Amazon Fine Food Reviews

248581248581B0011DN9EOA2V3JZXPGY5M4Jsamiam0051334102400No fishy smell!As others have posted, there was no fishy smell or aftertaste when taking these. They've been great! Also, they shipped quickly and came just in time since I'd run out. I've purchased them twice now and will continue to do so thru the rest of my pregnancy and after.
248582248582B0011DN9EOA27XIBOVN0MID8D. Harper0051330128000love themI love these because they are small. They don't have an odor. They were also cheaper than the brand I used before.
248583248583B0011DN9EOA1WCP56RX0JXADbowsontoes0051328832000great for pregoI bought this one because I wanted to save my fish to eat while pregnant not take it. I take this everyday and have no upset stomach of fishy burps to worry about. Great price on amazon.
248584248584B0011DN9EOA1JMNXLFAQQKPCJane0011328486400Spectrum Prenatal DHA causes gas, burping and bloatingI like the idea of a non-fish based DHA supplement and I bought two bottles at Wholefoods. I couldn't get past the first bottle of Spectrum Prenatal DHA. It causes me such gas, bloating and burping although that doesn't seem to be the case for other reviewers. Has anyone else experienced this problem? I read that possibly the quality of the product could cause stomach upset but this brand seems to be one of the better ones and yet, it upsets my stomach very much. The expiration date on the Spectrum pills I bought is October 2013 so they're in good condition. I was taking Prenate before, which has a purified form of fish oil and never had stomach upset. That being said, each person is different so I would definitely try out any supplement first before stocking up.
248585248585B0011DN9EOA2QM7KV77FFHUDK. Pray0051312588800Love these!!I wanted to take fish oil pills while I was pregnant but could not get over the fishy taste and there were just too many products out there to find ones that didn't give me fish burps. These pills are perfect, no after taste at all.
248586248586B0011DN9EOA91F5NPTH5HYZMohamed Hassan91421277164800they could not tell what kind of gelatin is thereI called them to know what kind of gelatin is there. Is it beef, pork, or fish? The lady could not tell and she told me that there is no way to know and it could be made of beef, pork or fish. It is really strange that they cannot trace back the materials used in their product.
248587248587B0011DN9EOAD2C00THTM4ZRKendra M. Roser0111333152000Misleading descriptionI waited for quite some time to recieve these prenatals and was disappointed to see that nowhere on the bottle does it say anything about being vegetarian like it does on the online description. Worse yet, I didn't read the fine print somewhere and I can't return this item. A waste of $15.99!
248588248588B0011DN9EOA2HWED8XSP4J14S. Alexander0211347667200Flaxseed safety unknownIt's amazing people love this product that is made of flaxseed particularly for pregnant women. Do some research on flaxseed, it is recommended that you avoid it during pregnancy.
248589248589B004W0LIZKAGKX2XWPK92R2MLS "Frequent Traveler"0051312156800Outstanding HoneyAll honey is not the same! I purchased the Sourwood honey 3-pack and previously had the Wildflower honey from Organic Mountains and while we love them both, the Sourwood is my personal favorite. The Wildflower honey has a lighter and more mild flavor which some may prefer. Anyone not familiar with the Sourwood tree, it is a native plant that mainly grows in forests in the Southeastern US. The tree's name bears nothing in resemblance to the sweet, rich, deeply complex flavored honey produced by the Honeybees that gather it's nectar and turn it into this amazing tasting honey.

As other reviews have noted the self sealing lids on the squeeze bottles are great and take away the mess normally associated with pouring honey.
248590248590B0029JVWESAFN3VV0SEFMPIBeethoven's Mom "Beethoven lover"0051314662400fast shipping!The carnation drinks are keeping my Granny going & since my local Winn-Dixie cant keep the in stock, I decided to embark on web decision of my life! (& cheapest!)
248591248591B001EO5X2GA4IB02YUUJ758J. Morgan0051327449600Slim Tea BagsPurchased this for my wife and she loves it. We brew most of our herbal teas from fresh or home grown herbs, however, with this mix of herbs it is easier to purchase than to mix. The instructions for use leave allot to be desired and differ from how we learned to brew herbal teas, so we just alter them to suit our experience. The smell and color helps me believe that the herbs are fresher than most prepackaged teas.
248592248592B001EO5X2GA32EY44MEPG05WSERENDIPITY "ECLECTIC SOUL"0041204329600My favorite flavorI have used these teas off and on for years. When you first start using them, they WILL give you wicked cramps. You then become more used to the senna in the tea and it eases up. Basically this tea speeds along digestion. So you will be visiting the restroom more quickly than had you skipped the tea. The amount of food you eat will also affect the teas 'outcome'. The more you have eaten, the less effective the tea is. This and the honey lemon are my favorite flavors. The original is NOT one I will drink. The taste of the Senna is way too strong. I also brew the tea longer, sometimes 20 minutes, and use two tea bags if I have had a very large meal. This isnt a tea I would use on a daily basis. Great for fasting and cleansing though.
248593248593B001EO5X2GA2FP2D4SCZX8D9CMobley0041198281600Great tea!Really like the tea, and it did cause moderate weight loss, however, it also caused intestinal upset which it said it wouldn't.
248594248594B0046L8CBSACTI7K4OERSRTSmiley0051323561600Round ToothpicksExcellent price for these toothpicks. It is hard to find "round toothpicks" for a good price! It is nice to have them delivered right to your house and not have to search for them at different stores. However, I do wish you could purchase a larger amount at one time. Example...4 boxes instead of just 2. They come in a pack of 2. 4 would be even better! Other than that it is good! =)
248595248595B0046L8CBSA19N0EJFFL1BEHSydney_D91911298764800Toothpicks made in ChinaThis box of toothpicks is made in china. Why is it so hard to find toothpicks made in the USA? I have shopped all my local stores and cannot find any. Do we not have sustainably grown birch trees in this country anymore? While at work, I like to suck on toothpicks and read an article about contaminants on toothpicks from China. I have found article after article about the mills that used to produce toothpicks in Maine have all closed. Are we going to send all of our jobs overseas???
248596248596B002GWH7V0A2BYF1BCMG6OXUspirit keeper0051341532800Delicious raspberry tea.If you are in to flavored teas this product is excellent. Just the right amount of raspberry flavor but not too much.
248597248597B002GWH7V0A39YQ9NE6DI7E7Jacek Radko "Yatzee"0051328572800Perfect for iced teaIf you want real real raspberry iced or hot tea, buy this. The difference between this and powered raspberry is night and day. An awesome product!
248598248598B002GWH7V0A36Y6T92L3Z633Rusty L. Tackett "Paramudduck"0051317945600Very nice tea.I have purchased many different teas from Coffee Bean direct. This along with the Cherry blossom are the favorites in this house. I highly recommend this tea to anyone who likes flavored teas.
248599248599B0000YHPRWA37ZRQW4014DJ1T. Dassing "Teri Karma"6651107388800The Best Chocolate SurpriseI first found these chocolates in a store back in 1983 while visiting Vienna, Austria. At that time, they were hard to come by in the U.S. These have got to be the best chocolate candies I've ever tasted. Especially if you like hazelnut and marzipan! Buy these and enjoy for yourself and don't forget to treat your friends. Mmmmmm.
248600248600B0000YHPRWADYV7Y98NICPWRobin H. Bailey1151261872000Great Stuff!I bought these Kugels for a friend who is from Europe. She has difficulty finding these locally so a counter box is just what she needs...100 of them should last one year...averaging about 1 every 2-3 days!
248601248601B0000YHPRWA316V1EUHTP7Ypathseldomtraveled1151187654400AmazingI first came across mozart kugel as an exchange student living in Germany. My host family said that these are great candies but you have to buy them in Austria because the others don't compare.
248602248602B0000YHPRWA26MF3PPQ4786Bb0051265760000top notchi can eat these by the truckload. the vendor packs them so nice and they come always in great condition (although they dont last long.. yummy). thanks amazon for having them in stock!
248603248603B0000YHPRWA2WJ6Y2KOXJ6FDCerebellum0321233360000Good Cultural Chocolate....Bad Tasting ChocolateI have been to Salzburg, Austria, and bought a box of this Mozart Chocolate. It was interesting to get, because everywhere in Salzburg had a sign advertising this. Sadly,I personally did not think that it was very tasty. The pistachio filling had a bad texture, and did not mix well with the type of chocolate used. If you are going to Salzburg, get it only to experience this interesting piece of culture. I would not recomend, however, that you order one hundred pieces of it from Amazon for such a high price.
248604248604B0013955RAANLREN1UXMJPCD. Sylvestre0051263945600DeliciousI originally received an outdated jar from AG Ferrari, but this was quickly rectified with no hassle whatsoever.

As to the salt: boy is it fragrant. The aroma even leaked out of the sealed jar, and the salt makes a wonderful addition to eggs, potatoes, and the like. Italian white truffles are THE truffle in Italy, and this salt comes from the region that is famous for them. Unfortunately they are prohibitively costly, but this product, albeit not cheap, comes the closest to those amazing truffles I have experienced since I went to Alba many years back. Highly recommended.
248605248605B008WMOAOUA20JULUMPYBNWEPulp0051345420800Amazing product,I drink one shot everytime I do excercise. I really like it, taste profile is good and hydrates my body like nothing else; much better than drinking gatorade or any other sports drink.
248606248606B001TZOA3SA12E2KPAXV0ZMKArno Kuntz "Enlarge Your Shadow"1151316390400Wonderfularrives fresh packed in ice from specialty foods store-front. Trusted Merchant great cheese A+++++ Item is wonderful addition to cheese board during holiday season.
248607248607B004L37IA2AT53X7PRK0IS5Socks0011350345600Packed in unlabeled open bag, RIDICULOUS!This item arrived in a light blue OPEN plastic bag that was stuffed inside a rectangle box, that is. It's completely ridiculous. Who is going to feed their family food from unlabeled open package. Furthermore, NO RETURN.
248608248608B003X3G3AMAFGJKA9FPYBZMPatricia R Stelljes2251340150400Loved itLoved the way it was packaged, only had to make sure we had bottles of water cold, not 2 sets of containers.
248609248609B007L78PGQA2D4TTRGISWICHEllen F. Polmateer0051347840000puppy biscuitsThese biscuits are perfect for my 12 week puppy.. Crunchy and just the perfect size for a large breed puppy. She loves them!!
248610248610B000633W6UAMLIMPVG2JCFRD. Suiter0051317513600My finicky cat loves it!My elderly cat is getting to the point where she needs a canned supplement, lest people think I'm starving her. I've tried multiple textures and flavors (not personally, of's CAT food) and this one is a definite hit. The way she attacked it this morning made me suspect it's made from narwhals or unicorn meat or perhaps *bites knuckles* baby fur seals. Whatever it is, it's an epic win as far as Allie is concerned. The pate texture is easy for her to eat, the smell is mild and inoffensive, and the price is very reasonable.

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