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248521248521B000VKA6GCA1ZJY2XA2MW6WHGlass Girl "glassgirl"0051240185600My little doggie loves the cheese!!!My dog loves these treats. They are his favorite and he loves that they're organic.
248522248522B000VKA6GCA12MQA7IMXZ7JTTV Freak "DWs Dad"0431256515200Good Product - better ones out thereGood product, but our dogs prefer some of the other ones out there. Recommended, but not as highly as other products
248523248523B0002DJFTWA3EMHRN12JAHDHTynerLover91111154131200Please Read LabelI bought these for my two small dogs. A day after they had them,both acted "off" ,they refused to eat their canned dog food(Wellness).The only thing different in their daily schedule was the Petrodex Dental Chews. I read the label,it states "wash hands after handling". If there is something so toxic in these chews that I must wash my hands after handling,I sure do not want my dogs chewing and eating them.They are in the garbage.If I could have awarded zero stars,I would have.I am going to stick to the Breath Brushers made by Zuke's. Pricier,but worth it to me.
248524248524B0002DJFTWA9Z0D3V8NCWXHMary J. Suhar4451127606400mmmmmgoodthis is the only chew my dog will eat..they are clean and do not leave brown "baste" stains on carpet..keeps my pup's breath fresh.
248525248525B0002DJFTWAX3EEXK64YZJBJeannelu3351180483200Petrodex Dental ChewsWe have a 13 year old beagle, and I noticed that he no longer chews his older toys. I was worried about his developing dental problems in old age, so we decided to try out Petrodex dental chews. I think these chews are a great price, and the beagle loves them! He can't wait each evening for his after dinner treat!
248526248526B0002DJFTWA284KDWQGF8M0RPiccola2251200700800Good ChewsI bought these Petrodex chews for my dogs because I like Petrodex toothpaste Petrodex 51106 Enzymatic Toothpaste for Dogs- Poultry Flavor- Economy Size. The dogs love the chews, especially my lab mix. The label calls them beefhide. They look like beefhide, but don't seem to have exactly the same consistency. It's probably because of the other ingredients: dextrose, poultry digest, etc. "Product of Mexico." The "large dog" ones are about 2 1/2 or 3 by 6 inches each.
248527248527B0002DJFTWA39DYVUNTMHEPKHtc1111180483200Pugs not interested.My two pugs are major rawhide/bone/pig ear fans but for some reason they aren't too interested in these chews. One will eat it once he realizes he's not getting anything else and the other doesn't even bother with it.
248528248528B0002DJFTWA3M3FTEH724VNLCAD Man1151178928000Dental ChewsOur dogs love these chews. We give them each one a day. The chews definitly help keep their teeth clean and improves their breath!
248529248529B0002DJFTWA1JOQCXHNEJXU7Cynthia Kirsch1151173312000Gigi's favorite!This product is so great for my toy pomeranian, GiGi. She loves to chew these, and they are great for dental hygiene. these are the only dental chews I give her. Sometimes companies are out of the small size, so I order these in bulk, when I find them. Your price was also very reasonable. She has been using this product for over 5 years. Thankyou again for the great service in providing them on line in bulk. Cynthia Kirsch
248530248530B0002DJFTWA14BX5L0IADY7OS. Crouse1151167868800Petrodex Dental Chews For Small DogsMy dog loves these. They help maintain his clean teeth. He enjoys chewing them.They do not irritate his stomach. There are 24 in a package.They are just the right size for small dogs
248531248531B0002DJFTWA3JIN70CSGZ1S2C. Bortner0051349395200Dogs loved emI have 2 maltese male dogs, age 6 and 8. I bought these to help with their dental health. They love them! Not sticky, messy and gummy like other chews.
248532248532B0002DJFTWA14CJR4X9I1EOYPatricia A. Smith0041332028800PetrodexOur dog has the best clean teeth...thanks to Petrodex. Buying it on line saved me money & time. Our poodle loves petrodex strips.
248533248533B0002DJFTWA1QTCPLHO8EUJFLinda0051327622400My dog's love this!They gobble one up and want more. My dachsund mix has horrible breath and this helps a little. I will definitely buy more, and the price is right.
248534248534B0002DJFTWA12KR2FV9ENIA5Areida Foskey "rita4u"0051312329600Excellent productWe have 4 dogs, one had terrible plaque build-up, it isn't gone after 2 months of using this product but is remarkably better. The dogs love the treats. We buy them 8 bags at a time so we won't run out.
248535248535B0002DJFTWAUYXNVL4IGEJHTP0051307491200My dog loves theseMy dog usually doesn't like any type of dental chews, and all my attempts at brushing her teeth have failed miserably. I saw these Petrodex chews were pretty inexpensive and had good reviews, so I decided to try them out. When I got them, I was surprised that my Boston Terrier would actually eat them. In fact, she loves them. Problem solved!
248536248536B0002DJFTWA3ICUM9JY3HLG3Debbij0051300752000doggie chewyAll my girls (6 maltese dogs) just love these chews and they're so much cheaper than at Petsmart. Even the girls with not too many teeth left that I am fostering from a rescue can handle them..
248537248537B0002DJFTWA1SKHUFBUZTKMVE. Colick "Home Decorator"0051297123200My dog loves them!!!My dog is so picky when it comes to chewing bones and such. I thought he would never chew these but wanted to give them a try. He loves them and since I can't manage to effectively brush his teeth, I am very thankful.
248538248538B0002DJFTWA1IO51BEIHJ9W4Odile Pettit0041292457600Petrodex dog chewQuite please with my order of Petrodex Dog Chew. It came promptly as always, and my dog (a mix Maltese/terrier) love them. In addition, it keeps his teeth clean the easy way, which I appreciate.
248539248539B0002DJFTWAY61Y6J16K9D8Bridget Kreutzer0051255392000GreatAwesome service! I accidentally ordered the wrong size and they exchange the product quickly and without any problems. Thanks!
248540248540B0002DJFTWAYV6VSX37Z678Brian Maher0051217376000Best PriceI shopped by price and this was far and away the best price out there.
248541248541B0002DJFTWA5KN3VR5DE7I0Irving Dunn "grandma"0051203206400my dog loves thesePetrodex Dental Chews - Small 24 ct
My dog loves these. They are his favorite treats.
248542248542B0002DJFTWAT2AMY8QU4RQ3M. Hubbard "maryhubb"0051202515200Dog ChewsMy dogs just love Petrodex Dental chews! I don't tell them that it's good for them...
248543248543B0002DJFTWA1JB4C5MDBLJ8TM. Tuggle0051163030400Petrodex chews are great!Our Bichon loves these and it keeps him from chewing other things around the house. And they are good for their teeth! We originally got them from our vet, but found these at Petco and they were made by the same people and were cheaper. Petco no longer carries them, so we order them on line--for even less!
248544248544B0002DJFTWAY61Y6J16K9D8Bridget Kreutzer0151234137600Hard to find chewiesI had a super hard time finding anyone who had these chewies in stock. You had alot in stock and shipped them out ASAP! Thanks. Will definitely purchase from you again.
248545248545B0002DJFTWA7E1AUCRMFMM2Debecus31051125187200Not Just for DogsThis product is amazing. I was never the type of person to consider eating dog food, however a couple weeks ago a Petrodex Dental Chew feel into my cereal and I ate it. It was the most delicious thing I have ever accidently ingested. I have now been chewing them ever since and my teeth are also cleaner than they have ever been before. I am now recommending Petrodex Dental Chews to all of my friends and family.
248546248546B002U5G476A2II09GQGWOMTQBrian Nallick "METALMANMN"3451308873600DeliciousI love Sprite Zero it literally tastes just like regular Sprite but minus the calories.
What more needs to be said?
No calories.
No caffeine.
248547248547B002U5G476A2Y3WWPUKIJ59IVeil_Lord0051347926400Remarkably Like The OriginalI want to avoid sugar intake as much as possible. I have friends who come by who are diabetic and I don't need the calories. I got this and really love the taste.

It's not got the sort of salty or bitter after taste type of flavor some of them do. It's also not as caustic as Mountain Dew or Pepsi Max is, at least to my pallet. Just a clean flavor, but not as light as flavored water. No caffeine is a plus as well. Yummy.
248548248548B000WFNECEA3THFR9NVPSUIPD. S. MD0051293926400purrfectThese cheap lasers are super bright and the perfect interactive cat wranglers. You can easily and cheaply replace the batteries when they run low. I have no idea why they are marketed as keychains: who needs a laser on their keys? I mean, it isn't as if they're of any use for illumination.

PS After a few days all 3 I bought had stopped working, so I opened 'em up, checked the batteries (three 1.5v cells per light), found all 9 were fine, lightly sanded the tops and bottoms of each cell with a nail file, then reloaded the cells carefully enough that so that the internal spring in each light functions unimpeded- presto, all work fine.

You can crank up the intensity of these lasers by turning a set screw a little. Google this if you're curious. Be careful not to shine these things directly into any creature's eye.
248549248549B001076J8EAL2KBV3TW2ZJWHomer L. Cook0051340928000Red & White Peppermint Salt Water Tuffy 5lbTuffy arrived in perfect condition. The packaging and quality of this production was exceptnally good. I would certianly consider purchasing this product again.
248550248550B000JSLYV2A2VUD4SPJO4V33Theo2241291593600Melt in Your Mouth Delicious!"Bounty" bars consist of a soft, almost molten center of sweet coconut coated in an outer layer of milk chocolate. You can easily buy them "over the counter" here in Australia. But if that's not the case where you are, and you don't mind a diet rich in junk food, then yes, this is a candy bar worth going to the trouble of ordering over the internet.

Note that here on Amazon you can purchase bounty bars in boxes with varying numbers of bars inside, so it is worth your while to crunch the numbers and think about what package offers the best value for you. At the same time, it may not be entirely in the best interests of your health to have _too_ many of these things lying around at home all at once!


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