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249410249410B004HJSTD0A2WSEV8A1PKQN6Lesley T. Hudson "Lesley547"1151315180800Versatile and DeliciousThese peppers are wonderful in sandwiches, salads or even by themselves -- a mildly spicy pepper that can win over people who think they don't like spicy foods, just a hint of a bite that wakes up any dish, with a sweetness that complements and contrasts lunch meats, tuna fish, casseroles, all kinds of dishes. I use them all the time. I serve them to people who turn their noses up at recipes containing jalapenos and even chipotle. People love them.
249411249411B002KUXOFGA1APWHOUZBGMR2Stacy Brown "Olystacy"0041290384000My 6 mo old daughter loves these....I just purchased a pack of these on sale for 2.11 at Target. My 6 month old daughter seemed to really like them and she was able to easily navigate them without choking. They melt pretty quick. I tasted one and thought it tasted pretty good. The only reason I didnt give it 5 stars is that they are tad to0 big in my opinion for a baby. I would rather see smaller pieces..... but we will buying again.
249412249412B002KUXOFGANYAQ3TVKP69EH. Cooper0031287360000Kinda chalky, Go with Happy MeltsI was super excited to see these at Safeway for only $3. I have seen them at other places for as much as $4.50 and the competitor, Happy Melts Yogurt Melts, on sale for $5. I have to say, go with the Happy Melts version. The Gerber ones lack the flavor and texture of the Happy Melts version. Happy Melts are all organic and are smaller, which is better for your baby and for you. I prefer the strawberry flavor but the wildberry is also quite good.
249413249413B0083QBWKUA3DEBQR3DL2I4SLyssa0051349740800Good for the dogMy show/working dog loves this stuff. It is a great product, healthy, easy to prepare, store, and by the way he eats it.... it must taste good too.
249414249414B0083QBWKUA1GKPWMCJONTF2Brenda Lovett0051343952000Helped with illness and recovery!I rescued a 3 year old Doberman Lily a few months ago who was not in the best of health, and after getting a checkup at the Vet, I found out that she has heartworms. After all the shots she just received, she had to go through a lengthy treatment with more medications than I would ever want to give my dog, but I had no choice. I was determined to get her healthy again, and knew that good nutrition would be especially important during this time of illness and treatment. Lily received Olewo Carrots and Red Beets with her daily meals, and while the carrots improved her digestive health, I feel it was the Olewo Red Beets which played an important role in her recovery. The red beets are a great natural detoxifier and helped get rid of the toxins in her system from all the medications. It also helped strengthen her immune system. At the very beginning of her treatment she was sleeping most of the time, but after adding the red beets to her diet, she had more energy and was more active. Lily is doing well now and will continue to receive Olewo to make sure she remains in good health.
249415249415B0083QBWKUA39RA3CUGYNF1LBick Benedict0051341705600Olewo Red BeetsI have been supplementing my Show Line German Shepherds with Olewo Red Beets since they were young. Olewo Red Beets provide great health benefits for my high energy dogs. They stay fit and maintain a suitable weight. People rave about their rich red and black coat colors. I am happy to provide my dogs with a natural food supplement that is high in antioxidants."
249416249416B0083QBWKUA1DQY57ECFHANHAviva0051341100800Happy DogsThe whole Household eats Olewo Carrots and Red Beets from the 110 lb Dutch Shepherd, 60 lb German Shepherd, 6.8 lb Chihuahua to the 3.5 lb Chihuahua to the Foster dogs that come into the house. Their coats have amazing pigment and texture. The perm dogs handle new dogs coming into the house and the foster's adjust to food changes with with no digestive system problems that handle stress of training, traveling and anything else life throws at them.
249417249417B004DABQ2YA1ZSXNOU5YZ7ALAllyson Hampson0011343260800Great food, wrong pictureThe picture for this product is the 14 pound bag. However, this product is a 4 pound bag. Easy to tell you are buying a 4 pound bag when you are on a computer, but not a mobile device. So I was very surprised when I received a the 4 pound bag.
249418249418B000SATIV4A3ODGAW5Z2EJ1MKevin Currie-Knight "Education Grad Student"6631262390400Hard to Get Used ToFor those who have not had mate before, this is an interesting herbal tea that is somewhat hard to get used to. The flavor profile is very, very herbal and grassy - quite strongly so. The mate itself actually looks and smells somewhat like cut grass. Once steeped (generally slightly below boiling for about 5 minutes), the result is a slightly greenish tea that tastes very earthy. I am of mixed feelings about it. I like earthy flavors and after two or so days, I got used to it and almost liked it. On the other hand, if I am comparing it to roasted mate (which is darker and has a sort of nutty flavor), there is no contest; the latter is better. (Davidson's also sells another Davidson's Tea Bulk, Mezclado De Máte, 16-Ounce Bag that allegedly is spiced with cinnamon and I bet that is pretty decent). If you like earthy teas, you might give this one a try and would probably come a similar conclusion: 3 stars. If you dislike earthy flavors dominating your tea, you might avoid this mate.

FYI: this tea is often drunk for its high level of caffeine without the jittery effect of coffee. While it is true that mate has as much caffeine as coffee, the caffeine metabolizes slowly (because it bonds with the tea's tannins). Therefore, the caffeine absorbs in the bloodstream fairly slowly, giving the drinker a more pleasant 'steady flow' of energy.
249419249419B000SATIV4A27TW761OZTYWMCristian "Cristian"1151315094400Great MateThis is a great mate. Some people are just not used to the different flavor of mate as compared to regular tea. It is great, especially to keep you awake and sharp during the morning at work. In my experience mate is far stronger than tea (more caffeine?), it also helps to curb your appetite (this is one of the big secrets that Argentitnans, Uruguayans and some people in Brazil use to stay in good shape). Again, mate will taste a bit stronger and a little more bitter or grassy as compared to a regular tea, as this is part of the mate's natural flavor.
249420249420B000SATIV4A2KPS3Y7UDO30HDee Lightful1151296086400Good MateI normally order my mate from Brazil and decided to try Davidson's because I love Amazon Shop and Save so much and have ordered Davidson't green tea in the past. This is a classic yerba mate and if you're into mate it's perfect. If you're into roasted mate (as in the other customer review) an unroasted mate is quite different. I've also recently ordered a bombilla from Teavana and looking forward to trying it as it's authentically meant to be enjoyed.
249391249391B004TPKAN4AOT7CO7UO0C3IB. Langley "BL"0051337731200Great productExcellent ginger snap! Arrived quickly to military post in Afghanistan, at a reasonable price. We don't have gingerale or ginger snaps available locally, so it was great to get these for days when my stomach is upset.
249392249392B004TPKAN4A1XG5WYLFMRRX1C. Wells0051331769600Delicious!These are a really nice ginger snap with a very strong ginger taste. If you don't care for ginger (why would you eat these if you don't?), then you may want to stay away. I loved the crisp cookie with the spicy ginger flavor. Really nice with a cup of tea or well as dunked in milk!
249393249393B004TPKAN4A110AFBE979HFWR. Moroney "hackney"0051331769600The Best Snaps I've Ever Eaten!These are the greatest ginger snaps I've ever eaten. The bits of candied ginger set these far apart from the crowd. They are also extra tangy compared to most ginger cookies. Almost peppery if you eat too many, which I am prone to do. I tried these under the Vine Program, and have since ordered two additional cases.

Almost everyone who tries them loves them. A few friends and family members find them to be too sharp to eat more than one. But they always comment about that candied ginger!

Excellent product.
249394249394B004TPKAN4A2LE2MFI4QTQY4Me2011 "Me2011"0041331769600Flavorful, but a little tough to chew.I love the flavor of these cookies. However, they can be a little tough to chew. You might best enjoy them with a cup of hot chocolate, or a cup of hot coffee, so you can dip them in the hot liquid to soften them up a bit. These would be a perfect bedtime snack with what my local coffee shop calls a "steamed cow" - a hot, steamed milk (usually flavored) made using the milk steamer on a cappuccino machine. These cookies are just spicy enough, and don't go overboard on the ginger, so they are just right. I love ginger bread and ginger cookies, and I enjoyed these cookies, although they aren't very chewy right out of the bag.
249395249395B004TPKAN4A26KSESH1KXU3QK G R "K G R"0021331596800So-soThe ginger snaps had a nice, not too sweet flavor balanced with a good amount of ginger spiciness. But overall I wasn't impressed. The cookies tasted a bit stale and were incredibly hard, although I am not sure if they were overbaked, old or somehthing else. Although they are organic the cookies left a funny aftertaste and I was incredibly thirsty after eating a few of these. I don't recommend these snaps and would rate them as mediocre.
249396249396B004TPKAN4A1YLHSCBYXSDG8Margaret Chind "Creative Madness Mama - Quilt...0041330646400Keep Air TightI love Ginger Snaps, I always have. Yet, after tasting these I feel like I've been neglected my whole life. These are "REAL" ginger and taste so fresh. The one thing is to definitely keep them air tight, because they will get hard quickly, but even then to naw on they're still great. I love being able to get products from a brand I trust, Organic, and delicious!
249397249397B004TPKAN4A316GGZZY27DN5fred6301 "fred 6301"0051329350400tasty, crisp, tangy ginger cookiesVery delicious cookies. I would highly recommend these to people that like tangy ginger flavored cookies. Very tasty and tangy. Nice bite sized cookies.
249398249398B006VYO276AY12DBB0U420BGary Peterson1151330300800Delicious, and a Real Handy Item.Upon strolling the snack food isles of my local Costco Warehouse store, I discovered a huge plastic jar (44 ounces) of UTZ Pub Mix, an assortment of bite-sized salty snack items. Some resembled small crackers, some resembled small straight pretzels, some were cheese flavored, and some were like small rye bread wafers. The only thing they all had in common is that they were all fresh, tasty and, in fact, delicious. The salting is very light, which I prefer, and there's a nice assortment of tastes associated with the different types. They refer to it as a Pub Mix and, indeed, that would be an excellent usage.

I'll use this delicious mixture as snacks around the house. The boy (3 years) loves them too. If we ever have a gathering this would make an excellent beginning snack. I could just empty this big 44-ounce jar into a good-sized bowl and, viola, snacks for everyone. Of course, a few other finger-food items might be added. These are gonna work out just fine. And that big jar can be sealed tight to preserve the freshness of any leftovers. Why didn't I notice them before?

Gary Peterson
249399249399B006VYO276A2LZSCC4VYFQNKrugburner00113506048003X the price?!?!?!?This same item is 8 dollars and change from costco and 10 bucks at Frys. $24?? Are you kidding me? What a rip off!
249400249400B006VYO276A2SHQSGATM6EYCbeckyjo0051331164800great flavor... whole tub gone in less than 9 hours!!!!!My boss brought these in to her office to try them out. They lasted about two days... A week later, she brought in another 44oz. tub. When our whole staff of 10 learner about them, nothing was left but the crumbs at the bottom of the plastic tub!!!!! Too good to NOT finish. Best work snack ever!!!!!!
249401249401B004UMOYEMA1BFXA7FV5OZJJJoyce Boettcher "jellen10"0011318204800Old and stale candyThe chocolate bars were almost at the end of their expiration dates. The first two bars were dry and tasteless and the third bar waqs inedible. It is gray and most areas were powdery. I wa not pleased with these items. Seller would only offer a percentage off on future purchase. Shipping cost more than the candy.
249402249402B004UMOYEMA2TGUBIYNHN6QMschmo430121322438400CrumblyWhen I was a kid I loved the Chocolite Bar. I read somewhere online that this was pretty close. Not at all! I guess I am somewhat biased because of this, but even so, I found it to be dry and crumbly and virtually tasteless. Maybe it was just stale. At least I hope so.
249403249403B001A60XMIA34MF4A78NVOH2Besos & Butterflies "Besos & Butterflies"4451331596800Refreshingly delicious!The teabags are so full of flavor, I have to take the teabag out of my cup halfway through finishing it, because there is so much flavor in it! Works out well, I use each teabag for two (2) cups of tea. So, it's almost like you're receiving twice as much in your box!
249404249404B001A60XMIA2B1LJ42P7GQRHkaukaty2251320883200Great Tea Great PriceWe drink alot of green tea mixed with our homemade ginger tea. This was the best priced organic green tea from all sources we tried. Very happy with the tea.
249405249405B001A60XMIAIUN6JBT5R2XDBrax2311343088000Tea Tastes Like PerfumeI bought this tea for the health benefits, and although I am not the biggest fan of tea, I knew that this tea was extremely overbearing and is very hard to drink. This team smelled like perfume, as well as tasted like it. It left my mouth smelling like I drank a bottle of perfume and it just wasn't pleasant at all. I can usually handle things that taste bad, but this was an exception. If you can get over the strong taste, however, I'm sure you'll be fine.
249406249406B001A60XMIA2603EW1PVK36Hjoan0041346630400green teasI am a tea drinker so why not drink a tea that is good for you. This tea is mild and slightly fragrant. I am concerned however that this tea came in newer individual packets that look newer then the tea bag itself. I also thought that this tea was a little over priced, since I am able to go to an Asian market and get green tea cheaper.
249407249407B001A60XMIA2K69F2CROGTB1MommyHH0021337558400I didn't like itI have been looking for a good, organic tea but I just did not like the taste of this one. It feels like it leaves a film in your mouth.
249408249408B001A60XMIA24I3YLQ4HUDV5User5280051336348800Mr. GreenI have purchased this "Organic Green Tea" locally and have to say its very good. Its smooth and light... similar to other organic based green tea's I have tried. The price is more than fare... and would recommend.
249409249409B001A60XMIAJKUKIVCQAWKCrobes31511319846400Worst Green Tea EverThis is the worst green tea I have ever had. Don't be fooled by the pristine picture on the packaging. This tea is made in China--I doubt where this tea is grown looks anything like the picture. I try not to buy food products from China considering how polluted it is. This may be "organic" but the water and air in China is toxic so it doesnt really matter. The taste is all off and it leaves a sour/bitter taste in your mouth. The tea bags are made of a cheap brown material. Overall this product is bad.

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