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249151249151B004TPKAN4A1AK356546890QLynn "readerscribe"0051321488000Authentic and YummyThe best ginger snaps are hard, crunchy, and gingery with a touch of heat and without cloying sweetness. Newman's Own Organics Ginger Snaps succeed as far as I'm concerned.

These cookies are small -- which I also like. They go especially well with an afternoon cup of coffee.

People who prefer big soft sweet cookies may not like these -- they are an authentic ginger snap. I thought they were delicious as did the rest of the family -- and we will be purchasing these in the future.
249152249152B004TPKAN4AWE13F1HOCZNTK.Waggner0051321488000Thank You!Thank you Newman's for your Newman's Own Organics Ginger Snaps, Family Recipe Cookies. My husband loves ginger snaps but hasn't found any in the states (he's Canadian) that he has liked. He loved these and said they were closest to the flavor of his Mother's cookies.Thanks again and I highly recommend these cookies.
249153249153B004TPKAN4AFN32PGTZ31MVB. Capossere0051321488000tasty, crunchy, gingery--a hit in the familyWell, these didn't last long around the house. Nor did I get to sample all of them despite the fact that I, and not my wife and son, am the reviewer around here. Suffice to say that these were a big hit. They've got a strong ginger bite to them, so you don't want ginger taste in your ginger snaps, these aren't the cookies for you. But if you like ginger, they're great. They are very crunchy, so again, if you like soft, not the ones for you. But if you like snappy, they're great. They aren't at all too sweet, which is often a complaint of mine with regard to cookies and snacks. And did I mention they're very gingery? Linger in your mouth, flavor-pop gingery. the all-organic is an obvious plus. The package comes with a bit of tape to help you reseal it once you've opened it. To be honest, it won't get much use--once you open it, they'll pretty much be gone. Highly recommended.
249154249154B004TPKAN4ADFLPF6FI3W0OASP0041321401600Good tasting snaps, although some hard, some chewyThis review is for Newman's Own Organics Ginger Snaps, Family Recipe Cookies.
These ginger snaps taste good. The cookies are about 1.25" in diameter. The right amount of ginger and the right amount of sweet. Although some cookies are crunchy and slightly hard, and others are slightly more chewy possibly due to a larger percentage of molasses in individual cookies. The bag has a resealable tape to seal the bag, yet it is not as effective as a zip lock, but it works. I prefer another brand of organic and natural ginger snaps over these cookies, but these are still quite good.
249155249155B004TPKAN4A3TLY2LWGRULDQKaren K. Hart0041321401600Very gingery.These cookies have a decent texture and a very strong ginger taste, so they should be superb for anyone who really loves ginger.
249156249156B004TPKAN4AOZ2MGUTFOE8URVAbooklover "Sharon"0051321401600A Total Win!Let me start by stating that Ginger Snaps are my favorite cookie, so I went into this predisposed to liking the product. However, these little babies are mouth blissfulness! Just the right amount of sweet, with a great ginger burn to finish...Yum! The bag I received was very well done, so the cookies were perfectly crispy, with a soft center. Best Ginger Snap I have EVER had! These are going to be a staple in my house from here on out! And they are Dairy and Egg Free, so they are perfect for a multitude of folks who have allergies. Straight up win! So, so happy to have found this product!
249157249157B004TPKAN4AF95FSZHSTICXTracy Oshima0031321315200Pretty Snappy, but Very HardOn the plus side, both my son and I loved, loved, loved the taste of these. These really are snappy ginger snaps. But on the minus side, my mother was afraid to eat them, because they are so hard. She was afraid she'd break her veneers. So these cookies get a big thumbs up for taste, but a thumbs down too, because they are way harder then they ought to be.
249158249158B004TPKAN4A3EKLO0WDCM01FL. Wimberley0051321315200Fantastic Ginger Snaps!I have to admit, I love ginger snaps. To be fair, I love anything ginger. Ginger slices with sushi, pure ginger ale, gingerbread, even the mixed drink 'Dark & Stormy' which has rum and pure ginger brew in it. I love the bite & spice of ginger, so use that knowledge as a precursor for this review :)

I love Newman's products as a whole because of the natural ingredients his company has always used, long before the recent fad of organic and 'going green' food products had come along. These organic gingersnaps fit right in with his other food products in that the ingredient list is short, all natural, and delicious. The cookies themselves are crunchy and have actual pieces of ginger in them. And you can DEFINITELY taste the whole ginger. There is serious bite to these cookies (which I personally love) Myself and my boyfriend took out half a bag together with no problem over coffee on a Sunday morning (this was purely unintentional to have cookies for breakfast, but hey, these things happen)

Being autumn, these perfectly compliment this cool time of year and are perfectly paired with coffee or hot cider. I highly recommend them if you are a serious ginger foods lover!
249159249159B004TPKAN4A2S7CRFCDO57CRTori [Book Faery]0021321228800Ehh...It has the crunch of a ginger snap cookie, but the actual ginger taste was too overpowering--to the point where it kind of felt like it was burning my mouth. The ginger didn't hit me until after I chewed the cookie for a moment or so... and then WHAM!

I had one cookie, and really did not want to have any others (even with my horrible sweet tooth).

For those who love ginger snaps, I think you'll enjoy this. For the rest of you who aren't so crazy about them? I don't really think you'll like these.
249160249160B004TPKAN4A2RPVYLTOWGGRPredbirdonthebat0051321228800These are great ginger snaps!I love ginger cookies! The more ginger the better. These Newman's Own Organic Ginger Snaps are awesome. Ginger snaps are hard to find at the store. I was quite excited to try these as the other Newman's Own products that I have purchased have been great.

If I made a ginger cookie at home..these would be what I wanted. Just ordered more from Amazon as I don't want to be without them. Thank you!
249161249161B004TPKAN4A3S0Y5GVW1CYRWJennifer Brister "geek girl"0021321228800Yikes! A little too much ginger!I had high hopes for this organic ginger snap and unfortunately, I was disappointed. I don't know if it's because it is organic or just because of the kind of ginger snap this is, but the ginger flavor is so strong that I couldn't finish my first cookie! They are just about too hard to even eat. If you love a strong taste of ginger and you like hard cookies, then you might like these, but otherwise, stay away.
249162249162B004TPKAN4AATKF0HDBQL86S. Smith "ltcolkiranerys"0051321142400YUM!I love these cookies! The ginger flavor is there, bursting in my mouth as soon as I take a bite, and the addition of the candied ginger to these snacks is quite good. I think I'll buy some more of these when I get a chance!
249163249163B004TPKAN4AS44QEHT3KSPKslaphappy0051321056000Spicy and full of flavorI love these cookies! They are hard cookies and have a very strong ginger flavor, so much so that it is pretty spicy. My kids hate them, they're absolutely not the type of ginger bread cookies that kids usually like (i.e., typical gingerbread men.) These actually burn my mouth because they're so spicy. They are much more like old fashioned ginger snaps, as the name states.

I've been a Newmans fan for many years, and like many of their products. These are great, and I actually ordered them expecting that nobody else in the house would like them. So, as planned, they've become my own private stash for a nice afternoon break with tea.
249164249164B004TPKAN4A7EK88GF8N40FNicole S. Urdang0031320969600OkI like this company and was predisposed to loving these cookies, but they were simply not gingery enough for me.
The texture was excellent, but the flavor was bland.
249165249165B004TPKAN4AYPEPA3VS4KDMLibrarian0051320969600Snappy and TastyI loved these cookies. I will have to put them high up in the cupboard to ration myself because I could easily eat the whole bag in one sitting.


*Crispy, snappy texture
*Strong ginger flavor
*Over 70% of the ingredients are organic
*Ingredients list is pretty basic--NO mysterious chemical names strung together for 10 lines
*5 cookies for 130 calories -- decent bang for the caloric buck
*2% Calcium and 1% Protein, which is pretty decent for a cookie


*Strong ginger flavor may not appeal to all
*May not meet the threshold for those that need a low-fat cookie

Summary: Great tasting cookie with crunch. I'll be looking for these my next shopping trip.
249166249166B004TPKAN4A1JAPP1CXRG57ALinda Painchaud-Steinman "PARK EDGE BOOKS"0051320969600The Tasty, Crunchy, Zing of Fresh GingerGingersnap lovers (like me), will be delighted with these organic, bite-sized cookies which are packed with the flavorful zing of fresh ginger.

Each little cookie (about half-dollar size) is a crunchy (VERY crunchy) mouthful of sweet candied ginger, molasses, with a hint of peppery fresh ginger. About as authentic as gingersnap taste gets, unless the cookie is homemade!

Serving size is 5 cookies (at 130 calories), and even though the cookies are small, 5 are plenty per serving, since the flavor is so intense.

My family loved them, and I'll certainly buy them in the future!
249167249167B004TPKAN4A31BZEQMPKS5MYVeggieTart0041320883200Little bites of delightI was glad to see a new product in the Newman's Own line, and hooray, hooray, this one is vegan. I love Newman's Ginger O's, so I wanted to try the ginger snaps.

The little foil bag is filled with cookies that are about the size of a quarter, which you think would make it easy to overindulge, but each bite-size cookie packs a gingery zip, so definitely best not to overindulge. It's made with candied ginger and powdered ginger, along with molasses, an absolute must in any ginger cookie (at least in my opinion). I found them very tasty and crunchy (maybe because it's hard to reseal the bag properly) and I definitely recommend them to anyone who loves a real ginger cookie.
249168249168B004TPKAN4A3JZUGERNK38IWJ. A. Hansen "kraute und ruben"0041320883200Good if you like ginger (a lot)I love the taste and smell of ginger, and I really love ginger snaps. These ginger snaps definitely have some real bite to them and a good kick of ginger. You can actually see the crystallized ginger pieces in the cookies. I don't do the whole organic thing, so these are a bit pricey, but they are good.
249169249169B004TPKAN4AYWHCM0TJ4737Ana Braga-Henebry0051320883200For serious gingersnap loversI confess I do not like ginger, I got these for my husband who like gingery gingersnaps, and well... he loved them! Crunchy, fresh-tasting, and spicy! Enjoy a nice cookie break with these!
249170249170B004TPKAN4A8EBWQZIDKF78Janice Sims "a reader & a writer"0051320883200Tastes like homemadeI've been a baker since childhood. The first cookie I ever made was the Tollhouse chocolate chip cookie. I've also made ginger snaps before and while mine are considerably larger than these quarter-size snaps the taste is similar. Full-bodied spices, sweet, but not too sweet, and crisp. In other words, these cookies pass the 'homemade' taste test. The ones I received were also a little burnt on the bottom, which I kind of like. To each his/her own. So, I like my ginger snaps a little burnt on the bottom. Don't judge me! :o)
249171249171B004TPKAN4A15OAS39003U5RBradley J. Brisco "Brad Brisco"0041320796800VERY crunchy ginger snapsI really like these ginger snap cookies, but they may not be for everyone. They have a strong ginger flavor, however a little light on any cinnamon/nutmeg flavor. They are thicker than the gingersnaps I ate as a kid, but I personally like the meatier, thicker cookie because it gives the cookie a strong crispy, crunch that goes extremely well with my morning hot tea or coffee.
249172249172B004TPKAN4A37WVR9M1STQDUJ. Musto "Toolman Joe"0051320796800Very good. Strong fresh ginger flavor.These cookies are very crispy with a very strong, fresh ginger taste. Some may think the ginger is overly strong but I love ginger so I really enjoyed them. The ginger has an aromatic flavor like that of fresh ginger. Very good ginger snaps.
249173249173B004TPKAN4A11W2ZN3VGJOARRoberta M. Thornton "Maumeeprof"0041320796800Tasty RocksI received this package from the Amazon Vine program. I ordered it because I've always loved gingersnaps, and I've felt that Paul Newman baked good products are generally a step or two above the rest of the offerings on the baked goods' shelf. The bag of cookies was small, but packed full of flavor. I love gingersnaps which have candied ginger in them. The little bits of ginger kind of stick to my teeth and they leave a deliciously peppery bite after I've swallowed the cookie. It's hard to find potent gingersnaps, and Paul Newman seems to have answered my desire for flavor. However, these cookies are dangerously hard for my teeth. On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being soft like a Lofthouse iced cookie and 10 being harder than a pretzel rod, this cookie is probably an 11 or 12. In order to bite into one of the cookies, I had to line the cookie up with an incisor tooth and crunch down hard on it. Having just broken out a filling in a molar by biting down on a large mint Life-Saver, I am more careful with the texture of things I am eating. I learned to eat these gingersnaps after dunking each cookie in a cup of hot coffee for a second. The actual cookies appeared to be burned on the bottom, but there was no burned flavor from the very dark color. I would recommend this cookie to people with strong teeth, but not for people who wear braces, have crowns or bridges, or weakened tooth enamel.
249174249174B004TPKAN4A9JLE9BISQFUBBenjamin Devey "Author, screenwriter, songwri...0051320796800Ginger bits with kickNewman's Own Organics Ginger Snaps, are crisp rounds with candied bits of ginger that have some kick. Addictive chews that keep you going back for more. My wife likes them a lot, very spicy--probably the spiciest cookies she has tasted.
249175249175B004TPKAN4ACH3XM6K1M4AKL. Jonsson0041320796800Cool cookieMy family and I love gingersnaps, so we were excited to get to review this new cookie made by the Paul Newman company Newman's Own. Overall it is an excellent cookie, a snack for cool, crisp fall days spent outdoors on a rocking chair or a porch swing.

This cookie is organic, made with organic flour and organic sugar. The ginger taste is powerful, and candied ginger is used (instead of powdered) for the key ginger ingredient.

I used this cookie as a snack in my children's lunch boxes for school, and as a snack for my husband at work. I ate them at home with regular coffee, which in my opinion emphasized the strong ginger flavor.

In summary: Newman's Own organic gingersnap cookie is a very good, somewhat healthy cookie that will appeal to people who enjoy organic products
249176249176B004TPKAN4A30652X50TLEUZM. Lewis "booklover"0051320710400Great ginger snapsThese cookies delivered a smooth ginger flavor without the peppery aftertaste. They are small cookies, and it would be easy to eat through a package in one sitting. I enjoyed them with tea, but the flavor would go well with milk or coffee as well. I would recommend these for the cookie lover.
249177249177B004TPKAN4A2BFC5WQGVP27GJ. W. Kennedy "in statu uiae et meriti"0041320710400Tasty Old-Fashioned treatThese cookies are small, hard and very crunchy. Nice ginger flavor with pleasant "afterburn" in the back of the throat. I like the texture but I'm not too fond of the small bits of candied ginger that are mixed into the cookies - they have a toffe-like consistency and they tend to get stuck in my teeth. Other than that, these cookies are good, and it always feels nice to enjoy a snack made with natural ingredients. The only way these could be better is if I made them myself (without ginger chunks in 'em.)
249178249178B004TPKAN4A18GJ9MYYO6GCQJust ask me! "bronxgal"0051320710400Taste homemade, with a strong ginger-y tasteMany products which taste mass produced and are full of artificial ingredients bill themselves as tasting "homemade", and while there's no way to know if these "Family Recipe Cookies" are prepared based on a recipe from the Newmans or any other family, they are delicious. The strong taste of ginger will make these a "natural" for the cookie crust of my next pie, and their lack of animal products make them acceptable for vegans. (They are designated kosher-dairy, no doubt because they're produced in a facility where other items produced contain milk products.)
249179249179B004TPKAN4A1P27BGF8NAI29Alice in Wonderland0041320710400Quite interesting, very gingery and crispI like ginger snaps, but these are *GINGER* snaps, definite stress on the ginger. The cookies contain both candied and powdered ginger, but no cinnamon or nutmeg - it they do, then they fall into the category of "spices," which is found at the end of the list of ingredients.

The cookies themselves are quite interesting, very gingery and crisp. Children will probably find them a bit overwhelming, but adults will find their taste interesting. I find they go well with coffee or tea, or a nice flavorful schnapps.

(Review of Newman's Own Organics Ginger Snaps, Family Recipe Cookies)
249180249180B004TPKAN4A1H7Y5XKPGT0OSRama Rao "Rama"0031320710400Newman's Own Ginger SnapsThis is a little hard to bite ginger snap, but if you dip it in milk or coffee then you may get to enjoy this stuff. The manufacturer claims that this is a Vegan cookie with no artificial flavor or no trans-fatty acids, but I think this is a product of Mother Nature. On the positive side, ginger is known to decrease pain from arthritis. It may also have cholesterol lowering properties. Preliminary research also indicates that ginger may have positive effect on anxiety.

Actor Paul Newman founded this line of food products, Newman's Own, and he established a policy that all proceeds, after taxes, would be donated to charity. One beneficiary of his philanthropy is the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp, a residential summer camp for seriously ill children, which is located in Ashford, Connecticut.

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3. Annie's Homegrown Ginger Snap Gluten Free Cookies, 6.75-Ounce (Pack of 4)

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