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249222249222B004TPKAN4AFDJGY68CQL2XSnail Dealer "Snail"0031320278400Too sweet, too thick...I had never had ginger snap cookies before this, so I thought I would give it a try.

Maybe I just don't like ginger snap cookies to begin with?

I thought it would be crispier, MUCH thinner, and with more "baked," almost a burnt sugar, caramelized (think Creme Brulee) flavor, but instead, it was a very strong rooty, gingery flavor (which I guess makes perfect sense, since it's "ginger snap cookies").

Rather, it is very thick, ticker than a waffer, and about the same size. I wish it were smaller, more bite-sized, and much thinner. It is hearty, if that is the flavor you're looking for, you would love it. I did not enjoy it as much personally.

One of the reviewers said it's great because it's not very sweet... I would beg the contrary. It was quite sugary to my taste buds.

Bottom line, if you were looking for a light snack, this is probably not for you. However, if you want very bold and hearty flavors, you might want to give it a try.
249223249223B004TPKAN4A2N9Y04UFXIN8BKAREN K. "MamaBear"0051320278400Newman's Own Organics Ginger Snaps, Family Recipe Cookies, 6.5-OunceWe really enjoyed these cookies. The first packaged disappeared very quickly. The cookies are harder than I would normally purchase - but they soften quickly in your mouth and are great dunking cookies. We dunked them in soy milk and flax milk. They were quite enjoyable. The size of the bag is perfect for adding to gift baskets. I will be purchasing more for our family and some for Grammy's holiday stocking. I highly recommend these cookies. Enjoy!
249224249224B004TPKAN4A1DFL66IDY0Z2ZMagda Dream0051320278400INTENSELY DeliciousOrganic ingredients are only the first positive.

The Intense Ginger flavor lingers on my tongue. I feel like I can breathe it in. That is a real positive for me.

Too many ginger cookies are blah. Newman's Own are superb. Crunchy and relatively low fat. Finally someone who understands how much I relish a real hit of ginger.

I'm not sure if I'll share them or hide them in the back of my pantry!
249225249225B004TPKAN4A2X06FP2PQ6EK0S. A. ROBBINS "shirley_rw"0031320278400A little too spicy for most tastes.For me and some of my family, these Ginger Snaps were too Gingery, too spicy. But one family member really liked them. So if you like very spicy, very gingery cookies then you might like these Newman's Ginger Snaps. But if you tend toward milder tasting cookies then you probably will want to skip these Ginger Snaps. They would be good for dunking as they are very hard cookies so hope you like crunchy.
249226249226B004TPKAN4A3S3UFNFZ0MCBBGranny Emily0051320278400Newman's Own Organics Ginger Snaps: A Ginger Surprise!The first thing I do when checking out a new food product is to open the container and take in a deep breath, to smell what's inside. These Ginger Snaps did poorly with the smell test, having very little ginger smell. I then bit one in half, which was no easy trick. These are substantial little cookies! I let the first half melt a little in my mouth, which gave me the first indication of what a strong ginger flavor was in store for me. I then began to chew the cookie, and noted the bits of candied ginger in the cookie. Ginger flavor exploded in my mouth, and I mean REAL GINGER! I'm a big fan of ginger, and have always enjoyed ginger snaps, but now I realize that I have never had an honest to goodness real ginger snap! There will definitely be more of these in the house during the holidays.
249227249227B004TPKAN4AVZ1SYMD26S4RPeggy Jentoft0051320278400tasty! classic gingersnap, better (softer) a few days after openingThese are a crisp classic gingersnap with the real bite of genuine ginger. I expect first rate from Newman's own products and these organic gingersnaps from the second generation of the Newman family do not disappoint. The flavor is excellent and I'd say they seem quite high quality. I did enjoy these immensely. They were very firm and a bit hard to the tooth when I first opened the package but softened quite a bit after a few days. One problem if you like a softer gingersnap is being patient enough to wait after opening the bag. the other problem is that, as a Vine member, I only got one bag. The bags are 6 and a half ounces and while they contain quite a few cookies (around 30) competition in my household was fierce I did not get as many as I would have liked. I would buy these they were very good on their own and with beverages. I did not have enough cookies to try using them in recipes that call for gingersnaps such as crumb crusts and fruit crisps or the beef and cabbage dish My great Grandparents used to make but I am certain that these would be great for those purposes.
249211249211B004TPKAN4A1P9BVW2JB1OVLAuntie Annie2221319587200Very disappointingThough I am normally a fan of Newman's Own products, these cookies were terrible. Twice the thickness of other gingersnaps and very small (around 1 1/2 " in diameter), they have little or no ginger flavor. This alone would have discouraged me, but the bag I received was also burned. They weren't simply very browned; there were burned spots around the edges, and the bottoms were blackened. The first (and only) one I ate filled my mouth with a strong burned taste that lingered. I checked the rest of the cookies, but all seemed to be burned. Hopefully, this is a quality control issue that can be resolved, but I will not be trying them again.
249228249228B004TPKAN4A1LKOIZXPQ9VG0Elisa 200031320278400DisappointedI like many Newman's Own products and love the concept--that all the profits go to such worthy causes including a camp for children with cancer.

And ginger snaps are one of my favorite cookies, so I was happy when this product showed up on Vine. It's nice to be able to give a positive review to a product whose sale benefits so many people. Organic flour and organic sugar were examples of quality ingredients in use.

So, imagine my disappointment when the bag arrived. Its a cute bag of cookies, and about 30 cookies with a removable tape to help seal it so they stay crisp. The first one I tried had a good snap and a strong ginger flavor--which I really liked and think ginger cookies should have. It also had the right balance of sweetness--some, but not too much.

The second cookie was so different. One, crisp and fresh tasting; the other chewy (not in a good way) and a bit flat tasting. I thought maybe it was just a weird "odd" one in the batch, About half the cookies are one way, half the other. And they even look different--lt brown v. dark brown, curved like a vanilla wafer v. flat as the proverbial pancake. They seemed a bit over-baked and the after taste was not burned, exactly, but not pleasant.

I thought maybe this was packaged just for Vine,, it seems to be just the regular product. They're not inedible, they are made with organic flour and sugar, and they do go to a good cause. Just be prepared for the inconsistency and maybe use the kind you -don't- like to eat for baking or cooking. I ground up the flat ones to use with a pie (they'd be good on ice cream, too).
249212249212B004TPKAN4A19JDXB5R33C7RWryGuy22221319414400Maybe I got a bad batch ...I've bought and enjoyed Newman's Own products in the past, and I like that their profits are donated to charity. And I like cookies of all types and flavors. So, I requested these cookies ... Newman's Own Organics Ginger Snaps ... to review as part of the Amazon Vine program. After receiving these, I gathered the family test team to try them.

First the good. The cookies are a little over an inch in diameter, and perhaps an eight of an inch thick, a good size for a snack cookie. They have a strong ginger and molasses flavor, which is critical for a good gingersnap cookie. And the cookies are made from organic ingredients. That about sums up the good.

Now for the bad. The cookies were very hard and almost unchewable. They were a dark brown on top and almost black on the bottom, as in they might have been really overbaked. The molasses and ginger had a harsh flavor, with an unpleasant aftertaste that takes awhile to fade. Again, it was almost as if they'd been baked to the point of being burnt. My wife, who loves the occasional ginger snap, immediately commented that these were the worst gingersnap cookies she'd ever had. My youngest son, who's never met a treat he didn't like, refused a second cookie. None of my crack test team liked them or wanted more. So I've eaten the rest of the bag myself, partly to see if they grew on me, and partly to make sure that it just wasn't a few bad cookies. Unfortunately, they neither grew on me or nor got any better the deeper into the bag I ate.

I'm thinking maybe I got a bad bag of cookies ... I have a tough time believing a firm with the deserved good reputation as Newman's Own would consider what I received to be something they'd put their good name to. But I have to rate what I've been provided, and I'm giving them a generous two stars.
249213249213B004TPKAN4A7RFDGVXDYQLJJJ "avid reader"4511319587200Teeth Beware!You will definitely need good teeth to eat these cookies! They are not just crispy.....they are almost like trying to bite into concrete. I love Newman's products & wanted to love these organic ginger snaps, mainly because they are organic, but they leave a lot to be desired. I don't know if it was just the batch I received or if they are supposed to be this way, but they are almost burnt. The bottoms are very dark, almost black. They also left a bad after taste that both my husband and & I noticed. They just did not taste good. They taste nothing like the flat ginger snaps of other brands. I will not be buying these.......but still love other Newman products.
249214249214B004TPKAN4A2IMLOJ2Z2QEU2Naomi (Storm)0041320364800Wow, ginger-punchI grew up with the over-sugared gingersnap cookies as a child, so I was not expecting the flavor of these Newmans. I've had other Newman's products in the past and they all sort of follow the same general theme - organic ingredients and a more "mature" flavor. By "mature" I mean that many of their cookies and snack lines are geared more towards adults than kids - they are not super sugary and their flavors are mellow and more delicate. It's not quite the case with these gingersnaps. The cookies are very hard and the flavor is like biting into a ginger root. Ok maybe it's not quite that bad, but you can seriously taste ginger in every single bite - any sweetness is an afterthought.

I like the cookie in general - the flavor is good, the organic ingredients are a bonus, but honestly it's not my favorite gingersnap. I think the gingersnap is a cookie that really lends itself well to the sugary flavor to help balance out the bite of the ginger. I wish these had a little more sweetness to them.
249215249215B004TPKAN4A2561PYW9TTMYDLori Calabrese "0051320364800A certified organic ginger snap you're sure to love
249216249216B004TPKAN4AB0Y33G717HOUnsv0031320364800Love the flavor and texture, but...These cookies are not for someone who is shy or uncertain about ginger. The flavor is strong, with a little ginger burn to it. I love ginger, and buy ginger snaps, candied ginger, or even ginger Altoids every now and then. From the first bite of these cookies, I knew I'd love them.

And I do... mostly. The flavor is great, the texture is hard but not as rock-hard as the ginger snaps in my local supermarket, and they hold up well when dunked in milk or tea. I keep wandering back to the bag to snack on one or two. Then one of the candied ginger pieces gets stuck in my teeth.

It's a great idea, at least in theory. Adding candied ginger makes the flavor a little more intense. But the texture is surprising--the small soft gummy ginger pieces contrast badly with the hard cookies. And only flossing or brushing will convince the candied ginger to let go of its death grip on my teeth. Ginger snaps and mint toothpaste are not a good combination at all.

If they ever get rid of the candied ginger pieces these will be my favorite ginger snaps.
249217249217B004TPKAN4A1DO6DKWF3CMBDBig Daddy0051320364800These put the SNAP in Ginger SnapsThis is a very tasty ginger snap. It has a clean and spicy taste and probably has more ginger flavoring than any ginger snap I have ever eaten. I brought a bag in to my office and everyone really liked them and commented on the good ginger flavoring. I would prefer them to be not quite as crunchy, as they break rather easily. Still, it is a good snack and the organic ingredients are an added bonus.
249218249218B004TPKAN4A1IGCX2XNZPUVFPaul R. Waibel "Paul R. Waibel"0051320364800Finally a REAL Ginger SnapGinger Snaps are an American tradition, like oatmeal and sugar cookies. We who enjoy a really good cookie with our cup of coffee or tea are always on the lookout for a really good cookie. Newman's Own brand of Ginger Snaps are just what we are looking for in a ginger snap. It is crispy, much like a biscotti. The candied ginger gives it a rich ginger flavor. And the small size, about the size of old half dollar, is just right for dunking in one's coffee and popping in the mouth. The fact that they are made of organic ingredients not only adds to their quality, but says that they are healthy, thus making it easy to eat more than just a few at a time.
We have come to expect quality in all the various products marketed under the brand name, "Newman's Own," and these ginger snaps honor that tradition.
249219249219B004TPKAN4AZQGJ5CEAJGXBL. Coleman "Book Lover"0041320364800I Truly Enjoyed ThemIf you absolutely love ginger snaps then you will love these cookies! I loved the overall flavor because it had a strong ginger taste. I don't particularly like weak tasting ginger snaps. The strong flavor may not be for everyone but I truly enjoyed them. The only reason why I didn't give them five stars was because they were a little hard to bite into. These were the hardest ginger snaps that I have ever had but other than that, they taste really good. I also like the fact that I didn't experience any aftertaste which was a huge plus!
249220249220B004TPKAN4A343CRJ1JDE6RPJ. M. Jacobs "Just one man's opinion..."0041320364800Almost all the way there... but dang good anyway!Having long been fan of Newman's Own Popcorn, pasta sauces, and various salad dressings, I was interested to see what the company's foray into cookies might be like.

I was pleasantly surprised by the taste most of all. It is unlike any other ginger snap I've ever eaten, that's for sure. The size of the cookie itself is thicker but smaller in circumference to the classics I'm used to eating. This is notable for reasons I'll get to shortly.

The consistency is very crisp, almost brittle. If you're teeth aren't strong, you may want to dunk them in milk or coffee before you bite into them. And this is where the size issue rears its ugly head. The cookie itself is small enough that you may get 1-2 dunks to help soften them up a bit, but that's it. By then, the cookie remnant is so small you pretty much have to finish it off 'dry'.

I would like to see the company try to add an ingredient that would help this texture issue. If it weren't for that, I'd give these little goodies a 5 STAR rating easy.
249221249221B004TPKAN4A2H2I5FY1PUHP1Boilermate0041320364800Delicious Adult CookieMrs. Boilermate is from the Philadelphia area. One of the local treats there is Ivins Spiced Wafers, a ginger snap-like cookie that seems to evoke a "love 'em" or "hate 'um" reaction. Personally I love the crisp cookie and the fairly strong spice flavor. Other family members, however, call them "hockey pucks."

Before ordering these from Vine I scanned the early reviews, and saw a similar trend. Now that I've tried them, I come down on the "love 'em" side. These are an adult cookie and would go well with a cup of tea.

I like the crisp texture and the prominent, but not overpowering, ginger flavor. These cookies have tiny bits of candied ginger mixed in. This is a bit of a two-edged sword. While they contribute to the prominent ginger flavor, they are also gummy and stick to my teeth, hence the four-star rating. I did not detect any aftertaste.

I can't comment on the effectiveness of the peel-and-stick tab for resealing the bag...I never needed it.

I have been a "fan" of Newman's Own products for years and these cookies have done nothing to change that. Newman's is proof you can have an ethical business model and still be successful.

Bottom line: I will buy these when they hit the stores here.
249229249229B004TPKAN4A1B05INWIDZ74OM. A. Ramos0041320278400A Good Ginger SnapI have supported Newman's Own brands when I am able and the quality is high. And I love Ginger Snaps, so I was looking forward too trying these. The cookies themselves are small and crunchy. These cookies I found too be delicious with just the right enough of ginger for spice and a hint of sweet. The ginger lingers as an after taste as you would expect. And they can be addictive. I had too stop myself from continuing too eat them. Five of these cookies are considered a serving and weigh in at 130 Calories.

Only the Flour and sugar is labeled as Organic. I like that the advertising of ingredients is clear but would have expected a Newman's Own Organic brand too be all organic. That may be asking too much. Also if you have allergies be cautious. These cookies are manufactured where products containing peanuts, tree nuts and dairy are processed. (So they may not be all dairy free!) This is disclosed on the back of the package after the list of ingredients but in its own paragraph so it is easy too find...if you are looking for it. I am sorry too say I have had another brand that taste better but these are good and I would get them again.
249230249230B004TPKAN4AVWWFK3FZDEL2D. Mckinzie0031320278400Great taste, but hard as a rockI think I read that these did not have eggs in them. Perhaps that explains the "hockey puck" texture. They have a great taste, although they are a LOT spicier than most ginger snaps. But they are very hard. Ginger snaps are always kind of hard, but these go way beyond normal. I had to soak them in milk to really enjoy them. They also had something kind of chewey in them. It only became chewey after you soaked it. I thought maybe it was the ginger, but couldn't be sure. Still, if you like ginger and you like it really spicey and you don't mind dunking your cookies for longer than normal, they're good cookies. If you don't like dunking or you don't like spicey ginger-flavored foods, skip these.
249231249231B004TPKAN4A3H7AOFQDPU0JVTimothy Capehart "Review-a-holic"0041320278400LOVE the strong ginger and mild sweetnessI have been a ginger snap fan since I was a tot. And I will admit that if I had tried these as a kid, I probably would not have liked them. But my fondness for strong ginger flavours has increased with age...and these are perfect...well, ok they are a little small (the reason for 4 instead of 5 stars).

At about 2.50 a bag, with healthy doesn't get a lot better than this. IF (and only if) you like a strong spice of ginger...and if you like your cookies on the lower end of the sweetness scale.
249232249232B004TPKAN4A1S78V0MOUYFUAL A.0021320278400Strong spicy ginger flavorI am a big fan of Newman's Own products including their cookies but these were hard and had a very strong spicy ginger flavor. It seemed as if some of the cookies were stale becuase they were so hard. The ginger flavor is very pronounced and ginger lovers will enjoy these but it was overwhelming to me. I threw out half the bag because every other cookie seemed to be stale/rock hard.
249233249233B004TPKAN4ADX9NTN40T1HNPatricia A. Burke "Patty Burke"0051320278400"Oh wow, these are incredible!"That's a quote from my husband, the Gingersnap eater in our family. As soon as I saw them available on Vine, I knew I had to get them for him.

I've been married to him almost 25 years and have purchased many brands over the years and so far, his favorite has been the one in the red bag (am I allowed to mention other brands?). But these, these take Gingersnaps OVER THE TOP.

They're not available locally (we live in a town of less than 8,000)so it's obvious I'll have to find them here at Amazon or maybe in Joplin or Springfield, at the health food stores along with the other organics.
249234249234B004TPKAN4AXHETL0M8XZPTOpheliasOwn "jh17ophelia"0051320278400Uber "Snappy" Ginger SnapsI like my ginger snaps spicy, and these did not disappoint. They are packed with flavor and have little bits of candied ginger inside. The biggest disappointment with a ginger snap is when the spice is too mellow, but these little cookies are really strong. They are also very, very "crisp". The company clearly wanted to emphasize the "snap" because they are pretty hard for your standard cookie. I usually like them a little less brittle, but the flavor was so good it didn't matter. I even dunked them in my tea to soften them up a little when the crunch was just too much.

Be warned- these ginger snaps are not for the faint-hearted. We are talking ginger snaps that mean business!
249235249235B004TPKAN4A281NPSIMI1C2RRebecca of Amazon "The Rebecca Review"0051320192000Intense Ginger FlavorFrom the minute your tongue touches these cookies you will know this is going to be a good experience. As you crunch down and as the gingery flavor fills your mouth, you will probably think these are the best ginger cookies you've ever tasted. At least I feel that way. Now my husband couldn't stop saying "Wow" the entire time he was eating them because the flavor was pretty intense. The reason these are so good is because they have ground ginger AND candied ginger. Also these are made with organic flour and organic sugar so they are just superior in flavor to most store-bought brands. Even minutes after you eat these cookies you will notice a mild tingling in your mouth. If you love ginger these are the ultimate ginger cookies.

~The Rebecca Review
249236249236B004TPKAN4A39KS438IBRU6ELiberty4all "DMZ"0051320192000Really Liked TheseI generally prefer a soft and chewy cookie and I'm also not a huge fan of ginger snaps I've had in the past so I was very surprised at how much I liked these cookies. First, they are very crispy (perhaps the "snap" in the name) but after you chew them for a while they seem to melt a bit in the mouth which somewhat unusual for such a crisp cookie. The big plus though is a spicy (relatively speaking) ginger bite to the cookies. This is what distinguishes them so much from ginger snaps I've had in the past which are fairly tasteless. These really do have a wonderful ginger taste to them. All in all, a very difficult cookie to stop eating. I went through many more than I should have before closing the bag for the evening.
249237249237B004TPKAN4A9KLAL1CXZ0W5E. Barron "alphabetjungle"0031320192000Intensely spiced ginger snaps, but texture is not my favoriteFirst the good news: I love the spiciness of these gingersnaps. These cookies have both ground ginger and candied ginger.
The part I don't like: perhaps because these are vegan, they don't have a very pleasant texture. They are more than just crisp, these cookies are just plain hard. For me this is a deal breaker, but for someone who likes to dunk their cookies in milk, these may be more likable.
249238249238B004TPKAN4A3CG6YLYZJXQG4Tracy Rowan "dargelos"0051320192000Immensely satisfyingGinger snaps are one of my favorite cookies, and frankly I'll eat almost any brand when I'm in the mood for them. That's how I know that not all ginger snaps are created equal. Far from it. Newman's Own Organics Ginger Snaps really hit the spot with me. They're not over-sweet, and they have a nice, peppery quality -- a lot of snap with your ginger. They also have bits of candied ginger floating in them, so along with a good crunch (They're not rock-hard like some others I could name, though.)you get little bits of chewiness making the texture very appealing.

Normally I'd go on about how there's no HFCS, the sugar and flour are organic, and a bunch of other things related to relative healthiness, but seriously? I love this cookie, and I don't think I'd care if it did have a lot of crap in it. No, okay, it would make me unhappy, but not so much so that I'd never eat them again.

I'm really impressed with these ginger snaps. Newman's Own is a bit hit or miss for me, but these cookies are clear winners for a ginger snap junkie like myself.
249239249239B004TPKAN4A3O28YJBZG1Q0QAnnmarie0051320192000Snappy!Today I received and tried the Newman's Own Organics Ginger Snaps. OMG! First of all, I love ginger snaps! They are one of my favorite cookies. The Newman's Own Organics Ginger Snaps are delicious! They have a lot more ginger than other commercial ginger snaps. They are very snappy!

As to the organic nature of the product, I'm not 'into' organic food. Maybe I should be because these are AWESOME. Not too sweet, very snappy and totally delicious!
249240249240B004TPKAN4A20VX7F4164FVCMachael Foegelle "xenagrrl2000"0041320192000Good ginger taste!As others have mentioned, the cookies are a bit hard, so anyone with any dental work might want to give these a pass, but for those who endure, there's a nice reward at the end of the bite. The cookies themselves are good, but the fun is in the bits of chewy candied ginger that are baked into the cookie. That's where you get your heat, and if you like ginger, it's totally worth it! If you like ginger snaps, these aren't your typical cookie but they are pretty good! I would buy them again!

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