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248971248971B002GWH6NEAPCYRV6GBTBQRThomas J. Canavan0051291507200a great deal on teaI think this is one of the best buys in tea I have run across. It is a hearty, tasty breakfast tea at a great price.
248972248972B002GWH6NEA38XHXLP098DEFBruce Martin "Myrkle"0041288051200Great valueThis tea is very good, maybe not great. But the price and quality combination is excellent, will buy again.
248973248973B002GWH6NEA3GMXUSBTYLJXYJ. Casey0031283817600English Breakfast TeaThe Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Company could have done better.
Compared to other brands of this variety - It's just OK.
248974248974B003ZW2N1YA2WFR4IO01ZESBDavid Hundley1151284768000Excellent!At first I wasn't sure if I would like the Palava sauce but I'm glad I took the chance. I've used it with vegetables, rice, chicken, and chili so far and I've absolutely loved it! I can't wait to try it in my vegetable stew.
248975248975B003ZW2N1YA3OE76NRRGIJJET1251284595200Palava Sauce sauted with vegetablesThis sauce was mild with a uniqe blend of spices. Looks like spaghetti sauce but not the same at all. This is a savory tomato sauce and I used half a jar with zucchini and squash. Heated in a pan and served as a side delicious dish.
248976248976B000F70R9WA1725VRJ6XFWJYDannie T.3351209513600Deliciously Blended Tea!I have tried many Chai style teas on the market and this is my favorite so far. It is the perfect balance of tea and spices and when milk and honey is added, it is like having dessert. It has a full bodied flavor that is never overpowering. The added bonus is that this brand of Chai is reasonably priced. I highly recommend this brand! (By the way, I really miss the Good Earth restaurants that used to be in the San Francisco Bay Area; so many good memories of delicious meals there...sighs).
248977248977B000F70R9WAR51CPDMRF5CBP. L. Minami3351167955200Good Earth Chai teabagsI've tried other types of "chai" tea, both teabags and powdered, and find this product the best tasting -- and at a lower cost and calories than powdered -- when I add sweetener and milk. This has become a staple in my kitchen -- I love it!
248978248978B000F70R9WA1VKPAKDUG93UZKiki2251283212800Heavenly Chai Tea!Good Earth chai tea is delicious! Not only can you taste the hints of cardamom, ginger root & nutmeg; but the smell is divine! This tea is great for winding down after a long day. Recommend steeping for five minutes to release the antioxidants in the tea.

I've given boxes to my family and they all love it! Plus, being a TATA company you know you're doing good!
248994248994B003161EV4A1TK5QCXXKV4KEIan F. Shifrin2251272844800Great espresso in a jiffyMy wife and I love this for lattes and mochas. I have a cheap grinder that never did justice to my Rancillo, but didn't want to spring for a new one. This pre-ground espresso has been the answer.
248979248979B000F70R9WA1J6RBV5PR9LPDD. O'Regan "Rogue"1151236211200Relaxes the soulThis tea is always the perfect way to end my day every taking care of my children. I've always been a fan of tea but I recently got addicted to the spiced and black teas. No other tea has been this good and had such a robust flavor before. At first the flavor seemed too strong for me but then I tried with some milk and sweetner, and it is was the best thing I ever tasted. I recommend buying this online because it is very expensive in the store and you get a six pack for only [...] bucks, well worth its value. I recommend the red tea too, it is super delicious but sells out quickly.
248980248980B000F70R9WAY4XNO35GX8G8Debbie0051347753600Great flavor!Finally, a tea with flavor! Delicious! I made sun tea with these Good Earth Chai tea bags and served it at a get-together at my house. Everyone loved it! Those who chose soda, decided to try it based on what others were saying about how good it was! A hit!
248981248981B000F70R9WA1MESYC7PFLX5FMC0051347062400Flavorful tea.This tea is great, you can drink it plain (or some like to add milk and honey/sugar). This tea is not over-powered by cinnamon, so you can taste the spices.
248982248982B000F70R9WA2O03UMTOYRCCBM. Monticone "Real Estate Girl"0051320105600Good Earth Chai teaGood Earth Chai Tea has a very distinct flavor which makes it unique and tasty to the last sip. By far my favorite chai tea.
248983248983B000F70R9WAKGOWYUNP22CMHappyMommy0051304380800Love the spiciness of this spcied chai tea!I have tried many different tea brands to find the best levels of spiciness, and this and Starbucks' Tazo brand are the only two I have found satisfactory.
248984248984B000F70R9WAPMA5GHIV5NUShappy customer "page terner"0051298592000So Good!This tea is so good tasting. I was buying it for a while at my local markets, but they apparently have discontinued carrying it. Then the light bulb in my head went off and I checked Amazon. Lo and behold, there it was! Now everyone in my house is hooked and I'll be ordering more soon. Seems the consensus is a bit of honey and milk, and this tea is just so satisfying. Great blend of spices; I think this is the best Chai Tea on the market.
248985248985B000F70R9WA2VHNAC4WUXQI4BostonTech99 "Technology should just work!"0051296604800As good as it getsI grew-up drinking tea. One thing about 'premium' teas is that after a while you get tired of their distinctive flavor and start longing for the 'regular' stuff. Have been drinking the Good Earth Chai Tea for about 4 years now. It used to be readily available on grocery shelves, now much harder to find. So get it from I drink it a couple times a week. Pair it with a couple of regular teabags in a large mug. That way you get a strong mug of tea, but the flavor doesn't get overpowering.
The aroma of this tea is simply awesome and I still enjoy it tremendously. By comparison a gift of Mariage tea leaves (touted as the best in the world), got tiresome quickly.
248986248986B000F70R9WA3D2RU2472B6YTTeresa Ashley0131342137600Not the sameArrived promptly. Not the same as the tea I've been drinking for years. I thought the only difference would be the box it was packed in, but somehow that's not so.
248987248987B001CZ6CFYA3NEAETOSXDBOMStephen M. Charme3351299369600Excellent raw almondsMy family has eaten these for years without any of the problems suggested by a negative review. These are delicious raw almonds, great to eat alone or use in a salad, and are no harder to chew than any other brand we have ever tried. Almonds are a bit harder than other nuts, such as peanuts, but nobody in my family has chipped any teeth eating this product.

Kirkland is the Costco brand name, so if you belong to Costco you can buy these in the store for much less than the price on Amazon.
248988248988B001CZ6CFYA2E8JTPR4Z7II0Robert A. Cotterman-nelson "Robert C"1351245628800AlmondsWell first off let me start out by saying I enjoy food. Nothing touches my stomach but wonderful deliciously tasty products. So naturally I had to try out Kirkland Almonds. I will never look back. Not only did my skin clear up, but my wife had to start arming herself to fend off the women that flocked in my direction.

I would never eat another brand's almonds ever again, once you go Kikland you never go back.

PROs: Deliciously tasty, brown, age defying after effects. (Even better than pro-active)
CONs: The bag is kind of hard to open under its intensely tight glue seal. Kirkland does everything right.
248989248989B001CZ6CFYA30PJ756Q59S14LiveMusicFan0321293321600Tooth Loosening ToughThey are tooth loosening tough. Label doesn't say if they are raw or roasted. Costco had no answer.

A couple days after eating a cupfull of these I developed a toothache which puzzeled me until I remembered the brutal ordeal of chewing these.
I made almond butter from the rest. Like the old saying when you get lemons, make lemonade.
248990248990B001CZ6CFYA354AY83WZ2RLBS. fogarty "Shaun"1551268092800Costco fixed a problem!:Update: November 4 2011. I was in Costco yesterday and looked at the 3 lb bag of "Kirkland Signature Almonds, U.S. #1, Supreme Whole". These almonds were clearly labeled "Product of U.S.A.", and "Grown in California", so I bought them. They are absolutely delicious: chewy, rich, and flavorful. Costco wised up. Good for them. These delicious Almonds are a bargain and move from -100 to 5 stars.

I do not believe these almonds are "Californian". I believe they are a product of China or Turkey, and were dehydrated to bone dry for shipping and spoilage reasons. These are not "Almonds" or even food. They are rock hard almond shaped industrial crap.

The language used in the labeling is very clever, and very vague. If these Almonds were actually of Californian origin, they would say so. I do not believe they are, since they are tooth breakingly rock hard and tasteless. I believe this this product is fraudulent.

"Take our Kirkland Signature California Almonds, for example." very clever... these are not California Almonds. The copy writers use "California Almonds" as an "example". But that is not what is in the bag. Lawyers checked off on this description as our bought and paid for USDA is too small to deal with these sorts of everyday consumer frauds.

From the bag:

"Kirkland Supreme Whole Almonds

* U.S. #1
* Highest Quality.
* All Natural.
* Value Pack 48 oz (3 lb).

Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest ones. Take our Kirkland Signature California Almonds, for example. The idea was simple: We wanted to provide the best quality, the best value and the best taste to our almond-loving member.

Rich in nutrients, fiber and protein, yet low in saturated fat and free of cholesterol, our all natural, preservative-free whole almonds are 100-percent satisfaction guaranteed.

Kirkland Signature Supreme Whole Almonds simply the best.

Every Kirkland Signature product is guaranteed to meet or exceed the quality standards of the leading national brands."
248991248991B003161EV4AS8BYOQDPAWLOsimon belmont202051282348800Amazing espresso on a budgetTo get great espresso, you need the grind to be perfect. Unless you're willing to shell out $350+ for a professional level grinder (like a Rancilio Rocky), you've got to buy pre-ground espresso (a less-than-professional burr grinder will cause your espresso to taste burnt and watery). Most espresso connoisseurs will agree that Illy (the brand in the silver cans) produces the best pre-ground espresso; the only problem is the price: an 8.8 oz can will run you around $15, which puts the price per pound a little under $30. I had tried the standard Lavazza before, and was unimpressed. However, on a whim, I picked up a can of 'in Blu' a few days ago.....

Let me cut to the chase: I would say that Lavazza in Blu is actually BETTER than Illy -- the taste and finish are perfect, and even in an inexpensive machine like a Krups, you can still get an amazing amount of crema. With minimal effort, 'in Blu' will allow you to make, at home, espresso drinks that rival the quality of the nicest coffee shops (not to mention the subpar brews of S-bucks!). The fact that over 2 lbs. of 'in Blu' goes for $22 is just the icing on the cake!

A quick note about the actual flavor of the espresso; it's a tad sweeter than the usual dark roast, and works extremely well in a macchiato (just a small dollop of frothed milk on top of a solo espresso). Even those who don't usually drink espresso will appreciate an 'in Blu' macchiato with a ginger snap on the side. Seriously, try it!
248992248992B003161EV4A1RD9TDF3FLB60Jim Mangrum "Jim Dandy"3351294012800Excellent Espresso!This is excellent espresso and works great in my DeLonghi EC155. The decaf version is also very good. If you are new to making espresso, save yourself some stress and start with this. One of the keys to gaining proficiency is reducing the variables. Yes, grinding beans yourself will get you slightly fresher espresso, but when there are problems what do you need to fix? The grind? The roast? Your tamping? The espresso maker? Once you are proficient with this excellent expertly ground espresso, you will be in a much better position to experiment with grinding your own.
248993248993B003161EV4A1ZLNEHH81BC64Truth Seeker & Reader2251302912000I love it for my my morning latte!I am not that picky, but because I can't afford a good burr grinder, I need preground espresso. And I mostly use espresso for lattes. I know, I know, I'm not a purist. I tried several brands from the store and they were absolutely terrible. Then a friend recommended Illy. I tried both the Illy dark and medium roast, and they were great on their own, but the dark roast overwhelmed my latte and the medium roast wasn't quite strong enough. I needed to find a "middle ground."

Enter Lavazza in Blu. It makes the best latte. I DO like the Illy better on its own than the Lavazza in Blu. But for a latte, hands down, the Lavazza in Blu wins. This is going to sound odd, but I think it's because it has more of a "generic" taste than the Illy. With the Illy, I could never get the right amount for a latte. It was either too strong or weak for my latte (even when I weighed it on my food scale). With Lavazza, it feels almost fool-proof. I've made about 20 lattes with the Lavazza. Every single one has been fabulous. (As an aside, both the Illy and the Lavazza win hands-down over Sbux, even in my cheap espresso machine.)

Overall, I would say that this is great preground espresso. The grind is perfect for my low-end (Mr. Coffee) pump espresso machine. And it makes a fantastic latte! No bitterness or noticeable acidity. And it's half the cost of Illy. The only problem is that I have yet to find this particular Lavazza product in any stores in my area.
248995248995B003161EV4A2VHAAQ8MCYAPBMark Twain "MT"2251271203200good price for a great productThis is a bit milder flavour and more fruity / acidic than the qualita rossa, which I also really like. I would maybe choose the rossa over this one for lattes etc. ('cuz it has a bit more body to stand out in the milk), but for straight espresso and when I'm in a mellower mood, inblu is great.

Excellent value in the 4-pack.
248996248996B003161EV4A3II20HYAF4SXEbarbara hayse1131294358400LavAzza in Blu...good if you prefer a mocha tasteIn a nutshell, I find Lavazza in Blu Espresso to be too mild and a little too 'mocha' tasting. My long time favorite Lavazza Crema e Gusto Ground Coffee, Italian Espresso, 8.8-Ounce Bricks (Pack of 4) is smooth, Italian espresso, not too light, and not too deep with a very nice espresso taste.
248997248997B003161EV4AKBWJBE2OWYLSGreg Kochanov1151290902400Love itI just got back from Italy and couldn't find coffee to match real Italian espresso until I found Lavazza in Blu. For now, this is as close as it gets to the real espresso. I use Breville BES830XL with a non-pressurized filter. I don't even have to tamp this coffee a lot just a little and the espresso comes out "perfetto" every time! I feel like I'm in Italy again! Grazie! Ciao!!!
248998248998B003161EV4AM3T0RTM322F3N. Wei "une_fille"1151282953600Excellent espresso!I am a big fan of Lavazza coffee products and I usually buy the crema e gusto. This time, I decided to try the Lavazza in Blu. Wow! This is such an excellent espresso! At this price, I would certainly buy again. I don't think I will ever go back to other brands of coffee.
248999248999B003161EV4AGHXFTDLUOCJNjames leo1151280534400SmooooooooooothThis is the most pleasurable ground espresso i have tasted so far. The ground is extra fine so beware the tamp. Once you get that adjusted, you will be able to enjoy a nice genuine Italian coffee break. The price through Amazon is almost half what I found in stores. I'd give this a try if I were you...Salute!
249000249000B003161EV4A204XQP41O50UBBeth Peterson1151277683200Best coffee in the worldI was introduced to Lavazza coffee in Victoria, BC. Everyone who visits me loves it. I make it in a regular coffee maker, not an expresso machine, and drink it for my regular morning coffee. I am thinking of getting an expresso maker just for it.

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