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249855249855B0007A0ARGA1JUKPQQDBEOGXVinoGal0051222732800My dog LOVES these more than us!My dog is pretty picky and she goes crazy for these. She is 10 lbs, so we break them into pieces and dole them out. This is the only treat she begs for. The ingredients are all natural and the product is made in the US. A bonus is the donation of a portion of the profits to the dog and cat cancer fund.
249856249856B0007A0ARGA36WLPKOEZGYRARandy Brosnahan0051173571200Sophie's ReviewMy dogs love these treats. They taste good and much healthier for them.
249857249857B0026PVUBKA2FK4UKLGTDXIRAirForceGem0051316476800Very tastyI love the taste of this tea. It didn't induce my labor (only walking seemed to get the ball rolling), and of course I can't tell you if it 'toned' any of my lady parts, but I had a very quick smooth labor so maybe it did something. I am now 7 weeks postpartum and I'm about to order more just bc I like the taste of it. I enjoy this one much better than the Milk Maid. Super Satisfied!!
249858249858B0026HFX8EA1P9P6194SI7TIChristine Kay "CMKaySD"0051331164800very funI bought these to use on cupcakes for a beach themed bridal shower I am hosting. They are really cute and I love them. I don't need 144:) - but that's okay:) I'll probably use the extras as decorations on the tables.
249859249859B000FSPQTMA1G8USRY17IR1XMichael D. Adams151651251158400Now THIS is jerky chew!I recently received a roll of this jerky chew, and will say that THIS is what jerky chew should be like! I have previously tried and reviewed the Jack Links Chew, Original Flavor, 0.32-Ounce Units (Pack of 24). That stuff tasted like ground up cardboard and pepper that blows away when you open the can. Buffalo Bill's chew is has plenty of flavor, but also is actual shredded (not ground) jerky. The only fault is that occasionally you might get a little chunk that's too big for your lip, which makes it kind of painful. But I usually just chew those right up anyhow. This chew is neither too dry nor too moist.

I like to use jerky chew when riding horses or working in dusty conditions, as it helps keep my mouth moist. And though it's not laced with caffine or nicotine, it does help keep you awake because it keeps your mouth and mind busy.

I will say without a doubt that this is the best jerky chew I've tried thus far. Even my kids like it!
249860249860B000FSPQTMA37GL6C86F86QDN. Cekis5551167868800Jerky "chew"This shredded jerky is great, my son loves it and buying it like this is cheaper than buying it at the store.
249861249861B000FSPQTMA1MSTGEH2UQFR2Hunter man "dANG"5551151366400YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHOWWWWWWWWWWWWI just love me some Buffalo Bill's chew while i'm out on the hunt for some ducks with my birddouga Otis
249862249862B000FSPQTMA3TPWWEVOL3YHYM. Filek4451156204800Fantastic!This company is VERY accommodating and was quick to re-ship my missing UPS shipped order. The general manager took care of the problem personally and quickly. This company definitely has my future business. They have a fantastic product and even better customer service!
249841249841B00523N2QEA3QMDLF8R5TFKWgarendt1151326844800unusual addition to stir fryThis is really 3 reviews in one. I purchased this can of preserved vegetables and a package of Chinese sausages to fulfill an ingredient list for "Long Bean Stirfry" in Grace Young's cookbook, "Wisdom of the Chinese Kitchen" (also purchased from Amazon). The vegetables were an assertive pickle of julienned mustard stem which added just the right note of authenticity to my stir fry dish. Texture was crisp; flavor was a blend of salt, chili and spices that complimented the subtle flavor of the mustard. Yummy!
249863249863B000FSPQTMA11ME0MQFE6CVHJVUE057931262908800Buffalo Bill pulled a fast one on meI ate shredded beef jerky chew years ago when a friend gave me a can. I liked it and it was pretty good so I thought I'd buy some. Despite the positive reviews I got a mixed bag. It turned out 42% (or 5 out of 12 cans) of the Teriyaki beef chew was bad, I don't know if they tried to slip in some old expired jerky to pull a fast one to cut losses or a bad batch was mixed in. By bad I mean it tasted like saw dust in your mouth and wood chips, when jerky chew tastes like saw dust with bits of wood chips it isn't jerky anymore. Eating the bad jerky is like putting sand in your mouth or better yet ashes or even sand paper. I did however buy a roll of the Hickory (black cans) and a roll of Spicy (red cans) and those were better in my experience. To know if you have a bad can shake the can and if it sounds like a lot of pebbles are rolling around in the can then you got a bad can that will taste like saw dust. If I wanted sand in my mouth I would've went to the beach.

I only got 7 good cans
The good cans tasted like I expected it to taste

Got 5 bad cans
The bad cans taste like saw dust & wood chips
I had to feed the bad cans to the dog

Looks like Buffalo Bill was able to give me the slip on the Wild West Trail and swapped the good jerky I was suppose to get with saw dust. My recommendation, avoid the Teriyaki unless you want saw dust in your mouth and pick up the Spicy and Hickory flavors instead. I have a hunch that no one buys the Teriyaki flavors, that would explain why almost half of the ones I bought were bad. Would I buy this again in the future? Probably not.
249864249864B000FSPQTMA5V68X0DBYZE2D. Schreiber2251256515200A ReviewThis product came extremely fast by USPS. The product was packaged really well. And for the product itself: I loved it, well worth the price.
249865249865B000FSPQTMA12P4VFWLMPRBLCraig1151338595200Awesome!Tastes great! Sure the amount in each varies slightly, but VERY slightly. Tastes great and isn't very chunky there are a few now and then, but I didn't expect perfection anyway. I'd definitely buy it again!
249866249866B000FSPQTMA2WGLVBFRL6677RF1151336608000Jerky chewInitial problem with shipment was resolved and I am very pleased with this product. I like the flavor of it, much better than others that I have tried. They stand by their product and are in touch with their customers if problems arise. I will definitely buy from them again and highly recommend them.

Wow, great product, great customer service from a great company, They have made me a loyal customer for their great tasting beef jerky products.
249867249867B000FSPQTMA1V6GTZY5MFSWQW. Warsinski1141242086400pretty good.This tasted very good, but i'm not a fan of shredded jerky like this.

be careful opening the lids i almost spilled one cause i didn't cut the label all the way.
249868249868B000FSPQTMA194CHOSK7470QFranklin F. Smith "Frankasaurus"1151235865600Great flavor and value.This teriyaki is great. I love the chew style, it is good for work meetings and the like. The flavor is awesome, and the value is right on spot too. Great product, I will buy more when I run out.
249869249869B000FSPQTMA2Y4LJILX8NERSD. Proffitt1151195689600My son loves this stuffMy son loves this stuff also, hard to find in our area, cheaper this way also. Fast shipment ordered on Sunday arrived on Wednesday. Great Company!!!
249870249870B000FSPQTMA2QUHC6IAO3H5EDarkovrlord0051298332800Great productI purchased this product a few days ago and I am very satisfied. It came earlier than amazon stated and it tastes great too. they even included a free sample of teriyaki jerky with it.
249842249842B005FMA7WEAOK9X2WWUOWF8M. Mitchell3351326326400HCG friendly and tastes wonderful!This is my favorite capella drop flavor! Tastes great mixed with mineral water, lemon and blended strawberries add stevia to taste and it's wonderful. HCG friendly!
249843249843B008A0AM3CA12CM28ILOSZ3Yjas3290041346716800YUMMYI first tried Trung Nguyen Creative 5 coffee from a friend who brought it over from Vietnam. SO GOOD. It's like drinking chocolate, if you make it in a phin filter and add condensed milk. I bought two of these through Amazon, and they were still good. Not quite as flavorful as I remembered, which is why I gave it four stars. But that's depending totally on my memory, which is sadly a fallible tool. I'm going to order more when it's time for more coffee.
249844249844B0007A0ARGA3V06YLB49R2Z9LaNae Phillips "LaNae303"4431233705600Zuke's Power Bones ChickenMy dog loved these, but I thought it was a bit pricey for 6 oz...also these are soft chews and not 'bones', I thought they were like Milkbones. Nothing wrong with the product, maybe I should have paid more attention to the description.
249845249845B0007A0ARGA1JUKPQQDBEOGXVinoGal4451217289600She loves them!My dog is picky. We have never been able to train with treats, because she just wasn't that into them. We picked up Zuke's and can't get over how crazy she is for them.
They have great natural ingredients, including Vitamins, Omegas and Flax. No artificial colors, flavors or by products. They do have chicken but are made in the USA. I was surprised how many dog chicken treats are made in China.
249846249846B0007A0ARGA1NGA4JANQJD3PClare Bear "Clare"3351237680000Love emMy dog who is an extremely picky eater just loves these and its great that they are healthy and natural.
249847249847B0007A0ARGA3URGVZA532GOFA. C. Garcia0051349308800Awesome!!These are great! My pup looooves them. Usually I give to her after exercising. It's her power bar!! Great quality, NOT from China, which I really appreciate. They are a perfect size (bite size), but sometimes I brake them in 2 pieces for training. I recommend for dog owners that like quality over quantity.
249848249848B0007A0ARGA2FHTVG4606Q3Smarv0041344816000dog power, power bones from amazonmy dog loves the power bones, my sons dogs wouldnt obey me untill i strted feeding them power bones, now they are excited when they see me coming!
249849249849B0007A0ARGA1IL1Z9LYTFRJBTodd R0041341619200Good Treats For Your DogsMy dogs like these treats and the cost on Amazon is good. I prefer Zuke's Mini Naturals for treats, but these are good too.
249850249850B0007A0ARGAS5CX8MSIW8NOAmos0041340841600Dog loves the taste!Not really sure if they really are "power" bones, but my dog loves the taste and doesn't complain! We buy lots of other Zuke's products as well, and my Golden loves them all.
249851249851B0007A0ARGAJHOQI0PH83A4Katie0051335052800My Dog Loves them!My dog loves these treats! We are planning to bring them backpacking as an extra snack for her out on the trail. They smell good, like real food, so I feel good giving them to her.
249852249852B0007A0ARGA2940E7Y50RE3EMalakai0051335052800Loves it!So far Lola (my dog) absolutely LOVES these...anything with peanut butter is great so naturally these she loves...using them to teach her new tricks by breaking them into 4 squares.
249853249853B0007A0ARGA3P4PSSMN6RJW8H. L Melamed0051307750400Looking to super charge your dogMy Westie, Oliver loves these treats and he really enjoys running agility courses. These treats are a real motivator for him.

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249854249854B0007A0ARGA2MBZJUP1058FTL. Lois0051288396800Pricey--you betMy dogs are absolutely crazy about the chicken power bones. However, $7.49 for a 6-ounce package???? You have got to be kidding. The local organic food store sells them for $3.59.

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