Maxwell House brand and the new name Iced Latte. I agree with the other reviewer that the flavor changed a little bit. IMO it's not quite as good as the old one, but it's still good enough that I drink one everyday! (Well, I only drink 1/2 packet at a time.) I suggest serving it over ice and topping it with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles!
BUT, this is a ridiculous price! A box costs $2 at my Walmart and other grocery stores.
248415248415B003YBJA4EAVHELMHAQUKGGDenise S2251321056000ALMOST as good as the original cappuccino coolersI am addicted to this drink. However, I now add about a tablespoon of vanilla milk (or milkshake) to it and it is then just what it used to be! I agree, this is much easier to find now. Walmart carries it, but I haven't seen it in the regular supermarkets yet. Still, it's much cheaper there!
248416248416B003YBJA4EAHKWZGM16TKAJThe Frugal Bean2231291939200It's supposed to be the Cappachino cooler but they changed somethingI've been drinking these things since they came out in the late 90's. Something has changed with the formula when it went all 'iced latte'. The french vanilla tastes odd compared to it's prior version. I now drink the hazelnut exclusively, because the product didn't change with the name change. Just a warning before you go buy this flavor in bulk, the french vanilla is different! Agreed, this product is very hard to find but worth a bulk purchasing trip when you do know where they are sold.
248417248417B003YBJA4EA2R9M9ALI356JUJewel B.1141319932800Please do not buy here!These sellers are taking advantage of ignorant people, or trying to, I guess. One box is less than two dollars at Walmart. Please shop around.

This coffee is very good. A touch too sweet and not a lot of coffee flavor, but I enjoy drinking it. It is a very cost effective way of having an iced coffee. The french vanilla flavor is my favorite and much better than the hazlenut. For some reason, the hazlenut flavor leaves a powdery taste and is a little chemically. If you like more coffee taste, you can try Starbucks Via. Their caramel iced coffee is very good but I do experiment with how much I add because it can get bitter..
248418248418B003YBJA4EA5K1KFOZLK47UJanette Butrym "Zander's Mum"0051319587200YummyThese drinks are really refeshing on a hot day or cold. I add more milk than suggested and enjoy every sip!!!
248419248419B003YBJA4EAKZP1TJSWZNGSC. Roell "Mama bear"1241287187200YummyI have been looking for something to replace the General Foods French Vanilla Cappuccino Coolers that have been near impossible to find on line or in my local area. In fact, I think that this is the same product as the French Vanilla Cappuccino Coolers, but in a similiar package and under a new name. I believe that both General Foods and Maxwell House are owned by Kraft, so it appears to be the same product. I highly recommend this for anyone who enjoys a quick pick me up in the morning or in the late afternoon.
248420248420B0040YW1Q8A2IHP9OW9ATHD6Linda Brown "Linda"1151312502400Mallow BitesOMG these are addictive...I put them in the frig to chill them. Opened the bag to try one and couldn't believe the taste. Love them! Light, fluffy, with the taste of chocolate - who doesn't love that. Watch yourself though or you will eat the entire bag in one sitting. Downfalls that I see is only about 24 in a bag...leaves you wanting more and a little pricy.
248421248421B000YFH38IA2ZLZA95IQIW06L. Robinson3351252800000cost but well worth itThese are amazing candies. Great for gifts as well as for treats (if you can bear to give them away).
248422248422B000YFH38IA1SQJPMCQ1PN8DBB2211270857600yuckAfter spending $7 on shipping, NOT WORTH IT, dip a marshmallow in carmel same thing. Not to mention the caramel sticks to the wrapper making a sticky mess.
248423248423B000YFH38IA23S6LOLDSWDBBCarolyn Goodwin1151299110400AMAZING!!These were the most delicious caramel treats I have ever had! We devoured them as soon as they arrived at our doorstep, and they were incredibly fresh and chewy. Yum. I plan to order many more as Easter treats!
248424248424B000YFH38IACB8QFUEFPL95Terriergirl3411257724800Very Very BadI mus have gotten a bad batch or something but this was inedible. The caramel stuck to the wrapping and the marshmallow was old and stale. A waste of $$$. I got this small item to sample this company's candy - now I know to stay away!
248425248425B000YFH38IA3AM912UMSPH0VConnie Bennett "avid reader"0011342569600Never AgainI already sent a review to you- it got here in a timely fashion but it sue wasn't worth the money for the little bit you got! The cost of shipping was way too much!
I will NEVER order this item again
248426248426B000J2JKICAWJXWD0EMKIUVT. B. H. "The Bargain Hunter"0051295654400Dogs love it (5 oz bag)My dogs love this treat. Even my super picky JRT gobbles these down. Please be aware that this is for the 5 oz package. I misunderstood the "9.6 oz shipping weight" in the description and thought I would be getting more bang for my buck.
248427248427B000J2JKICA1B8YR7MJ57DFULisa J. Weinberg "book geek"0051291334400Happy Hips Duck Breast is a great treatAfter finding these at Target, I bought some for my dogs. They absolutely love them! At $6.79 per bag, though, they were really expensive. I tried to find them cheaper and have succeeded. Even though there is no 'free shipping', the price makes up for it if you buy a bunch of them. I bought 10 bags and came out better than if I had bought them at Target.
248428248428B000J2JKICAIFNAGTFUYPD0Pauline Singer "topdog"0051184198400puddles delightMy dog inhales them. He sits politely after our walk and waits. He then graps it and wolves it down while I count my fingers to be sure all are still there. Comes in a pouch and very easy to open. Very pleased with the product and will be on my shopping list. One downside is the cost of shipping. There is no free shipping for this so I'm going to try and find in the pet store.
248429248429B000J2JKICA1F4FNM21DAXNVS. Strand "DaisyGirl XOXO"0051173571200best treat!My overly picky Chihuahua goes NUTS for these! And the glucosamine and Chondroitin is so good for her joints - it also seems to make her coat shiny, and keeps her regular. I Highly recommend this product!
248430248430B004YTZY1IAC8AVJI9MLGXEJ. Anagnost0041326499200treatsThese treats are about the only thing we can feed our dog, due to allergies and other issues. There are no preservatives of additives, so it is as clean a dog food as you can find. It is also dry roasted vs. raw.

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