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249931249931B006Q7YG56A32RONAJLKDF3LV. Block0041350518400A nice, bite sized snackAll three hounds ate these quite enthusiastically. They're made in the USA, and have a lengthy list of ingredients that all appear to be healthy, a good mix of protein fat and fiber. I lopped one star off my review, as ~$40 a pound is rather steep for a dog snack.
249932249932B006Q7YG56A2WX8REGY23RQUElakshi "brighteyes"0051349481600Delicacy for my dogsOne of our dogs is extremely picky when it comes to food and treats. Sometimes he just sniffs and then turns away, obviously disgusted. Sometimes he'd take the treat in his mouth and then moves his head down so the treat just falls out of his open mouth on the floor. Then he walks away... He is an awesome dog but quite the character.
However, these treats are a big hit for both of our dogs..!! They aboslutely love this healthy delicacy. They are a bit on the pricey side but I will order them as a special treat for them once in a while. Highly recommend this product.
249933249933B006Q7YG56A9NXTC0HTPSDOMaggie0031348876800Great Treat For Dogs! VERY EXPENSIVE!!My dog loves these treats! They are a good all natural product which I have no issues or concerns with giving it to my dog. I feed my dog Wellness Core because he cannot eat grains due to skin allergies. So to find a good quality grain free treat that my dog likes is great. I break the treats into 4 pieces because of the cost. Four ounces for almost 11 dollars is quite costly. That means these treats are 44 dollars a pound!! I won't be buying much of these treat very often because of the cost. Sorry Natural have a great product line but 44 dollars a pound is ridiculous! This isn't filet mingnon people! Five stars for quality 1 star for price = 3 Stars overall.
249934249934B006Q7YG56A106Q1A6LGU4DPgnapye0051348358400My dogs love itI have two dogs at home, and my sister has another. One of my Pomeranians is extremely picky which makes it difficult to purchase treats or even foods that he isn't already familiar with, because it's more likely than not that he will reject whatever I get him. Imagine my surprise when my dog loved this treat! He always runs to the kitchen when he senses I'm getting a treat for him, and he actually jumps up and down when he sees that I have these.

My other dog is sixteen and has no teeth, so unfortunately these are too hard for him, but I try to break of very small pieces for him so he's able to get a taste. My sister's dog will eat everything so no surprise that he likes these too.

They're a little pricey but I think that given how much the dogs love these, and the fact that I have small dogs so these can last for a little while, makes them a worthwhile purchase when I'm out.
249935249935B006Q7YG56A2FS38D943KX12chefdevergue0031348012800A hung jury amongst the kitties results in a mistrialWe have four cats. Two of them went crazy over these treats and fought with each other to claim every last bit of the treat. A third one tried them once and never could be induced to try them again, and the fourth refused to have anything to do with them. Every other cat treat we have brought into the house has always been greeted with unamimous enthusiasm, so I don't really know what to think of this. Your mileage may vary; for my part, if I am going to pay this kind of money for a cat treat, I want something I know everyone is going to like.
249936249936B006Q7YG56A1GW7V6S6XSXX3Christopher Mayo0041347840000A Favorite TreatOur dog loved the Nature's Variety Instinct Raw Boost Bites Freeze-Dried Treats, Chicken, 4-Ounce Package, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is working on training their dog. The ingredients are healthy, and apparently it is quite tasty.

I gave it four stars, because the treats are a little larger than I would like. Of course, you can just break them in pieces to make great rewards. They crumble a bit, but those crumbs still work! Our dog still hasn't got all of the commands down, but at least she looked forward to the training.
249937249937B006Q7YG56A215P85W653CZVNagronsky "Nagronsky"0041346025600Don't let the large size put you off.....These were recommended as suitable for cats, but when I received them, they appeared to be far too large for my kids, so I tried them on the dogs of a few acquaintances, and they absolutely loved them(and now love me)! I realized that these are easily broken up into smaller pieces, so I tossed some bits in the kitties' dishes, and they also clamored for more, unlike most "cat treats". I'd say give them a try!
249938249938B006Q7YG56A1WH5J3AP5JR7HDave Astle0051345852800My dogs love these!I like that these are healthy, pure freeze-dried chicken that I can feed my dogs. My dogs go nuts for them. The treats are too big to give my dogs a whole one but that's okay because they break up very easily. I break them into fourths and give them a fourth at a time.
249939249939B006Q7YG56A23NSKTMSPPBTRWayne0031345680000Great ingredients, but cats can be finickyWhat I find attractive about this product is that the right combination of protein, fat and fiber for your pet. The ingredients read like a list of actual recognizable foods such as plants and animals that you would actually buy in the supermarket rather than a long list of artificial ingredients you would never use in a recipe. Aside from one mineral and one natural preservative, the are things I'd gladly eat myself.

The down side of the product is that my cats wouldn't eat it. In fairness, cats can be finicky, and of the three cat treats I have in my house, one cat won't eat any of them. The other likes just one. Obviously I wouldn't buy them, but it's well worth a try especially if you have dogs. If your pet does end up liking them, you can feel good knowing that they are getting real food that a chef might have come up with for their health, rather than something that a laboratory invented.
249940249940B006Q7YG56A19XBW5WUDH1ZDavid Nox0031345680000Raw Healthy Freeze dried snack ...but so expensiveNature's Variety Snacks seem to have the right ingredients. My dogs were barely interested in the treats.
I'm not an animal nutritionist but I've always known that cats need more protein than dogs.
Granted this is just a treat but I would think that is why few treats and designed
for dogs/cats. I was shocked to realize at the current price these treat cost over $43 per pound.
Why not save money and buy your pets Filet mignon or the finest wild Alaskan Salmon.
I'm exaggerating of course but I hope you get my point. You could buy a food dehydrator
and make your own beef or chicken treats for your pet.
249941249941B006Q7YG56A2UHHEP0J237RUturtleXings "bookworm chick"0041345680000Like the conceptI really like the concept of this brand. In fact, I was quite thrilled reading all of the ingredients.

The biscuits are dry and a bit on the hard side, but despite being a bit older, my dog ate any that were proffered to him. The crunchy bits are probably good for cleaning his teeth. He's a 10+ year old 80lb Doberman-Weimaraner mix and not a picky eater, but he wasn't overly excited when offered the treats. Maybe he was just wary of the new food. He seemed relatively pleased after the first taste because he begged for another. However, later that night he had a bit of an upset stomach and had to go out more than once.

I know that dogs may typically have a range of upsetting digestive reactions to new foods. I'd advise only offering one or two treats until their digestive system has a chance to adjust.

I think I'm going to give it a few more days to see if he adjusts and still can happily enjoy the treats because I'd much rather give him these than the fake bacon garbage.
249942249942B006Q7YG56A28WXDXJA1P0MCT. Casto0051345593600My 3 dogs loved theseI have a bullmastiff, Rottweiler, and shih tzu who looooved these. Not many come in the bag so if you have big dogs they might not be worth it to spend money on, but I broke these into quarters for my shih tzu. Due to so many pet food and treat recalls over the last couple years I am wary about many things I feed my pets. These being made in the U.S. made me more comfortable than some things made in China. I will stock these for my small dog but at the price they are now I won't buy them for my large dogs.
249943249943B006Q7YG56A26KXNN6H1IL0IA. Tegtmeier0031345420800Neighbor's cat don't like itWell, we do not have cats of our own, but our neighbor's cat frequently visits us. I thought it would be nice to feed her something wholesome, organic and healthy from time to time, so we tried the Raw Boost Bites. She didn't like it. Nibbled a bit on it and then spewed it out in disgust. We had more success with the customary tuna fish and ham diet.
I have to admit that the sample size of one is not really representative, so I have no idea whether this cat has a special taste, or whether this product is just not what cats want. I may need to try it myself to get a better idea about it ...
249944249944B006Q7YG56A209G57KXCBF4CStephen "radman2020"0041345334400My dog likes itMy dog likes this product. That is most important. It doesn't have a foul odor... The description says you can break it in pieces... you can but it is a bit dry and pieces don't come off in the same size consistently. Overall I would recommend.
249945249945B006Q7YG56AFEYHFH2GH0QZAll Things Urban Fantasy0031345075200My Rat Terrier loved these, but my cats wouldn't touch them.I got the chicken flavor and my Rat Terrier loved these, but my cats wouldn't touch them. They just sat in the cat dish until I had to throw them out. Since I got this because it was supposed to appeal equally to cats and dogs, I'll probably keep hunting for something else.
249946249946B006Q7YG56AR1T36GLLAFFXScott FS0041345075200My Dog Liked these, my Cat, not so muchMy dog liked the Raw Boost Bites, eagerly eating them out of my hand. She is a treat hound, and likes these as well as any other treat product. My cat ignored the treats, as she does most treat products.

The advantage to these Bites are the fact that they are freeze-dried at the factory, and retain a level of freshness until the package is opened. It's a little difficult to open the package, but I was eventually successful without resorting to a pair of scissors, which was nice.

The smell of the product was as one would expect, with a musky meat (Chicken) flavor that presumably is irresistible to dogs (if not cats). Not something I'd be attracted to, but then again the product is meant to appeal to your animal friend rather than you.
249947249947B006Q7YG56A3DOPYDOS49I3TConfucious0051344988800Best treats yet for cats and dogs....This is by far one of the best treats. What is best is that they are for both cats and dogs. Usually when I give my dog or cat a treat they eat it right on the spot. When I first gave them these treats, my dog and cat ran away with these treats on hand. They left and probably savored them in private. The treats are great and they are the size of a half dollar and about a half inch to three quarters inch thick. You can probably cut these in pieces perfectly using a knife. If you do it by hand it takes a little more strength and maybe a little messier. Overall, these are great treats that you can use for your cat and dog.
249948249948B006Q7YG56A35X2JJI49OBZPC. Bayne "katluvr_1"0041344988800Natural pet treatsThese "bites" are almost Oreo cookie sized. As they are, they aren't the best size or shape for cats, though these are marketed for both cats and dogs. I crumbled one of these up and dropped them in front of the kitties. Only a few of the kitties seemed to like the crumbles. A couple of them weren't interested after their initial sniff. A few of them tried to give the crumbles a second chance.

I think these would be better for dogs. While the concept of natural and raw is awesome, the shape and texture isn't the best for cats.

ETA - I gave these to a friend who has 2 puppies, and they LOVED it. She has 8 cats as well, and though the cats were interested, they didn't care that much. I had given this 3 stars for the cats, but if you have dogs, they are definitely 5 stars. So this review is for 4 stars.
249949249949B006Q7YG56A1G2ACLAQAQU3Sbluebreaks0051344988800My cats LOVEEEEE thisI have 3 cats. And they all are now obsessed with this. I got the chicken flavor and I crumble one biscuit up, splitting it 3 ways and put it on top of their wet food. I feed them wet food only, but one of the cats is a dry food/dry treat addict. I give her small amounts of grain-free dry food occasionally to satisfy her, but now I think I'll switch to this! I think she just needs something with a harder texture and this is perfect.
249950249950B006Q7YG56A2OW1FKQFPIA5DDMD0041344988800Good Quality, But ExpensiveWe got the Raw Boost Bites in chicken flavor. Although my dogs will eat anything, they were especially excited about these treats.

The quality of ingredients is excellent. No grains--just freeze-dried meats, fruits and veggies, with some spices, and preserved with vitamin E. They smell VERY chicken-y, moreso than conventional treats. The freeze-drying gives these biscuits an odd texture, kind of like cardboard. They hardly weigh anything.

While the quality is good, there are a couple of negatives. First is the cost. My box only contained 18 treats. I have two big dogs, so if I gave them each three cookies/day (not unusual), this box would last us... three days. Second, while the size is fine for a larger dog, you'd have to break them for a smaller dog. This makes a huge, crumbly mess. Third, after eating one, both dogs do this weird smacking thing with their tongues for a full minute, as if part of the treat is stuck to the roof of their mouths. I don't know if this is bothersome for them, but it drives me insane.

Overall, I'm giving this 4 stars based on the quality of ingredients, but I would not buy these because they're just not economical. I don't want to spend $20+/week on dog treats (sorry, doggies!).
249951249951B006Q7YG56A23ZNGL704AW7OJennifer Ray0031344902400Cats, raccoons, possums, and skunks turned it down - but the dog likes themWhen I saw Nature's Variety Instinct Raw Boost Bites Freeze-Dried Treats in the Chicken flavor, I thought it would be a nice treat for my four indoor cats. I opened it up the very night the package arrived and gave one to each cat. They were interested in these treats at first, licking at them, sniffing them, and one cat even nibbled a little of it. That was the extent of their interest, however. All four treats were still laying on the floor 24 hours later. I've never seen these cats turn their nose up at a treat and they have never left one alone that long.

I set cat food on the porch for some of the neighborhood strays, and along with those kitties I see raccoons, skunks, and possums visit my porch every night. I took the four treats my cats turned down and put them on the porch. The next day I found that not even the scavengers liked these treats.

The package says these treats are for cats or dogs, so I took the rest of the package to work, where my boss brings his dog every day. CD (the dog) wasn't so sure about the first one, but took it anyway and ate it after looking at it for a bit. After that first one, she ate another right away when she got it and seems to enjoy them without hesitation now.

I would say that these are probably not a good buy for your cats, based on my kitties' reactions, but your dog might give it a shot.
249952249952B006Q7YG56A2E7RX6AFUDQEXElizabeth Finlay0041344902400healthy, happy snackI wanted to really use the treats a few different times and such to make sure they didn't upset donny's stomach and be able to give a more detailed review. :) Thanks for sending me treats - Donny (and now Bella) love it. :)

So for the Raw boost bites:
I really liked these treats because they were such a novelty and treat and my dog gobbled them up super fast. I think I they would better if they were smaller so that the dog doesn't swallow a huge disc of a treat. I really enjoyed knowing that I was giving my dog a really healthy treat every time and it wasn't going to add to his waistline too much. I think due to the large size of the treat and having a small dog I would see if there was a smaller treat size then I would buy them. They would be great for a larger dog though so you wouldn't have to worry about the large size of the treat.
249953249953B006Q7YG56A2XIOXRRYX0KZYB.L.0051344816000My dog LOVES themI have a very very picky dog. It's pretty routine to pick out new treats that look like they should be delicious, but have them be completely snubbed once we get them home. I would honestly probably never have taken a risk on purchasing this treat (as opposed to getting a review sample for free) due to the price, because I'd have assumed there was such a slim chance my dog would agree to eat them. It turns out, though, that she thinks they're fantastic. She gets the same slightly crazed look when you offer her these that she gets for a chunk of hamburger.

They suggest that you can crumble them over kibble to make it more appealing, but that bit didn't seem to have much effect on her. Still, she really likes them far more than just about any other treat product I've ever offered her, so I'm impressed. I'm doubly impressed that the list of ingredients involved looks so healthy and that this is basically food rather than treats, even if the dog thinks otherwise.

You definitely have to make your own call on how much you're comfortable spending. These aren't exactly going to be a weekly purchase for me, but I fully expect that I'll be buying her a box periodically so that I can have them on hand for when I want something special to give her that's safer to carry around with me than hunks of roast chicken.
249954249954B006Q7YG56A3PIW7ZF4C5ZJLRhiana Jones0051344816000Cardboard Yummies!It's funny because these treats look and smell just like old musty cardboard, but the dogs just adore them. They line right up for them and twice I've had to reprimand them for stealing them right out of my hand when I was trying to give one to the dog next to them. They come in a sealed bag inside the outer paper back which can be re-sealed for freshness. Which didn't really matter much to me because these only lasted a week between my three greedy pups.
249955249955B006Q7YG56A1BTG38XSGYLW3Aderyn0051344729600Cats and Dogs Both Liked ThemSeveral reviewers have downgraded these treats because their cats didn't like them. While I don't doubt this at all, cats being infamous for being finicky, both of my cats like them. They are large enough that I can break off small bits for the two cats, then break the remainder in half for my two dogs.

These would make nice training treats. They are easily broken into small pieces, are very lightweight, and have very little smell (and what they do have is not objectionable). They are made from, to quote the package, "minimally processed freeze dried raw ingredients." They contain no grain.

The manufacturer recommends feeding these as a "boost" to a pet's diet, 1-2 Boost Bites per day per 20 pounds of the pet's body weight. If I actually fed them this way, they would cost me several times more than my dogs' actual food costs, and I don't feed them cheap food. It's hard to imagine anyone who would want to budget these into their pet's diet as anything more than an occasional treat.
249956249956B006Q7YG56A277GP2U2TXH51grumpydan0041344729600Nature's Variety Instinct Boost BitesI received a box of these and was afraid that they would be hard and I would have to break them up for my cat. Yes, my cat, although the description states dog, the box says for dogs and cats. Anyway, my cat is finicky and usually only enjoys treats that have seafood ingredients. First, the bites was soft, so I didn't have to break it up and second, my cat ate the chicken flavored boost like there was no tomorrow. So I have to say that this is a wonderful treat and good to know that it is healthy and pure.
249957249957B006Q7YG56ARXU3FESTWMJJMary Jo Sminkey "15 years of Amazon Reviews!"0051344643200Great Taste and Great IngredientsI am a big fan of these treats, which I was given a sample to try. First, they were very easy to break into smaller pieces, in comparison to some other freeze dried treats I've bought like freeze-dried liver. This is important as I like to use treats for training and need to break them into much smaller pieces than most treats are sold. I also will break them up to use inside puzzle toys like the Nina Ottosson Tornado . The ingredients are excellent, and being freeze-dried, have a good shelf life compared to some soft treats. Also important to me is they are made in the USA. I'm refusing to buy treats made in China as many dog treats are. Just too many unanswered questions.

Most important of course is whether my dog likes them. Now, my dog is not very picky, but he definitely reacts with more enthusiasm in training according to how much he likes the treat being used. And boy, does he LOVE these! He was sniffing around the shipping box even before I opened it which isn't something he typically does. Chicken is definitely high on his list of favorite foods, and these seem to have a very desirable smell and taste for my dog. I will definitely put them on my list to buy again.
249958249958B006Q7YG56A1I2U8NT5J6P1NLisa Baker0041344384000Of course the dogs loved them.Raw boost Bites are a great pet snack. I have three dogs, a Rottie, a Lab and a Basset Hound. They all love their treats and went crazy over these snacks. They are soft and easily breakable.

5 Stars for taste. Although I didn't taste them, I can tell when my dogs REALLY love something.

5 Stars for ingredients as the first 4 ingredients are chicken and turkey products.

3 Stars for value. They are more expensive than the dog treats I usually buy for my dogs, and when you have three the quantity in the box just doesn't last that long.

You will love this product if you want to give your dogs a more organic natural treat and are willing to pay for the naturalness. They would also make great training tools, and are easily breakable for smaller dogs.
249959249959B006Q7YG56A58N07M0ZCYMBValentina0051344211200Munch ... Munch! My two cats loved these treatsI broke each 'cookie' into many little bites, as soon as I did, they quickly devoured them. I do have to say these are very filling, so expect to feed about 1/2 cookie per cat before they walk away. Health wise, dried chicken is best for your cat or dog. Cats especially need to be fed muscle meat, and these treats fit the bill.
249960249960B006Q7YG56A3N4CUW4UYC9I3MH0041344211200Very nutritious and convenientI was really happy to have these Nature's Variety Instinct Raw Boost Bites Freeze-Dried chicken treats when my dog wasn't feeling well and wasn't eating a lot of food. I broke them into little pieces and gave them to her as a snack. She likes stuff like this much better when she thinks it is a treat, rather than presenting it as a meal. I have purchased other Nature's Variety products quite often in the past, but this is my first time getting the freeze dried treats. I like that meat, fruit, and vegetables are the main ingredients and feel confident in feeding this to my dog. The only reason I removed a star from the rating is because of the price. It is quite expensive for the amount offered. I will probably continue to buy another brand (Stella & Chewy's) freeze dried options because the price, while still high, is much better for the amount of product and my dog seems to like them both the same.

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