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248881248881B000F70R9CA1AP7ZNM6STT8TEks "eks1234"0011346630400Change in ingredients, hardly has more taste than waterI have always purchased "Good Earth Caffeine Free Original Sweet & Spicy Herbal Tea." I tried to reorder the same tea, and was directed to the page of this tea. The box has changed, but it still says "Good Earth Original Sweet & Spicy Tea and Herb Blend" and the description of the product on Amazon says it is "caffeine-free." .

I received the caffeinated tea. I then tried to return the tea, and saw that Amazon doesn't let you return grocery items. I spoke to Good Earth and they said that they would send me a label to return the tea, but that was two weeks ago and I still haven't received a label.

I did try the tea and the worst part of this experience is that it hardly has more taste than water. Now its time to find a replacement tea (and to see whom I can convince to take this tea from me while I admit to them how tasteless I found it.)

One more complaint, the product description on Amazon says: " All Good Earth Teas contain absolutely no sugar, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives." while one of the main ingredients in both the caffeinated and decaffeinated teas is "artifical flavor."
248882248882B000F70R9CA24QZ8ZSZGDRGLKMD470051346112000Really sweet!!I bought these for my father and grandmother (diabetic) after trying them myself. They are very sweet, and have absolutely NO SUGAR, NO ARTIFICIAL SWEETENER, ETC. They are sweet because of the combination of spices... so a perfect alternative to juice, soda, etc. During the summer, I toss a couple of bags in a cold jug of water in the fridge and I have instant iced tea all day long. Now THIS is a healthy habit I can enjoy!
248883248883B000F70R9CA31UQUJ61JE36DZoe0051344470400Love Organic Tea?I love hot tea and absolutely fell in love with this tea - which is the 'original' tea produced by Good Earth. You don't need to add anything - just place a tea bag in a cup of hot water and enjoy!
248884248884B000F70R9CA2FO5MDRDR6FEKSuziq0051343001600Great teaThis tea is my favorite. It is sweet and a wonderful after dinner treat. Hard to find in the supermarkets.
248885248885B000F70R9CA155ZIGL8EQGHUchooms0051340668800The best tea everI love this tea, drink it every day! It has a spicy sweatiness without adding sugar or substitute. It can be hard to find in the grocery stores, and is more expensive if you do find it. I have it on auto ship for the best price. Thanks Amazon!
248886248886B000F70R9CA2ILV6IPPW6W7Ibon0051339804800best tea i ever tastedthis tea is soooo good and naturally sweet, no sugar needed. it is so refreshing with hint of cinnamon. it is hard to find where i live and when i did the price was much higher and not always on the shelf. got on auto delivery so i will never be without. best iced tea you will ever drink.
248887248887B000F70R9CAKYLIY0QYHCI4Canon girl0051338854400Best tea everThis tea tastes like Christmas! There is no other way to describe it. My co-workers love to walk by my desk when I have a cup of this sitting on the corner because it smells so good. It is my favorite hot tea bag. It is sweet and spicy just like the title says, no need to add any extra sweetener (which makes me happy).
248888248888B000F70R9CA1XR8Q20AW6VPJsteinbok0011338768000DisappointedI saw other reviews (but not for this entry) that said, "artificial on the box" , but "natural" in the AMZN write-up. Well, the other day, I got the box.. Second ingredient said, "artificial flavoring". Calling Good Earth Teas resulted in futility. They told me the definition of "artificial flavoring is proprietary" So, GET, you're telling me that I can stick a chemical of some type in my body, unaware of what it is, and expect I won't have a complication from it??. Even if I don't, the idea that y'all won't tell me what it is, concerns me, and it should concern anyone else who is drinking this "new version" of their tea.
They also said, "until we can find this source, it'll continue to be 'artificial'." THEN, DON'T MAKE IT until you have the necessary ingredients!
248889248889B000F70R9CA1FUJI4G0CEUEISharon "Sharon"0041336521600Still good, but not as good as it wasPrior reviews had me concerned, and yes, it's true. The second ingredient is "artificial flavor". How dumb. I've been drinking this tea for many years and it isn't as good as it used to be (before the purple packaging change). But it's still pretty darn good and a nice sweet treat, so I'll continue to drink it. And the Amazon price is very good.
248890248890B000F70R9CA3SVYWA9O1KUQVAlan "Choklat Luvr"0051333152000My all-time favorite iced tea!Back in the day I would go to Good Earth restaurant in Santa Clara with the wife and kid and we would proceed to snorkel down gallons of Good Earth iced tea along with delicious healthy food! Well, last time I checked, the restaurant is gone but I can still get my favorite iced tea -- and I do, I get a case of these boxes every month! This is a great tea if you are a fan of cinnamon spicy goodness combined with the bite of a good bit of black tea (I'm not a fan of the decaf version!). A slice of lemon really takes it over the top, sweetener is optional (ok, so I add sweetener because I'm now a Southerner) since it does have a natural sweetness to it.

Really my only complaint is that I have to mess with this silly little teabags, I wish these guys would make iced tea quart size tea bags or sell this tea in bulk.

I'm not sure what they do to make this tea so good. I've tried other teas that sounded very similar but none of them have quite the unique flavor of the Good Earth tea. Highly recommended even if you are not a fan of the restaurants.
248891248891B000F70R9CA2JAAYWV8BXGOHdonna Farrell0051331596800Daily IndulgenceI absolutely love this tea. I have it every evening after supper. Makes a very satisfactory final note for my meal. It has a delicate spicy flavor superior to any other tea I've ever tasted. Starts the rest of the evening on a high note.
248892248892B000F70R9CA1XAU8A46L7NYOEric Schnell0011330905600New package, crappy tasteSorry, but something has changed. I am a major fan of Good Earth Tea, but they have changed something in their recipe. I bought one of the new purple boxes of the "Original Sweet and Spicy", and it is neither. Just dark colored water. Think twice before buying this!
248893248893B000F70R9CA2WAHT5ASHUZ8JJSP0051329350400The perfect teaGood Earth Original has great taste - nicely sweet without sugar - and a bit of caffeine for a pick-up. I enjoy the quotes on the tab at the end of the dipping string as well as the very pleasant aroma. A great no guilt drink.
248894248894B000F70R9CAN5GFILB0VBF2Ivy0031328745600Not as good as the Yellow Box Good Earth OriginalThis has long be my favorite tea. It is different however with the change. The tea doesnt seem to be as strong, flavorful as before. If I were newly introduced to the tea, I would still enjoy it, but knowing the original flavor, it does seem to be somewhat diluted in the taste.
248895248895B000F70R9CA36ODGFOEVLIKFChitra Aiyar0011327708800Good Earth Tea Not So Good with Artificial FlavoringI LOVE Good Earth Tea and was thrilled to buy in bulk from Amazon Unfortunately, Good Earth now contains artificial flavoring - it is confirmed on the box in front of me and on their website - [...]
I am hoping that if many consumers raise their voices, we can have them go back to using original flavors - their Facebook site is at [...]and they can be called at 1-888-625-8227 Mon - Fri: 8:00AM - 8:00PM EST

I LOVE Good Earth Tea - lets keep it good by having them stop including artificial flavoring
248896248896B000F70R9CAQDT2YOPW35IUAmmers0051325116800you'll SWEAR its sweetened but it isn't!My grandma introduced me to this tea and its SO good! You'll SWEAR its sweetened some how but it isn't at all! Highly recommended!
248897248897B000F70R9CA3CUKZPH10GE8BSharon0051324080000DELICIOUS!I love this tea, and was thrilled to see it available on Amazon. The price was good and the service great. My only disappointment is the change in the design on the box and individual packages. It used to have a beautiful old fashioned design, which I thought really matched the "mood" of the product, but the tea itself is the same and it's delicious!
248898248898B000F70R9CA2CUMC5637OVTMPaul Henry0051299801600great taste!A friend introduced me this Good Earth Tea, which I found very flavorful the first time I tried it. I was glad to find that I could buy the tea on Amazon, and have now given it as a present to another tea lover.
248899248899B000F70R9CA3E0XTDHYBZ14PjohnWillyson0051299196800Extremely rich and very pleasant tea!My favorite tea. Most teas are too weak, and require sugar. Good earth requires nothing -- just hot water and 3-4 minutes. One tea bag makes me 18-21oz of strong tea!

Great price, and as always fantastic prime shipping. Highly recommended!
248900248900B000F70R9CAWANIXMIZ2L5WTRae710051298851200Always a winnerI love the Original Good Earth tea and this was a great deal. It was shipped quickly, packaged well and the price really couldn't be beat. Buying 6 boxes at a time was not a problem for me as I'm a bit of a tea-aholic and will go through this in no time.
248901248901B000F70R9CA2FAT1KAB9DF3GRichard Conard "tool freak"0051298851200great product and seller serviceEvery aspect of this purchase went right...quick seller response, price, great product, plus free and fast shipping. Highest recommendation.

These specialty teas can be very expensive in a store, so I am glad an alternative is there for those of us wanting the same fine product at a much more reasonable price.
248902248902B000F70R9CA2LHWJE7JX5K7SJan Leeds0051297641600love this tea !IA friend of mine made me a cup of this tea, and I was crazy about it.

I liked it so much, I decided to order a wole case of it. The vendor was great, and the order came promtply.
248903248903B000F70R9CAJCK6OKNWGIYGMike K0051296000000I'm not a tea drinker. But when I do drink it I like this teaI prefer coffee over tea most of the time. I've never been much of a tea drinker. I find myself drinking it only when I get sick or have a sore throat. But I saw the positive reviews on this tea so I had to try it. I think it's pretty good. Definitely better than any other teas I've tried. It has a spicy kick to it. It kind of reminds me of a liquid version of fireballs - a penny candy I used to get as a kid. There's a bunch of interesting ingredients in this tea such as papaya, ginger root, anise seed, lemongrass just to name a few. But the cinnamon stands out the most. I'm now drinking tea a little more than I used to thanks to this.
248904248904B000F70R9CA2MFIBTUYIR13PM. Rochelle0051295740800Best Tea EverThis is a regular order for me. I love this tea and it is so easy to get online. Price is good and delivery is fast.
248905248905B000F70R9CA18HS7YHJ1IZ3OChris G "Chris G"0041295654400Not caffeine freeGood Earth tea is quite delicious. But the description above says that it is caffeine free, yet the Good Earth web site states that their black tea has 50 mg caffeine per 8 oz. cup for the Original. The first ingredient listed is black tea. And it is sweet, due to perhaps the anise seed or papaya, but there is no sugar, corn product or stevia on the ingredients list. I've been drinking it for 20 years.
248906248906B000F70R9CAEH7UEMA7YTO8Charity P Kingsley0051294790400delicious teaThis tea is absolutely delicious. Strong, spicy, cinnamon with just the right amount of natural sweetness. Perfect for a very large mug.
248907248907B000F70R9CA37I541FW54P0Ss0051294617600most delicious tea on earth!!I found rhis tea years ago but my grocerry stopped selling it. I now buy from amazon> It is the best tea ever.
248908248908B000F70R9CA28K4WNGS94RMJGpaSteve0051291248000Great Tea, My Wife Loves ItMy wife loves this tea and has got me hooked on it also, so we use it often. To us it is like a comfort food with a mildly sweet taste (but with no sugar or carbs) and we much prefer it to all other teas. Buying it from Amazon is much cheaper than getting it from the local grocery, and buying it as a Grocery Subscribe and Save results in even a further savings.
248909248909B000F70R9CA3GP9FZYNPR3PKBP619 "kbp619"0051289347200Best tea ever.Been drinking this since I was a kid. Recently rediscovered it and now make the best iced tea with it. No sugar or lemon necessary. It does have a sharp aftertaste due to the strong cinnamon content, but it's still great. Highly recommended.
248910248910B000F70R9CAJHDPWL1J9NTSusan Maneck0051285372800Best price that can be gotten for this tea anywhere.I live in Mississippi and am diabetic. The cinnamon in this tea not only helps control my blood sugar but it makes the tea so sweet I don't need sugar or any other kind of sweetener. The only place where carries this tea here is a organic grocery store which sells it for twice the amount I can get it here for.

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