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249811249811B004AJIGM6A38E8X39VB9PNQGonzo "Nanoman"0051326585600Easy tasy healthyKrusteaz Muffin Mix is bulk packaged and complete...just measure it out, add water and stir. The muffins taste very good with good fiber and low fat. We have tried additions, like nuts, apple sauce, dried fruit,yogurt etc... They have all tasted great. My wife is try to naturally reduce her cholesterol and oat bran is helpful.
249812249812B004AJIGM6AS8AGSKQ76JUTS. K. Roberts0051325289600love this muffin mixI was so glad to see this muffin mix available online b/c I can't get any at our local grocery store. They carry all kinds of Krusteaz mixes , but not this one, and it's the BEST! EVERYONE loves these muffins! And, they are better for you than most! ENJOY!!
249813249813B004AJIGM6A2LUB3WUYPU0SMRickMD0051322611200Great product but brutal price increaseI bought 5 pounds of Krusteze Oat Bran Muffin Mix three weeks ago and loved it. I went to order more today and found the price to have increased by 39%! I find it hard to believe that a price could go from $8.78 to $12.18 in three weeks...
249814249814B004AJIGM6A2MTCB028IVQQ1love 2 scuba0051315094400Krusteaz Oat Bran Muffin MixThese are by far the best muffins you can buy anywhere! Problem is you can't find them half of the time! Add a few chocolate chips and YUM!
249815249815B004AJIGM6A2CZE17B14IG4IRebekah V0051296777600Best Muffins EVER!Krusteaz Oat Bran muffin mix is the best ever. Nothing I would pick off the shelf, seeing just the name. I'm not a health nut. But I love Krusteaz Oat Bran muffins. I was practically raised on them. They're really easy to make (just add water, stir, put into muffin tin, and bake). I can't buy them in town, so I was delighted to find them here. Seriously, give them a try. You won't regret it!
249816249816B008FR9OTIA58XCEQOUSB1GMom0051348444800Looked soooo REALThese were a gift for my son at his & his wife's 'family & friends' baby shower .. I ordered real cigar boxes on-line (empty of course) & put the cigars in two different boxes .. when my son opened the boxes, he thought they were REAL cigars because they look so much like the real thing .. when I told him they weren't he had to open one and eat it .. he thought they were great!!! It took some prodding to get him to share with the other men & boys at the shower :)
249817249817B0018CAD4WA2QQ5YAYT6JZQ5Raquel Christiansen "MOM"1131268697600Dora CookiesWell first I was very excited to be able to order these cookies for my daughters Dora and friends Birthday party, because I had seen them in stores @ valentines and really liked them!! So when I seen the pic of Dora and Boots (cookies) I thought it was perfect for the boys and girls treat bags, girls get Dora and boys get Boots cookies, so I ordered them. But dissappointed when I recieved them and there was 24 Dora cookies only:(( So the pic of the cookies Dora and Boots is not what u get!!!!!! Love the cookies in general but pic was a little decieving!!! Would have luv to have 12 Dora and 12 Boots COOKIES that would have been PERFECT!!!
249818249818B0018CAD4WA2NSRWK03QRBR0Mahima Pant0011320883200Very dissapointedWhy would you advertise for DORA cookies and send me HELLO KITTY cookies. How can I contact you ASAP because I am absolutely annoyed right now.? My daughter birthday party is this Saturday and is a DORA themed birthday hence I ordered from you since these cookies were perfect as favors. I am very disappointment in the way you do business. Please contact me regarding this
249819249819B0018CAD4WA3NOU4FBT12AFZJosie0011309910400Very dissappointedI ordered two sets of these and received only the Dora character cookie which looks nothing like what they display. I am very dissappointed.
249820249820B0018CAD4WAMOTP1FQN1F10amanda "NEW jersey mom"0031243900800no boots, disappointed ;(I ordered these cookies and expected boots the monkey but did not receive them. I spoke to Amazon who sent a replacement package. The replacement package also did not have boots the monkey. I did receive compensation, however it did not help with needing them for a 3 yr old birthday party. Dora cookies look nice, produced in 07 and expire in 09. Before ordering next time I would contact customer service.
249821249821B001E5DRCSABKZBE3O1Z5CUUta "Uta"151551215216000Will purchase againThese almonds were shipped quickly, and arrived in perfect condition. The nuts were fresh and well-packed. I'll be purchasing this product again.
249822249822B001E5DRCSA2XJETMGR7APBOCarolyn "Clean air freak"181951269993600Know the difference between Raw or notAll of the people complaining about "stale" nuts were expecting nuts that were processed and cooked. Raw nuts are different from cooked nuts!
249823249823B001E5DRCSA2VDZ6ESLTUESELinda Dee131551210377600Bergin's Nuts are the BEST!Bergin's nuts are the best. i have never had fresher & tastier nuts. and I eat alot of nuts being a vegan. I even have my non-vegan friends eating a handfull everyday. "they" say that if you have a diet that includes nuts and seeds you will live years longer and much healthier.
249824249824B001E5DRCSA30R8VFR16RE32K. McAllister141811319068800NOT RAW ALMONDS! See belowThe FDA made it illegal to sell RAW Almonds in the Fall of 2007. There are people who believe that the cure for cancer lies in the raw almond, and when the FDA got wind of it, they took them off of the market for 2 cases of food poisoning. I don't see cantaloupe being outlawed and we had how many deaths recently from food poisoning?)
You can google the ruling and the outcome(s).

The fact that this company advertises these as "RAW" almonds makes me angry. This is false advertising. They are steam pasteurized. See the email below from the company to me, after I emailed them asking if these were truly "raw" almonds:

Customer Service to me
show details 10/20/2011 12:09 PM

All our raw almonds are steam pasteurized.


So, if you're looking for truly "raw" almonds, you must look at your local Farmers' Markets, or grow your own.
249825249825B001E5DRCSA1Z0KXDENDYGZXG. Bozarth "gaboze"3321243814400gabozeThese nuts were a disappointment. Not near as good as the reviews that I had read. The nuts taste stale to me and were not very tasty. I normally purchase my nuts from another source and I have found them to be fresher and with more flavor.
249826249826B001E5DRCSA3D5D9QQ3KZSCYAnne S. Bailey "Newbern newswoman"3351216684800bergen nut co. raw almondsBergin Nut Company Almonds Whole Raw, 16-Ounce Bags (Pack of 2)I toast the nuts with pecans and make almond-pecan butter to spread on bread for an afternoon snack. It is very good and smells great when toasting.
249827249827B001E5DRCSA27NVONAMPYGSYK. Lore5651291075200These are RAW, not roasted! Read before you buy!As a few other people have stated, the majority of the poor reviews for this item are the result of incorrect expectations. Raw almonds are a completely different nut from what many people expect when they think "almonds". I prefer them because they are softer, chewier, sweeter, richer, milder, etc. than the roasted almonds most folks are used to. These are fantastic. If you know what to expect from RAW almonds and that's what you're looking for, these definitely fit the bill!
249828249828B001E5DRCSA1ZSF5CJ0A4CIOFancy Trimmins131811244764800GrossOrdered these on 6/9/09 and received them today, 6/12/09. They are so stale they actually BOUNCE on the kitchen counter and I can bend them almost in half. The 'use by' date on the package is a year from now, May 2010. By then, they'll be compost! Steer clear of these. Horrid product. I can't be bothered wasting my time and money returning them, so I'm pulverizing them with the rolling pin and giving them to the dogs with their supper! :(

Updated 6/21/09-Amazon's Customer Service acknowledged my e-mail complaint promptly and just as quickly credited my account. Hats off to Amazon for great customer service. (I never did give these to my dogs...)
249829249829B001E5DRCSA28GDZ3F1HXB7TPop "J. Paine"1141249430400Very tasty nuts, but packaging could be better.I like the taste of these almonds. At first I was surprised by the small size of the package; I assumed that a pound of almonds would be a big bag, but not so. Size notwithstanding, the packaging claims to be resealable. However, the adhesive label fails to close the bag properly. So, if you are adamant about freshness you may want to pour the almonds in another type of container. The price seems to be a bit higher than normal for this quantity, but most likely can be attributed to the cost of shipping built-in.
249830249830B001E5DRCSAC8I3UIHA1A8Mfit girl1151245024000good qualityThe quality of the almonds is so much better than my local supermarkets. I just started eating raw almonds, and I didn't think I would be able to tell the difference between suppliers. Besides the great quality, the pricing is good, too.
249831249831B001E5DRCSA2BEMT5E4MWWQPTee Gee "Just fine thank you."1141243987200If they were organic they'd be perfect-deliciousThese are the most flavorful almonds I've ever had.
If they were organic I'd give them 5 stars.
Based on flavor and freshness the deserve 5 stars!
249832249832B001E5DRCSA3BEX2DCNPEMEZThiggy1151235174400Excellent QualityI find these are excellent quality almonds at a resonable price. They are really going fast---going to have to order more soon.
249833249833B001E5DRCSA13KXP6VULYVSZJoseph P Cochran1151234224000Great AlmondsPackaging was simple and easy to open. They nuts in the bag are in fact raw almonds of high quality. I recommend this company to anyone who wants good nuts at lower than store prices.
249834249834B001E5DRCSABVQ4VI0UHIK2Sherry Lee3411289606400Rancid nutsI ordered Bergin Nut Almonds, whole raw in the 16 ounce bags. I was disappionted because they were on the rancid side. I should have complained, but I would expect their quality control department to check and taste before shipping. I should not have to be inconvenienced by having to return or dump a product. I have had good results with their cashews. I just think Quality Control was not on the ball.
249835249835B001E5DRCSA1XKPPISFN210FISPND2MCH "FTR2011"5741296432000Seriously laughing out of my seat...These are RAW almonds. They are not cooked. Those that said these are stale must have never had a raw nut or seed. Raw nuts and seeds have a slight chewyness to them. Geeesh! Too Funny.
249836249836B001E5DRCSAG6ZTUOO0QX05woody ware2351266364800Great almondsI bought 2 pounds of almonds that has a great taste and are good for you.
249837249837B001E5DRCSAJVQGAXBA8NVQJude "Pepper"5811257465600StaleVery Disappointed. Old, stale,soft and bitter. I bought for holiday cooking but would not serve to anyone in any form. Based on other reviews, it sound like quality control needs to be evaluated as product is not consistant. Not worth returning. I had better luck with the Azar almonds on Amazon and a better price.
249838249838B001E5DRCSA2XDE5X2TLAJ5VT. Flynn5811255910400Stale NutsThe almonds I received from the Bergin Nut Company were stale. I ate some and ended up throwing the remainder and the second bag in the trash. Shop elsewhere...they were a waste of money.
249839249839B001E5DRCSAJ1P59G0KJN9YStephanie0131253404800StaleThese were stale. I ended up toasting them and making almond butter out of them.
249840249840B001E5DRCSA2BIL90A5BG3E5Lois Mittleman4811263340800Bergin Nut Company Almonds arrived stale.These arrived today. They are stale and chewy. There is practically no flavor. I am soooo disappointed!

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