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249781249781B00020UGMUA1RGO6DIJ8VSC7matt c0031322697600eh, just okI purchased the Leonidas Chocolates from Amazon about a month ago. My wife and I love chocolate. After reading the raving reviews I felt this would be a great gift. The shipping was very quick, so no complaints there. The chocolate had a nice flavor, but we were not impressed with the fillings. If we had to choose, the hazelnut was the best in the box, followed by a white chocolate that was good. For the price, you can find better chocolate elsewhere.
249782249782B00020UGMUA3IPK5P4XREUP1Tobias Heeb0051275091200for me mumI bought these as a gift for my mom. She was absolutely tickled to get them... and then hide them under her bed.
249783249783B00020UGMUAM6U0HPEQ4JUVAsa0051252713600Consistently excellent serviceI've been ordering Leonidas Chocolates for gifts for nearly five years and I've been completely satisfied every single time.
249784249784B00020UGMUA1AC1VNWAG32ZRPatricia A. Stevens0051249084800yummyMy Son loves chocolate, I got it for His Birthday, they are really outstanding chocolates!!!
249785249785B00020UGMUAAMPD1LUYEO9CM. Maher0051244505600Tasty giftWe sent these to my mother in law who is in a retirement community. She loves the chocolates and likes to share with the nursing staff and her friends.
249786249786B00020UGMUA1Q7A78VSQ5GQ4Nice Lady "a reasonable person"0031213747200poor shipping & handlingShipping was horrible. They claimed they couldn't keep it cool for delivery to NY in the summer (How come Godiva can?)

Chocolates good, but........ (others can be better-maybe these were just handled & shipped so poorly that they were no longer good).

Gave as gift, I think I can probably do better.
249787249787B00020UGMUA3W1S66QMKDPG1KEVIN VAN DEN BROEKE0051194048000Belgian ChocolatesThe best chocolates in the world and you can buy them on amazon, i'm a belgian so i know what good chocolate is, try these and be amazed!!
249788249788B00020UGMUA3FFTZ804N6P2SDavid Q. Ziegler "Texasdave"0051193961600Excellent chocolatesGave these to my dad for his birthday. They received rave reviews. Highly recommended.
249789249789B00020UGMUA1GIJSR25ENRURJonathan C. Fogelman3541140998400A GOOD VALUEThese are a very good and a lot cheaper than other chocolates, some of which are not a lot better.
249790249790B00020UGMUA1XYW8TT0MMZ6VGerald Merritt1231320192000Leonidas Belgian Chocolates: 1 lb General AssortmentI ordered a Leonidas Belgian Chocolates: 1 lb General Assortment. I had to pick up the box at a local UPS outlet one day after the first attempted delivery. The weather here is mild, not very hot or very cold. When I opened the box and sampled the chocolates I immediately noticed a stale and unpalatable taste. I recognized this taste from what occurs when chocolate is frozen or exposed to refrigerated air. I responded to an email from Amazon asking for a review of my purchase. I recounted my experience. I received an email from Leonidas claiming that to their knowledge the product was not sent damaged. Leonidas stated they would replace my order. They have not. I emailed Leonidas again asking about their intentions to replace my order. I have received no reply. Amazon attached a statement to the email I received from Leonidas disavowing any responsibility for Leonidas' product or the delivery of it. So, here is my response: I will make no more purchases of food stuffs from Leonidas until a refund or replacement is forth coming. I understand Amazon's position, but as a consumer of many items purchased via the Internet, I think that Amazon needs to review their policy regarding 3rd party vendors. This is the first time any product I have purchase from Amazon had a problem. I am somewhat shocked that their attitude towards my problem is: you're own your own.
249791249791B00020UGMUA1V7NO21SZPFMSStephen Thomas2441194825600Okay, but.....I've read reviews of different chocolates on Consumer Reports awhile ago and Leonidas was given a good rating; I was curious as to how this would taste. So, I ordered it for the family (I just sampled..). The packaging is really nice.. it would make a great gift. As for the chocolate itself, well... it is better than most store brands, but not as good as Godiva. I would rather pay a little more for better quality, or pay a lot less for a bar of Cadbury.
249792249792B00020UGMUA1H2EZUKQ0V6CPDaniel Max0141308355200Very delicious!I ordered these chocolates for my girlfriend a few weeks ago. The only problem I had was that Amazon said it would take 3-5 days to deliver, which was great because I could receive the chocolates and give them to my girlfriend and surprise her, but they delivered them the very next day.

Other than that, great product. Beautiful packaging and great taste. I would recommend these for sure but be aware of the shipping time and expect them faster than 3-5 business days.
249793249793B00020UGMUA3T322MYU0I63OMojo0151286409600Excellent ChocsI placed the order on a tuesday and it was delivered the very next day. The chocolates were absolutely wonderful and incredibly delicious. Will be ordering again definitely.

The packaging was beautiful and for the price i feel that the chocolates are of a very high quality. i would recommend this product esp as a gift for your GF.
249794249794B00020UGMUA2PU238MKLHPPLbook-lover and Law&Order Fan3611278633600Will never buy again.I bought one box after reading the nice rating/reviews. My hubby gave it a so-so rating. I tasted it, and was ultimately disappointed. I felt that I had to write a review to tell others. The chocolate is simply okay, comparable to $10/lb chocolate I buy at local produce. But the fillings were horrible (most of them). Given it is $36/lb + $18 for shipping, I am sure I will never ever buy another one.
249795249795B00020UGMUA3INN916E4VIONS. Kosloske0541181865600I'd like to give it 5 stars, but...It's just got that great. Of course it's very good, it's Belgian chocolates, but I've had better.
249796249796B00020UGMUA20YTSYB64D24IJ. Probst "Jserialkiller"55811164067200Overpriced.People who spend this kind of money on belgian chocolate will likely never be able to afford a vacation in belgium.
249797249797B002WF8N1EA1J070VZR4M6REpino "pino"0231278547200Good price. ok tasteI don't mind the duck flavour, but I prefer the shrimp. It has a unique taste. I can't explain it.
249798249798B007STH5BSAZ1F724AQAEO9susan d beterbide0051345161600Yummy!What can I say...I love this dressing! Not usually a fan of bottled dressings...this is the rare exception. I love the fact that it's vegan and low calorie. I'm going to try their other products soon.
249799249799B000E5U37GA5PWBYAO77MU0A. Mickus1151290902400Great change of pace.This is a great alternative to tuna salad or tuna casarole.
If your a crab cake fan, you can't pass this up.

I'm not, but my wife is and we both love this product.
She hates the casaroles, but still loves this.
We'll try adding this to the casarole recipe, some time soon.

When our local grocers stopped carrying it, I started to buy it by the case
and sharing with friends and family.
Who knows maybe I'll recreate enough demand for the grocer to carry it again.
249800249800B000E5U37GA2MYJHHU216MGVT Hall0051322006400Wow! Better than I expected!I have made their salmon cakes before and found them pretty good. So I thought this would be a nice change for tuna too. It truly is easy, and tastes delicious. A couple of notes to the reader. Remember that most tuna cans are now FIVE ounces, not SIX, so your recipe will be off a bit from standard. Also, I chose to skip adding egg, just to see. Ten minutes later I was enjoying wonderful cakes that didn't taste fishy or dry. I chose to use albacore, and I find that more mild. The mix provides a spicy, flavorful patty that's easy to shape, holds together well, and simply tastes great. Definitely will add this to my list for go-to, easy and tasty meals!
249801249801B000E5U37GAME5H3EQQ7E6AMissKitty "deegirl71"0051281225600YUM!All I can say is this stuff rules! Can't find it in the foodstores anymore but I love it!
249802249802B000E5U37GAY3417HUUC1AWTD Kohl0051249171200tasty mixWe love this mix and is hard to find in our grocery stores! Ordered a case and love having it in my pantry for quick dinner fix!
249803249803B000E5U37GA30R1CQB41YKLBCharles Allard "cdallard"0051232841600If you don't have time to start from scratch...It's always better to start from scratch, and it's always better to be a well known executive chef, but most of us don't have time...and just aren't great chefs. Next best is Zatarain's, or the other brand I won't mention here. Quick, genuine and delightful, you'll keep the wife and kids at the family table with these tuna cakes, and why not an entire New Orleans dinner... woops, the kids will bring their friends, so let's make an evening of it. The key here is fast, easy, authentic and CHEAP! Sure, there are the diamond studded flunkies who can afford the lobster and crab, but for those of us who work, Tuna will do... Whether the kids are three, or thirty, these cakes will please and you can keep the fat down. I say, give them a try... and if you are single and expect that special person over for dinner, show her that you can cook, feed her right and you wno't rergret it.
249804249804B000E5U37GA25EUHIHNGB4UTAnyWoman "0051188172800
249805249805B000E5U37GA1Z7XV6JU0EV8MBarbara "Barbara"0311181001600Zatarain's Tuna Cake MixI tried the Tuna Cake Mix, added tuna Disappointed! I then added crab to a batch, since the main ingridence is the same for tuna, or crab. Still the same, not what I expected. Your better off making these from scratch.
249806249806B004UD6NUYAZAAJPFH8Z1RALaurie S0031319846400Not as it seems...Please note that the item that is shown is NOT the product that will be shipped to you. In spite of the seller's contention that the item is same (but in a new box), the actual tea is a different concoction. Purchased for my mother, who eventually called the makers, who did in fact say that the tea's ingredients have changed -- and is much stronger! Buyer beware :)
249807249807B001EQ5D9MA22NZ9DNB0A4T0Monika Mclean "AfternoonBooks"1151236470400Only 40 caloriesJust a note for everyone that thinks carrots and celery are the only snacks you can get on a diet. This mini roll has only 40 calories, a big burst of flavor and packs in any lunch bag, mini-clutch, pocket, wallet, you name it. Two thumbs up for a great snack for kids and adults alike.
249808249808B003LQN55MA33N3L7J9C2O6JD. Money1151300924800So much better than the usual dried minced onion.Fresh at Hand Onion Mix is a mixture of red onions, white onions, shallots, and chives. Because of the process of flash-freezing and drying, they are the next best thing to fresh. . .and more convenient. You won't be disappointed; you'll find many ways to use these gems. Try it!
249809249809B003LQN55MA4PI4DZJSVF6QBianca0051348012800Easy way to add flavor to many thingsI love this onion mix and am so glad to be able to buy it with Subscribe & Save. This has become a staple in our house and has more uses than you can shake a wooden spoon at: mashed potatoes, soups, scrambled eggs & omelets, salad dressings, dips, marinated mushrooms, sauteed anything...

Also, if you are a fan of a certain famous cream cheese in the Chive and Onion flavor... this spice mix is your ticket to making your own version at home...for much less money. I've even made it with yogurt cheese, which is a bit healthier and also yummy.

The flavor is surprising for a freeze dried spice and ridiculously versatile. LOVE!
249810249810B004AJIGM6A3QATZZBAJRI5ZM. Jimenez "funcontessa"0051329955200DELICIOSO!!!!!Add a few choco chips and my son has breakfast for the week! He warms them up in the microwave and smiles!!!

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