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249601249601B001LGGH54A1B4MIXYVIKMU2D. Truong "Duke of New Mexico"0051235692800Great Tasting Carbonated Juice!I was really pleasantly surprised with this drink. It's made from 100 percent fruit juices with no added sugar... and still tastes great. I was surprised that it does actually use the juices that describes the flavor. For example, this product actually contains real watermelon and strawberry juice. It's kind of a rare thing these days (since everything uses artificial flavors and sweeteners now)

The only negative thing I can think of to say is that the bottles are too small.. only 8.3 ounces. I wish they were at least... 10 ounces (preferably 12 :)
249602249602B001LGGH54A12E0Y0J6584RTSeanna0051235606400Switch it Up!Switch is a wonderful all natural carbonated fruit drink that's made with 100% fruit juice and 100% RDA Vitamin C, with no added sugar or sweeteners. I really enjoyed the Watermelon Strawberry flavor which is like taking a big bite of watermelon with a small hint of strawberry to finish it off. It's cool and refreshing and a great thirst quencher. The only down side is the 140 calories and the 36g carbohydrate content, however you wont find many all natural fruit drinks that don't have the same or similar calories. In the end this is a great healthy drink that you and your whole family will enjoy, and a healthy alternative to the soda pop!
249603249603B001LGGH54A2VDHSQ4EQEQKRJD Cetola0041235606400Pretty TastyThis little carbonated juice product is pretty tasty. "The Switch" is 100% fruit juice combined with filtered sparkling water. The 8.3 oz can contains 100% of daily vitamin C and 140 calories (along with 36 g of total carbs).

The watermelon strawberry can be identified as such to the taste, but it's also pretty clear the can contains some apple juice as well. A look at the label confirms this and also indicates grape and acerola (whatever that is). The carbonation isn't overpowering and The Switch tastes more like juice than a carbonated soda. The only complaint is the sweetness--the natural fruit juices do provide quite a sugary punch. Overall, pretty tasty, but very sweet. As an added bonus, there are no added colors and it's gluten free.
249604249604B001LGGH54A8QITLROF01FWR. J Kaucher0051235606400Very yummySwitch Watermelon Strawberry has a very good taste and a nice snap from the carbonation. I really enjoyed it. I'm on a diet, and I follow it very strictly, so any little snack that is portable and still tastes good is a bonus. I had it as a mid morning snack, between breakfast and lunch, with some yogurt and, there's no other way to explain it... it just made me feel good. It was almost like I was drinking a soda, but I wasn't cheating.

* No added sugar
* No high-fructose corn syrup
* Yes yum
249605249605B001LGGH54A3H7AOFQDPU0JVTimothy Capehart "Review-a-holic"0041235606400Great alternative to Soda? Maybe in a bigger can...Much like the founder (Mike Gilbert) of the company that now makes "The Switch" beverages, at our house we don't like soda for all its sugar or high fructose corn syrup or iffy sweetening chemicals. We like juice, but we miss the bubbles (and also juice can get a bit expensive when you buy the kind without all the sugar, HFCS, and brain-destroying chemicals). We mix out 100% juice with fizzy water.

The Switch Beverage Company does this for you. :-) This flavor (the only one I have tried so far) is closer to strawberry flavour than watermelon, but that's fine. It's fizzy and not too sweet.

If I had to come up with a criticism it would be that the can is too small--why not 12 oz. for a buck? But if you are looking for a healthy sweet bubbly beverage that has a vitamin or two without additives. Here is a good one for you!
249606249606B001LGGH54A23WE733QT4WGJK. Ward "Love to shop"0051235606400Super DeliciousThis a flavor fizzy drink, that tastes just like watermelon strawberry. My kids loved it. There was none left after we opened the can, that's how tastey it was! Way better than an actual soda product.
249607249607B001LGGH54A2L6BT1PVV9YN0R. OSullivan0051235606400Good Alternative to Soda, Kids Really Love ItThis is delicious and refreshing. Although sweet, its a nice alternative to soda for kids since its 100% fruit juice and has vitamin C. Update 9/2010: I continue to order this through Amazon subscribe and save. My son and his friends love it, especially the watermelon strawberry flavor. It is sweet and we consider it a treat, but the reality is that its 100% juice and that sure beats treating the kids to a soda.
249608249608B001LGGH54A3R33KMESG0XGQromevi0051235606400Great!I was actually very surprised when I took my first swig. I didn't pay attention to the ingredients, so I was expecting your typical, dull 10% fruit juice taste. To my surprise--a good thing--I was very pleased.
One can really taste the fruitiness of this 100% fruit beverage, and I've tasted many in my day.
The carbonation isn't too forcefull, either, allowing you to drink Switch very smoothly. Finally, a great alternative to your energy drinks that claim to have a fruit flavor. Say goodbye to man-made energy, and say hello to nature's source of pure health and revival.
249609249609B001LGGH54A2BVOBG7YDSVOZR. Padilla "RMP"0041235606400Natural Soda with a Great TasteThis was one of two Switch sodas I tried. Surprisingly, this one was my favorite. I thought I would prefer the Cherry version, but the Watermelon Strawberry had a much better taste.

I like that Switch is an all-natural product with lots of vitamin C and no extra sugar added. The pleasant taste makes this drink a winner for me. If normal sodas are too bubbly for you, then you'll enjoy Switch's lower carbonation.

I will ding the drink for its price. It's a little expensive for what you get. However, if all-natural products are important to you then it's worth the price.
249610249610B001LGGH54A3QL857ALV5RCJTamara Thorne0051235606400A Fruitful ProductI'm a sucker for fruity drinks but they're usually full of high fructose corn syrup or artificial sweeteners. Since I avoid the former and hate the latter, I generally stick to black iced tea, only occasionally indulging in a bottle of kiwi-strawberry or other tasty drink that makes sweet love to my taste buds.

New Switch lightly carbonated juice contains, as the label promises, "100% of what you want - 0% of what you don't." I had to try it, and most importantly I had to try my favorite flavor - watermelon. Rarely does watermelon translate well into a juice, but Switch Watermelon and Strawberry is perfection. While I generally prefer non-carbonated juice, this is an exception.

I sipped it skeptically, then practically gulped it down. I was thirsty and it was refreshing and light. I'll be purchasing more of this drink and trying other flavors as well. My only complaint? I'd like a bigger can! (The 8.3 oz can has 40 calories. There are 35 grams of sugar, but it's all from the fruit -- and it's delightfully sweet.)
249611249611B001LGGH54A1I25F9S8ZR6ETDavid71121235433600Not what I expectedI thought this would be an interesting drink, but it tasted too much like a Jolly Rancher candy. It's very sweet, and the 8.3 oz can contains 140 calories. Everything is natural in this beverage, and yet it somehow didn't taste natural to me. I think this is due to its sweetness. If you like a sweeter beverage, you might like this product much more than I did. I was thinking the flavor would have been more subtle, but this was pretty assertive for my tastes.
249612249612B001LGGH54A1ZKVLM2E00KNURyan Agadoni1241242864000Good stuffAs I stated in my other The Switch review, I really like the concept of the drink: pure juice with carbonation. No sugar added. To be honest, I don't remember exactly how this flavor tasted, but I remember liking it. I'd say it's worth trying out.
249613249613B001LGGH54ACX80IV6CGBZ0Gagewyn1231240099200ehhh Tastes like a mixer, not a stand-alone drinkThis was OK. It had a mellow flavor. The carbonation was extremely weak and barely noticable.

It didn't taste like a beverage in and of itself. Rather it tasted like something you might mix with alcohol to make a girly drink. It tasted slightly better mixed with Vermouth but only because it was then alcoholic.

I do not recommend this beverage.
249614249614B001LGGH54A2RX62V4E2BF5ZCeleste "Vodka, Apple Pucker & Sweet 'n' Sour"1231239753600Okay....It's just okay.I tried the black cherry switch and was not impressed. I thought I would give it one more try and give this flavor a chance. It's better, but still not something I can get excited about. The watermelon strawberry flavor is faint enough to where it is almost overpowered by the carbonation. If you want the taste of a fruit drink with the healthiness of fruit juice, this may be a good option for you. It was an unimpressive option for me.
249615249615B001LGGH54A2I98OOPNIJNYYAltar Boy "Pax Vobis"1231238803200It may be carbonated 100% natural juice but . . .As a kid I grew up picking and eating my own oranges, mangoes, bananas, watermelon other tropical fruits. I know what 100% natural fruit and juice tastes like. This product does not taste natural. If watermelon flavor had been absent I don't think I could differentiate this product from a strawberry soda you can get from any vending machine. Moreover I am not crazy about carbonated drinks considering the current discussion about certain negative side effects that may be caused by carbonation in general. You really can't put fresh fruit in a canned drink. For those of you who are interested in a nutritious fruit drink that is good for you, take some frozen grapes, strawberries or cherries and put them in a smoothie blender. Add some grape juice, apple juice, cranberry juice or whatever you have (that is 100% fruit product), some pineapple (if you like), a banana (if you want some thickness) and some ice. Blend and then pour in a nice ice cold glass and enjoy! Now this is 100% naturally good for you. Nice try Switch - but I'd rather switch.
249616249616B001LGGH54A2PSD2R9A1CXG7L. T. Beasimer ""1211236297600100% natural, but... - A Switch watermelon strawberry soda reviewI received a can of the Switch watermelon strawberry soda through the Amazon Vine program. The can, slim with a normal soda can height, contains 8.3 oz. The ingredient listing shows mostly fruit concentrates. Plus the packaging is enticing with all its promises of a healthy alternative.

This may be a natural soda, but it tastes like an artificially sweetened diet soda. The combination of juice to carbonation is good, but the watermelon strawberry flavor is overwhelmed with sweetness.

I compared the nutritional label to a can of Coke and Dr. Pepper. Even though these are not considered healthy alternatives, Coke and Dr. Pepper both have about 27g of sugar per 8oz serving. At 35g per 8.3oz serving, the Switch soda has about 8 more grams of sugar. With this difference, it's not difficult to see why it tastes so sweet.

I wouldn't drink another of these. I couldn't even finish this one, it's far too sweet.

100% natural
No preservatives or artificial colors
No sugar added

Sickenly sweet
Tastes artificial
High sugar content
249617249617B001LGGH54A2EFIUAOF4YRANAn Avid Book Lover1211236211200Yuck!This stuff is awful - it tastes like carbonated Triaminic. It sounded good as I love watermelon and I love strawberry which is why I ordered it.
I took a giant swig and . . . . well, the rest you don't want to know about anyway. I passed it off to my 20 year old son who had the same response. We had a good laugh together which was the redeeming feature.
249618249618B001LGGH54A35V32HZEGZH04W. Easley "Opa"1241236211200The New 7UP?When I was young my mother would give me a eight ounce glass of 7UP whenever I had an upset stomach. Although I never knew why, for some reason the 7UP always worked. I decided that the reason must be either the lemon lime flavor or the carbonization. Since lemon lime juice did not provide the same effect, I decided it must have been the carbonization.

As a disabled person I have become sensitive to diet, and my dietician suggests I drink a glass of juice regularly. So normally I drink a glass of apple or prune juice. When I discovered Switch which claimed to be carbonated juice, I decided to test it to see if I could get the benefits of 7UP and juice in the same drink.

First I noted the ingredients of Switch. This drink, which claims to be 100 percent juice, lists ingredients in the following order: grape, apple, acerola, strawberry, watermelon juice concentrates; natural flavors, ascorbic acid (vitamin c). Acerola is a cherry very high in vitamin C. Considering that strawberry is listed fourth and watermelon fifth, maybe the drink would be better named grape apple.

Comparing this "watermelon strawberry" drink to 2 other juices, revealed to me the following information on several key factors:
Sodium: Switch has 15 mg vs 25 for apple and 30 for prune.
Carbohydrates: Switch has 26g vs 29 for apple and 43 for prune.
Sugar: Switch has 26 g vs 26 for apple and 24 for prune.
Calories: Switch has 140 cal vs 120 for apple and 180 for prune.
On that comparison I choose Switch because of its lower sodium.

It appears that since Switch is 100 percent juice and low in sodium, my choice must be on taste. Upon drinking, I instantly feel the carbonization, followed by the predictable belch. To me it tastes slightly sweet. It doesn't taste like strawberry or watermelon, but I detect a hint of apple and cherry. In general it is a pleasant taste. Since Switch is better for me than soft drinks, I will purchase it to replace my mother's "cure".
249619249619B001LGGH54AFVDHQ4W359NHBrett Farrell "Offenbachinate!!!"1251236124800Have the gods finally heard my prayers?what can i say that will actually be published about this splendid drink. It is carbonated sugar water. As per usuall the grape, apple juice content seems to always dominate in fruit drinks (unless they're suppose to taste like grapes or apples). The calories and carbs only seems high but in reality compared to a regular soda drink it is much worse since the quantity is greatly reduced in these drinks (Switch brand can 8.3oz regular can 12oz). They however make no pretensions of being a health drink with the exception of their pure juice declaration. All in all nothing shocking here, especially as we grow used to paying a lot for a little in todays economy.
249620249620B001LGGH54A1ER6IYOMM8VCT! MR. KNOW IT ALL ;-b "DR SHOCK"1211236124800TOO SWEET AND SYRUPY FOR MY TASTE!Well, if this is all natural you can have it! The first thing you'll notice is the can is only 8.3 ounces. The sugar is higher in this can than in a 12 once Coke! The soda is also too sweet and syrupy for my taste and I would advise all to leave this one on the store shelf, grab a Coke and get your natural fix elsewhere!
249621249621B001LGGH54A15LK8DSFQZZ52Patricia R. Andersen "redheaded booklover"1221235606400Weak, watery taste.I feel duped when the front label proclaims "100% juice" and "Watermelon Strawberry" and then the small print says that it is mainly apple, grape, and acerola juices.

And the vitamin C content is not noteworthy. A decent diet has enough vitamins.

So, why bother with it except for the taste? Well, the taste is weak, like there's too much "filler" juices and not enough of what's advertised. And the (sour) strawberry taste completely overshadows the watermelon--you'd never know there was any watermelon there.

It wasn't so terrible that I didn't drink it--unlike other Switch drinks, of which one sip was more than I could stand--but I'll never buy it again.
249622249622B001LGGH54A3JLOIXFM75QNVVal "LOTRMatrixHPLostFreak"1221235606400Not overly sweet, but not great tasting eitherI reviewed a different flavour- the Kiwi Berry, which was pretty nasty. This Watermelon Strawberry faired a bit better. It wasn't cavity sweet, but it wasn't entirely pleasant either. I actually managed to finish the can. It is slightly carbonated, not nearly as much as regular soda, so I didn't mind it, and has 100% Vitamin C which is good. I'm not sure if I would recommend this product, or this line of products. Even those who like soda may not like something like this because of the false sweetness factor and those who live on water may not appreciate this new type of drink either-I certainly don't. I certainly don't think the price is worth it. Not even close.
249623249623B001LGGH54A2X6J6AFLLYVXHM. HILTON1221235520000Not a low calorie drinkOk, here is my Vine Review of this product. It is only 8 ounces, so the can is small. I pictured it being the size of one of those Arizona Tea Drinks in the big can for .99 cents. Anyway, the can says Watermelon Strawberry, but when you read the side panel you will see that they add the usual Grape and Apple to water it down. The mixture is a little syrupie and does not really taste like natural Strawberry-Watermelon at all. The carbination is minimal, almost like it was a flat soda. Now to the good part! The little 8 oz can has a whopping 140 calories, 36 carbs and 35g of sugar. Not a good drink if you are a diabetic or are trying to lose weight. I was not impressed with the product at all.
249624249624B001LGGH54A1B6O7SAIYG2N0Jacx "J.C."1221235520000Tastes like a fizzy Jolly RancherSwitch, watermelon/strawberry. 35g sugar in 8.3 fl oz can.
11 year old tried it and said it was biting his tongue. I tried it and I know what he meant.
If you ever had Fizzy pop candy, its like that. Sharp tangy. Tastes like juicy juice with a bang.
With that being said some people might like those sensations, it just didn't work for us.
249625249625B001LGGH54A32EWDQQD286OYKristysue2451229385600Best drink ever!!!These Switch drinks are the best alternative to soda drinkers that want the "fizzy bubbly" (carbonated) taste but not all the empty calories or artificial chemical sweeteners that sodas have. I've already tried all the flavors and love them all. These are tasty, healthy alternatives to grab instead of something bad for you! Enjoy!
249626249626B001LGGH54AZAKCIFE27RAAChicago Gal0111241654400False AdvertisingShort on flavor and not as advertised. Says no sugar but doesn't admit to the sugar found in the concentrated juices. My teens felt it was just ok with the flavor. I did not like it at all. Is it better than drinking pop? Probably but does the high price warrant the small differences?
249627249627B001LGGH54A3DO4WR849ZRYVKent Baker "Photoguy"0131240531200Switch Watermelon Strawberry drinkTasty but not superior to other drinks of this type that I have tried. I had expected something out of the ordinary but this wasn't it. Is is tasty, but not memorably so.
249628249628B001LGGH54ACYR6O588USK' Groovin' guy "music historian"0151240272000Expensive but Worth ItThis is a good, sweet drink with all natural juices.

It's more expensive than other sodas and maybe healthier.
One can contains 140 calories and 35 grams of sugar.

I'm only writing about the taste which is a combination of sweet and tarty.
I don't drink much soda. When I am in the mood for a soda, this one would be what I'd pick.
249629249629B001LGGH54A2RQOO8VYAEZZGCupcake0111239148800Cloyingly sweet, and flatYikes. It might not have high fructose corn syrup, but you wouldn't know it from the taste. Really, really sticky sweet, and no discernible fizz on the tongue. You can see a few languid bubbles when you pour it in the glass, but it's nothing you notice in the drinking. It's at least twice as sweet as Kool-aid and every bit as fizzy. You could cut it with about 2/3 soda water and it might bring the sugar down and the fizz up to an appropriate level for adult consumption. Now that I think of it, I wish I had tried that--it's more a flavored syrup than an actual beverage.
249630249630B001LGGH54A30IP5D5DLHRPAKyle Slayzar0121239062400Costs Like an Organic, Tastes Like a Generic (Another Redneck Perspective)Once again, in an effort to appease my hippy lady friend I tried some "all-natural" crap since my Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper didn't have enough natural ingredients. She convinced me to buy a 24-pack of Switch Watermelon Strawberry soda, which cost me more than 5x as much money as my non-eco and non-zen-friendly Code Red. I've purchased 24-packs of Budweiser that were cheaper and they came in 12-oz cans and not this dinky 9oz.

And then there's the size issue. Now, I'm told size doesn't matter (although, I'm convinced she lied) but I do feel like I'm coming up short when I'm faced with a 9oz as opposed to a regular 12oz. This is especially true given the price. It also fails to recognize my manhood, such as it is, when I'm grasping a can smaller than a Red Bull and it doesn't even give me wings.

The next thing I noticed, when I opened the can, was the pleasant aroma remiscent of... Old Orchard? I cracked open the first one while driving in my truck and my good buddy Drewfus sitting next to me took a sniff, looked over and asked, "is that a soda or are you drinking apple juice?" The scent was that pungent.

As if to add insult to injury, I took my first swig. The first thing I noticed was the high sugar content almost akin to a Monster drink. To confirm this, I later examined the can (before properly disposing it at the shooting range) to discover Switch had more sugar than a regular coke and nearly as much as Dr. Pepper. This is insane as it has more sugar content than an already sugar-filled drink that has three more ounces on it.

The next thing I noticed in the taste was a very familiar element. Almost as if I had tasted this before during my sober days. Later, I found myself drinking a generic Shasta kiwi-strawberry soda I obtained from the local grocery store (Western Family equivilent for West Coast and Sam's for you Wal-Mart shoppers) and then it hit me, it tasted just like Switch. I quickly grabbed another Switch can and compared; the tastes were nearly identical.

So, what can I possibly get out of spending as much money for a 24-pack as I would for a Blu-Ray DVD that tastes like a generic? Maybe feel greener since I drank something that I think came from environmentally friendly alluminum similar to environmentally friendly acid from hybrid car batteries. It still tasted nice, but I felt seriously ripped off given the price. I certainly was motivated to get more Busch Light since I seem to get more bang for my buck that way, which says A LOT.

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