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249097249097B0032CJYM8AY3CGSD5Q1QI2Annie M. "Accerdited book worm"1221283817600Not what I expectedI ordered this hoping to get a satisfying fruit snack that was both healthy and delicious. It was a little disappointing. Each packet--though supposedly a serving size of fruit--is in actuality only about one ring of dried pineapple, if that, broken into pieces. I could've done without the added supposed guava flavor--it didn't do anything for the snack. The dehydrated pineapple pieces are basically only flavored by what seems like a dusting of the flavoring fruit--so there's some alteration on the pineapple flavor, but is neither here nor there.
It is sweet (almost too sweet) and without added sugars may indeed satisfy some people's (very small...)sweet tooth. Personally, I'd go with bigger size servings--not to mention that it is a waste of resources and energy for packing 5-6 pieces of dried pineapple in each--the rest is air... It is edible, but more much beyond that.
I will stick with dried pineapple, non-sweetened, and unsulfured, from the healthfood store.
249098249098B0032CJYM8A19C2AS1H3ZGXYT. Williams0131283558400okayI bought these to pack in my pre-school daughter's lunch to try to add some variety to her gluten-free diet. She tried one bite of the Pink Pineapple flavor and refused to eat any more. I've tried mixing the pineapple bits in with other types of fruit for her, but she still picks these out and leaves them. The texture of the pineapple has more of a crunch than other types of freeze-dried fruit we've tried. I like them myself, but I think the crunch is what makes my daughter stay away.
249099249099B001J7M380A2N8SVSAH86RE1Batman Lover0051264550400OldWorld OrnamentThis lobster ornament was exactly as described and we love it. We actually loved it so much when it arrived that my fiance bought another. The ornament has an old world feel (hence the name) and adds a special, antique touch to our tree. I would definitely buy another again.
249100249100B002ONM234AYB4ELCS5AM8PJohn B. Goode "JBG"0051334361600Excellent!This is the best blackcurrant preserves I've had. Strong in blackcurrant taste, mild in tartness and easy to spread. Very rich in flavor and texture. If you like blackcurrant, you'll like this.
249101249101B002ONM234A1PC13P9U8PJCTAnn0051329696000GREATThe service is great,you receive it before time its a little bit of home (UK)i eat it on toast every morning
249102249102B006QFV2H8A25G0G49SDD9UOA. Brewer1151338940800Excellent gluten free all purpose flour mix!This flour mix is great! I was worried about replacing regular flour, but it worked like a charm! I will be back for more I'm sure. The shipping was very quick & it arrived in excellent condition.
249103249103B006QFV2H8A32B6A532454UDD. Taylor "Tech Gadget User"1151334707200Works well converting regular recipes to GF recipesLearning to cook GF has been a big adjustment. It takes time and patience to find solutions that work. With my wife as a Celiac it has required diligent searching for good options. On a recent trip to Utah we picked up several New Grains GF breads and found them the best GF breads we have ever had. I decided to pick up some of this flour and use it to see how baking some of our favorite recipes would turn out.

The flour works well as a GF substitute for regular baking flour. I've used it in many recipes and have been happy with the results. As is typical for GF cooking, there's a little less of a rise in the cooking process. I'll upload a picture from a recent Pineapple Upside down cake we cooked in a 12" Dutch oven that turned out really great as a GF desert.

5 stars, we love having a GF flour to cook and bake with.
249104249104B004TPKAN4A23Z2XQBWJYZ9QT. Love "Spiritual Radio Show Host"0031329350400Very Strong FlavorI like ginger a lot, but these cookies are very, very strong. I really wasn't expecting the flavor to overpower the cup of tea (lemon ginger). I rather thought it would complement well.
249105249105B004TPKAN4APHX2A37KDRAHN. Trachta0051329004800A very good giner snapGinger snaps have a special place for me, one of my top 3 cookies (peanut butter cookies done right are number one, then giner snaps or molasses). When I had the chance to get these from Amazon Vine program I had to try them. These are some very good ginger snaps, the ginger flavor is nice and strong for those who enjoy a gingery flavor without to much for a casual eater. These are outstanding with a nice tea.
249106249106B004TPKAN4A224NBGT01D660Chris Cade ""0031328400000Definitely For The Ginger LoverThis review will be rather short, since there's not a lot to say. Overall, cookies are good. Being organic is a huge bonus! After having several people try them, including my son who absolutely loves ginger, the conclusion was "too much ginger." It's potent.

So if you love ginger, definitely give these a try. But don't expect it to be as mild as your typical ginger snaps.
249107249107B004TPKAN4A2XH6KI5ZLRLPSTina0051327795200awesome productThis is one of the best cookies. My kids loved them too. they are really flavorful and not so hard my teeth couldnt get through them. Really good cookies i would get again
249108249108B004TPKAN4A3Q61HHSFP80LAzoeish "Curiouser and curiouser"0031327536000Too sweet for me, fine for my husbandI love that there are more and more organic options out there, and Paul and Nell Newman is a brand I trust.
I eagerly anticipated the cookies, but for me they were too sweet. I'd not be fair to let me be the only judge, as Gordy thought they were great!
They were crunchy with some sugar topping them. They had a very ginger taste which was good, but as I said, for me they were too sweet.

If you like crunchy sweet ginger cookies, this is the ticket for you. Me? not so much.
249109249109B004TPKAN4A3I1BJIFFM4S21Atomicwasteland0051327104000I loved these cookies -they were crisp, and very gingery.If you are a fan of ginger snaps then I believe you owe it to yourself to give these a try.

I love ginger, and I thought these were really authentic -they really tasted like ginger, and not a watered down cookie with a bunch of other ingredients that made it taste more like a shortbread cookie with ginger flavoring...

These cookies are completely organic, which made me feel even better about eating them. (I mean, they are still cookies, but at least I can avoid some of the ingredients that don't add value to my health.)

They had bits of crystalized ginger in them, and they tasted slightly spicy (because of the ginger) and, best of all, they snapped when I broke them. So, they had ginger, and they definitely had SNAP: the best of both worlds!

Recommended to those who want a more traditional ginger snap cookie, and who like cooking with fresh ginger root.
249110249110B004TPKAN4A928HCGAQTU6Xsarabella0041326931200Super Yummy!Very tasty cookies with just the right amount of snap and ginger. One star lost due to the fact that they got stale pretty quickly, even when the bag was tightly closed.
249111249111B004TPKAN4A3K5NP63E32ZBGScarlett Brontë0041326931200Very gingeryTasty vegan ginger snaps. The real candied ginger makes them even yummier, and a little spicier than typical ginger snaps. These are so good in the winter with a cup of hot tea. Love them.
249112249112B004TPKAN4A3H78NCT3DJMY2Barnaby Dorfman0051326931200Great Gingeryness!Ginger is a favorite flavor and these snaps really deliver. Often I find that ginger flavored baked good have a chemical taste that reminds me of soap, but not these cookies, the taste of real ginger shines through. I also love the fact that all profits go toward the Hole in the Wall Gang Camps, a worldwide network of facilities that give sick, disabled, and disadvantaged kids the opportunity to have a summer camp experience.
249113249113B004TPKAN4AFMBR3EQ6PMWNKrista0041326672000A ginger cookie not all will enjoy.I enjoy eating ginger flavored things, and ginger snaps are no exception. This review will not take into account that these are vegan cookies, as I rarely eat vegan cookies, so I can't really compare that aspect to anything else.

These cookies are hard, but I didn't find them too hard that they were inedible. They also have a strong ginger taste. It's incredibly intense, and these cookies are not that sweet. I personally thought they were slightly too strong. I plan to have these with some tea, as it will infuse the tea with ginger and make the cookies softer.

If you are looking for an intense ginger snap cookie, then definitely try these.
249114249114B004TPKAN4A7EU2BWLLCJY2Claire Jordan "Filmmaker -"0011325376000I couldn't give them awayWow, was I disappointed with these cookies! I love ginger so I was really looking forward to a cookie that other reviewers referred to as spicy. Well, yes, these cookies are spicy if you can actually chew them. The bag I got was filled with cookies that were hard as rocks. They were impossible to eat without ripping the roof of your mouth to shreds. The first one I tried I actually had to spit out! I thought that perhaps it was just a bad one and that maybe the other cookies would be different. Let me say that they at least have solid quality control at the factory because they were all hard as rocks. I even tapped one repeatedly really hard on the table and but it had no effect: it didn't break, crack, crumble or even shed a crumb or two - it was absolutely intact. Try that with any other cookie!

Our yard is filled with squirrels and sometimes I put out food for them, so I tossed one of these cookies out in the yard four months ago and it's still there! Seriously. It looks exactly like it did when I threw it out there! Usually I have to hide sweet things in my house or my twenty year old nephew eats them, but I left these out on the counter and after trying one he's never gone back for another... that's never happened before. I ended up throwing them away because no one wanted them.

I don't know how my experience can be so different from so many other reviewers - perhaps I got a bad bag. I'm certainly not going to waste money on another bag to find out.
249115249115B004TPKAN4ABBXW1XO4F0YYSam Hendricks "Author of Fantasy Football Gui...0051325203200GREATTTTTTTTT!Loved the cookies. Reminded me of the ginger snaps my grandma used to make. Recommended for all.

Sam Hendricks, author Fantasy Baseball for Beginners
249116249116B004TPKAN4A2TO2BN3P4C00LMusic Fan Jeff0031324944000Tastes okay, but oddly inconsistent textureI'll preface this review by stating that I think Newman's Own Newman-O cookies are better than Oreos.

That's why I was a bit disappointed with Newman's Own's ginger snaps. The flavor was okay, but I would have preferred a bit more ginger flavor. My real issue is that within the same bag, I had some cookies that were crisp (as one would expect from a ginger "snap") and others that were more like a soft molasses cookie. Not that I mind soft cookies, but it just seemed odd to not know what I was going to get when I pulled the next cookie out of this bag. Seems like a quality control issue to me.

I didn't feel ill after eating any of these cookies so I assume there wasn't really anything wrong with them, but I don't think I've ever bought any other brand of cookie where the quality in the same bag varied so widely.
249117249117B004TPKAN4A35JP8KSV9281Kbezoarrn0051324512000Divine!These cookies are my new guilty pleasure - worth every calorie. I had to order a case after trying the first sample bag. I just can't stop nibbling away at these cookies. They are absolutely addictive.

They are very crisp and a bit hard, so if your teeth are sensitive, plan on dunking these in your favorite beverage. The ginger taste is pungent, quite strong. They are loaded with tiny dried bits of candied ginger that turn chewy in your mouth. The ginger flavor is so intense - not for the faint at heart - that my mouth actually tingles with that "ginger burn" I enjoy so much.

So if you like mild, boring, blah-tasting grocery chain wafers, stay away from these. But if your taste buds are ready for a wake up call, then these organic cookies are just the ticket.
249118249118B004TPKAN4ASAWQWJ7AF5NFTroy Edwards0041324512000The way a real ginger cookie should tasteA lot of people are saying that this cookie is too spicy. Perhaps it is because most people have become accustomed to ginger snaps that don't actually have any ginger in them.

Just like it's hard to find "Ginger Ale" with real ginger anymore, it's hard to find a ginger snap with that authentic, bite you back, spice.

Everyone in my house likes real ginger ale, and a couple of us love it. It fell down the same lines as to who liked these cookies, and who loved them.

Great ginger bite, not too sweet, nice molasses flavor.
249119249119B004TPKAN4AYNTULRNAIPNYrealnaynay "realnaynay"0011324512000Only cookie that I have ever used as a "Threat"First impression, very firm, dense texture, almost "shred the roof of your mouth" sharp when you bite into it.
The initial taste isn't horrible, it's when the very bitter aftertaste kicks in that you start feeling like you want to turn off your taste buds.

I had hopes for this product, that it didn't even come close to filling.
With a name like "Newman's" I was expecting a high quality, tasty, organic, product.
It might be organic, but tasty and hiqh quality don't apply in this case.

Even my grandson tried one (almost 4 years old) if you have ever been around toddlers or preschoolers, it would be rare to find one that would say "NO" to a second cookie. However, my grandson didn't care for the taste of the cookie either, and he actually really likes Ginger Snaps!
When offered a second one of these cookies, he backed away from me and told me "NO".

This has left me with most of the bag of cookies, and a new inside, family joke, "be good or I will give you a cookie", because nobody in my family would try more then one other than me, and that was purely for research purposes on my part, since I did not like the taste.
249120249120B004TPKAN4A1Z0LTKUA6F94DJ. Miller "smurfybabe"0051324512000Nice If You Like SpiceThese ginger snaps are crunchy and spicy. So much so that my 6 year old was yelling about them being "too hot" after eating them. For adults they seem fine, but kids might not like them as much.
249091249091B00785V2G6ABWCUS3HBDZRSRachel R0051351123200Excellent productAfter scouring every store in town for orange peels and not finding anything satisfactory I turned to the online options.

I received the orange peels in syrup a day ahead of schedule and I found exactly what I was looking for. The packing is so appealing and the product is excellent.

The peels are perfect for the fruit cake I plan to bake.The peels taste a lot like the peels in a marmalade. I was expecting these peels to have a slightly more bitter taste but nevertheless the product is great.
249092249092B0032CJYM8AF0DBGVHOIIQCS. Nagy0051338508800I guess not for everyone, but boy are they goodThis is by far my favorite flavor of Funky Monkey fruit snacks. Here's the rundown--you'll like these if you're into the following traits:

: they're *crunchy*, because they're freeze-dried and not traditionally dried with sugar and/or sulphur. This is why the label says "fruit that crunches"

: they're subtle! I'm perplexed by reviews calling them "too sweet," as there's absolutely nothing in there aside from freeze-dried pineapple sprinkled with powdered freeze-dried guava. The pineapple flavor shines through, but you get more of the guava flavor toward the finish. If you like pineapple and like guava, you should be good.

: they're a snack, not a meal. 45 calories and 1 serving of fruit pretty much says it here. There's not a lot in there, but if you want portion control and/or just enough to satisfy a nagging sweet tooth, these are perfect.

: they're very friendly to special dietary needs. Vegan, kosher/parve, raw, gluten-free, and free of peanut/tree nut allergens. This is a huge selling point for some folks, and an easy way to please my celiac friends.

: they're addictive. I have these on a subscription, because it's far cheaper than buying them at the local health store individually.

If I had to list cons, I'd list these:

: as noted, I sometimes get a twinge of guilt at the packaging waste. As far as I can tell, the packaging isn't recyclable (though it *is* minimal).

: I'd love the guava flavor to be a touch more prominent, but I also love them as-is.
249093249093B0032CJYM8AF0E5TGS52NRDCrystal "AMAZON FAN"0031317772800Tastes like Pink GrapefruitI read the reviews that said this was sweet or too sweet.. I thought, this is for me, I love SWEET! It tastes like grapefruit not pineapple. It's a little tart(sour) and left a taste in my mouth something like you would get from lemons.. I wouldn't order this again. Next time I'll order apple as this only has 45 calories and a little package was filling. Yes, I did finish it so it wasn't that bad but it certainly wasn't sugary tasting..
249094249094B0032CJYM8A2C9XE9I8RSKNXJ. Johnson0051311984000Really tasty :)These are great ! They are crunchy like chips with a great tropical flavor. I will be anxious for subscription deliveries to arrive :) Highly recommend to anybody who likes pineapple and tropical flavors. Also perfect size for diabetic snacks :)
249095249095B0032CJYM8A2H6WMVK2DK5S2Sharon Ivanauskas "Twin mommy"0051301616000Crunchy & very sweetThese are very crunchy & super sweet, which is why I think my 5yr old daughter loves them. We tried one pack of the pineapple flavor & she is hooked! It has no added sugars, preservatives or anything... only ingredients is fruit!

I find them too sweet for my taste, but like I said, my daughter gobbles them down. With it being pure fruit I am happy!

Plus these are Hungry Girl approved!!!
249096249096B0032CJYM8A18I6UBBXX2GJ9Kathy0051263600000GREAT snackI have always been a big fan of Funky Monkey Snacks, but this new flavor is OUTSTANDING! This product is not only good for you, but has a taste that is fantastic.

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