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249144249144B004TPKAN4A3U52V5ZAHZZKUWayne Crenwelge "teacher"0051321488000Beats Nabisco in a Taste TestYep, I did a blindfold taste test. I got the Newman's Ginger Snaps, placed them aside, and went to the store and bought Nabisco Ginger Snaps. I did NOT open either package. I had my wife open the packages. She broke the cookies into bite size, handed them to me and I did 5 separate taste tests. Of course, I had my glass of milk to complete the full test. She mixed them up, different brand in different order. It would have been a better test if I could have gotten a third brand......could not find one. The words that I used to describe Nabisco (as it turned out) Ginger Snaps were subtle, and chewy. The words that I used to describe Newman's Ginger Snaps were more vibrant, more ginger taste, crunchier, and more ginger flavor. Across the board....all 5 times.....I rated the Newman's Ginger Snaps superior to the Nabisco brand. I cannot compare against any other brand. Seems I like the Newman's Ginger Snaps.

I have never actually done a taste test without kinda knowing the end result. In this case, I swear that I never opened the boxes. I had no idea what they looked like, so I really was doing this taste test thing for real. I like Ginger Snaps....have not bought them for kids don't really like them. But they are all in college, so I can now buy things I want to eat. I like Ginger Snaps.......with a tall glass of milk.

I actually like both brands, but I give the Newman's Ginger Snaps points for being more what I THINK a Ginger Snap should taste like.

Hope this helps. Good eats.
249145249145B004TPKAN4A2F4HP0J5VNOYRGauteng0051321488000Tasty and irresistible for ginger loversThese snaps are just the right size because a moderate calorie count lets you eat six in a portion. They are good and crunchy with a pleasant and authentic ginger hotness and just the right sweetness for my buds. I had to work really hard on putting the bag back in the pantry without finishing it.
249146249146B004TPKAN4A36L7VJWDO7AN2T. Leech "Tammy"0041321488000Mixed reviews...I'll start with positive (always the best, right?). My husband LOVES these cookies, seriously loves them. I can tell you that I dislike them for the same reason he loves them so this cookie with be a love it or hate it kind of thing. These are no kidding Ginger snaps. No fake stuff here. It is flavored with real ginger, to the point that there are even little bits of candied ginger in the cookies. This is what my husband loves about them, the extra zip every time you bite into that bit of ginger and chew on it (it is big enough that you do chew on it). I do not like that zip from the chunks of ginger, I couldn't finish the first cookie I ate out of the bag. My husband happily finished off the entire bag in 2 days.

Bottom line... if you love ginger and things that have a little bit of bite to it then you will love these ginger snaps. They are worth trying and I absolutely LOVE the Newman's brand. (especially the marinara sauce.. just sayin')
249147249147B004TPKAN4A1Z7Y2GMAP9SRYM. Thompson "Dyson Diva"0041321488000Nice and spicy!These cookies really have some zip. The ginger flavor is just right. The cookies I sampled were burnt on the bottom and hard but so tasty I will give them another chance.
249148249148B004TPKAN4A2T04VAIXSKJH2Stefan "Stefan"0041321488000The ginger snaps lover's ginger snapThese cookies are very good, but I'd only recommend them if you really love ginger snaps, because they go all out to be authentic. The ginger taste is very strong and the cookies are actually spicy, with a strong ginger aftertaste. They're also quite hard! If you like authentic ginger snaps, definitely give these a try. I'm not a huge fan of this type of cookie so for me they were just okay, but I can see how they'd be a huge hit with people who love ginger snaps. The ingredients are remarkably natural and not a huge list of unrecognizable chemicals. The bag is easily resealable, plus it's a generous size. Check these out if you like your ginger snaps very gingery and very snappy!
249149249149B004TPKAN4A2701UXI8QGRHELeslie Ann Lewis0051321488000The best ginger snaps I have ever tasted!Crystallized ginger is eaten like candy in my house, so you can better believe I was thrilled to see these cookies. The individual cookies are not overly large, which is a good thing since they are packed with real bits of crystallized ginger, giving them a slightly spicy zing. If the cookies were bigger it might be too much. They are crunchy, but not to the point that they crack and crumble everywhere. I tried them with hot coffee as well as cold milk and they went well with both.
249150249150B004TPKAN4A2RQOO8VYAEZZGCupcake0031321488000Perfect ginger bite, but too dense and hard (except for dunking)First off, the flavor of these cookies is excellent. TheY really have that spicy fresh/candied ginger bite. Unfortunately, the overall texture and density of the cookie doesn't do justice to the flavor.

The cookies are very hard and dense, much like peppernuts. But they're too big to get away with it like peppernuts do. So instead they just seem too hard and kind of stale.

I did like that there wee lots of funny odd-shaped cookies, not all perfectly uniform factory specimens. I don't know whether mine weree flawed or this was by design, but I thought it charming.

If you're going to crush these for a recipe, for instance, pumpkin pie crust, they would be outstanding. They're also great dunking cookies for tea and coffee--here the hardness really works. But on their own, they just come off as stale, dry cookies with a great ginger kick.
249121249121B004TPKAN4A2IG937LQKWO7CB. Ferris "fun book lover"0051324166400soooo good!Bite the tongue! Crispy and tart. My kind of cookie. Almost HOT with that really old-fashioned taste.

Just a couple at a time was all I needed for the sweet tooth but weren't very sweet really. I do like all the Newman's Own products I've used and this one is at the top of the list.

If you like ginger snaps and you like them "snappy" then this is your kind of cookie!
249122249122B004TPKAN4A33TRNCQK4IUO7guillermoj0031323907200Tasty but a little too spicyI like ginger snaps and Newman's Own Organics would be perfect if not for an unusually spicy after taste. The ingredients are top notch and it reflects in the texture and initial bite. If you don't mind a little spice then these might be perfect for you. I am not a fan of heat so only for that reason I would not buy them.
249123249123B004TPKAN4A3UC3YT2E65LZOR. Dowling0051323907200Love them!These are fantastic. They were a major crowd-pleaser while my family was waiting for Thanksgiving dinner to be served. These ginger snaps have BIG ginger flavor, with a nice kick, and you can also taste the molasses. They're just sweet enough, not too sweet. They are a little bit darker than other store-bought ginger snaps I've tried, but they aren't burnt. The all-natural ingredients are a great bonus, considering how good these taste. Highly recommended!
249124249124B004TPKAN4A307YFSORUAXSQNYCPickyMom0011323475200No one liked theseI am married with two kids and a grandma who lives upstairs. We all love sweets and aren't very picky about which ones we eat. But no one liked these. They were that terrible. My 8 year old refused to swallow and my 2 year old made the worst face, spit it out and said, "no more cookie." I found them to be too crisp and very bland, reminiscent of cardboard. Yes I said cardboard. These are what I imagine cardboard to taste like. My grandmother loves sweets, but rarely buys them so she welcomes all treats. She didn't care for these and refused the bag. My hubby wouldn't try them after hearing our negative reviews and stuck w pie. These were the first sweet treat that I ever had to throw away.
249125249125B004TPKAN4AD34TCPEP7P84J. Nitzky0051323302400Delicious Ginger Snaps!I am a huge fan of ginger snaps so when I tried Newman's Organic Ginger Snaps I was pleasantly surprised at how good they taste! They are also crunchy which give them the extra "Snap" (and they are a perfect compliment to coffee or tea!). The flavor is distinctly ginger like but not too sharp and not too sweet. They tasted very fresh as well. The size of the cookies is on the small size so they are perfect for kids or for tea time! Be warned, though... you could eat the entire bag!
249126249126B004TPKAN4AGFW667QNHDOYS. Lipson0031323302400Naturally strong ginger flavorI don't believe I would order these cookies again, but they were ok, just not a re-buy for me. Like typical ginger snap cookies they were hard, dry, and crunchy; however, the real ginger pieces had a slightly moist and chewy texture. The ginger flavor was quite strong and fairly natural tasting. I thought the cookies bordered on being overcooked and had a slightly bitter flavor. If what I have described sounds like something that you would like then these are for you! I like the flavor and consistent texture of regular grocery store ginger snaps better.
249127249127B004TPKAN4A3SLC8F6VIWXIRJohn T. Horner "jthorner"0051323216000Great Taste, Great Dipping CookieThese are delicious dipped in a bit of morning tea. They have a much stronger flavor than the more common grocery store ginger snaps and have a bit of an after burn which is enjoyable if you like such things. They are pretty hard, which makes them great for dipping, but might be too hard for some people to enjoy dry.
249128249128B004TPKAN4A55PK06Q6AKFYephemeral0041322956800Good Taste, Bad TextureThese Ginger Snaps are made with organic flour and organic sugar, and are also vegan. The ingredient list is pleasantly short and includes both candied and ground ginger. I suspect the combination of the two types of ginger is why the cookies have such a strong bite. These are not a mild cookie; they are very spicy and delicious. Five cookies contain only 130 calories, and because of their kick, I only ate one or two cookies at a time. This makes them a pretty low calorie snack. My only real complaint about the cookies was the texture. I like either a moist, soft cookie or one that is crisp and a little brittle. Unfortunately, these were hard and chewy, almost as if they were stale. I definitely wouldn't serve them to anyone who didn't have strong teeth.
249129249129B004TPKAN4A30YD9SO29SD3WPeter Stanton0041322870400Bit overdone, but good, and lastsAs someone who likes organic products and gingersnaps, I was intrigued by this product. First off, let me point out that these are NOT your mother's gingersnap cookies. They are very clearly something that came from a factory and were mass-produced, and when I first tried them after opening the bag, they were very tough to chew, pretty dry. I would have a drink with them, especially since they were a lot spicier than other gingersnap cookies I've had. They do, however, keep VERY well, despite not being loaded with preservatives. Just roll up the bag and they'll stay good for several days at least, after which point I actually found them more enjoyable as they'd softened slightly.

All-in-all, not the greatest store-bought cookie I've ever had, but if you are into organic products and like gingersnaps, these are definitely worth giving a try.
249130249130B004TPKAN4AYPIF2S8P3RZTVyshtia0041322784000Has a lot of Ginger Flavor!!I really like Ginger snap cookies, but these ones have almost a sharp ginger tone to it. It's a very small, hard, crunchy cookie. You have to bite down pretty hard to crunch it. Then there is a burst of sharp ginger flavor as you chew on the little bits of ginger in the cookie. The little bits of ginger do get a little gummy like and can get stuck in your teeth. This cookie definitely packs a punch. If you like a sharp ginger cookie and you don't mind if the cookies are hard, then this is the cookie for you. If you like soft, moist, chewy cookies, then you won't like this. If you're used to generic store-bought ginger snaps, then the strong ginger flavor in this cookie may surprise you. I think this is a quality cookie and I don't feel guilty at all snacking on them.
249131249131B004TPKAN4A17GTGSS2E5QN0Barbara Bell0051322524800More tasty snacks form Newman's OwnIf you like ginger, you are going to love these cookies. They are made with real candied ginger and - true to Newman's Own mantra - they are made with more than 70% organic ingredients. There are no hydrogenated fats, no fake colors or flavors, and they are totally vegan (no dairy/no eggs were used in this production of these cookies).

Really scrummy cookies for the ginger fan. Pick up a bag to pack in someone's lunch, take on the airplane for a snack, or just to have with a glass of milk.
249132249132B004TPKAN4ARZBYTDVQUK6ZP. W. Dana0041322438400Definitely a grown-up cookie!These cookies are delicious! Definitely for a more sophisticate palate, as they are very crunchy, and their flavor is rich, with a true ginger flavor. The flavor really evolves from the first bite until after you've swallowed the last bit. They leave your mouth with an almost spicy feeling. You will likely not overindulge and eat the whole bag all at once, but you will enjoy every bite!
249133249133B004TPKAN4A3RRK9PUUWFZH1Jason Heiss0041322179200Very gingery, very crunchyGinger snaps: The name says it all, you want ginger and you want snap. These have the ginger for sure, with a lingering burn in the throat. And they sure have snap, they're very crunchy.

I'm taking a point off because I think they go overboard on both accounts. The lingering burn seems a bit excessive, although some might really enjoy it. But the crunch really seems like a flaw, these cookies are bordering on hard.

I still ate the whole bag though. :)
249134249134B004TPKAN4A2652GT2TQE7P4J. Johnson "Allman Brothers obsessive"0051322006400good stuffHow do you review ginger snaps? Start with these are really good. Not so hard they break your teeth like some, not so bland you wonder why you're eating them. All in all these are an excellent addition to the Newman's Own food group. The ginger snaps had just the right amount of bite and residual taste.

While its hard for many of us to pay a premium price for something as trivial as ginger snaps, these are worth it. Highly recommend
249135249135B004TPKAN4A41MKHZQ85J9UGr8ful "Love a good book"0021321920000Crispy to the point of questionable burntI generally enjoy ginger cookies but these were not to my liking. The ginger was very strong which is probably a plus to some people but I prefer a more subtle flavor. The biggest problem was they were incredibly hard (break-a-tooth hard) and seemed a bit burnt. My daughter (age 21) also tried them and thought they were awful.
249136249136B004TPKAN4A6LUXI8I8BU6PD Strick "Entertainment D"0041321920000Crunchy SnapsIt's not a failing of these ginger snap but man are they crunchy. Do not eat if you have loose dental work.
249137249137B004TPKAN4A1LH6RF4UN9VI6E. D. Garcia "Biggie-E"0031321833600Snappy, Gingery... harsh.Standard disclaimer: Newman's Own Organics Ginger Snaps were obtained via the Amazon Vine program.

Ok, my wife and I tried these ginger snaps and came to the same conclusion: They're spicy and hard.

The ginger is pronounced. REALLY pronounced. You have to eat this with a cup of tea or a glass of milk to cut the sharpness. Another reason to have liquids on hand: these little suckers are HARD. Serious crunch going on here. However, a dunk in the aforementioned tea will soften them right up.

I dig ginger snaps with a hot cup of tea, so you'd think these would be right up my alley. BUT, the spice is a touch too harsh and the hardness of the cookie takes a serious dunk to get over. Still, I can deal. Especially on a cold day.

However, if you're looking for a snack cookie you can munch right out of the bag, these are NOT for you.
249138249138B004TPKAN4A2YUDGH7S6OXVOJoan C. Scott0051321747200gingerbread in a crunchy cookieThis cookie offers the American version of gingerbread (i.e., the flavor of mixed spices and molasses including enough ginger to impart a mild bite) in a crunchy form. It uses a mild-flavored molasses which does not overpower the spices.

If you like gingerbread in a small, crunchy bite-sized format, you will love this cookie. Personally I prefer Newman's Own ginger oreos for crunchy ginger, and I would have liked this cookie to be in a soft-bake format.
249139249139B004TPKAN4AGSWTH7SP2256R. W. Rasband0031321747200Delicious, But TartThese cookies are crumbly in texture and small enough for one bite. The taste is pretty spicy, so you should have a glass of milk at hand. They are certainly different from other store bought ginger snaps, but I'm not sure they are any better. I liked them, though.
249140249140B004TPKAN4A2A4M3EDEUKG3LSarah Schopp "princessbride42"0041321574400Everyone Liked them!The ginger snaps were super tasty, with a strong ginger taste. My kiddos were very happy to have such a great snack for the house.

I would definitely purchase this product in the future, especially because they are organic. We love the Newman's Own brand.
249141249141B004TPKAN4AG6KZJCYROBRYSabrina Peters-Whitehead "Jaede"0041321574400Just the Right Size BiteNewman's Own Organics Ginger Snaps are just the right size bite for a quick treat. What I love about these ginger snaps is that they are crispy without being overly hard. I've had too many other brands of ginger snaps that take the "snap" concept too far and that crunch like a brick. These are NOT those ginger snaps. They are nice and crisp with a satisfying crunch. They are loaded without ginger flavor without being too powerful or sharply ginger. In other words they are almost the perfect bite. Another plus is that they go very well with my favorite cup of tea.
249142249142B004TPKAN4A3EPJSPH03AS29pebblepuppy0041321574400Interesting mix of flavors. LIke Newman's brand.I like Newman's brand snacks and dressings so I tried these. A nice little snack sized snap. They are crunchy and you definitely taste the ginger. There is also an unexpected pepper taste - the "snap". I didn't fall in love with these, but they were good. My husband tried them and felt the same. Good, but not great. I appreciate that they are organic. The packaging would keep them fresh for a long time.
249143249143B004TPKAN4A3U5HKDHPYBAK3Thomas P. Troyer0041321574400snapNewman's Own Organics Ginger snaps really do snap. I very much like the flavor with a nice hot ginger taste as you chew them. What I don't like is that they are very hard and require some very good teeth to bite them. It's impossible for me to bite them in half with my front teeth. Perhaps this is the way that ginger snaps should be but they are not necessarily for me. I am a fan of many of the Newman's products. It's hard to recommend or not recommend a product which is really in the mouth of the beholder so I will not recommend them or pan them.

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