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248641248641B004CZURWKAVKWEHCO5C5JRConductor1141330473600Good valueThe ValueBull 5.5 lb sliced lamb lung is a good value, and is especially good for small dogs as it is easy to break up into smaller pieces.
248642248642B004CZURWKA1N0R3LUPBMC94bambi0051348531200Well PleasedTried ValueBull's Sliced Lamb Lung 5.5 lb after BaaBaa Q's was no longer available and am very pleased with the product. I bought it through Value Pet Supplies on Amazon and it arrived in one large plastic bag (boxed). Luckily I had saved 4 of the 1 lb. zip-lock bags from the BaaBaa Q's and made the transfers which makes storage a lot easier. For the remainder I used a couple of gallon zip-locks.

The product itself is consistantly thin and brittle with very, very few "burnt" pieces and only a handful of crumbs and dust at the bottom. I'm glad that they're easy to snap into small bite-size pieces. Many of the BaaBaa Q's had to be broken apart with a nutcracker and the many burnt pieces were handed off to my neighborhood large dogs who will eat anything! With these new, thinner slices there is hardly any waste. Good value! Sorry, big dogs!

I was initially afraid that my Shih Tzu, who is a very picky eater, wouldn't like the change after 12 years of BaaBaa Q's but she loves them! We're both happy.
248643248643B004CZURWKAK9ALB00SKTQMoosiah0011348012800Short product! Seller issue Happy Dog Place, INCFirst off, I researched lamb lung because i know my dog likes it and it is not as rich as liver treats. The previous reviews here mention that it is sliced thin. Mine came just like the picture. I think they are whole dehydrated lungs. I would bet money that your dog will like them ALOT! I wanted to buy in bulk for the value so I chose the ValueBull USA Sliced Lamb Lung 5.5 lb. What I received was different. It was five of these bags in a box. PCI Lamb Crunchys, Lamb Lungs, 1lb. Bag The seller I received my order from had taken an address label with the words "1.2 lb. value pack" and stuck it over the original manufacturers label of 1 lb. I was upset because that is dishonest. I weighed two of the bags while still in original packaging. One weighed 1 lb. 1 and 1/4 oz the other 1 lb. 1 and 1/8 ounce. When I weighed the empty packaging it weighed 1 and 1/4 ounce.

Low and behold the original manufacturers label was right on the money, and the address label stuck over it was wrong. Five one pound bags were sold as 5.5 pounds. Luckily it was fulfilled by Amazon and when I called they were able to make a satisfactory adjustment in price and said that they would address the issue with the seller.

Product is great your dog will love it. Amazon came through with a satisfactory resolution on first call. I however had to spend time to rectify the situation and submit a review to let others know about the issue. I will try to upload the photos I took with the bogus labeling and scale weights.

Five stars for the product. Five stars for Amazon for making it available to everyone at a good value and giving a credit for missing product. Zero stars for the seller who mislabeled and misrepresented the product.
248644248644B004CZURWKA1HD6Y4UDSYMC5Mindy0051347840000very pleasedOur Papillion is a very picky eater. She loves the way this product is prepared. I was very surprised and satisfied with the quality of the product and the packaging.
248645248645B004CZURWKA2RUOXSD5HY8VFMarge7970051345766400Good ProductThis product arrived promptly. It is good quality and my dogs love them. It is a good low fat treat.
248646248646B004CZURWKAOVCTAHG7VZKWJeannedA0051340755200This is a great productThe dogs LOVE this--breaks up nicely for training--I will definitely order again. TY for carrying this great product. I cannot praise it enough.
248647248647B004CZURWKA35PVWSPSWH16IDonald L. Ralstin "Don Ralstin"0051322179200ValueBull Sliced Lamb Lung is a great dog treat productThis dog treat is a wonderful product for dogs because they love it. I have yet to meet a dog that didn't truly enjoy this delightful treat. My wife appreciates the fact that the lamb lung is thinly sliced which makes it easier for older dogs to chew and digest.
248648248648B001L6EQ7UA1AY5CFCYD1ETTcoyle shine0051349654400pure decadence(see other flavours)This is pure decadence sophisticated delight (same review of other flavours) i had no problems with the delivery either. One have to be into marzipan ,if you dont know or tasted marzipan before , try it first on inexpensive kind . This is the ultimate for me
248649248649B001L6EQ7UA2MRPR0SZ2P9UAMike0011342137600Crushed & MeltedThe packaging box they came in looked fine, but the product (in its own box) was crushed and melted. One box you could see had an indentation on the top, so i looked at both. They even have the wrappers stuck to the candy. They are all melted and crushed.
248650248650B001L6EQ7UAND70TPKFPLIEMDH0051339027200Great Chocolates!!!!!A friend of mine introduced me to these chocolates. I've only had the Apricot in Brandy and they are absolutely, positively DELICIOUS!!!! I've tried to find them in stores, but can only find it on Amazon for sale. Often times, they are out of stock and unavailable so I get them when I can! Although it's a little pricey on line and the shipping is exhorbitant, it's worth it! I usually order 2-3 boxes at a time. One day I'm going to venture out and try one of the other flavors.
248651248651B000E682NWA4KBCL718D4AVDebbie L. Israel151551163030400True Blueberry herbal teaB"H

A while back, Celestial Seasonings discontinued my favorite tea, Strawberry Kiwi. Since I drink mostly Celestial Seasonings iced herbal teas (which I make with stevia since I'm diabetic and holistic) I didn't know what to do but I found two flavors that work very well together -- True Blueberry and Moroccan Pomegranate Red. I used two bags of each, sweetened to taste, in each half gallon of water.
248652248652B000E682NWA3S37B38FCCFS7K. Crosby9951202256000Better than five stars rating!So far of all this brand's teas I've consumed, this is my favorite. It has a very fruity flavor, and when sweetened, it is like adult Koolaid or something even better than that. If you like fruit flavored tea, you will like this tea.
248653248653B000E682NWA2DHG1HP5MCGMIJennie Kirkpatrick9951174435200Excellent Tea with a Real Blueberry FlavorThis is excellent tea!! Real blueberry flavor but without the caffeine!!!

I really like tea in the winter and was suprised when even my kids loved this tea. My 5 year old thought I was making muffins when he smelled it steeping. He tried it and then the rest of the kids had to try it. I now order it here in bulk!!
248654248654B000E682NWA1OOZTIM7NC9B3Mary E. Calderone "ifi.lady"5551173916800great tasteThis tea has a wonderful taste of blueberry. It's even wonderful iced as a treat for family and guests alike. Everyone who I have surved it to has loved it.
248655248655B000E682NWA2GKOU0BK45K24Kathleen Jenks202611257379200Adulterated with Soy lecithinEither Celestial Seasonings simply forgot to update, or else it's a deliberate omission on the part of Celestial Seasonings, but you should be aware that soy lecithin is an unlisted ingredient in this blueberry tea. It's also in all the "Zinger" teas I've checked in local stores and in other Celestial Seasonings teas as well. But it's not listed here on in the "ingredients" section. I phoned the company last spring when I first noticed this "adulteration" because I couldn't imagine why anyone would add soy lecithin to tea! I've nothing against soy lecithin. Sometimes I add it to yoghurt, but that's my own choice. Also, the source should be organic (or from a reliable supplier like Lewis Labs), since non-organic soy is almost always genetically modified.

Anyway, I phoned the company's customer relations department and asked what was going on with the soy lecithin. The woman had no idea what I was talking about so I explained, step by step, what I had found on a Zinger tea box I had nearly purchased that day. She said she had heard nothing about it but she checked her computer for company updates. After scrolling through many items, she came to a small notice in, as I recall, their in-house March 2008 entry (a year prior to my call), which stated that soy lecithin would now be added to selected teas; no reason was given. That struck me as very odd -- that even their own employees had not been properly notified. The woman apologized for the mix-up. That wasn't very satisfactory from my point of view but I let it go. That's all the info she had and it certainly wasn't her fault that her company obviously wanted to fly under the radar on this one.

Since then, any time I'm attracted to a new Celestial Seasonings product, I first read the ingredients. They used to be a company I trusted -- not anymore -- although I still love their (as-yet) soy-free Bengal Spice; India Spice Chai; Nutcracker Sweet Holiday Tea; Sleepytime; Echinacea Complete Care; Vanilla/Strawberry/Rose Ceylon Black Tea; Moroccan Pomegranate; and Red Safari Spice. But I now carefully check those labels too whenever I buy a new batch lest Celestial Seasonings have pulled a fast-one and added soy lecithin to them as well!

Why haven't customers raised more of a hullabaloo over this? Probably because this company has indeed had our trust for many years (never mind that they've been sold to less trustworthy firms along the way!) and no one bothers to read their labels! Maybe now they will.

(P.S. I'm a blueberry fiend and would probably make this my all-time favorite tea! -- but not with soy lecithin in it!!)
248656248656B000E682NWA1P2XYD265YE21Andrea "Readaholic"3351248566400BlueberryBlueberries. I could eat blueberries all day. I guess I need to move to Maine just so I'd be near all those blueberries.

This blueberry-flavored tea is mouth-watering and quenching. I put the bags in my water bottle, and the bottle goes in the freezer until ice shards begin to form. Then I can drink it. I even tried this blueberry tea with sparkling seltzer water, and it is really good.

The rich blue packaging is also appetizing.
248657248657B000E682NWA3NEAETOSXDBOMStephen M. Charme1151301529600Our favorite blueberry teaMy family absolutely loves the taste of this tea. It has a strong and distinctive blueberry flavor that is very fruity tasting, and not bitter or syrupy. This tea is very flavorful whether you drink it hot or cold. Some family members drink it without any sweetening at all, while others use only a small amount of sweetening. The flavor is that bold. If you like blueberries, you will love this tea.
248658248658B000E682NWA3GQSZ2RVVXDCZJon Kreisler1141300665600Truely BlueberryOn a cold night, when I want something warm, with no caffeine, Celestial Seasonings True Blueberry herbal tea hits the spot. Wonderful berry flavor. Add a bit of sweetening and it's the perfect hot drink. It also makes a very good iced tea. I can't keep enough of these around the house. This tea is even flavorful enough to drink without sweetening.
248659248659B000E682NWAMX2CZR5TCUOILDM "Dianne"1151271116800SoothingThis tea is great either hot or cold. I was told that Blueberry tea helps the eyes - yet to see a difference but will continue to drink because it tastes good.
248660248660B000E682NWA3V0SMCPZK0PVM5s1151265068800My favorite tea!!!Damn, I'm hooked on this fantastic tea. I usually drink it with 3-5 packets of Splenda or Equal, and I'm up to 4 or 5 cups of it a day. I guess I should be a little worried about my artificial sweetener intake, but I can't help it this tea is so darn addictive. I've tried all of Celestial Seasoninings other herbal offerings and I would list them in this order of preference

Blueberry -> Cherry -> Raspberry -> Multiberry -> Peach (yucky aftertaste on this one).
248661248661B000E682NWARIZ8PY9ULPHHBonnie Jo Davis "Loves to read and review books."1151242691200I Buy This In BulkThis True Blueberry tea has a wonderful fruit flavor and a delicate taste. It is marvelous when used for iced tea. I drink so much I buy it in bulk. Tea lovers everywhere should try this tea. It's herbal so it doesn't have caffeine and won't keep you up at night!
248662248662B000E682NWAAIKUWSWT0BSQL. Smithee1151241654400Great blueberry teaThis tea is so good and so sweet that there is no need for extra sweeteners. It's also less expensive than buying it from the store.
248663248663B000E682NWA25UZX9E66ZQ1RD. Eckman1151227916800Delicious choiceThis is a delicious herb tea, with a mild yet distinct blueberry flavor, just right for iced tea.
248664248664B000E682NWA2ALD2MD77NX5HMidnight1151225324800Iced TeaI go through a lot of Celestial Seasonings teas making iced tea.
The Blueberry is especially good combined with the red zinger.
The price is fair when set up on autoship with free shipping, no sales tax and an added discount.
248665248665B000E682NWA3R1D7H3PIFONUMichael Jandrok1151210550400An excellent summertime teaSpringtime in Central Texas signals a turn towards lighter and more refreshing flavors of tea, especially for those of us who drink gallons of the stuff iced.

True Blueberry is a staple around our house during the spring and summer months. It's been difficult to find at our local grocery store, and I was glad to see it back on the shelf. Buying the "six-pack" that Amazon is offering here is a good option for those of us who will probably make it often over the course of the next few months.

The Celestial Seasonings brand is a virtual guarantee of quality and freshness. They rarely miss the mark with a flavor, and the True Blueberry is one of their best. Sweeten it just right and you get a delicious tea that goes down smooth and smart on a hot afternooon or a cool, breezy evening. Most excellent all the way around. I've never bothered to try it hot. This flavor just SCREAMS ice tea, and that's exactly how I recommend that you drink it.

Try brewing it as a sun tea, ot just leave a few bags in a pitcher in your fridge for a few hours. It's worth the wait, guaranteed.
248666248666B000E682NWA197XA6MIR8FF3Marilyn Gruenloh "homeshopper"1151201478400Tastey and priced rightThis is an excellent product, both tastey and priced right. It's difficult to find this product in regular local grocery stores, so I was thrilled to find it.
248667248667B000E682NWA133EW21PYVB06B. Ritchie "Runaway shopper"3441197763200Would be perfect if it were organicI absolutely love this tea. The warm blueberry taste makes me feel very mellow and relaxed. It's perfect during the winter. So far, it's my favorite herbal tea (though my favorite teas are true teas).

I only wish it were organic. That would make it perfect. I'm going to search for organic blueberry teas online in hopes of finding one that tastes as good.
248668248668B000E682NWA13D05RAN5ES4OBW0021350432000Blueberry smell.. weird taste.This tea definitely smelled like blueberries but upon tasting it, it was a very sour /bitter taste to me despite not over steeping the tea. It almost tasted like cough syrup. added a bit of organic sugar and it tasted a bit better. Maybe I Just don't like herbal / fruit flavored teas.
248669248669B000E682NWA32ZXGDDIBZCSZclyde0051346112000Great ProductI drink this every morning with local honey . Always a refreshing drink. I bought 400 bags.A friend referred this product to me.
248670248670B000E682NWA37QPF2S0JKR3CS. Johnston0041343606400Best Tea EverI have loved Celestial Seasoning's True Blueberry tea forever and I finally decided to make sure I didn't run out for awhile. Buying the 6-pack of twenty bag boxes should last a couple of month. And a great price too!

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