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248701248701B003WNVC7CAGAAXAFOIAH8Hcorneem9 "corneem9"0051350259200Great priceThis is my favorite tea for the Keurig. I love it, and this was the best price I could find!!!
248702248702B003WNVC7CA3THAFC83A9JPJNickkyBeth0051349827200Better than others.I have tried this brand of english breakfast and compared to other brands. This one has a great bold flavor, others taste watered down and weak... For now on this will be the english breakfast k-cup choice for me.
248703248703B003WNVC7CA2YKRWJA4Q2UC0Florence H. Mamuzich "hawaii dream"0051349740800A stapleI drink the English breakfast tea (black tea) every morning, at least 2 cups. It is much more tasty than a cup of coffee and is a staple in my closet for all times.
248704248704B003WNVC7CA16505NCROBNKVP.Postal0051349654400Delicious teaThis is my favorite tea for hot tea. It has a strong, delicious tea flavor. I drink it year round but especially in cooler weather.
248705248705B003WNVC7CA2LNSC8FWMOFQ0Lma0051348617600Strong tea Great valueThe tea is strong enough for iced tea. I like this better than other selections I have tried. My guests are always impressed with the great tea - something I never heard before. I always hear people comment on the quality of coffee but this is the first time I've had guests say, "Boy, that's good tea!!" (with sincerity)
248706248706B003WNVC7CA25TIRKFUA9LF8Paul0051347408000Great English (England) Style TeaThis is a great tea for anyone that loves drinking it everyday. It's very refreshing and has a great taste to it.
Great product with a great price.
248707248707B003WNVC7CA3XG8M5E5ALNPCG in NC0051347235200great tea!Great for Iced Tea too! It shipped quickly and the price is reasonable, better than any place else I have found the K cups.
248708248708B003WNVC7CAD2QRU9ZXBQZ1Domestic Gnome0041346889600OK tea on demandIf ou don't have the patience or care how your tea tastes, these capsules will work fine. However, you can get the same effect by putting a tea bag in your Keurig. PG Tips bags make a nice stout cup even in a Keurig. Me? I favor boiling water and steeping for five minutes in a pot. Wife and son are fine with the Keurig brew.
248709248709B003WNVC7CA3ALZOTLWMXSZMJ. Jett0051344643200My most favorite tea!I love Twinings English Breakfast Tea. Then to add the convenience of the Keurig K-Cup machine, it is a match made in heaven. In about 45 seconds I have a perfectly made for me cup of tea. The price on this product is fantastic with the added reduction made for the subscribe and save program. I will never run out! I am a happy girl!
248710248710B003WNVC7CA1X2ADY69891DYRoger and Wendy Rosenberg0051344297600Great tea for anytime of day, my consistent favorite!This K-Cup makes a consistently great cup of tea; strong, but not bitter. Great for mornings or anytime you want a consistently great tasting tea. Will always want to buy this for my Keurig.
248711248711B003WNVC7CA19NZPBOHP3BVBAlton Moore0051344124800Good Morning StarterTwinings English Tea is a flavorful start to my mornings. I make a 24 oz of it with Splenda abd some Half and Half milk and enjoy it while listening to the Wall Street Journal every morning. The reason I use tea is Iam an Diabetic and it is the only warm drink that doesnt bother my Blood Sugar testing.
248712248712B003WNVC7CAZZA4Q0JACD5UDriver "Suzanne S"0041340582400Good Tea, not GreatI buy this product for two reasons: I drink a lot of tea and I save by using Amazon's subscribe and save method. The tea is not as good as Tazo, but it is not bitter. I only drink black tea and Amazon really does not have a great selection for the K-cup.
248713248713B003WNVC7CA1XE1348UXVPBURebecca J Whittle0051339459200My favorite teaA wonderful tea for a bold breakfast drink! English breakfast tea is good anytime. I like it straight or sometimes with a half to a teaspoon of sugar or honey.
248714248714B003WNVC7CA5X5OHB9KH41KKevin Smith0051334966400Great for Hot or Iced TeaI've tried a number of tea brands in my Keurig, and the Twinings English Breakfast tea by far provides the best flavor for a black tea. The tea has a very mild citrus flavor and has a smooth less bitter finish than many other teas. I drink several glasses of iced tea and the twinings k-cups are perfect for brewing over a glass of ice. I add sugar or artificial sweetener to the glass before brewing which makes it dissolve faster. Simply great tea.
248715248715B003WNVC7CA1ESXNUFKNGCF6Ashley0051334188800Great DealReally great this tea. Chose the subscribe and save option. Thanks for the product. Fast delivery and product as described.
248716248716B003WNVC7CA38UOJDQKO40QQshopper0041329868800so much better than a tea bagwas hesitant to go to pods since we only drink tea, but we love them. if you have not tried them we recommend.
248717248717B003WNVC7CA58N07M0ZCYMBValentina0041320364800Great tea but cannot reuse the kcup or it will burstAfter drinking this tea and using the cups for last month I actually really like the tea and the cups burst only if I try to use them again. If the cup is used only once, no problems. I'd suggest these kcups to fellow tea drinkers, just buy at a good price knowing you'll only use them once.
248718248718B003WNVC7CA2CIE2SAFJBNU2Sarah G0051319414400TastyI've never been a coffee drinker so I've always ignored Keurig machines. I got these since my office has a machine and really enjoy it. The tea tastes perfectly brewed. If you like English tea and have access to a Keurig, this is worth the purchase price.
248719248719B003WNVC7CA26EABGHMS7ZM3Jeannie0121331164800Don't waste your money!Tea is great but the k-cup design is terrible. Just finished my 1st box of 12 and had 33% waste. In a box a 12, had one cup that was just empty. No tea, no foil covering. I had 3 more that made a cups of tea filled with fine tea leaves. Flavor of the tea is great, but these k-cups just aren't well designed. Save your money.
248720248720B003WNVC7CAHNFTFRR33UW8Dorit0341301011200coffee/tea1) I liked the coffee since I buy it often at the supermarket where I get it CHEAPER!

2) However, I did NOT like the Twining tea which so far I have always bought at the supermarket. This tea had no real taste and was far too strong when it came out of the Keurig machine.
248721248721B003WNVC7CAFQFGT91ZZIFEPaula Rossen1511320451200Just plain bad!After buying this and the earl grey k-cups, I am convinced that the only good cup of tea that could come from a Keurig machine would be made using the hot water with a regular tea bag. Do not buy this tea! It is colored hot water!
248722248722B004IN43VCA27AN4S54LWBR2ESOL Teacher2251328486400Excellent all-natural muffin mix!I recently picked up a package of this muffin mix at my local grocery store because I wanted bran muffins that didn't have any partially hydrogenated oils or preservatives. I was very impressed by the all-natural ingredients in this mix, and now that I've made the muffins and tasted them, I am totally hooked.

Here is the list of ingredients on the box: whole grain stone-ground whole wheat flour, unbleached and unenriched white flour, brown sugar, wheat bran, molasses (soy lethicin), leavening (GDL, baking soda), wheat starch, salt.

That's it!!! You just have to add 1 Tablespoon of butter or vegetable oil, 1/2 cup of milk, and 1 egg to the mix and let it sit for 10 minutes before baking it. The muffins end up fluffy but grainy with a little crunch, which is great.

Oh, and the box the mix comes in is made with 100% recycled paperboard. So when you buy this you can be health conscious and environmentally responsible at the same time! :D
248723248723B004IN43VCA17TI28I9ZJIEBBrenda M2251325203200Bran MuffinsHodgson Mills has the best flour and mixes around. I only use their products for baking. The bran muffins I make I use a combination of Bran and Wheat flour. Adding raisins, blueberries, mixed frozen fruit and dates, sometimes chopped plums makes an irresistable muffin that my husband and I love. They are his snack at work. Most of the time they are my breakfast as I use the jumbo size muffin pans. Great stuff!
248724248724B004IN43VCAI3JXR1IJUMTCtexmarie1141336003200Healthy Bran MuffinsOther than making bran muffins from scratch this mix is a quality healthful product. It has whole grain stone ground whole wheat flour and wheat bran among other ingredients. The muffins came out a little dryer than I expected compared to previous purchases of this mix in local stores so I added raisins for the next batch. My husband likes the dryer texture but I don't. I will experiment and add more moisture to the mix. This product was hard to find anywhere locally. I used to buy it at Kroger or Tom Thumb but suddenly it disappeared from local stores' offerings. Amazon delivery was quick and the price was excellent.
248725248725B004IN43VCA27GD9BT7RAMDXCarrie Timlin1151335484800Perfect Muffin MixThese come out moist and delicious. They are versatile, and you can easily add shredded carrots or raisins, etc for variety, or top with flax seed or wheat germ. They aren't overly sweet, just right. The mix makes preparing them a breeze, and I love that the box makes only a half dozen - just the right amount for me and my daughter to eat in a day or two since my husband is scared of bran! The ingredients are all natural (although I wish they were organic too!). Try using coconut oil for your vegi oil when you make them, you will be pleased with the hint of extra sweetness.
248726248726B004IN43VCA2AVYSXICESSTKE. Kerby0041343260800Delicious!I made these yesterday for the first time. It's true, they do have a slightly sour taste as another reviewer mentioned. That didn't bother me, though. I thought they tasted great!

I'm sure we'll make them again.
248727248727B004IN43VCA33BHREBPT8CJIShilohF0031339459200Not overly thrilled with the flavor.I eat a bran muffin for breakfast every day. I normally make a batch from scratch every sunday. I decided to give this mix a try since I use Hodgeson Mill wheat bran in my recipe. I followed the recipe to the tee, but the taste was a bit off. I tried again a few days later adding a bit of honey and all natural vanilla extract. Still, the muffins tasted a bit sour to me. I guess I will just go back to Grandmas Recipe.
248728248728B004IN43VCAIXVOAT3SCAQNNat (Queens, NY) "nattiemj"0051338336000Yummy Product!My whole family enjoyed this including my 2 year old. I mixed flax seed meal and almond milk to make it, it was delicious and moist. I hope amazon continues to carry this. A definite recommendation without all the added preservatives.
248729248729B001CGRNM4AOO0KGMGQR5N3Susan M. Badar6751239235200Navitas Organic Dried Goji Berry PowderThis product was an exceptional find. I have been adding a tablespoon of Navitas Organic Goji Berry Powder to my morning smoothies for 6 months now. My acupuncturist had suggested I add goji berries to my diet, and when I mentioned that I've been taking the goji berry powder already, he was impressed.
I feel healthier, more alert, active, less stressful, and no longer tired mid-day. I recommend adding goji powder to any diet.
248730248730B001CGRNM4A2PGFIW1WRK2RISuzie1151334188800Awesome stuff!I put this in my oatmeal every morning and it tastes amazing!! I have ordered this several times and will continue to order it.

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