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248731248731B001CGRNM4A3Q15HWNS6GOEHLaurie D. Mills "Goldensmom"0051308873600Love this for my smoothiesI add this to my daily smoothies and I LOVE it. It enhances the fruitiness and I enjoy knowing that I am getting good quality nutrients from the goji berries. I also get my goji berries from Nativas and they are always delicious. I buy all my powders from Navitas on Amazon. If you like chocolate smoothies try the cacao powder you won't be sorry. I use cacao powder instead of cocoa powder, it's more beneficial. Best thing ever is I use the Subscribe and save and I get a small % off and get auto shipments at the frequency I need.
248732248732B001CGRNM4A1BAP0IFL6LBKGAlfredo Martinez "Ivan Ron"0051275264000Wonderful stuff!well since almost 2 years now,...NO more colds computer-eye strain and tiredness since me and my wife have been taking this great tasting product! My memory has improved also, I used to forget things unless I wrote them down, now I don't have to do that anymore, I just remember so clearly! And we are having this stuff literally every day in our early morning breakfast shake. we are 2 busy people who have not much time making a big breakfast, so our first meal is always just a protein shake with raw organic almond-milk with either bananas/ strawberries or blueberries.

The reason for most of the Goji Berries health benefits is the fact that these berries have a very high level of antioxidants, as well as relatively high levels of some important vitamins and minerals. the main reason we wanted to take this because we hurt that Goji Berries contain 19 amino acids--the building blocks of protein--including all eight essential for life of the human body - no other plant can make that claim!

we sure are hooked on this and most likely will never get of the amazon auto-ship program..this is well worth the money!
248733248733B001CGRNM4A1DIFL0333QPEBMarcus T. Brody71411270598400Absolute garbage, save your moneyThis Goji powder, I don't know... I feel like it was super heavily processed or something, and stripped out the life force and nutrition out of the Goji Berries. I DO like Goji berries. I think they're a powerful food. But this powder is just complete garbage. I noticed absolutely no benefit in taking it. Not only that, it doesn't even taste like Goji. It tastes odd, mixes weird, looks weird.

I'd steer clear of this supplement. Your money is better spent elsewhere. Maybe on some actual goji berries.

How this review got 5 of 10 helpful votes is beyond me! What do I have to gain by writing a biased review? Some of you people rating these things are bonkers.
248734248734B001CGRNM4A1J62MXJ69CGDPpafmarwak1611242950400No Noticable Difference in EnergyMy husband and I both used this Goji Berry freeze dried product. We didn't notice any increase in our energy levels while taking it. As a matter of fact this product caused me severe intestional distress after taking it on two seperate occasions. My husband didn't experience any adverse side effects using this Goji Berry product. Goji may be a superfood ranked right up there with Acai Berries
248735248735B000JXBHJ6ASFG3GZQ9HC9YS. Paladino0051348099200Great Gift BoxThis is a great gift for someone who likes Asian food and wants to try making it at home. The only way it could be better is if it came with a small cookbook, But even that's not really necessary when you can find a million recipes online in minutes.
248736248736B000PEQNIYA6XCFL1IXSRBABrigitte E. Rodgers0051323216000Pflaumen Muss-German company...a little expensive,and somewhat runny in texture, but yummy. Prefer the one made by the Swiss company, the name escapes me, but could not find that at Amazon. Arrived promptly from the seller.
248737248737B000I4PXE6A38PQWZXQ4Y1EECowboy2 "Cowboy2"2241325289600Afternoon pick-me-upWhen you need something to clear the cobwebs in your head, Victorian Inn Instant Cappuccino Mocha - two spoons and one spoon of hazelnut (or another flavor of your choice) into a cup of hot water does the trick. Lately I have added Nestle Coffee-mate Peppermint Mocha for a little extra special flavor. Amazon does a great job with their automatic refill of your order. Amazon notifies you ahead of shipment for the option to change, delay or delete your order. With confirmation, your order is shipped and you know exactly when to expect delivery. Great Service !!!
248738248738B000I4PXE6A1EPXD0829IE73DevLaur2251290124800Very good compared to other like itIts more flavor and cream than coffee, but thats what I like. So be it! That makes my rating a good one, because this brand is some of the best I've tried. And I've tried everything I've come across!
248739248739B000I4PXE6AR6KKJU6GIVDFJim and April Atkins2251226707200DeliciousThis is the best cappuccino! I can't get my husband to drink any other kind now that we have discovered this brand. The flavor is amazing! Highly recommended.
248740248740B000I4PXE6A3I8AFVPEE8KI5R. Sawyer1141271635200worth the waitI put off buying this brand for quite a while. But am glad I finally went for it. To me 3 spoonfuls don't bring out the chocolate enough, so I use 4 or 5. This has great flavor and there are almost no chocolate clumps left after stirring! The flavor is nice and mild (not too sweet). I will definitely buy this again. But am I the only one who thinks the lid and freshness seal are stubborn? I am on can #4 and have had to cut the seal with a knife on 3. I also decided to keep the lid open slightly because opening it at first hurt my fingers. That is my only gripe.
248741248741B000I4PXE6A29GIVFYIGNM79Music Is Everything "Music Is Everything"1131240704000Thoroughly AverageThe first sign of trouble is that coffee is near the end of the ingredients list. That means artificial flavors and very little caffeine. Beyond that, the product tastes OK and serves its purpose, but I'd much prefer a real coffee product.
248742248742B000I4PXE6A3FC5S9EUZ511GL. G. Mills1151216425600Rich, sweet, and a great aromaI was stirring hot cocoa mix into my coffee until I found this Victorian Inn Instant Cappuccino. Although the directions say to add hot water, and that truly does make a great cup of cappuccino, I find I get a much more aromatic and a deeper flavor when I put a couple of tablespoons into my freshly brewed coffee. I especially like it in the Diedrich Coffee, Black Tiger, WHOLE BEAN, 12-Ounce Bags (Pack of 3)
248743248743B00441KLZ0A1B0H7L3I88NHDM. gordon1151325376000better than wet food!rating indicates that i rate this item 5 stars....accurately, my cats (scout & squirt) rate it 5 stars. they like it as much (or better) than their wet food. seriously good stuff (or so they say).
248744248744B00441KLZ0A156KVHKU0ISWKBetty1151320624000Royal Canin Selective Savor Sensation cat foodI have a finicky cat who had literally stopped eating his food and this got him back on track of eating again. I don't know what is in it that made him like it over what I was giving him before but it worked for us!! I am very grateful for Royal Canin for making this food!!
248745248745B00441KLZ0A1CA0C8M0MBJX5ReviewNinja0051349049600Great For Cats That Don't Like Foodthe cat food is really good. get it if your cat is not eating. they will gobble it up. i buy this for my cat because she does not eat anything else.
248746248746B0043H172GA1ZH9LWMX5UCFJK. Stuckey "kateling"0041291420800on-the-go cereal!I was pretty pleased when I tried this item after a recent food service show. There is a very strong chocolate smell and taste. One bar has 150 calories (30 from fat) and 9 grams of sugar (versus 16 in the old Cocoa puffs cereal and milk bars). The texture is different, it looks more like cocoa krispies than puffs and my jaw hurt from chewing so much but overall it is a nice option for people (especially kids) who don't have time to have a sit-down breakfast in the morning.
248747248747B000EQTB4QA38XW5668UKIJ6Truth Crusader3341330473600Not quite as advertisedFirst, let me say I do like these, BUT, they aren't quite what they advertise. The package says "a delectable medley of exotic vegetables". Sounds good, I like terra chips w/sweet potatoes, beats, taro and so forth, so these must be the same. Wrong. The back of the package says ingredients: a seasonal mix of root vegetables. But, if you read on the seasonal mix, the delectable medley is only sweet potato & taro. There are several colors of sticks makig you think you're getting several different vegetables, but actually you're getting the same two vegetables, w/some dyed by beet juice. Disappointing.
248748248748B000EQTB4QA2JBZHQVQF7MV0Sherry2251274572800Very goodI have bought these locally but they are hard to find. I just don't want to buy 12 at a time! Why couldn't they at least offer a 6 pack? What is a single person going to do with 12 packs! I prefer these sticks over the regular chips. They are easier to eat.
248749248749B000EQTB4QAIMG5VWOFONVDM. Hoffman0051345939200love these on everything!we put them on soup, salad, eat as a snack! they are a new favorite in our house and make soup look like something from a fancy restaurant!
248750248750B000EQTB4QAN6OHY2F94AG8Patricia F. Eason0011343088000Not Sticks!This product tastes very good. BUT, the product's picture looks like veggie pretzel sticks when, in fact, they are more like "threads".
So tiny that you may wonder if you got a bag of floor sweepings.
248751248751B000EQTB4QA20EUD4SHOXPN1D. Katowitz0051216684800Love these!!!Love these sticks, just like I do their terra chips & variety terra chips. These are cool because it looks like you don't get much, but they take a while to eat or something. My son has allergies, so these are a great alternative.
248752248752B002CJISQ0A136IGLIHXWVB2V. Inman "Migraineur of Life..."0051322611200Best price!I have a Chinese Crested that has teeth problems... I have to buy soft food. Amazon has
The best price on auto-order for this product. straight to your door at your pace!
248753248753B002CJISQ0A1KV6M58HPH67OSacH0080051299628800Our Girls LOVE theseWe have older dogs and one lost her front tooth recently - so we supplement their crunchy food with these. They love them!
248754248754B008ZEHMZ4AE9F899Z0TII2David0031350259200Misleading DescriptionI have no problem at all with the actual product, however if you will notice in the description, it states a "case of 6". And the picture is not large enough to see that the box quantity is only 12, not the normal 18. So you only receive 72 K-Cups, rather that 96. I was expecting the larger boxes. Shame on me for not asking, and shame on them for not stating it in the description.
248755248755B004D9S08SA1Z96X54EXO58IRenee1151290470400GREAT Holiday Gift!!!!I recently tried these cookies and breads and found them to be delicious!! I myself am a baker and consider myself to be a little bit of a cookie snob. I have high expectations on baked goods and was not disappointed with these yummy treats. I found all the goodies in the tower to be very flavorful and could not get over how moist the breads were. My family also loved them and really enjoyed the variety of cookies and breads that come with the tower. There is something for everyone. I will definitely be purchasing more from this bakery in the future and excited to purchase these for great holiday gifts!!
248756248756B000NB3VEIA17X88MY6FDOGLJuanny "Juanny"1151320019200Simply AwesomeIt's sweet, it's smooth and it tastes divine.

What makes it so nice is that it is definitely not like typical store honey because it doesn't have that plain runny sticky honey flavor but at the same time it's not earthy, musty, or herbal like some of the other types. It's just nicely sweet with a great deep texture.

Put in the fridge... magic.
248757248757B005CT9KWSA3EPHBMU07LZ50Penmouse0051331769600Sweet with good bell pepper flavorHow I really like to eat this jelly is on a cracker spread with some cream cheese then topped with a dollop of the red pepper jelly. Yum! The Stonewall Kitchen Red Pepper Jelly tastes good with plain crackers or spread between a nice warm biscuit.

You can also spread this over a block of cream cheese for a nice splash of red and white. Surround the cheese and jelly with some flavorful crackers and you will have an easy appetizer that looks very pretty.

248758248758B00553HJ2EAPV8FV1B7NZMEPam Brant2251338595200Fabulous Drink to restore electrolytesWhen it is hot outside and you need to drink more than just water, Recharge is great! Not only does it restore the electrolyte balance perfectly along with other vitamins, it does it without added sugar. It is sweetened with Stevia, which is an herb that is actually good for you. This is so much better than Gatorade which has way too much sodium and chemicals along with sugar in it. Also Recharge is very convenient in the little sticks that can be added to a bottle of water and it tastes so good, too. It comes in grape, orange, lemonade, and tropical punch. Try it. You will be pleasantly surprised.
248759248759B00553HJ2EA3AFCS221J590Qpaul f farella00313500000004 boxes of 8Thought I was getting 32 boxes of 8 per box. Got 4 boxes with 8 flavor packs per box. Description is deceptive. Thank goodness for Amazon's great customer service. They should fix title to say 4 boxes total. Product tastes decent.
248760248760B00553HJ2EA1EM2RRS8L9ONBex "ahhh music!"0051339113600Great sports powder to add to your waterI like that this is not full of chemicals and sweetened with stevia extract. Most sports drinks have loads of sugar in them, but this powder is a great electrolyte replacement, and very portable as well!

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