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248869248869B000F70R9CA32NMZLW66QKF8S. Bayley1151308096000Best tea I've ever hadThis tea is delicious! I'm addicted. A guy at my office gave me some to try and I was hooked right away. I drink this tea every day.
248870248870B000F70R9CA2EY6R1C77EZGXH. MCCARTHY "bunnynose"1151304553600Very good tea, very good price!After cleaning out the grocery store of this tea multiple times, we though it was time to get serious and buy it in bulk. Tea was fresh, came fast, good price, free shipping.
248871248871B000F70R9CAOSHMYTYMB9OXC. Lorentzen1151303430400Very flavorful teaI've had this tea before but where I live it's almost impossible to find. I love the full flavor and you can almost make two cups out of one bag. Amazon has the best price and service and that's great!
248872248872B000F70R9CAA02Q4HIEYZWEKate1151303084800Good Earth Original: Sweet & spicy Tea & Herb blendFantastic tea, the best blend I've ever had: Sweet & Spicy Tea & herb blend. I don't need any sweetener, and enjoy it hot or cold. Many mornings I'll make a cup of hot tea then mix it in my oat meal to give it a spicy blend. Nice way to start the day.
248873248873B000F70R9CA2ZV4X5FFYBOIZLeslie Pellegrini1151300579200The best teaWe adore this tea and it is the one we drink the most. Highly recommend this tea and this seller!!!!!
248874248874B000F70R9CA3UID6GBCYUDW1Virginia M. Judd1151233273600Tastiest tea everI have been craving this tea ever since I moved to Cleveland, where it is not available. What a joy to find it available through Amazon!

Good Earth Original is a tea for people who like a sweet and spicy tea. Cinnamon is the main note, followed by orange, rosehip, and just a touch of mint. The tea does contain artificial flavorings, which is the only downside. It's already sweet without any additional sugar, but a bit of honey really makes the flavor "pop." Great hot or cold.

In fact, I'm going to go have a cup right now.
248875248875B000F70R9CA3GO6QCXWQGE9QE.R.Maven1151227484800Yummy!This is GREAT tea! I have not tried it as "iced" tea yet, but it's great hot. For those who are interested, my local (Denver) Safeway just started stocking both the Good Earth teas and coffee. Last Saturday (11-22-08) there was a woman handing out samples and coupons, and the tea was "buy one, get one free". What a deal!
248876248876B000F70R9CA2E795NMWYRSFTMarty from Florida1151222560000Good Earth Original Blend TeaThis tea is soooooo......good! I add two (2) drops of theives oil which makes it out of this world good. I am a little disappointed that it does have artifical flavors added.
248877248877B000F70R9CA3SO3TSQ1GLM6MCandice R. Lisle "crlisle"0051350086400spicy sweetTastes as wonderful as it smells, cinnamony. I drink it every day at work. It is delightful. It is a very happy tea. Everyone who comes into my office exclaims about how wonderful it smells. Our janitor says I have the sweetest smelling trash after I toss the used tea bags.
248878248878B000F70R9CA300IQ8GD00ZD5Margaret K. Thayer0051349049600Yummy, same as always!We fell in love with this great spicy tea (pumpkin-pie type spices) when we first tried it on a whim. It's delicious both hot and iced. When our local Trader Joe's stopped carrying it a couple years ago, I was happy to find amazon carries it.
248879248879B000F70R9CAZXU8S0UUERGLRichard Slupski0041349049600This Tea Still Has it !!!! Very YummyWell I have read some of the reviews to the "New " Good Earth Sweet & Spicy Tea and I can say that even with the "temporary" addition of the artifical ingredient The Flavor and Strength is still there .

Last September 2011 I ordered directly from Good Earth Teas in California a whole Lb in bulk ( Huge Bag ) the Caffeinated Sweet & Spicy Tea and enjoyed it fully .

I just bought the New TATA Enterprise purple box Sweet & Spicy Caffeinated Tea and it still taste Great !! I got a good deal at a local market for the 18 count box for only $ 2.99 per box so I bought 7 of them :)

It is great that on Amazon , if I want to get it delivered to my door I can .
248880248880B000F70R9CA39KTTX4DOEAP5Teri Phillips0051347667200so sweetI used to be addicted to Diet Coke- which I knew was bad, but I craved it. After a friend turned me on to this tea I started drinking it everyday. I found it was so naturally sweet, that I didn't have to add anything to it. It's great and makes delicious iced tea.
248851248851B0009JRH1CA3LIBX1884RRPRS. Modak "S. Modak"1211333670400This not not Green Tea - Stay AwayThis is black tea. This is not green tea. What a rip-off. Stay away from this tea. It is cheap for a reason. Really misleading advertisement - this tea is neither green nor caffeine free.

Stick with Japanese green tea.
Following are excellent green tea

followed by

Following is not bad but not as good as the above
248852248852B0009JRH1CA1FLQ698D9C0C8G. Zhang4851255478400Weight Loss Benefits of Green TeaWeight Loss Benefits of Green Tea

If you drink green tea you can-
* Lower Cholesterol
* Increase Thermogenesis (the body's rate of burning calories)
* Enhance fat oxidation

Burns Fat Naturally
Green tea contains high concentrations of catechin polyphenols. These compounds work with other chemicals to intensify levels of fat oxidation and thermogenesis, where heat is created in the body by burning fuels such as fat. Drinking Japanese green tea regularly will increase your metabolism and help burn fat safely and naturally.

Lowers cholesterol and increases energy expenditure
Green tea also causes carbohydrates to be released slowly, preventing sharp increases in blood-insulin levels. This promotes the burning of fat.
The thermogenic effect was originally attributed to its caffeine content. However, green tea stimulates brown fat thermogenesis far greater than a comparable amount of pure caffeine. It appears that the catechin-polyphenols, in particular epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), and caffeine that naturally occur in green tea work synergistically to stimulate thermogenesis and augment and prolong sympathetic stimulation of thermogenesis. It has been shown to increase 24-hour energy expenditure and fat oxidation (caffeine only increases metabolism during the time you take it).

Weight is gained as excess sugars and fats are stored in the body as fat cells. Green tea catechins can help prevent obesity by inhibiting the movement of glucose in fat cells. Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) has been found to be especially effective. There is now good evidence that green tea catechins are related to reductions in body fat.
EGCG is a powerful antioxidant with positive qualities but a balanced diet and exercise, lots of it, are of paramount importance to any weight reduction program.

Green Tea and Weight Loss
by: Kathryn O'Neill

There's recently been a LOT in the weight loss news concerning green tea.
Green tea's weight loss effects have been causing more and more people to start sipping the ancient Chinese or Japanese brew.

But just how does green tea help you lose weight? And does it really work or is it all just hype? This article gives you the real facts about drinking green tea to lose weight.
Advantages of Drinking Green Tea for Weight Loss:

1) Green tea revs up your metabolism

A study reported on in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, found that green tea extract resulted in a significant increase in energy expenditure (a metabolism `boost').
The researchers also concluded that that over a 24-hour period, green tea extract increases the metabolic rate by 4%. These effects are probably due to the high concentrations of catechin polyphenols found in green tea. These work to help intensify levels of fat oxidation and thermogenesis (the rate at which your body burns calories).

2) Green tea inhibits fat absorption and helps glucose regulation
Experts tell us that the catechins in green tea help to inhibit the movement of glucose into fat cells. Green tea may also act as al glucose regulator. It helps to slow the rise in blood sugar after a meal. This prevents high insulin spikes (lots of insulin promotes fat storage) and the subsequent fat storage.

3) Green tea may help reduce appetite
Scientists at the University of Chicago found that green tea caused rats to lose up to 21 percent of their body weight. Rats injected with a green tea extract lost their appetites and consumed up to 60 percent less food after seven days of daily injections. This may have something to do with the blood sugar regulating effects of green tea.

4) Green tea can help you save calories on your morning brew.
We are a nation hooked on our java. Be it the regular double-cream, double-sugar standard or that mocha, dappa, frappucinno, the calories we ingest just to get our morning caffeine is wreaking havoc on our waistlines.

If you want to save mega-calories in the morning but still get your caffeine fix, try substituting green tea for coffee. Or have a green tea in the afternoon instead of that 700 calorie mocha-chillate dream. You'll definitely notice the difference in your waistline after a few weeks.

So there are 4 ways that green tea can help you with weight loss. But how much do you actually have to drink to get these amazing metabolism boosting effects?

Experts vary but the general consensus seems to be that 3 - 5 cups of green tea per day is optimal. Doing this can help you burn an extra 70 calories per day which amounts to 7 pounds per year. Pretty good for not exercising or cutting calories, right?
However, 3 - 5 cups can be a lot for some people, so you might also want to consider green tea extract, green tea pills or a green tea patch.

Disadvantages of Drinking Green Tea For Weight Loss:
#1) Green tea is not a magic bullet
While some people will tell you that green tea is the be-all-end-all for weight loss success, I think the keyword here is balance. You're not going to eat 5000 calories a day, drink a cup of green tea and make it all go away - it just isn't going to happen. A healthy diet and increased exercise will go a long way in helping you lose weight and keep it off.
#2) Be cautious of the caffeine if you have health problems
For some people that have heart troubles, high blood pressure or stimulant sensitivities, the caffeine in green tea may not be the best idea. If you're worried about the caffeine from green tea, try taking green tea extract. Most green tea extract is made from decaffeinated green tea so you can still get the weight loss benefits without the caffeine.
If you think the caffeine may be a problem, make sure to consult your doctor before starting green tea for weight loss. Also make sure to consult your doctor before starting green tea if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

*** Bottom Line ***: Green tea helps you with weight loss by boosting your metabolic rate, regulating your blood sugar, suppressing your appetite and giving you something else besides that high calorie, high sugar coffee beverage to drink in the morning. While it's not the magic bullet, it can definitely give you a boost in weight loss and in your overall health!

Green tea may benefit some more than others
At the recent International Research Conference on Food, Nutrition and Cancer sponsored by the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR), scientists presented new evidence about phytochemicals in green tea that may help prevent normal cells from developing into cancer and spreading.
Yet people may wonder if drinking green tea is worthwhile, because the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) refused to allow a health claim for green tea on labels this summer.
Although more evidence is needed to justify a strong statement about green tea's ability to lower the risk of cancer, it is not a bad idea to include this beverage in a healthful, mostly plant-based diet.
Black tea is the most frequently consumed tea in the U.S., but green tea contains far higher levels of the phytochemical EGCG. Both oolong and black teas, including the common orange pekoe, lose some of their EGCG as they are processed. However, green tea leaves are steamed or baked before they can oxidize, so their EGCG levels remain high.
Since it is a powerful antioxidant, EGCG may help prevent both heart disease and cancer. It helps to stabilize highly reactive molecules known as free radicals that can damage blood vessels and increase the risk of heart disease, or alter the DNA in our genes, promoting cancerous changes. In addition, EGCG may protect against cancer development by increasing the self-destruction of cancer cells and by affecting enzymes and the signals between cells, slowing the growth and multiplication of cancer cells.
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* Scientists find how green tea fights cancer
* Green tea doesn't lower cancer risk, says FDA
But while the evidence of EGCG's ability to deter cancer is quite strong in laboratory studies, population studies show much less consistent benefits. The inconsistent population evidence is one of the primary reasons that the FDA recently refused to approve a health claim on the labels of products with green tea that would link its consumption with lower cancer risk.
Benefits some more than others
In the FDA's view, the effectiveness of foods in laboratory studies is merely background material. Consistent evidence among populations is key to supporting health claims. However, researchers point out that the laboratory studies, which are overwhelmingly positive about the health effects of EGCG, are necessary to explain the results of population studies. Without them, we would not know what EGCG is or what it can do.
Furthermore, inconsistent results from population studies do not mean that there is no benefit to drinking green tea. Human studies show that the antioxidant capacity of the blood does increase about an hour after drinking green tea.
Other studies show that markers of DNA damage decrease after drinking even black tea or decaf green tea, both of which contain less EGCG than regular green tea.
The differences in health impact that are seen among green tea drinkers in population studies may mean that green tea benefits some people more than others. Genetic variations, varying exposures to risk-producing substances like tobacco, or different diets could all help explain the differences seen in these studies.
One study, for example, suggests that tea and soy may produce contrary benefits. Eating one of these foods may decrease the potential benefits from the other one.
Drinking massive amounts of green tea will never be able to save us from the ill effects of overeating a poorly balanced diet and living a sedentary lifestyle.
Eating a mostly plant-based diet, maintaining a healthy weight, keeping physically active and avoiding tobacco are the most effective steps we can take to lower our cancer risk. However, for those of us who would like to do a little more to reduce the risk of cancer, replacing three or four cups of coffee or soda per day with green tea is a reasonable step that may bring a variety of health benefits.

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248853248853B000F70R9CA282RCHXWDGPCFG. Mellott8851233878400(Almost) too good to be true!I love chai, and black tea with milk and honey, so I was not expecting this tea to taste "good" without adding a sweetener. To my surprise, it is exactly as its box describes - sweet and spicy. It has no sweeteners, however, as the sweet flavor comes from its unique blend.

While there is artificial flavor in it - an artificial spice, according to Good Earth's site - there is also an organic version (which I haven't had yet.) I am convinced it's just fake cinnamon, because if you steep the tea too long, you get the same tongue-tingle as eating red hots (cinnamon candies) when you were a kid.

All that aside, this is the best tasting tea I have ever had, and like most teas, it has very few calories. (3 calories, according to other sites I've seen.)
248854248854B000F70R9CA3F42NVXZLLW2PD. Ramsay8851171756800Good Earth Original Sweet & Spicy TeaThis tea is just what it says it is...sweet and spicy! My husband & I both enjoy it. If you are looking for a sweet treat without added sugar or sweeteners, give this a try. Also comes in an herbal, caffeine free version, which is good, but we still prefer the Original. Each box is sealed, and each teabag is in a sealed pouch, so it is easy to take along to work, or when traveling. Since it will stay fresh in our pantry, we ordered a large quantity to take advantage of the super deal being offered on Amazon, and recieved free shipping!
248855248855B000F70R9CA16PZVCYWRED34G. Wade "Krista"101151176076800Not your average tea - even non tea drinkers can enjoy!I am a fair weather tea drinker & I can only palate most teas with a lot of sugar. This tea is the ONE exception. I first drank this years ago in a Good Earth restaurant (the first really healthy restaurant) & I was hooked immediately! I have never since found a tea that was even close to this. Most teas have a leafy, stick taste that screams to be covered up with sugar. This tea stands alone, no sugar, no cream - nothing but incredible full flavor. It is not much like typical tea but rather almost a cider instead (minus the apple juice). It has the most wonderful cinnamony flavor that is warming & relaxing. I have even made it cold & it is good, but so different from the usual ice tea.

I would recommend this to anybody who is looking to enjoy tea but who doesn't like the leafy flavors of typical tea, try this one!
248856248856B000F70R9CA2RAIKHWVKXT3WSharon Thompson121411312761600Not what it used to beI have enjoyed this tea for 25 years. Something changed at some point. Recently reading the ingredient list I noticed the second ingredient is "Natural Flavor". What is it? I wrote to the company and received a pat answer that it is a 'proprietary blend' and they can not divulge the actual ingredients except to your enquiring physician. It could be that it is just an ordinary flavor enhancing recipe similar to MSG or it could be worse. Might our bodies think it unnatural? Do they mean 'natural' as in from planet earth? So I'll be giving up my favorite tea.
I think I am going to get some star anise, cinnamon, rose hips, and cardamom from Frontier herbs via Amazon instead.
248857248857B000F70R9CA2JA2RLQXBWMCYS.L.5551327622400Natural OR Artificial Flavor, your choiceSo, there is a bit of confusion here about the ingredients in this product. Upon speaking with The Good Earth directly, I have learned that the 18-count Original Sweet & Spicy Tea (both caffeine-free and regular) have artificial flavor, whereas the 25-count boxes do not. It seems like a stupid way to differentiate, since the boxes look exactly the same, with the same exact name. I think they do this so as not to highlight the fact that any of their products have artificial flavoring. I learned from them that they originally had artificial flavor in the blend, then removed it, and received complaints because it tasted different (though probably only slightly). They then added it back to their formula, but only in the 18-count boxes. It is a "spice flavor not found in nature," they claim, so I guess there's no other way to please the people who like that flavor. The first box I got was from an outlet grocery store that was produced during the in-between period when the artificial flavor had been removed from all boxes. It was really good just like that; I still enjoyed the flavor of the new version (technically the old version) that I received from Amazon, but actually not quite as much, and I'd rather have the natural version since it's natural and I like that one anyway.

As a note about the flavor--I really like this tea. It is, as described, sweet and spicy. It has a very cinnamon-y flavor with a lot of dimension added by all the other flavors included. I drink a few cups a day, either caffeinated or the rooibos version, depending on time of day. The flavor between these two are slightly different, but comparable. I love the fact that it is delicious without sugar and/or milk (though also delicious with either or both as well)--this is coming from someone with a serious sweet tooth. So that helps a lot, but apparently it has 3 calories per serving.

If you like this, you may also enjoy Celestial Seasonings Herb Tea, Bengal Spice, 20-Count Tea Bags (Pack of 6)--another spicy herbal tisane that I like without sugar. Hope this helps!
248858248858B000F70R9CA14DIECUGO54K4Homeschooling Mom3311342828800Used to be excellent, formula changedThis used to be my favorite tea, but the formula has changed. I've heard that if you can find the tea in the original pale yellow box, that it is still the old (good tasting) formula. Read through the other negative reviews and comments for more info (and notice the dates on the reviews, good and bad). It used to taste like a liquid fireball candy, now it tastes like hot water with black pepper.

Update Aug 2012: I purchased this tea from another source (referenced in another Amazon review for this product) and although it did come in the newer purple packaging, the box says, 'with natural flavors,' whereas the one I ordered from Amazon says, 'with natural and artificial flavors.' The one without the artificial flavors has the excellent taste you're looking for.
248859248859B000F70R9CAMO32C74H8DH9in good taste3311330732800A shadow of its former selfThe taste of this new formulation is a shadow of the original. It lacks the zip, the taste and the zing. Truly disappointing. If you compare the ingredients of this new formula to the old, you'll fing that they've cut out TONS of the great spices, etc. they originally had. Let's start a movement to bring back the old formula!
248860248860B000F70R9CAI9RMLCBDQZPCRebecca K-S2211335398400Oh, how the mighty have fallenThis has been my favorite tea for at least fifteen years. It was the best tea I'd ever had - naturally sweet, pungent with gingery spice, unbelievably fragrant and satisfying. I recommended it to anyone and everyone.

I am currently drinking my first cup of tea from the last box of Good Earth "Original" Sweet & Spicy Tea I currently plan to buy. The badge says "New look! same great taste!" but only the first claim is true. Once all-natural (see above description), the second ingredient is now "artificial flavor," and it shows. This tea is bland, only a hint of its previous sweetness, virtually no spicy ginger punch. Whatever you have done, Good Earth, it was a mistake. I cannot recommend this new tea to anyone.
248861248861B000F70R9CA3JAONLHE2WL0ZMelissa Miller2241209772800Good Earth Original TeaMy favorite Herbal Tea. It tastes kinda like Big Red chewing gum, but in a delicious way. About a dollar cheaper a box then if I buy it locally since only the heath food stores carry it around here.
248862248862B000F70R9CA34WBE1OIW4SGZBayarea Shopper1151341360000Customer Service Responded: The original formula had artificial flavoring then they introduced natural flavoring
248863248863B000F70R9CA2D5I6RCM9N86ASally1111339977600Changed Formula = Bland, sad replacement of originalWith the new packaging came cheap flavor. I WAS a major fan and promoter of Good Earth Tea to my family and friends, drinking it once or twice daily. But, since Good Earth changed their product "wrapper", I can hardly stand the stuff. It has a bland and artificial flavor now, even though the package indicates all natural ingredients. Think twice before buying this! I would go back to drinking Good Earth in a second if they would return to the previous recipe, because I loved it!
248864248864B000F70R9CA3ESYRV3JSGG18finetaste1111331164800What happened to the ORIGINAL RECIPE?Not the "ORIGINAL SWEET AND SPICY" tea as advertised. Completely reformulated with cheaper ingredients and fillers. So sad, it was an outstanding product.
248865248865B000F70R9CAENJWE4QD5R2YHeather "Lady Heather"1151316044800One of my favorites!This tea is delightful! Sweet cinnamon dominates. I usually get tired of it after a couple of boxes, but if I give it a few weeks, I start craving it again. A nice, sugar-free sweet treat.
248866248866B000F70R9CA327JNQIPRGZTQjtounurse1151314403200Best Hot TeaI love this tea! It is so flavorful that you don't have to add any sweetner! I love to drink it in the morning or when I have a sore throat. I have even given it as gifts. It's just that good.
248867248867B000F70R9CA2NKC88II55C7TRachel1151310083200Fantastic!As many other reviewers pointed out, this is a very spicy tea, with a strong cinnamon taste. It is absolutely delicious with no added sweeteners, and is the go-to tea in our house.
248868248868B000F70R9CA6F07XAS8NE8AP. Dean "mommy_moves"1151308528000the only herbal tea that tastes fantastic without adding anything to it!Even my picky young children love this tea. It's hard to describe the sweet and spicy flavor of this tea - it is entirely in a class of its own. I've tried many different brands and flavors of herbal teas, and none can compare to the potent flavor of Good Earth Original. It's so delicious that we often have a mug of it in place of dessert. It's the perfect pallet cleanser and a wonderful addition to any cold evening. Try it iced for the summer as well. You can't beat the fact that it needs absolutely no sweetener! Even though I try other kinds of tea regularly, I'm always finding myself grabbing another Good Earth tea bag because it's second to none.

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