Amazon Fine Food Reviews

250111250111B0013MEB40A242OBYMOHU8SHacolala "acolala"1151252713600Great Price!These arrived fresh and in very good shape, Just like buying from the local store only cheaper and delivered to my door!
250112250112B0013MEB40A134GOSQB3RDRKvalentine1151221696000Great for school lunchesI was looking for snacks to buy in bulk for school lunches and this fit the bill perfectly. It helped that my 7 year old loves Chips Ahoy, but for convenience alone, this was a great purchase since I have free shipping through Amazon Prime.
250113250113B0013MEB40A5C4UHUJQ881HT. C. jones1151213488000A No BrainerThe Price is great, The serving is just right for a snack, and ITS A COOKIE. Buy a bunch and they send it to your house!!
250114250114B0013MEB40A2WS6FMF750EI9Amy Steele "quirky mama"0021331424000Mini Cookies with Mini MeritsThese bags never close well, so if you are a compulsive bag-closer, forget about it. Ah, the taste you ask? Dry, and dusted with its own carnation in powderized form. Snack creators branching out by offering traditional products in slightly different forms results in me expressing negative comments via reviews. And why, oh, why does everything have to be miniaturized in order to appeal to rugrats and the type of people who have to proclaim their brood with stick figure-ish stickers on the back of their vehicle? Please, just go straight for the original "Chips Ahoy!" in standard size, pig out, and forget about the kids for six minutes.
250115250115B0013MEB40A99TG4Q2ZPW7SBlu-estLight "MyEnglishIsGood"0041310083200one of my favorite cookiesThese cookies are both yummy and well priced. I recommend them. Other cookies I like are Mrs. Fields(packaged), Chips ahoy soft baked, fig newtons, oreos, and elf cookies.
250116250116B0013MEB40A3NEAETOSXDBOMStephen M. Charme0051299801600Our favorite grocery store chocolate chip cookieThis is not a gourmet chocolate chip cookie, but is the best chocolate chip cookie that we have found in the grocery store. It is not too firm or soft, has a good amount of flavorful chocolate chips, and makes for a nice snack or dessert. We have eaten these for years in my house.
250117250117B0013MEB40A1O229NVVDJUX2Anthony Pantliano "The Photo Guy"0041265068800Arrived Fresh and in Good Shape.It's a lot of cookies, but the price is very good compared to the local grocery store. The packages were in good shape and the cookies were fresh. My order from January 25th has an expiration date of April 28th. Not bad, but I would have preferred a later expiration date. Other than that, no problems. Exactly the same Chips Ahoy you would buy in the store.
250118250118B0013MEB40A33OGWG3ZABMZES. Whitcher0041261958400Delicious, though a bit on the small side.Delicious cookies. I actually thought I was ordering the white chocolate chunk cookies, not the chewy, but definitely enjoyed these. The only down side, is these seem awfully small.
250119250119B0013MEB40AR43R4MONPQXLA. Pedreros "baby shower planner!"0051257724800Great as a baby shower party favor!Exactly what I wanted...individual packages of cookies that I couldn't find at a store. Shipping was only 99cents and came to be in about 3 days.

It was great!
250120250120B0013MEB40A1EC7K3IPS639AAnnie R "infoholic"0051240790400Good "store bought" cookiesI really like the "crunchy" chocolate chip cookies . . . the soft ones are chemically softened and, I think, gross. These have good flavor and are great for trips (although eating anything crunchy in the car is discouraged . . . wait for a rest stop!) and especially for preschooler snacks.
250121250121B0013MEB40A250AXLRBVYKB4Nathan Beauchamp "ConsumerAdvocate"1251251331200Great Snack!I have a bit of a sweet tooth. I've tried to ignore it in times past, but the reality is that I want--NEED--a cookie from time-to-time as a welcome addition to my brown bag lunch. These 1.4 ounce single servings make that easy without overdoing it. If I bring one with me I know I'll only end up eating one package and not HALF of a 12 ounce package! Single servings help keep the portion size healthy while not killing your soul by ignoring your need for some desert...

Reasonably priced and shipped to your door, these are a great purchase.
250122250122B0013MEB40A1H00FRAJUI093Dave Maran Munisamy "DMM"2411260748800New!!! sells biscuit crumbs.I did not know that I was ordering biscuit crumbs. That is exactly what I received. Such a lousy product. It's Amazon's fault for shipping out expires products. Will NEVER order food from ever.
250123250123B0013MEB40A1QDSZ667NI524JedamFFD0131305504000Misleading Packaging!I meant to pick up the normal Chewy Chips Ahoy and was flabbergasted when I returned home to find that they shoved the word "oatmeal" in the corner of the package but kept everything else the same. I decided to try them anyway and the oats definitely interrupt the normally wonderful chemistry between the chocolate and dough.
250124250124B0013MEB40A3D81H6GXY7RXDEinstein3621241568000stick with the Keebler elvesChips Ahoy, chewy oatmeal cookies are so moist that it is difficult to separate a single cookie from the package without it breaking into pieces. My tastebuds say they are too sweet, not cooked enough, lack ample chocolate chips and oatmeal flakes. If you like cookie dough, you most likely will enjoy these. I'll stick with a crunchy, less sweet cookie.
250125250125B0013MEB40A22Z9R91N8L7IQT. Coleman "Rio Grande Tom"2551254614400Are We Reviewing Our Mistakes Or These Cookies?Wow. So far, two two-star reviews. One obviously had no idea what they were ordering; the other wants crispy cookies. Hey, I'm sorry; but these reviews do nobody any good beyond reminding us to look before ordering.

These are chocolate-oatmeal cookies. If you don't like that combination, don't order this type of cookie. I find the combo quite nice, really. The oatmeal sort of "calms" the rich chocolate flavor and gives the cookie sort of a coconut-type consistency. Now let's also remember that tastes differ; so, I've given my opinion.

Then, these are soft, chewy cookies -- as advertised. They are not "crispy" cookies, or the blurb would say "crispy," rather than "chewy." I happen to like raw cookie dough; however, I don't see where these taste like raw cookie dough. Both are soft, however, so is this the confusion? And, yes, they stick together. Soft cookies tend to do that. They aren't individually wrapped, which would add to the cost. Oh yeah, chocolate chip cookies tend to be somewhat sweet.

So, if you want something hard and crisp, I suggest Nabiso's Ginger Snaps. If you want a cookie that's soft, chewy and tastes like a combination of chocolate and oatmeal, give these a try. I'm here to place my second order.
250126250126B0013MEB40A3TD6UP32OFJR3Jeremy Lee3711260662400gross cookiesWhen I eat junk food, I'd like to enjoy it, the guilty pleasure it is.

These cookies are neither healthy or tasty. Stick to Chewy Chocolate Chip cookies.
250127250127B0013MEB40A4QCYNKAT2UNjason h. "jason h"2711256601600EHKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKtastes pretty crappy. it's like raw cookies.

it's not even like a cookie. it's a squishy thing in a cookie shape
250128250128B0013MEB40A5SKCSDE1O8T8J. Taylor1621254182400Bad flavor combinationI purchased these thinking they would just be ordinary oatmeal raisin cookies. Wrong! I like chocolate chip and I like oatmeal raisin but these combination cookies just don't work well together. I wish I had read the item listing more carefully. Even my kids said "Blech!".
250129250129B0013MEB40A2QPLZN1CXNXAERopo1711279152000Pathetic cookie compared to TANG'sAfter eating TANG's chocolate and double-chocolate cookies, all other cookies will taste like expired, tepid dogfood to you. Her cookies will enhance your life in ways you never dreamed possible. Tim Horton's, Timothy's, Second Cup, Starbucks, Treats and those horrid packaged cookies at Zupas are just pathetic imitators to the grandeur that is a TANG cookie. HER COOKIES ARE DA BOMB!!! A+++++++ Hawt damn!
250130250130B0013MEB40A3L51TJ5BFKJ59M. "Gorehound"51911192320000Do not eat these cookies in bed!Overall I was not happy with the crumbiness of these cookies. They were way to fragile and crumby. There is just too many crumbs in my bed, how am I supposed to sleep like this?
250131250131B005UBH8WCA1R4GSB115D3P8Ravenhawk0021350432000Now there is no problem with the shipping or how it was packed!But I didn't like the sours, as they burned my mouth and tongue. I gave a couple of the plastic containers to a friend.
He didn't try one but his younger family members did, and they noticed the same burning sensation and threw the rest away.
The mints are good but the Sours, I can not endorse.

250132250132B005UBH8WCAY12DBB0U420BGary Peterson0051336348800A Favorite of My Little Boy.I've been using Icebreakers as a breath freshener for some time now. Almost by accident, I gave one to my little boy (3.5 years) when he saw me taking one. He immediately liked it and would ask for one from time to time. Okay, they're only a tiny piece of candy and they're sugar free. What harm could it do? Well, then I started using them as little rewards and small incentives to do things. It worked. Finally, one day when I ran out and wanted to pick up some more, I found the Ice Breakers Sours (Mixed Berry) and I started using them. At first, he seemed startled at the drastic change in flavor. Now he loves them, more than the mint. Well, I like them too. I still prefer the mint as a breath freshener, but these little Sours are my boy's favorites.

Gary Peterson.
250133250133B001EQ57QGA1WB1WII1MTDHXKatherine Dumestre2211321056000Terrible--All 3 bags are stale (no return policy)I eat this product all of the time. These bags were in pristine condition but they are stale. It's the first time I've purchased them in bulk and the first time I've eaten them stale. Perhaps this is just a bad batch. But don't order them from this particular seller. There is a no return policy on it.
250134250134B001EQ57QGA2UIUNPT45MCEST. A. Anderson2251290297600They never made it to Thanksgiving Day...When I purchased these, I was hesitant about buying such a large quantity. After all, I really only use them for making a green bean casserole. Well, on the night I received the shipment, I stashed them away thinking I'd be holding on to 2.5 huge bags for half a year.

I was horribly mistaken.

My friends and family went through three bags in two weeks. Thanksgiving is right around the corner and I had to order ANOTHER three bags.

I don't know if French's improved their recipe, but from what I remember as a kid, the onions were good for chef's treat while cooking in the kitchen. Though crunchy, they weren't crispy and they still had a moist coating to them right out of the can, a coating that actually coated the tongue after a few bites. Once that happened, I was done until they were baked in the oven atop the casserole.

It could be the bag they're packaged in that makes the difference, but they are MUCH crispier than the ones you get in the can. I'm not sure if it's an accurate description, but the ones in the can almost taste underdone or maybe the can itself retains more moisture. That's not the case with the bag and my family tore through them like fiends after potato chips. I have to admit, I'm addicted too, but I've hidden away one bag for Thanksgiving Day. There's no way I'm buying a third shipment...well, at least not until December, anyhow.

All in all, I never thought this product could get any better. It has and we're loving it.
250135250135B001EQ57QGA2FJXT3LPOC4L6mike1111327104000staleAll 3 bags are horribly stale and taste horrible. There is also a no return policy on these bags. Im not sure what to do but i might end up throwing out 3 full bags because they are really not edible.
250136250136B001EQ57QGATQXIVCSUPDWMissT "9704"1151311465600Use a Lot, Pay a LittleI use a lot of these for topping casseroles, etc. I know I like them. If I buy them in the store, a small can is very expensive and uses up fast. Buying them this way (3 24oz bags) is economical.
250137250137B001EQ57QGA9X62UCTFNQBER. Jones1151255824000cheaper in bulkI love French's Fried Onions, but when I buy it locally it is usually around 5 or 6 dollars for a six-ounce can, so I don't get it very often. When I found this product on Amazon, I got it because the per-ounce price is about a third of what I can buy locally.
250138250138B001EQ57QGA38Z88YE2AKP6NPeggy1151253836800Perfect for green bean casseroleI was so happy to find this product at Amazon as it is not available where I live. We use it to make green bean casserole. The reclosable bag ensures the product stays fresh.
250139250139B001EQ57QGA2SB0UMKS95JPTJan M Thompson0051349395200Frenchs' French Fried OnionsWe use these to make oven baked chicken and pork chops. We haven't been able to buy a big quantity locally so were very glad to get them from Amazon. The recipe is on the bag, try it I am sure you will enjoy.
250140250140B001EQ57QGA37EOLAE5SITDLK. Miller0041343174400great valueI use these for an oven baked "fried" chicken, they're delicious and this product size is a great bargain compared to grocery stores. I haven't had any problems with them getting stale or going bad even though I've had a bag open for at least a month, so even though the quantity in the order is huge, it's still a bargain.

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