Amazon Fine Food Reviews

248821248821B0019RKR74A35R32TA60XD57M. Torma1151293408000Good food but...My little dog has alot of food sensitivities, mostly grains, so I thought I would try this food for him. I bought a can at the local pet store before I committed myself to a whole case. Glad I did. He liked it OK, didn't love it, but I was worried about giving him liver all the time. I did a google search about giving dogs liver and it recommended no more than 3 times a week or it causes some kind of vitamin A toxicity. Anyway, I may end up giving it to him just a few times a week, because I do like this manufacturer. I have spoken to them and they really are a quality food company with human grade products.
248822248822B0019RKR74A3OB739OCEC0MCLightning0051347235200By Nature canned foodThis is a very good canned food. It is rated a 5 star on the Dog Food Advisory website. My dogs love it.
248823248823B0019RKR74A2X05TA26HEHP5Mario Reyes0051346025600Sam loves itThis is highly rated by many dog food review website, and Sam really likes it. I use it to give flavor to his regular kibble diet
248824248824B003T5M5JMA3PKXM1397GQ3RGlad to be Grandma "Grandma"1141321488000Good ChewsThese are a nice alternative to regular rawhides - the treat in the middle definitely makes these more of a treat, and my dog doesn't leave these half-chewed as she sometimes does with regular rawhides. I would ont call these a great value as they don't last too long - otherwise I would definitely recommend.
248825248825B003T5M5JMA2LZKOWORWSRECPaula O'Buckley1151313712000Indy LOVES these! I love the priceSince my wirehaired pointing griffon finds these irresistible, having plenty on-hand is a big deal. Whenever I've gone to a store to find these, the stock is typically low to non-existent, and finding the 5-pack is a shot in the dark. These are half the price, delivered to my door, and I've got what we need.
248826248826B003T5M5JMAT66IKVKXSI46Travis Greene0051344211200Great treatMy boxer puppy loves these. He gets really excited every time I give him one. Also, each one lasts a for at least a half hour even when he chews constantly. It is great value.
248827248827B003T5M5JMA2RSPMVFVKL75XLynette Findlay "Goldenlover"0051344038400Dogs love theseWhat can I say the dogs love these. When you find thematic a great deal you get a bunch.

They are FDA approved
248828248828B003T5M5JMA1932W8XTMUG40William G. Scott0051343779200Puppy-approvedWe have two golden retriever puppies. This is their most valued chew item. We decided to stock up. They are favored much more than the bone-shaped ones for reasons the humans cannot fathom.
248829248829B007Z8KTJ2A19GNYS8Z9BLCJDoggyDan0011344470400Red Barn - Chew-A-BullsI purchased these at a big-box petstore locally and I was rather miffed to discover that these are not what they appear. I expected bull pizzles, but it seems all of the "Red Barn" brand Chew-A-Bulls are reconstituted and not real pizzles. They have gone to great lengths to make the product look like a real bull pizzle, but they are not the real thing and do not last like the real thing. I knew something was wrong when my dog had devoured it within minutes. Close inspection revealed flashing from the mold used to form them and the ends were smooth and uniform, unlike a real pizzle.
Bull pizzles aren't particularly cheap, and neither are the cheap imitations like these.
I truly felt like I had been deliberately deceived, enough so to warn others.
248830248830B001G7Q0KKAM2I5VZKDS0IIDaveZ. "homeowner"1151233705600Nature's Miracle OilThere is a quiet epidemic in America caused by excessive sugar in our diet and overuse of antibiotics. The epidemic is Yeast (fungus) overgrowth, and it has been estimated that upwards of 85% of Americans suffer from it, many without even knowing. Fungal overgrowth has been linked to cancer and other diseases. There is a simple test called the "SPIT TEST". Do a search on these subjects and take this test. If you have the symptoms, purchase this product, Nature's Alchemy Essential Oil of Oregano. Take as directed (usually 1 drop in water or juice 3 times daily). Oregano is one of the most potent anti-fungal agents in existence, and it is completely natural with virtually no side effects. Make sure it is wild oregano. Don't take my word for it, do some research. This product worked great for me, and cleared up a stubborn yeast overgrowth problem in just weeks.
248831248831B001NFNEDGA3FHR7P9345RVHCookishoes3311280361600My cat said, "No Way!"So, I bought this product to help my cat take a pill. It was the chicken flavor. It seemed like a nice alternative to using pill pockets. He ate the very first pill and that was it. i tried a few more times and it was almost as if he did not even recognize the product as food. I tried to email the company about the "flavor guaruntee" and the email was returned as undeliverable.


Honestly, my best alternative to help with pills are a product called, "Lean Treats". I cut the pill into smaller pieces and break the treats in half. He likes these the best.
248832248832B0014APGBIA3MK5HSPEK8BPYLoretta Collins2251259971200Tasty & Good for YouLove the taste of this tea. It is an added bonus that it is herbal. Throat Comfort is especially soothing for the ubiquitous sore throat, but also if you are a singer. I just happened upon it, but most of my friends were already drinking it.
It's good cold too.
248833248833B0014APGBIA3J2TAJVIYAP2GCJmimi0031329609600just okay.This tea is just okay. I bought it to try but I wasn't impressed. Weak flavor is the main problem. If you like very mild herbal tea, this one is for you.
248834248834B0014APGBIA241MQ9FMTWY7YSea Bird0051262304000Winter's wellnessThis Yogi tea is soothing and helpful with my winter's wellness goals. Every time I have a dry throat or a tickle of toxic breath this blend takes care of me.
248835248835B0014APGBIA2S5LGDW5ZC2UUALEXANDRIA PINEL "AJP"0041195603200Aaaah!This stuff really worked for my son and for me. A sore throat can be so miserable and sometimes we just get tired of the taste of the numbing spray, but this really gave us a break.
248836248836B0009JRH1CA3PPSJXGW5MV8Gshele249951297209600Love Love LoveFound this tea in a local Asian store for about twice the price. I was pleased to find it here @ such a bargain. This is by far the best green tea I have ever had & trust me I've had a lot. Just steep though for a min or two max otherwise can get bitter.
248837248837B0009JRH1CA3SNL6BKWLY78WB. Reid "retired RN"8851168819200Best Green TeaI purchased this tea the first time at China World at Epcot in Walt Disney World, Florda. It was so great, we drank quickly in our house and was so pleased that Amazon offered it through its website. Wonderful green tea product.
248838248838B0009JRH1CAVLEDWHKKIPHAKim6651297036800Good TeaA nice big box so you don't have to worry about running out of tea anytime soon. Flavorful, but mild for anytime of day. I would recommend this tea.
248839248839B0009JRH1CAWBGHDHH7E51FTrend "jewelry nut"4451282003200China Green Tea/Excellent PriceThis is Chinese green tea (some say that's the best). This product is made in China. The box is not as stable after you open it, but it will continue to close and hold the contents. All the bags are individually packaged. It tasted good with honey and it's a great price for so many tea bags. Green tea is reported to be good for the body. One of my Traditional Chinese Medicine instructors drinks 7 or 8 cups a day. Only recently have I been drinking this tea. One cup a day is enough for me, but I like it and if helps my body, that great. It was delivered super speedy.
248840248840B0009JRH1CA37U100A8BVI9WDarlene2251314230400Love this teaGreat tea and at a great price. Shipping was fast. I will probably buy this tea again. What I like best is it is caffeine free yet it has a lot of flavor.
248841248841B0009JRH1CASHVJYO6H721SPYTinJerzee2251296086400I LOVE THIS!!I love this! So good for you and healthy. I consume one cup every morning. The BEST part is I can find this same exact box of 100 in my local market for just $2.79! What a steal! I made sure to stock up. =)
248842248842B0009JRH1CA3LZMGP3NHWAKTtP_Reviews1141309737600Great Green Tea But...The plastic that housed the tea bags smelled bad and it seeped thru the paper tea bags. Otherwise, the green tea definitely had good dark color. If it wasn't for the plastic bag then I would have given this product 5 stars.
248843248843B0009JRH1CA2WW2C6EB3TQZOgtdara3411323388800Not Caffeine FREE (Falsely states NO CAFFEINE ADDED) go figure!The box says NO CAFFEINE ADDED..
Does not say anywhere as CAFFEINE FREE.
Manufacturer try to fool people.

Stay away from this product if you dont like Caffeine in your tea.
My wife stayed awake all night after drinking this tea in the evening thinking that this was caffeine free.

Nice price though!
248844248844B0009JRH1CA31OQUI3C9WA3Ichantelle2311322265600wrong product?i ordered caffeine free tea bags. the box that was shown said caffeine free on it. my box does not- the writing on the front is different than the box shown and nowhere on the box does it say caffeine free. i attempted to contact seller but when i clicked on the sellers name it told me there were no matches. there is also no royal king web site for me to read nutrition facts, and the other sites that list caffeine content do not have info on this product.
248845248845B0009JRH1CA1R2F3TD48IBIBQueenie0051345248000Tasty and inexpensiveI'm able to find this tea at my local Asian grocery store for $2.99 per box. What a deal and tea tastes great!
248846248846B0009JRH1CA2MCLAAXTGYV09Yunissa Koury0041339372800GREEN TEANo matter what, green tea has a strong weird taste, but I mix it with Proprl water enhancer rather than stevia and tastes awesome. This tea is a great diuretic and even though it says caffeine free, it sure gave me a lot of energy.
248847248847B0009JRH1CA2KEP4NTLE908OSunni0031330128000ao far so good,this is a pretty big box of tea, it takes a long time to drink all this, the tea is not great, but its not bad. if you like tea, this is a great jumbo box
248848248848B0009JRH1CA3TO46DKUNP8RQlavender1540051328659200Great Low Caffeine TeaI love this tea! The taste is great. I'm not sure whether it has caffeine or not but it is able to keep me awake long enough to do some extra work without the being awake all night.
248849248849B0009JRH1CA3E2L9POM35FJMNevermore7780041327968000An overall great productI bought this because (a) I love green tea (b) it was all natural and (c) it was organic. The tea has a lovely, delicate flavor and is quite satisfactory on all accounts except for one small issue: the string that allows you to steep/pull the tea bag out of your cup isn't always securly fastened and therefore has a tendency to tear off. This, however, isn't a major problem (for me at least) and I'd reccomend this product to anyone who is a true tea fanatic.
248850248850B0009JRH1CA4APFUCAV2NGVsheila thorstenson0011325894400Not caffeine freeThe tea I received is not caffeine free. The box is different from the pictured box as well. It has ok flavor but could be stronger per bag.

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