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249449249449B001LGGH54AS44QEHT3KSPKslaphappy0051238025600Great alternative to soda but super sweetI gave this five stars because it is what it claims to be - a decent alternative to soda that tastes like watermelon and strawberry.

That said, it is insanely sweet, even though it's 100% juice and not sweetened with sugar. It's just not for me, even though it contains two of my favorite fruits. I just can't drink something so over the top sweet.

It is a nice alternative for folks who are trying to kick soda, and yet still want a buzzy drink. Sometimes flat old juice doesn't cut it, and this may do it for you. It is pretty pricey, though. The cans are very small if you're used to drinking 12 oz.
249450249450B001LGGH54A3ATKIU6MZZ4MUM. Hudgens "mhleigh"0031238025600Tasty, sugaryThe benefit of this drink is that it is "no sugar added, 100% juice," which tastes basically like fruit soda. I can see it as a good alternative to traditional soda, especially for kids and teens. However, for adults I think the drink still tastes really sugary, despite the fact that sugar has not been added. I ran for my toothbrush as soon as I was finished. However, the taste is good and the watermelon and strawberry was a nice flavor. For young people with a sweet tooth I would recommend it, but I think grown ups will have a more difficult time jumping on board.
249421249421B000SATIV4A1MTZP7ZCQMLE3Blue Frog "bluefrog"0051340064000Good price point, tastes excellentI was buying tea packets of yerba mate and going through them too fast for the price I was paying. I decided to try buying mate in bulk; I like Davidson's products, so I gave this a shot. Great tasting tea! I did notice this mate is slightly more smokey/strong than what I was accustomed to, so I simply decreased the amount I used; the result was the same great tasting mate I was accustomed to before with my packets. I'm going to save a lot of money having begun to purchase in bulk instead. Anybody with a taste for Yerba Guayaki mate will appreciate this product but I suggest using less in your tea-ball because it is stronger and you don't need to use as much for a great cup of mate. P.S. I suspect the two or three negative reviews on here are from those who had never tasted mate before and not accustomed to the taste.
249422249422B000SATIV4A1AFB80CYX3NXXAnthony W. Brown0021326153600Much smaller leaves than the pictureThe tea has a good flavor, but is too small to use my bombilla (as it keeps getting clogged). I bought this solely based on the picture which made it appear to be decent-sized cuttings. Instead I got the same powdery stuff that I seem to find almost everywhere.
249423249423B000SATIV4A19CD8NMQRT6H0Dewayne0311314489600Not Good!!!This is the worst tea I have tried in a very long time. I have NO plans to ever buy it again and I recommend you don't either. What I have left over and I have several ounces left over, I will toss it out!
249424249424B001LGGH54A3REK3OFONWB1QPaul M. Provencher "ppro"0051238803200Two Ingredients!Juice and Sparkling Water!

This little can of sparkling juice is tangy, fresh, just sweet enough, and flavorful. It would take two cans to make me satisfied but perhaps that's because this one got passed around to four people who all found it very pleasant. Maybe when I wasn't looking, somebody took an extra swig?

If you are looking for an alternative to "soda/pop/Coke", and you like sparkling water and fruit juices, with no extra sugar, salt, no gluten, no corn syrup, etc, then you will want to try this. It's great stuff!
249425249425B001LGGH54A2UUP58XPQW3GFWoopak "The THRILL"0041238630400Good, Refreshing and packs only 140 calories!Honestly, I'm not really a big fan of carbonated drinks, but upon seeing "Switch Watermelon strawberry in the vine program I figured I'll give it shot. I do like weird drinks and weird food so why not? What really grabbed my attention is the fact that the drink is a supposed blend of real juices and carbonation with NO sugar added and no corn syrup. Sounds pretty natural, and it packs only 140 calories. (is that good?)

The important thing is the drink does taste like a blend of watermelon and strawberry; although I think the strawberry taste is a little stronger. Its liquid properties have a soft texture and it does leave a weak aftertaste in your mouth. It is good and not very sweet, but I still needed some water after finishing the can.

The packaging looks a little "sporty" that kind of defeats its supposed exotic image. While I am not a big fan of carbonated drinks, I would prefer this to cola. It is good, refreshing and that's all we should care about.

I like it!
249426249426B001LGGH54A3VBXQKRM7A4JReyecore0051238630400This is deliciousRather than "soda pop," which is nothing more than high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors and , and some carbonated water... this stuff is pretty much carbonated juice. Very good stuff.

If you've ever tried something like Regular Soda, No Caffeine, Mandarin Lime, 12 Oz, 24/CT (HSN87643) Category: Beverages (or any flavor of Hansen's all natural soda), you'll really like these "Switch" drinks. They have a more robust fruit flavor and a bit less aftertaste.

Would highly recommend. Best carbonated fruit beverage I've tested.
249427249427B001LGGH54A13MKSASQ6YWL7Brad Willis0031238630400Tasty but relatively high in caloriesThis is a tasty drink that is all natural. However, a small 8.3 ounce can contains a relatively high 140 calories which is roughly the same number of calories in a 12 ounce Coke. Only, a Coke is about 50% larger in volume.

I like sweet, but to me this is a bit too sweet. It might be nice as a mixer in an adult beverage though. I haven't tried to mix it, but you could probably make a nice fruity alcoholic drink out of it.

The price isn't a bargain. At nearly $1 per can, as of this writing, it wouldn't seem to be a compelling value. I do like it, but I doubt I'd purchase it again. It also left a bit of a lingering metallic aftertaste that I wasn't thrilled about. Still, if you don't mind the calories, enjoy a beverage that is sweet and are looking for a natural drink, then this could be worth considering.
249428249428B001LGGH54A2ZSM09K3A21V5M. P. Procter Sr. "History in 2011"0041238630400Very TastyThe Switch Watermelon/Strawberry was a good drink. I thought it was a little too sweet for my taste, but not by much. One serving size was 8.3 fluid ounces. It contains 35 grams of sugar and 36 grams of carbs per serving, and each serving was 140 calories. According to the label, it contains 100% of the recommended daily allowance of Vitamin C. The drink has a slight carbonation to it that was a lot less than soda. The small and skinny can makes it good for inclusion in a lunch box.

Although I liked it, I don't think it's worth the price of nearly $1 a can. But for the convenience of size, it might be worth the trade-off on occasion.
249429249429B001LGGH54A3963R7EPE3A7EJohn N. Schear "cxxi121"0031238630400Just Flavored WaterThis really tastes like strawberry and watermelon for a while. Then the aftertaste kicks in and I cannot describe the exact taste but it is neither of the above two. If you are in need for a quick energy push you may find this to your satisfaction. It did nothing for me except leave a lingering useless taste. It has been over 5 hours since drinking a can and I am still burping the stuff. I'd call it something other than stuff if I could describe it. If I had been in the yard pushing a mower for an hour or so this might taste pretty good but it is only 8.3 ounces and that is not enough to satisfy many who have done much work.

I still have a major problem with water-flavored drinks costing so very much. I calculated that this drink is about $15 per gallon. That, my friends, is way too much for water. Gasoline is about $2 per gallon and it takes me farther than this drink. If this were $0.25 per can then it would be in the ballpark for reasonable cost but then again we all have to make a living. If I were going to go for a satisfying drink it would be an old standard or perhaps something a little harder.
249430249430B001LGGH54A1PWWI1Z2JTN5UWoots0041238630400Zesty and SweetI wasn't sure about this product from the other reviews. However, I have to say it's pretty good.

Initially you get hit with really zesty bite (in a good way). This quickly turns into a sweet fruity aftertaste.

Its a little on the sweet side to be good for mass consumption but just 1 can at a time is good.

The only negative things I can say about this product is the price tag. Which is why I gave it 4 stars and not 5. If someone handed me a can of this I would gladly drink it in the future.
249431249431B001LGGH54A1NU8K0Y5J5V3HMichelle S Carey "ZETAZEN"0021238544000Kids like it - moms don't...Well, I decided to share this with my daughters - 11 & 6 - apparently for my oldest daughter they sell this drink in her school. She loves it. Needless to say she was thrilled that I would get an opportunity to review it. I had never heard of it. So for a kids they loved it. Would I buy it, probably not. For such a small thin can, it has 140 calories. That's just too much! I would prefer they drink WATER! Good for the body and 0 calories. How about that?! As an adult, I saw that although it is marketed as 100% natural, it did have 35 grams of sugar. Sugar is sugar - natural or artificial. I'll pass. The kids give it five stars...and I give it two stars. So because mom is the actual reviewer, two stars wins.
249432249432B001LGGH54A3JB405VRAERCSPaul E. Hartman "pehrtmn"0041238544000Sweet Soft Drink---Watermelon Strawberry comboLike the Kiwi berry version, a tasty but very sweet soft drink. Carbonated, 36g of carbs. Small can.
Recommended to all with a sweet tooth, who enjoy soft drinks with a novel flavor combination.
249433249433B001LGGH54A111BH1GN0D33ZFolantin0021238544000Not for meThe Switch Watermelon/Strawberry can is 8.3 oz and contains 140 calories. That's the bad news. The good news is that it contains no sugar, no corn syrup (that sneaky ingredient that is making its way into everything these days), no preservatives, no artificial colours and is gluten-free.

So what does it contain? Juice, juice concentrates, filtered sparkling water, natural flavours and vitamin C.

Taste-wise, SWITCH is a bit on the sweet side for me. There's a very light strawberry flavour but I couldn't pick up a hint of watermelon. Would I buy this? No because the calorie content is too high and I tend to go for fresh juices when I want juice. If I was stuck in a restaurant would I pick this to drink over nasty sugary soda? Only if they were out of water.
249434249434B001LGGH54AN81JUYW2SL24Charlie0041238544000Strawberry 1, Watermelon 0I couldn't really taste the watermelon but there was a very sweet overall flavor to the drink. The sweetness was of course augmented by the strawberry. It's not my favorite Switch flavor but it is hardly the worst. The low carbonation may be favored by some and is about on-par with some light beers.
249435249435B001LGGH54AF7K2KX9CFJ3NIndyCopperTop0041238544000A nutritious thirst quencherDrinking Switch is like biting into fresh fruit. I enjoyed the natural sweetness and natural flavors. I'm especially pleased with the vitamin content. I'm looking forward to mixing Switch with white rum or vodka!
249436249436B001LGGH54A1KKE6VX8VPWZKJ. J. Marino "Geekasaurus Rex"0051238544000Watermelon is the best switch flavor to date! Highly recommended!I love these Switch "sodas" they are very tasty and do not contain any bad ingredients. I love to drink soda and when I go to the store I can never find any without high fructose corn syrup. These switch sodas are very easy drinking but contain NO HFCS! For that reason alone I give this a 5 star. The can size is kind of small compared to what we Americans are used to drinking 16 oz soda is the standard size here in the US. These are 1/2 that size and a quick swig can knock it out.

The Watermelon flavor is awesome! In my opinion the best of the three I sampled. I highly recommend this to everyone looking for an alternative to other sodas. All Natural, no extra junk your body doesn't need.

Calories: 120;
Fat: 0;
Sodium 15mg;
Total Carbohydrates 31g;
Sugar 24g;
Protein 0g;
Vitamin C 100%

Thank you for reading my review!
249437249437B001LGGH54AMPTUVYLEH4T8James D. Nichol0031238544000Tastes Good - BIG CaloriesThese little cans, especially when very cold, are very refreshing. It tastes good. I liked the drink but I'm not wild about the strawberry part of the mix. It kind of tasted a little stale to me, not in an obvious or overt way but in the after-taste (a little). The carbonation is just right, it adds tanginess without coming back up my nose or giving me gas. Which I think, is a big plus because it is a common problem many other carbonated drinks have.

So they got the flavor and the carbonation right. However....

Personally, I like more than eight 1/2 ounces in a beverage. I'm a 210 pound guy and when I'm thirsty 8 1/2 isn't going to do it. But then I looked at the calories --- 134!

Holy smokes! There is only 100 calories in a regular Coke. So I looked at the ingredients expecting the manufacture added a ton of sugar.

Nope! All natural ingredients including the lightly carbonated water in Switch drinks. This is also a big plus but at some point I would think they would scale back the fruit juice to water ratio to keep the natural sugar level lower.

I think they make a tasty, natural product but it's not for me because its too small and has too many calories.
249438249438B001LGGH54A2LF16F0KX9L7PJohn Keitz "Islesfan"0041238544000Great Product, but the other flavor is betterOnce again, this "The Switch" is much better than any soda or seltzer product out there. Last time, I tried the cherry one and that would be my drink of choice if I could choose any drink at any time. This drink has the same great low level carbonation and is also great when thirsty (what else is a drink for?), but the flavor isn't as good as the cherry one. I realize that people's tastes vary, but I definitely preferred the other.
249439249439B001LGGH54ACAXV4V8PBCE3Texas Rose "Roseanna"0021238544000Needs more workThis product label says that it is "the perfect balance between juice and carbonation", but I think the maunfacturer still needs to reduce the carbonation further. Also, I tried a couple of other flavors beside this one, and they are all mostly apple, grape, and acerola with a hint of other things. This particular item is called "Watermelon Strawberry", and both of these fruits actually are listed on the ingredients label, unlike some of their other drinks. It is true that no corn syrup has been added, but there are still high sugars and carbs. This little 8.3 ounce can has 140 pretty empty calories in it. I think children will like these really sweet flavors, so it could be a good alternative to soda for parents to offer their little ones.
249440249440B001LGGH54A3VYKXHQDICC6philo_vance0031238457600OKYes, it is rather sweet. But what were you expecting? It's made of watermelon and strawberries, after all. There are no added sweeteners.

From the can: "100% juice. 100% RDA Vitamin C. All Natural. Carbonated. No sugar added. No corn syrup. No preservatives. No artificial colors. Gluten free. 140 calories. 36g Total Carbs"

Some salty or spicy chips or crackers will help to cut the sweetness but, of course, you will lose some of the new-age wholesomeness that way.
249441249441B001LGGH54A3D9NUCR4RXDPYKathleen San Martino0041238457600Refreshing Carbonated 100% Fruit JuiceI loved the lightly carbonated non-sweet flavor of this watermelon strawberry 100% fruit juice. Both flavors can be faintly tasted in this beverage. It is certainly a refreshing drink served over ice. However, at 140 calories for an 8.3 fluid ounce can you might want to drink it sparingly.
249442249442B001LGGH54A33GNK2H4F1EC0City Of Rocks0051238457600The healthiest soda I've ever had tastes the best.Finally!!! A soda I can enjoy without spikes in my blood sugar, the fatigue afterward, and of course all the other negative health effects from eating sugar. No artificial junk in there-no artificial sweeteners which can be even worse for your health than sugar. No artificial colors, flavors, etc. It's juice but tastes very light and naturally sweet with white grape juice, yet it's refreshingly tart, too. I loved it. Preserved naturally with ascorbic acid (vitamin C).

The cans are smaller than your traditional soda can, which may be a good thing because the drink is carbonated and probably not suitable for people with fibromyalgia or a vitamin D deficiency. But if you're healthy enough to drink soda, this is a spectacular treat. I will be buying this. It's fantastic. I hope they make an organic version. But then there would be nothing left to wish for.
249443249443B001LGGH54AYNAH993VDECTbsg20040041238371200Nice, carbonated, and not overly sweetOf the three "Switch" juices I have tried (The Switch Kiwi Berry, 8.3 Ounce Cans (Pack of 24) and The Switch Black Cherry, 8.3 Ounce Cans (Pack of 24)), this is my favorite. It is not as sweet as the other two, and it has more of a rather unique flavor of its own. It's not like eating strawberries or watermelon, and the blend of the two, with the carbonation, give it a slightly different, less predictable taste, which is a plus if you are tired of "more of the same" flavors..

The 8.3oz can (one serving) has 140 calories, but at least it has 100% RDA Vitamin C, which is certainly a big plus over the traditional Colas, sodas and sugar-loaded iced teas.
249444249444B001LGGH54A5BJMAHZWGJ7NMelaina Lara0031238371200Focus on one flavor!Switch is 100% fruit juice, which is a great thing.

But, it's too lightly carbonated. Needs more bubbles!
It's really sweet and syrupy tasting, and I like sweet. This was just too concentrated tasting.
They should focus on one flavor, (at least for the Watermelon Strawberry), since the two didn't mesh well together.

I gave it three stars because it's a better alternative than traditional soda pop for my kids.
But, I wouldn't actively seek it out to purchase it.
249445249445B001LGGH54AUV0EFKWA46TXshaxper0041238371200ALMOST the switch you're looking for...It's a fantastic idea. 100% juice meets carbonated beverages with none of the undesirable additives. Add to that a wonderfully rich flavor (think jolly ranchers, but more vibrant!) and an incredibly reasonable price tag (less than $1 per 8.3 fluid ounce can), and The Switch sure looks pretty perfect.

Except, of course, for one little devil in the details.

The Switch uses juice concentrate for its beverages. This, in itself, is not a terrible thing, but the water that's later added at the bottling facility is "filtered sparkling water" which is a flowery way of describing filtered tap water. They take the good water out of the juice and add garbage. Considering the whole concept of moving away from all that's unhealthy about carbonated beverages, one would think they could have made the drink a little more expensive and used spring water. Funny how "sparkling" strongly implies spring water even when it actually promises nothing. I find this downright deceitful.

Also, as a side note, do keep in mind that any carbonated beverage is going to contain sodium and, therefore, will do little to actually refresh you. Drink this because you like the flavor, not as a source of healthy hydration. There's nothing wrong with the fact that The Switch is carbonated. In fact, it's part of its charm, but that necessarily makes it less than 100% good for you.

So The Switch has a lot going for it, and I wouldn't be averse to picking one up every now and then, but contrary to what the can promises, this is not "100% of what you want" with "0% of what you don't." "Sparkling water" is what you get when you run your tap through a Brita filter and nothing more. Does the "100% of what you want" take into account the fluoride, pipe rust, and Grandma's discarded anti-depressants, all floating around in the tap water they're adding to each can of The Switch? If so, the company's wants differ greatly from my own.
249446249446B001LGGH54A3K93OWHKHGI9VWater Monkey "Marc B."0031238371200Good flavor, but a little too sweet.I liked this soda. The combination of the two flavors; strawberry and watermelon worked well together. I was put back at how sweet the soda was, almost too sweet for my taste. Still, this is not a soda I would refuse to drink if offered. So if you enjoy very sweet sodas (almost syrup like) this may be the soda for you.
249447249447B001LGGH54A3GQBDU5K1MRZKMom to 4 loves0051238112000Great alternative for school lunchesMy children love this drink (watermelon strawberry). Once a week they take it to school for a special treat. All natural, with a healthy dose of acerola juice (huge source of vitamin C), it is a great alternative for my children to the Gatorade & Snapple drinks the school offers (both loaded with high fructose corn syrup). My 7th grader loves it so much she is planning to petition the school to bring it in as a healthy menu choice.
249448249448B001LGGH54AESPLVBQJCNC7E. Kim0051238025600This drink is fantastic in that it tastes like "regular" soda although it is 100% juice!This drink tastes like a "normal" fruit-flavored soda, which is amazing because it's carbonated 100% juice! I think it's a great alternative to regular sodas and I definitely recommend this product. I would recommend it even to those who just want a soda, because it tastes virtually the same.

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