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249727249727B001LGGH54A3UOS7EC0NN88AJonathan Strawn0031239840000A pleasant drink but not much substanceThis drink doesn't taste bad, and while you are drinking it the taste is rather enjoyable. But the cans are too small to quench your thirst, and the taste is so light that it is forgotten moments after drinking. I would compare this to drinking water, but it is not as good.
249728249728B001LGGH54A1F2EYORWOZ3G1Kevin Stanton "stanke36"0041239840000fairly good drinkI tried this one and the kiwi flavor also. This one was a little weak on the tast, but not to where it was undesirable. My only complaint is that they are carbonated. I wish they weren't, but for refreshment, especially in summer heat, they will certainly offer a new taste and quench the thirst.
249729249729B001LGGH54AG8E2F0G98ZTBFritosgirl0041239753600DecentSwitch Watermelon Strawberry was tasty, but not something I would go out of my way to order online. It took little time to finish the beverage. I would have preferred a larger ounce size. While it's not completely thirst quenching, it was filling. I recommend washing the cans before drinking, if you drink straight from them. Mine arrived dirty, with dirt from the warehouse all over it. Your 24 pack might be packaged better than my sample drink, but just in case!
249730249730B001LGGH54A2LW5AL0KQ9P1MErica J. Dymond0041239753600A Tasty Alternative to Soda ...Allow me to say that my situation may be different from yours. I have been a vegetarian since childhood and have perpetually experimented with all sorts of crazy foods -- so my pallet is accustom to more "natural" flavors.

I have struggled for years to break my soda habit (besides the high-fructose corn syrup there are a number of other ingredients I'm simply not comfortable putting in my body). (And, Dr. Oz has been fairly forthcoming in saying that these products promote free radicals which hurry the aging process). Switch gave me the carbonation and sweet taste that I crave. No, it's not my favorite Mountain Dew ... but it's a good second-place and a wildly better choice.

Some people are complaining about the calories (140 a can). For me (and maybe you), that's not a concern. What impresses me is that this drink is 100% juice. Why drink empty calories when you can fuel your body with goodness?

Bottom-line: this product may surprise you! It has a pleasant flavor, is lightly carbonated, and crushed my desire for soda. I must admit, I am a fan!!
249731249731B001LGGH54APZWKX3F1YX37JAG0041239753600Pretty Good but too sweet...For the occasional drink, sure. But the sugar content is a little high because of the fruit. It tastes pretty sweet, but still good...I would drink it when I feel like something sweet. I bought one case and I will drink it over the course of a couple months. However, compared to Tommy's Naked Soda, it falls flat.
249732249732B001LGGH54A1BT6TL7UCIC5YQuoad Toad0041239667200Tastes vaguely like watermelonI have tried two other flavors of Switch and found only this one (Watermelon Strawberry) tasted anything like the name suggests. As with the other Switch flavors, Watermelon/Strawberry is decent, but not great. As someone who loves fruit, I greatly prefer The Switch over Coke or Sprite.

However, don't let the marketing fool you. While this drink doesn't have high fructose corn syrup (which I hate), it is still very high in calories and definitely not good for someone who is on a diet and looking for an alternative to regular Coke.

The main fruit ingredients in all Switch products are grape and apple. Strawberry and watermelon on the lowest fruits on the list of ingredients.

Overall, I enjoyed the flavor of The Switch products I have tried. However, I find the advertising slightly deceptive and would have preferred it to contain fewer calories.
249733249733B001LGGH54A3R7RE5O61M112@homemom0021239667200We won't be making the SwitchWe're not soda drinkers in our household, an occasional sprite maybe but otherwise I like to mix club soda with fruit juice when I'm in the mood for something bubbly. This sounded intriguing since it's toted as being all natural.

I expected a much less sweet flavor, not that it was bad just that it was VERY VERY sweet and candy like. I'm also shocked by the high calories, granted juice in general is high calorie but I was still surprised. My husband really liked the taste and even considered it refreshing so your opinion will likely vary pending what you're accustomed to. Not something I would give my 5yr old or reach for again myself.
249734249734B001LGGH54A19GSC3QMK694QColorado Hermit "ColoradoHermit"0041239580800a little too tart & too carbonated for my taste.This drink isn't too bad. It's a little bit to far on the tart side for me, (but with a little splash of spiced rum, only for those old enough of course, ;) makes it a lot better.
Over all, I like it & if it was available around here and didn't cost too much I'd buy it.
249735249735B001LGGH54A84FLVDK2R5JFNathan M. Rose "Movie Guy from FlickDirect"0041239580800Refreshing Alernative To Regular SodaYou body is craving a drink. You want something carbonated, but seltzer water does not do it for you, and soda is just horrible for your body. Enter Switch. This amazing drink tastes like soda, but is all natural. The watermelon flavor is the perfect thirst quencher.
249736249736B001LGGH54A36HEY6E2XQT75mommylove "dc"0051239408000Refreshingly Real !!I really wish amazon would have sent me more of these...I just started drinking this drink and I finished the whole can I one time..

I totally love this drink and now really have SWITCHED

This is so much better than 0 nutrition Carbonated drinks.

Its got real fruit extracts not just essences..and is a clear smooth pleasantly carbonated drink.

I am totally switching to this over colas...I hope my supermarkets sell these soon.
249737249737B001LGGH54A3LVTATM6TO27BM. T. Vancampen0031239321600Candy in a CanMy 8 y.o. son and I tested two The Switch beverages--this flavor and Kiwi-Berry. I think we both preferred the latter. Although, my son seemed to like both. My thought is this is because they are both quite sweet. While the Kiwi Berry had a pleasant taste, this one tasted not so much like real watermelons or strawberries as it did the artificial imitations of those flavors one finds in candies. I can see how this would appeal to a child. But, as an adult, I found it odd to be drinking a beverage--and one advertised as a healthy alternative to soda (not so much)--that reminded me of my childhood addiction to Jolly Ranchers. Plus, the cost is exorbitant for what you get.
249738249738B001LGGH54A3J356L2ADK05Zcrown of indica "buckethead noir"0041239321600goodtastes like a carbonated fruit juice that really close to soda, but not exactly.good stuff though!
249739249739B001LGGH54A2QR043WBXXX6LStephen Cunningham0051239321600VERY refreshing!I am usually not a juice person... but this product combines the effervescents of a carbonated drink, with natural fruit taste, and no added sugars. I was very surprised how sweet and delicious the flavor was. Best of all, there was no sugary after taste. Just a clean palate, as if one had eaten a piece of fresh fruit. The product is a tad pricey, but very delicious!
249740249740B001LGGH54A2CZPM110DW516B. W. Fairbanks "Brian W. Fairbanks"0021239235200Too acidicThe name of Switch Watermelon Strawberry should probably be reduced to just watermelon since I didn't detect much of a strawberry flavor. The taste that was apparent was so-so at best, but what I dislike about this drink is that it feels like I'm pouring acid into my mouth. It's too acidic by far for my taste, and the sugar could be reduced. This may be "natural," but it isn't much of an improvement over good ol' Coca Cola.

Brian W. Fairbanks
249741249741B001LGGH54AL4SB31UAZLXLJennifer Donovan "5minutesforbooks"0041239235200Not as good as the Berry KiwiI've tried several of these sodas, and my favorite flavor is Berry Kiwi. This (Watermelon Strawberry) is my second-favorite.

These are a good alternative to soda, if you are willing to pay the price. I like the fizz and the fruity taste.
249742249742B001LGGH54A3DOPYDOS49I3TConfucious0051239062400Taste pretty good...This drink is a great alternative to soda. It has a little bit more sugar than soda but this has better ingredients than a regular soda can. It is a little pricey for a pack of 24 but it is better for you and it taste great. So far this is my favorite flavor from the line of switch.
249743249743B001LGGH54A1R4VHGGF1H23YJoseph Morse0051238976000Really tasty but very sweetYou don't want to drink a couple of these while you're sitting at your desk no burning a lot of calories. The Switch drinks are loaded with sugar (33 g. per 8.3 oz can), but they are all natural and taste great. They're great during of after intense exercise or make for a good mixer with high-quality vodka! This flavor is one of the best--it's the most natural watermelon flavor I've encountered in a drink like this. While it doesn't fit every situation, it's a tasty treat!
249744249744B001LGGH54AQ6N3O7KR4ERKMel K "Laroque"0021238889600Super sweetI appreciate the more "natural" angle of this soft drink compared to more staple carbonated drinks, but this was too crazy sweet for my taste buds. I don't know if the formula changed but I'd had one of these in the glass bottle from the store before and this one felt like a completely different animal.

I guess if you like Crush drinks and the like, this may be up your alley though.
249745249745B001LGGH54A3EPJSPH03AS29pebblepuppy0031238889600It's differentI like the idea of 0 added sugar with fruit flavor. I liked the flavor, but really could have done without the carbonation. There wasn't a lot, just enough to notice, but it took away from the fruit flavor. I drank the whole thing and it was ok, but I'm not sure I'm ready to switch. Maybe a second chance is in order since I've had a cold and not tasting everything just right.
249746249746B001LGGH54A1C0SOX7DPXY65M. Jobbagy "Follow Your Bliss - Joseph Cambell"0031238803200Tasty and HealthyThis flavor wasn't too shabby. I've had the black cherry before, and it wasn't bad.

This was a bit sour, and lightly carbonated. The all natural ingredients are the big plus here. It was watermelon juice colored, I hardly noticed the strawberry.

After trying the 1 can of black cherry previously, I had mentioned in my review that it probably would taste good with some rum. So with this one, after taking a sip to see what it tasted like by itself, I dumped a shot of raspberry flavored Bacardi rum into it. It was quite the fruity sensation, and had a nice kick to it.

I would try this one again.
249747249747B001LGGH54A2KX7C5O86E58Twilightjoan0021238803200Too Strongly Flavored & "Watermelon" is the LAST Ingredient!The flavor name of this "The Switch" drink is "Watermelon Strawberry." I thought there was a law in what you put for the beginning names of a flavor -- it is supposed to be the main ingredient by weight. For example in a soup named Beef Vegetable the ingredient of Beef must be listed as one of the first ingredients in the soup, not "potatoes, carrots, etc." In this case the first ingredients are "100% juice" reconstituted with "filtered sparkling water" of the following juice concentrates: "Grape, Apple, Acerola, Strawberry and Watermelon." Note that Watermelon and Strawberry are listed last and next to last among the fruit juice concentrates.

I think the drink tastes too strong and the carbonation is too strong. Even after adding ice AND letting it become diluted, the flavor is too strong. Now that would be a good thing if I liked the flavor but I do not. I have tried one other flavor, the Kiwi Berry and it is also like this as well -- too strong.

AND like I said on the other review, I think it would make a good base for an ice cream punch bowl drink. A lot of vanilla ice cream would help. Would not buy it for a regular thirst quenching drink.

140 calories for 8.3 oz. including 36 carbs (35g. sugar), 15mg. sodium, 100% daily allowance of Vitamin C.
249748249748B0025VPE9OA1QNPSEWHE4C7XBarry N. Witt4451309219200Durkee tenderizer is a good oneWe don't use a lot of meat tenderizer so when we ran out of our Adolphs, it had been a while since we had purchased it. They didn't have it in our local store so of course I went to Amazon to find some. The best thing about Amazon besides prices is the great collection of reviews for almost every product and after reading a few, I discovered that Adolphs no longer used papain and instead had switched to the other common enzyme bromelain. This made me realize that the last Adolphs I had purchased was not the original formula and gave me an "aha that's why it doesn't seem to be working as well as I remember it used to in my younger days" moment. A little more research and I found that Durkee meat tenderizer still uses papain. We purchased a 3 pack of the institutional size Durkee tenderizer which is probably more than I'll use in my remaining time on this earth so we gave two of them to friends. I have to say that this is the tenderizing effect I remember from the old Adolphs brand. Tougher cuts of meat are now very tender when we mechanically tenderize and use the Durkees tenderizer. As explained by the experts, papain doesn't deactivate until well over the medium rare temperature for beef so you can't leave extra meat in the fridge too long after using this tenderizer or it will be mush. We are very pleased with the Durkee product and with the price of tender cuts now being rediculous we have a weapon to keep our meat costs down. Thanks Durkee for a great product.
249749249749B0025VPE9OA10M6EMAXEANY2Gwynn A. Evans2251337644800Best meat tenderizerThis brand (Durkee) meat tenderizer is next to impossible to find where I live in East Tennessee. It is simply the best. I am so glad I was able to find it on line.
249750249750B005WINV42A2BN0ZQ947XJ64Sarah Krueger0051337472000DeliciousThe smell alone will make you salivate, it is that good. It comes with rock sugar mixed in, so I don't ever use any added sweeteners.
249721249721B001LGGH54A1W661TC1P6VQIKevin T. Rodriguez "The Movie Revi...0031239840000Great SurpriseI want to start this review by stating that this is not the perfect balance between juice and carbonated drink I've ever had. That said this is certainly a good alternative for those who love carbonated drinks but don't like some of the ingredients. Switch has attempted to address this concern and I feel it's a step in the right direct. This is an Watermelon/Strawberry flavored juice that is carbonated but without added sugar, preservatives, corn syrup, or caffeine. In other words this is about as natural as you can get without, you know, drinking the real juice.

The can is also thinner then a soda can so you're not getting as much liquid as you would a Pepsi or Coke. This means there is less fat in each can, and the makers claim the product is glutton free. It does have a bit of a weird aftertaste, but after a few sips it stops bothering you. While not a perfect drink it's one I enjoyed and will likely pick up again in the future.
249722249722B001LGGH54A3IFKBUE064H5VNia ""0031239840000Not a good ReplacementThe drink is not something I would ever pay to drink. I couldn't even finish the whole can. It has the fizz of soda but doesn't quite taste right. It's not exactly bad tasting, just not good tasting either. I can't say I would ever replace any drink with this one.
249723249723B001LGGH54A3MCBV388X4A1ZM. Wood0031239840000Sweet carbonated juiceThe Switch Watermelon Strawberry drink is good tasting and all natural. It should be emphasized that it is full-strength juice, not a "flavored water" type product. For that reason, I found it a bit strong because I am not accustomed to drinking much juice. The carbonation does add a bit of lightness to it though. I like that it didn't taste too artificial.
249724249724B001LGGH54A3H6P6JIOKELT6Jennifer Wardrip0031239840000It might taste good...but it has just as much, if not more, sugar than a regular 20-oz. soda.

My kids did enjoy the taste, and I'm happy with the mix of juice and carbonation. But this is definitely NOT a healthy alternative to soda.
249725249725B001LGGH54AE1IT64JYGU4OM. Haddad0031239840000Good flavor but too carbonatedI really liked this drink. The flavor of the watermelon and strawberries was not overwhelming. It did not seem very different from the other flavored carbonated drinks that we buy in vending machines.

I like that it is all natural with no preservatives but I did not like the fact that it is very carbonated. I also like the fact that it does not have corn syrup or sugar that is in most other carbonated beverages.

I think that kids would probably like it more because it tastes like candy.
249726249726B001LGGH54A353U0L2HAMSHVCricket "Living life and loving it!"0021239840000Way too sweet!I've tried 4 different flavors of The Switch brand beverages. This is my least favorite due to the overly sweet candy like taste. Truthfully I was only able to drink about 1/3 of the can before I had to put it down. If they would lighten up on some up the more sugary juice and let the other flavors come through it might not be as bad, but even my kids thought this one was too sweet. This may be considered a "healthy alternative" because it is made with fruit juice and no added sugar, but the taste says otherwise.

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