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249330249330B004TPKAN4A22B48DU45M23CJ. Whitford1151320192000Organic Ginger Snaps with a Double Ginger KickNewman's Own Organics (co-founded by Nell Newman) started as a subsidiary of Newman's Own in 1992 and became a separate company in 2001.

Fans of NOO begged for a ginger snap cookie to be added to the line and they got their wish.

These ginger snaps are made with ground ginger and candied ginger. There is a double ginger bite and kick to these cookies.

These organic snaps are addictive and it is easy to eat the whole bag in one sitting. Separate five cookies each into six bags and you will stick to eating 130 calories for a snack instead of the entire bag.

Fun Fact: The American Gothic picture on the package features "Pa" (Paul) Newman and daughter Nell Newman in appropriate costume.
249301249301B004TPKAN4A3OJX18B60PJR9DAVERAT "daverat"1241319673600Super Strong Ginger taste & VERY crispy - not very sweet but I liked 'em!For those of you used to a soft, more traditionally spiced & sweetened Ginger Snap, be prepared for a unique, but flavorful experience! If you have trouble chewing hard cookies you should also be forewarned that these are very well-baked cookies and while crisp, they are also a little harder than your typical american cookie - think Biscotti-level-of-crispy/hard and you'll be about right. (As noted further below, you can easily fix this by adding a soft piee of sandwich bread, maybe half a piece to the open bag and then close it tight overnight. That will soften the cookies up nicely) That said, these are an interesting treat that are sure to clear your sinuses and your palate! The Ginger taste is normal with the first nibble but by the end of the half-dollar sized cookie, you are breathing ginger fire! it's not a turly "hot" spiciness but it IS strong and did make my nose run a little after two cookies. I enjoyed the crispiness and the intensity cuz I like Ginger, so that's not a bad thing. Newman's Own ups the Ginger quotient by adding not just ground Ginger but Candied Ginger Root , which has a powerful ginger flavor. It's sold in most Asian sections of the grocery store as Ting Ting Jahe and I love it for it's intense ginger flavor, so adding it as an ingredient made sense to me. I was mildly disappointed that they omitted the normal small amount of pepper from the recipe but that's a more european tradition. Consider this a very Asian version of the Ginger Snap or just a more adult treat.

These cookies are only lightly sweetened, so you can enjoy the recommended serving of 5 of the 1.5 inch diameter cookies (think of a Kennedy Half Dollar coin) and come away having only eaten 130 calories. Personally, I was satisfied with just 2 of the small cookies at a time due to the strong flavor. That will sure help my wasitline! If you do eat the 5 cookies as a serving, you will be getting 24 carbs but only 12 of them are from sugar, which beats out most crispy cookies in that regard. The rest of the carbs are from the unbleached wheat flour and other ingredients. Only 30 of the 130 calories per serving come from Fat. That's better than the average cookie and almost certainly much better than most of the "100 calorie" packages of sweets and cookies. They've made a concerted attempt to balance the sugar and fat content with other ingredients to produce a tasty treat but not one that you'll feel bad about havinbg eaten after the fact. Overall, once the bag was finished, I'd say nobody in the house ever ate the full suggested serving in one sitting - usually 2 to 3 cookies satisfied our "little something indulgent" craving.

At first I wasn't too pleased to see Palm fruit oil as the fat chosen for this product because it's a saturated fat and one often sourced from slash & burn agriculture... BUT... Newman's Own uses an Organic Palm Fruit Oil and most Organic Palm oil is made from Palm Kernels, which has even more fat. Newman's Own uses oil that is harvested from farms that make a strong effort to preserve local wildlife so it's not like the companies that are Green "in name only" but whothen go and use Palm oil from Indonesian clear-cut plantations. Newman's Own has a solid reputation to protect and I doubt they'd risk it by using a non-green source of Palm Oil. I trust that they've sourced this from the greenest farms they can find since their price point is higher. Just to be sure I wasn't steering any consumer wrong, I looked this issue up on the Newman's Own website FAQ for this product & they explain that they use Palm Fruit oil which is a better saturated fat than the food industry standards of Palm Kernel oil or Coconut Oil. They further explain that they use this oil both for the lower price and the better taste & texture they provide the finished baked good. The Newman's Own FAQ also specifically states that their source is a Green Co-Op in Columbia that is Certified Organic. That made me feel a lot better since Palm oil Plantations in Indonesia are causing the extinction of Orangatans and dozens of other species at an alarming rate. I feel good knowing that Newman's Own cares about the same things I do!

The price of this treat seems to bother a lot of people and I feel I should address that. For me, I buy Newman's Own products specifically because I can trust their ingredient sourcing and I don't mind paying a premium price since I know that the profits help fund charitable grants. Also on Newman's Own Website, they explain that the recent huge increases in Organic food ingredients has impacted their prices and that they have tried to deal with that as best as they can. You can also go to their site and print coupons for use in your local grocery store and they do frequently run grocery specials here on Amazon. With these Ginger Snaps, I suspect a smaller amount will satisfy any snack craving I might have since they are so intensely flavored and baked to such a crisp. Therefore, I'm not too concerned about mindlessly eating myself out of house and home. Snack foods and sweets are indulgences and if you want the best ingredients with regard to taste, health, and environmental impact, sometimes you have to pay a little more. Since I've not had the whole bag, I can tell you that my instincts proved correct and that nobody in the house ever ate more than 2 to 3 cookies for a snack. They filled the "Snack" spot in our menu and did it with fewer calories and about the same cost overall (if I had not gotten the bag for free) as other treats we like that are cheaper. I will buy these in the store or on Amazon but as usual, I will shop for sales and look at the Newman's Own site for Coupons!

Overall, I would say this is a bracingly intense Ginger Snap with a whole lotta crunch! The serving size is satisfying and the caloric content is well-balanced in regard to fat and sugar content. If you find the very firm texture of the cookie to be a bit much, I would suggest opening the packet and putting in half a slice of fresh bread and then re-sealing the bag well. Within a day, the cookies should soften up a bit by absorbing the moisture from the bread. Try it! It might just make these a 5 star experience for you.

I took one star off because in all honesty, they aren't the best Ginger Snaps I've ever had and the powerful Ginger taste reminded me a bit too much of eating Ginger Udon Noodles for dinner. These are not a treat for people who crave something truly sweet. My wife suggested that brushed the cookies with a little water and then sprinkling some brown sugar on top or even dusting them with powdered sugar before serving might help but I ate them without trying to sweeten them up. I did, however, like them softened up after she tried the bread slice trick on the latter half of the bag!

Even so, 4 stars is a great rating and if you love Ginger, you'll love these. If you regularly chew the Ginger candy I mentioned above, Tin Ting Jahe, then this will be a 5 star experience for you! ALso, to acknowledge the price, I felt I couldn't give this five total stars since some people reading this are not in a position to care about ethical ingredient sourcing and so forth; they just want to be able to afford a bag of cookies.
249302249302B004TPKAN4A3GKMK6KQH3Y1HB. Niedt1241319587200Cookies with a Kick!Once I get past the concept of "organic cookies", which sounds like an oxymoron, I have to admit: these ginger snaps are not for wussies. These little gems are really concentrated with ginger flavor; one might even say they're downright spicy. The little bits of candied ginger are no small part of this potent taste. They really impress as an old-fashioned style cookie, and remind me a bit of the British "Ginger Nuts". As cookies go, they're not bad in the fat department either, with 130 calories per serving, 30 from fat. If you like your ginger flavor strong, these are the cookies for you.
249303249303B004TPKAN4AF3X7J0XC391LStratiotes Doxha Theon "2 Thes 2:15"1251319500800A new standardThere are no substitutes for quality fresh ingredients. Ginger snaps are one of my favorites and these are as good as any homemade cookie recipes I have tried. I do prefer a bit more spice than these provide but the fresh flavors more than compensate.
249304249304B004TPKAN4A2IYX5W3A1N3VBOrion1251319500800These are really yummyAmazon Vine sent me a bag of these in the mail, and I just got them, and they are delicious! Not quite as hot as some other ginger snaps, but very tasty. I like the package, too. It has an easy open seam with an adhesive strip to re-close it. Very efficient. Excellent cookies. I will totally buy more of these.
249305249305B004TPKAN4A3V1AHX8P4R839Forrest Wildwood "Phil"1241319414400Extra Ginger FlavoredNewman's Own Organic Ginger Snaps are loaded with ginger. Both candied and ground ginger give these small hard cookies a real kick. Taste is a mixture of wheat flower, sugar and molasses. The ginger kick arrives late and mostly as an after taste. For someone who likes ginger, this is a good thing. Children may find this too overpowering and not care for these. Nice to have on hand for a late night snack with a cold glass of milk for dunking.
249306249306B004TPKAN4A1BEKAQQGP8CMFSeth R4741319500800Vegan, fairly-priced, and comparable to my favorite ginger snap brandI'm a fan of ginger snaps and cookies. I can't have dairy, so I give a thumbs up to Newman's for making them vegan.

I always think twice about ordering food through the mail since fragility often leads to damages. Mine arrived in great condition and the bag and snaps weren't crushed. These are fairly-priced too, which is a great deal for organic food. Sometimes organic stuff is just "too rich for my blood," but not in this case. I'm giving you the green light to order!

The serving size is five snaps, but let's be honest - these are delicious and we're going to eat more than five. They have a bit of a "bite" to the flavor, a real ginger spiciness, which is nice. I'd compare them to Swedish-style Mi-Del's Ginger Snaps, a personal favorite.
249307249307B004TPKAN4A1P8DIBAXF6H37Kurt Conner2441319414400Could be softer, but they taste goodI don't generally choose ginger snaps over other kinds of cookies, but I do enjoy them from time to time. These cookies can't pass for homemade, but they're certainly more interesting than I expected from a bagged cookie. The texture is a little off-putting; these cookies are definitely crunchy, and that's not as positive a quality when they're so thick. I think future tweaking of this product ought to include making them either a little thinner or a little softer. Aside from texture, though, they're definitely tasty. There's a little sweetness, but the dominant taste comes from the bite of plenty of ginger. It's a much bolder spice than I anticipated, and I was pleasantly surprised.

I can definitely see myself buying these cookies again in the future - not so much just for myself, but as a last-minute contribution for a holiday party this winter.
249308249308B004TPKAN4A1A25TP5D0L22VKathryn Magendie "Author, Publishing Editor o...0141320624000Crunchy goodness"Try this, GMR," I said, and gave him a Newman's Own Ginger Snap.

*crunch crunch crunch* Mmmmmmmm, says he.

"It's a vegan ginger snap!" I say, and grin around the room as if I had made them my own se'f.

I pass them around our comp'ny here in the cove at Killian Knob and everyone takes a cookie and the entire room, the cove, the universe is filled with the sounds of *CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH!* - for these are some crunchy cookies and in fact, if they were just one more teeniensy bit of crunchy, they'd be too hard. But good ole Newman knew his crunch factor so danged if he didn't leave it just as it should be.

All agreed that lil ole cookie packed a wallop of good ginger taste. What I liked most was that it wasn't overly sweet - thankee Newman, for not sending me into a sugar jitter as some cookie makers do!

They're tiny, too, which means we could eat the entire bag and not realize it, save for how crunchy they are - slows down the jawing - haw! - so that we only ate a few. Bet they'd be good dipped in milk, if you like milk that is - if you don't, and sometimes I do and sometimes I don't, then well, it probably would taste nasty, so don't try it on the days you hate milk, especially if that's every day - right? Huhn.

So, as I said "It's a vegan ginger snap!" and everyone snapily crunched, no one thought "Ewwww," - oh no, nopity no. Everyone happily crunchified their way to gingersnap heaven. Only one person said, "Aren't all cookies vegan?" and I shrugged and ate another cookie, for I really couldn't remember if there were any lard cookies out there or chicken cookies or liver cookies. . . then I remembered vegans don't eat eggs or milk (guess can't dip it in milk after all - well dang!), and I said, "Nope, all cookies are not vegan," with an air of Great Knowledge.

And that, my friends, concludes my review of this little cookie. namaste.
249309249309B004TPKAN4A3JHC8O59WDHFZSilea0141320192000Good, but hard.These are pretty good gingersnaps. They even have little bits of crystallized ginger in them to give that spicy kick that so many mass-market gingersnaps steer clear of.

The only thing i didn't like is that they go beyond crispy to downright hard. If your jaw muscles aren't in shape, they will be after you plow through a bag of these.

Also, the bag comes with that useless little piece of sticky-tape so you can close it up between binges, but those never really work that well.
249310249310B004TPKAN4A3D0G7ZGY2LCOGPatricia Ibbotson0141320192000Newman's Own Organic Ginger SnapsThere is plenty of ginger in these ginger snaps, so fans of strong ginger taste should love these cookies. The ginger is so strong it leaves a burning sensation on the tongue. These are small, rather hard cookies with all organic ingredients and 130 calories from five cookies. These would probably go down better with a hot beverage or a cold glass of milk. The bag is resealable to maintain freshness.
249311249311B004TPKAN4A9I40WFF40R4H. F. Corbin "Foster Corbin"0151319760000Delicious and Healthy TooGinger is one of my least favorite spices; and I have never cared much for ginger bread cookies or ginger snaps. I must say, however, that these from the Newman family are quite tasty little surprises. Supposedly these ginger snaps are made from real candied ginger, and it shows. The ginger flavor is quite strong. I may have to rethink my position on ginger. If I can hold off, I plan to put these cookies in the crust of a a pumpkin cheesecake for the holidays.

This product is also dairy and egg free if case you care. I don't. I have been eating them with fat free milk. Everything in life is a tradeoff anyway.
249312249312B004TPKAN4AFSDOEM2R35GRAlan L. Chase "Al Chase"0151319760000Blissfully delicious!I often judge an eating experience by the warm and nostalgic memories that the tastes evoke. So, I was delighted to sink my teeth into Newman's Own Organic Ginger Snaps. One of my fondest childhood memories was hunkering down to a plate of ginger snaps and ice cold milk. Newman's Family Recipe Cookies nicely recapture that taste and feeling. It is encouraging to know that Paul Newman's children are carrying on the Newman's Own mission.
249313249313B004TPKAN4AI19TV79W9HKQChawks0151319760000DeliciousWarning do not set this bag of Ginger Snaps by your computer. If you fail to follow this advice you are likely to eat the whole bag without realizing it.

My brother, after tasting these Ginger Snaps commented "these should be labeled dangerously delicious." Why? They are not dangerous because of the ingredients, they are made with 70%+ organic ingredients. They are dangerous because they are so tasty that it is easy to over do it and eat the whole bag!

If you like Ginger Snaps you owe it to your taste-buds to try a bag of Newman's Organic Ginger Snaps.

P.S. Ginger Snaps are one of my favorite cookies so I might be slightly biased.
249314249314B004TPKAN4A1TRAEV7QWA5DXB. Webster4521319500800Did not care for texture or flavorI received Newman's Own Organics Ginger Snaps today. They were delivered by the U.S. Mail and they are so hard, that even the mail carrier did not crush them when they were stuffed in my mail box. I did not expect the cookie to be so hard and have a burnt appearance.

I really wanted to like these cookies because I do try to buy organic products when I can. However, these cookies had a strange flavor that lingered long after I finished one. The ginger is just overpowering. My tongue is still tingling a bit. Maybe it is just me because other reviewers have given this cookie high ratings.

I think that Newman's Own Organics makes some wonderful items, but this is not one of them. I will buy Nabisco Ginger Snaps next time.
249315249315B004TPKAN4A1EARN5PUVIF1SJerry P. Danzig4551319414400GingerificI think these might be the best-tasting store-bought ginger snaps I've ever encountered.

They're VERY crisp. The ginger flavor is bracingly fresh and clean, without that annoying "bite" -- that cloying aftertaste -- that most other ginger snaps have.

And there is a little bit more grit to the texture than with other store-bought ginger snaps.

I also like a neat little feature on the packaging -- a peel-and-stick strip of tape you can use to reseal the package after you munch a bunch of cookies, to keep the remaining snaps snappy.

Looking at the list of ingredients, I see that most appear to be the product of Mother Nature, not laboratory science.

At a little under $3 for a 6-1/2-ounce package, these classy cookies seem to be not too unreasonably priced, a rarity these days.

So if you're looking for a superior ginger snap on the cookie shelf of your favorite supermarket, I suggest you give these a try. I give them thumbs up -- with a snap!
249316249316B004TPKAN4A2NML53YCHS80SBurgundy Damsel4551319414400Nice bite & short ingredient listThis cookies have a great bite to them - the perfect gingersnap! The ginger tastes fresh - like it's just been peeled! They're crispy without being rock hard as some bagged cookies tend to be. Even more impressive than the taste is the short ingredient list - no fillers, fake colors/ flavors, or nasty preservatives. They have a good fat- to- total calorie ratio, so I'd be comfortable keeping them around as a quick snack, and the peel-off sticker for resealing will help them good on the road. I'd definitely recommend these to anyone who likes ginger!
249317249317B004TPKAN4A23KDA686N6T4YNick Alec1131323734400not for everyoneI personally didnt like these ginger snaps at all
249318249318B004TPKAN4A136LRUR0RDH9Jmompie "mompie"1141321920000Delicious, spicy!These are wonderfully tasty with a genuine ginger and molasses flavor. They are quite crunchy, but not hard or difficult to eat the way some gingersnaps can be. They make an excellent accompaniment to a nice cup of tea. The only slight negative for me was that they had a notably spicy aftertaste. It wasn't actually unpleasant, just a bit more than I care for.
249319249319B004TPKAN4A1WT3TVHANP7ZFStephan Nance1141321833600Crunchy, zingy, vegan!Woohoo! These ginger snaps are the genuine article. (Mama says they're bonafide!) They pack a punch and a crunch. Most of the bottoms are at least a little blackened, which I think is fine. They've got a nice spice to them, perhaps not for the faint of heart. A word of advice: you may be tempted to attach the package to your face like a feedbag, but eating too many of these potent cookies in one sitting could make your tummy angry.
249320249320B004TPKAN4A3FIY789DECXY7Tethys1141321747200These ginger snaps are snaptastic!I really love these cookies, which shocked me because I haven't liked most ginger cookies I've tried in my life. These are fresh and crisp. They taste like ginger and the flavor really lasts on the pallet. They are a bit dry, kind of like biscotti and so they are a great treat to accompany a hot drink.

These arrived when I had a stomach bug and they were one of the few things I could get down. I will likely keep these on hand for when I have an upset stomach. They really helped.
249321249321B004TPKAN4A15XY6GGKD3B6DMelissa McCauley1121321574400Bam!Maybe I need to get out more... I have never eaten ginger snaps like these. They are really crunchy (hard as a rock, to be completely blunt)... and full of bits of crystallized ginger - which give them such a strong and peppery flavor it brought tears to my eyes.

If you are disappointed by store bought cookies that are wimpy and not flavorful enough, then these are the cookies for you. I think I'll just stick with my favorites - plain boring old snickerdoodles.
249322249322B004TPKAN4A1U7YAYZCG6ELLD. Everts1111321488000Whoa.If you like Ginger Snaps and always feel they are not powerful enough then these are likely for you.

To me these are like a concentrated form of ginger snaps and its so potent I just can't eat them.

It really reminds me of soap in its aftertaste. I feel like I am being hard on them because its probably exactly what some people are looking for, but I just want you to be prepared, these things are potent.

You have been warned.
249323249323B004TPKAN4AXTDCF7RF73K1Mr. Truthteller1151321488000Delicious and delightfulThis is a delightful treat that was better than I expected it to be. I shared a bag with friends and they were unanimous in their approval. The cookies were crisp and delicious. Heartily recommended.
249324249324B004TPKAN4A3A8FMW6BDJ166janjanmom0151319673600ZIp in a SnapThese cookies are so good. They are sweet and delicious but also have a little touch of heat. Not too much though, even my kids liked them. They are crunchy and chewy. Because the cookies are organic, the ingredient list is short and the cookies taste like home baked. If you like ginger snaps, you will love these.
249325249325B004TPKAN4A3LWA0AOS1BRMTtruckinmann0141319673600ginger snap reviewMy wife got me a bag of these cookies and I thought they were great. Expect heat from these. They are not "kiddie cookies". Very strong spicy ginger taste. They were also very hard, and that's the only fault I had with them. I know they are ginger snaps, but I was worried about my teeth being the "snap". Left the bag open for a bit and they softened up to an acceptable level. All in all an excellent cookie!
249326249326B004TPKAN4A3SLENWVD7CEQ9J. Wells "Socknitster"0151319673600Intense Gingery Crunch!I loved these cookies. Incredibly crunchy. Several layers of ginger flavor, including candied ginger bits. These are the closest you will get to a real ginger snap that isn't homemade by your grandma. If you have dental problems, you might not want to try them because they are just that crunchy. But I liked the crunch. My little kids, ages 3 and 8, initially really liked them too, but after 3-4 cookies, they were complaining of the spiciness. That is a plus in my book--don't have to worry about my kids eating all the cookies before I even get one!
249327249327B004TPKAN4A107H3XGCV6Y4QPaige Turner "Film Fanatic"0151319673600Delicious! My bag had both crunchy & chewy cookiesThese are wonderful. They have just enough ginger in them to have a zing, but overly so. My bag came with two types of cookies: crunchy ginger snaps and chewy ones. I actually prefer the chewy ginger cookies as opposed to the traditional crunchy snaps! I'm not sure if this was intentional or not, but Newman's Own should offer both a crunchy ginger snap and a chewy one. I get migraines from MSG and flavor enhancers, so I have to only eat organic products. (Items label "Natural" often have some type of MSG-derived product in them.)
These are a tasty treat--perfect for Fall! Yum!
249328249328B004TPKAN4A2X2CJK2C5WZVWA. Rose "Rosie"1111320710400Love lost over ingredientI have always felt the Newman's Own brand had integrity for purity of ingredients. They have declined! I couldn't even eat this product because after I bought it, I found an ingredient that causes me great gastro-intestinal pain - "Spice". Spice is code for MSG, Monosodium Glutamate, a potentially harmful ingredient if ingested. I am sure that the cookies, just like all of Newman's products I've ever tasted, are delicious. Unfortunately, I can't eat them. Thumbs down Newman's for using this harmful chemical in your product.
249329249329B004TPKAN4A3OIQ3T0OIKY66L. J. Schrader1151320278400Snap these up!I am particular about ginger snaps and have a select few that I really enjoy. I have now found the one that has become my absolute favorite. Newman's Own Organic Ginger Snaps have everything that I look for in a ginger cookie.

These are spicy, but with a pleasant bite, and a buttery finish. They are crispy but not rock-hard. The are organic (always my preference) and come from a thoughtful company who donates their proceeds (another nice touch).

I haven't been disappointed by a Newman's product yet, and this is no exception. Absolutely give these a try!

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