Amazon Fine Food Reviews

248637248637B00768793UA68LDY0546M9OB. Hines0051337212800SatisfactionThese Mint M & M's are wonderful. They satisfy your craving for chocolate with a hint - not overpowering - of mint. I have purchased these for gifts and for home. I was very disappointed that I can no longer get them with Prime. With 2 day shipping at no cost makes this candy ideal for purchase.
248611248611B003VMY2J4A1RBON3PSH1FVHWhattaripoff2211329782400Zero Stars for this rip off!Wait a minute....Are you guys actually charging 30 bucks for two 9 oz canisters? I paid $5 for one from the grocery store an hour ago. What a complete rip off!!!! And what's worse is that the product itself isn't as healthy as Planters wants you to believe it is. It's made with sugar and oil. The ingredients should be nothing but fruit and nuts to be really healthy.
248612248612B003VMY2J4AT1V44K5HTBBGRagnar Rasmussen0031351123200Poorly Priced/Great ProductWell I need to start off by saying the price offended me for a can that is a little bit bigger than the palm of your hand. Maybe as much as 4 inches in diameter and 2.5 Tall.
But the mix was excellent. lots of dried fruits, cashews and walnuts. No reall filler to this can as I expected with most "mixed Nuts" cans. All in all drop the price and I am happy to buy again.
248638248638B003LT5LEMA31V8J77DQIAP1vancee371151301184000Yum!They dont have the aftertaste of artificial sweeteners and they dont leave that gritty feeling on your teeth like a candy with sugar does, They also get here within a few days of ordering :)
248613248613B003VMY2J4A3EZJKDNO3KIM9S. Atta-ekanan "Sidney A."0051339286400Hooked on dried peachesOkay, the best fruit nuts mixed ever. But I just love the sweetened peaches. I have even tried to buy it separately but to no avail. Can anyone help!! I rather buy my nuts and a whole bag of these peaches separately!! Will try bone health next because they also have these peaches....hope you guys get the picture why I gave this 5 stars
248639248639B004CZURWKA2JR240CG4YOZSAvid Cook "Budding chef"3351328832000Better than BaaBaaQBought BaaBaaQ lamb lung in he past for my chihuahuas in the 5# box. That size was no longer available. Tried these; I like them better. These are evenly sliced and dried like potato chips. BBQ were more "natural" and thicker shaped (uneven thickness, had bits of fat and connective tissue). ValueBull is "cleaner" and nicer to handle - no grissel! Dogs love them since the thinner slices are easier for the older dogs to eat. Also, hardly any "crumbs" at the bottom of the box. BBQ had a couple of handfulls so Valuebull had more useful product; no waste.
248614248614B003VMY2J4ALKV96Z02Q18UDar0041336262400Great tasting nuts, but high price...I love these nuts, but hate the price. I haven't bought them in a while, but if you dont mind the price, the mix of nuts and fruit contained in the tin is quite delicious and very fresh. I love the Planter's nutrition line of nuts.
248640248640B004CZURWKA1PFMFY10XUT1Vdwebster2251324425600Great product!This box had very large pieces, which are great for a special treat, and smaller pieces that can be used for training. My GSD absolutely loves the lambs lung! She will go tap the box because she knows what is inside! I love to use these for training. She is very food motivated and these treats do not fill her up so we can train much longer without her losing interest, and she is still able to eat her normal meal. Will definitely order more, worth every penny spent! Would also like to say that there is a lot of product, 5.5 lbs of lambs lung is a lot because it is so light in weight! You cant go wrong with this purchase!
248615248615B003VMY2J4A1IVVMU3NCK7XWlori wells0051328745600I am hooked....The fruit in this product actually tastes like fruit, imagine that! I didn't know that I liked peaches until I ate the peaches in this and now I am hooked on the entire product. They are bit pricey but they keep me from eating other junk food. I keep them in my kitchen and I snack on them while I am cooking. This helps me from diving into my food I am cooking cause you know when you are cooking and hungry at the same time things can get ugly quick. I am going to take some to work with me as I am a snacker while I am on the computer. As a matter of fact I am eating on them right now...Keep it up Planters.
248616248616B003VMY2J4A1K9YXJIS2LGFQDVDMIZER0051320796800Caution Addictive LOLIf you like fruit and nuts and especially fruit that actually tastes like fruit, then you will love this product. By far the best dried fruit that I have ever had.
248617248617B003VMY2J4A3MXXUT8TD4ETIJill0051315785600Delicious!This mix is so good! The bananas are nice and crunchy, just the way I like them, the peaches are moist and delicious. I love this stuff!
248618248618B003VMY2J4A2M0XGPC8F7H3FQuiana Bell0151315872000I'm eating them right now..and they're a great way to avoid the vending machine!I purchased these on whim because I"m trying to eat healthier and work out more to shed some pounds before my 24th birthday. A big thing for me is snacking, if I go without snacking I tend to over eat during meal time and put on weight fast because of the starve/binge pattern. With these, I just put them on my desk at work and have a healthy snack between meals and save money too! I eat a light, healthy breakfast and pack a healthy lunch, with these I don't have to worry about being hungry mid-day...which helps me eat a light dinner and stay within my calorie limit. These are great to add to your diet/exercise regimen to get some natural energy, protein and of course, anti-oxidants!
248619248619B001SB19RSA3D6OI36USYOU1Ghenghis0511306108800Ketchup is cheaper.The worst of the worst commercially available "salsas."

I'm staring at a bowl of this stuff, which does more resemble a big heaping pile of
tomato sauce than it does salsa. Everybody knows salsa is made with tomatoes (fresh),
peppers, and onions. Thats it, there is nowhere in the known universe where tomato
paste or tomato sauce is indicated to make friggin salsa. There's very little in the
way of identifiable veggies in this stuff, I see one pepper particle and two onion

Not one to throw anything away, I tried to make chili with this stuff, but it was
the worst chili I had ever tasted. Not wanting to throw that away I cooked it down
and threw in a bag of shredded cheese to make tacos with, but they turned out to be
the worst tacos I've ever had as well. This stuff is just plain horrible.

If I could give this zero stars I would. No wonder they had a "2 for" at the local grocery.
248620248620B003ZUUYUIA2QXT2GX9YM27YYour friend "Wal"0051341100800I enjoy this teaI have no problems with this tea. I like it as much or better than other camomile teas. Nice box and presentation and this is my second order. At the time of my most recent order in 5/2012, the "best before" date printed on box read 10/2012. If their inventory no longer says,"Only 1 left in stock--order soon ...",you will probably be getting a fresher batch. Great to have anytime caffeine is not desired.
248621248621B003ZT81Q8AXM1H5MM5PF03thiacomo0051310601600Love Belgian HazelnutI've been drinking this since I was expecting my son and wanted a hot drink that didn't have so much caffeine (he's 18 now). This product has a lot of sugar, but it also has tons of flavor. I am heavy-handed with the "coffee" to water ratio. I have tried a lot of the other flavors but always come back to this one. I also notice when I buy it at the store that this flavor tends to run out first so, apparently, other people agree with me. I can buy it by the can in Houston stores for under $3.50 each so don't pay much more than that. They have repackaged it and it now comes in the stores in a 9 oz. can so the 9.9 oz. is from the older lots.
248622248622B003ZT81Q8A1YI9SKIEHPMBOTeacher0051297296000Good taste helps lose weightDrinking this helped me lose weight. I lost 30 pounds in a year by drinking it every morning. After losing weight I still drink it after I had breakfast. Tastes real good.
248623248623B003ZT81Q8A38J6BSAUGUAV5I. Kirchner "Bella kitchen goddess"1221328140800Coffee purchased from a third party.Way too expensive to purchase on line. I will not do that again
Target and Walmart offer much better prices on International Coffee
248624248624B003ZT81Q8A3DLMSJAWBVE4CM "eM"0911295481600Does not taste good!The mix gives you a cup full of dull, almost tasteless, bitter water. The Maxwell House International House Mocha is MUCH better.
248625248625B0043H4SV8A3F0UVV8WURIVDKostyantyn Yermolenko "how was it"0051330300800WTF the price!!!!!!!!!!!!when i quite smoking i got hooked on this mints(must have something in my mouth
to stay sane)this mint have great taste and no sugar, but the price at the local store is like 2$(i use about 1 pack for 2 days) so i was hoping that amazon would have some whole sale deals, but the price is even higher then in the store(if you count the shipping). just a heads up to sellers get the price down, im willing to pay like 1.5$ with shipping.
248626248626B0043H4SV8A29YQ3Y5UHRH3MJonathan M. Berman "Kitty Safe Network"0051318896000No complaintsThese mints are awesome, eating them with a Crunch bar made me realize they should really make mint Crunch bars.
248627248627B0043H4SV8A33PZDDZ9SWLSGMother Nyx0151289865600Fun MintsI really like these mints. They have a bit more bite than the regular Icebreakers Mints. There's a rough, crystalline surface before you get to the mint itself, but it doesn't detract from the experience at actually enhances the enjoyment. They're kind of difficult to find in my area, but when I can find them, I buy them. Glad Amazon has them available.
248628248628B000I5FD2MA2RKP9C9FI4U2Rcnelly2211322179200not licorice that's for sure!These are more like a very chewy, slightly hard fruit roll-up. It doesn't taste at all like red licorice or nibs etc. Cherry is slightly better tasting than the strawberry. We threw the whole case we had to buy away because no one would eat them.
248629248629B000I5FD2MA3HIT6LLHRCWH3M. Lattin "MOM OF 3"2251197331200My favorite gluten free licoriceI have found good substitutions for most gluten filled foods with the exception of Licorice until now. I love this although it is expensive.
248630248630B000I5FD2MA3B6FOHAAOL7G3Silvia Bridger "Publisher of The Truth About ...2251178582400Safe For Kids With AllergiesIf your children have a lot of food allergies, this treat will be one they'll actually be able to eat and enjoy.
248631248631B000I5FD2MA1MUQUK1M4UK16Dancing Bear "Valarie"2241177632000A tasty treatMy 6-year-old daughter is allergic to every artificial food color. That makes it difficult to find tasty treats for her. These have a wonderful natural strawberry flavor. They are not super sweet, just right. The reason that I had to give them 4 stars was for the texture. They are a bit hard. Mind you, it did not keep us from eating all of them. Maybe actually it is a good thing because it made us take longer to eat them! I am actually coming back now to try the raspberry vines.
248632248632B000I5FD2MAOHUPO2619MQSasha Ladyjensky1151194307200Better than twizzlersI cannot stand regular twizzlers of any flavor, however these are really delicious. They arent as sweet or chemical tasting.
248633248633B000I5FD2MA2PSLDPJ1YN9WES. Harrell2321185235200Nothing like twizzlersI was kinda disapointed when I ate these gluten-free vines. They taste kinda blan. They have a plastic taste, they could have more flavor and a little more sugar. The texture wasn't bad. They are okay, but I won't buy them again.
248634248634B000I5FD2MA1L9T6WQ6L8Q9EJewGenie0041342051200Expensive But GoodIf you love your twists and can only eat gluten free these are so good. They are expensive and the only fresh ones are the Strawberry.
248635248635B000I5FD2MA1ZK5P0EOE727FDenise M. Everett "writergirl"0041304467200Good red licorice.Like the black licorice, this red licorice is good to eat for people who have food allergies to wheat and other grains often found in candy. I like this for a pick me up snack.
248636248636B00768793UA3SBMACZ2DPJ2FKarl Backus "kand"0051340928000Frickin' deliciousMy coworkers and I agree: these are really good. Addictively good. Order them online because they're no longer in stores good.

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