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250141250141B001EQ57QGA3SSJOZ6DVCK0UJeffrey Stone0011342051200All 3 Bags StaleI've ordered this product in bulk before - my wife and I love using the French's recipes and have found that the Fried Onions are great on many different dishes - this time though the bags are STALE... completely uneatable and ruined the dinner I first used them on. No return policy is a major disappointment for this product as well - they are completely unusable.

I will not buy this product again.
250142250142B001EQ57QGA2ETV6IYCNS1HA. Morris0011335916800I would have expected better.This product was so stale, it was uneatable. I am so disappointed with French's. The amount of money I spent for this and to get this product in such condition is deplorable.
250143250143B001EQ57QGA3OX9SAHXTORURBrucius "eventdesign"0051307923200hard to find year-round GREAT itemI love French's fried onions on top of my salad. It seems most stores only carry it regularly in fall and winter so I am delighted that Amazon offers it!
250144250144B001EQ57QGA31QQPKAC0WFCZMountain Bike Mike0051305504000Bargain PriceWe use these a lot in cooking, besides the normal green bean casserole these are great on mashed potatoes, on tacos, in ground beef or ground turkey for burgers, baked or fried chicken, in meatloaf etc. There is a lot you can do with them.
Purchased in this big bag and if you can get the supersaver shipping the price is terrific. Much cheaper than the smaller containers in the grocery stores. Once we open the 24 ounce bag we place the contents in 3 zip lock bags and use one bag at a time to keep contents fresh. The product has a 2 year shelf life if unopened. We purchased ours a month or two ago and the expiration date is May 2013.

I recommend.
250145250145B001EQ57QGA2GZVA22WYG95IJ. Olsen0051293062400Great taste and valueLike another reviewer, I can get these at Sam's Club at holiday time, but if I don't stock up I am left buying the outrageously priced little cans at the grocery store the rest of the year. I'm glad I've found another option. In the past I even tried buying the cans of a "house brand" but the quality was woefully lacking. This is the good stuff and it is great that I can get it in large bags any time of year! Try them on burgers--crush them to add a zest to coatings for baked chicken and fish, and they top any casserole--not just green bean!
250146250146B001EQ57QGA1Q38LZ859DEAJD. Coppersmith "Satisified"00512719808003 LARGE BagsI love these large bags! I use these onion rings for coating baked chicken and pork chops and the large size is very convenient and a much better value than the smaller sizes found in the grocery stores. I am able to find this large size at Sam's, but only around the Thanksgiving season. I suppose they feel we use these large sizes during holidays.
250147250147B001FB6AT8A2NQ7OUTVQFIBTKanaka Maoli0051348272000Nori Fumi FurikakeNot only is this a great product to use on rice or to make Spam Musubi,
try it on popcorn. It is one of only a couple of Furikake produts that
does not have some kind of fish so is more versatile. Try and and see what
other uses you can find.
250148250148B001FB6AT8A21X71JL6KP9XERobert Ingalls0051300320000Great but Hard to FindNot the easiest product to come by at your local grocery stores. Only turns up every once in a great while. Love this stuff! Great with sushi or simply over white rice.
250149250149B0045S05EOA26FFHXXC1VH4FJrock0051325548800Love itI bought this hot sauce as a gift while I was traveling in Belize per recommendation from my brother. When it was gone I HAD to get more. It is delicious and because it is made with carrots it tastes different from any other sauce. I will buy more when this bottle is finished. I HIGHLY recommend it!! Marie Sharp's Hot Sauce 6 Pack
250150250150B003DNL9YMA29DP8WKYKCWK1Laura6651282435200The best Chrystal Lite!This is the best Chrystal Light flavor that they have. The only way I may buy it is online. Stores that I go to don't seem to be aware that they could get my money if they sold it. Their loss. It's the best!
250151250151B003DNL9YMA3GL2K6O1AV1F2Bob3351296259200Crystal Light Cranberry-AppleMy wife and I love the Cranberry-Apple but several stores have quit carrying it recently. I hope this is not a trend. Everyone we let try it loves it.
250152250152B003DNL9YMA28HPM26K49D9FPCTAXMAN2211338854400Rip Off Price for Crystal LiteI was deceived. I was looking thru crystal lite selections and found most of the offers were for 4 packages of 4 packs which gives you 16 containers. For about $39, which would cost about the same in supermarket.

So without reading one ad real close I order a four pack and that is what I got 4 containers not a 4 pack of 4 for 16--- for $39 cost in supermarket $10.

For $39 I thought I was buying a four pack of 4 packs a total of 16 cans. Which sell for about $2.50 each in supermarket. instead I got only 1 four pack which at the rate they are charging is almost $10 each--4 times the supermarket price.
250153250153B003DNL9YMAM2F7TR14AJY4J. Price ""2251321920000Delicious, Inexpensive Hydration with Minimal CaloriesCrystal Light is a great way to cut calories from your diet, while saving a remarkable amount of money.

- Overall, males consume an average of 178 kcal from sugar drinks on any given day, while females consume 103 kcal, as reported by the CDC study(Center for Disease Control). You can drink your fill of Crystal Light every day and consume less than one tenth of the calories you would drinking either juice or soda, making it probably the most effective way ever to cut calories. If you drank about 2 liters of Crystal Light every day, according to the nutrition information, you would consume 5 calories for every serving of 8 fl. oz. Since there are about 33.814 fl oz./liter, 2 liters would net you 42 calories (the way I mix it with extra flavor would probably be about 55 or 60 calories a day), which is still great when you consider that the average man just cut more than 100 calories a day from his diet. Sugar drinks represent at least 6% of the average Americans caloric intake. To put it in perspective, the average 2 liter bottle of soda is between 800 and 1000 calories (kcal). Cutting that alone will result in noticeable weight loss over the long-term.

- Volume wise, you will save an exorbitant amount of money switching to Crystal Light from either soda or juice. Just replacing soda at anywhere between $.49 and $1.00/liter (if you're buying in bulk, not including purchases from vending machines, restaurants, etc...) with Crystal Light at a max of $.30/liter (depends how you mix the beverage; i like a lot of flavor) will save the average person in the U.S. (consumed 219 liters of soft drinks/yr (2002)) from $41.61 and $218.70. That isn't even including the money that would be saved by also removing other sugar-based beverages from the diet, like juice or other fruit drinks. Don't even get me started on beer, wine, wine coolers, etc... and the cost difference.

- Ok, I'm not going to lie. Some of the flavors are delicious, some are NOT:
- Fruit Punch [*delicious] Crystal Light Fruit Punch Drink Mix (12-Quart), 2.04- Ounce Packages (Pack of 4)
- Cranberry Apple [*delicious] Crystal Light Natural Cranberry Apple Drink Mix (12-Quart) 2.3-Ounce Canisters (Pack of 4)
- Strawberry Kiwi [*extra delicious] Crystal Light Strawberry Kiwi Drink Mix (12-Quart), 2.3-Ounce Canisters (Pack of 4)
- Pink Lemonade [*alright but kinda watery] Crystal Light On The Go Pink Lemonade, 10-Count Boxes (Pack of 6)
- Orange Sunrise [*downright, horrifyingly disgusting] Crystal Light Sunrise Classic Orange Drink Mix (10-Quart), 2.5-Ounce Packages (Pack of 4)

- !!!Try Mixing the flavors together; I have had great success with my experiments!!! ;)

- The new method of delivery is as easy as it is awesome. It is great to be able to slowly pour the plastic tubes of powder, rather than the tubs, which exploded in a cloud of pink powder all over my face every time I tried to add them. They also easier to open, especially for those of use who don't have fingernails to peal those pesky, foil wrappings off.

- You definitely take a risk consuming non-sugar beverages that still taste sweet and delicious. No one really knows how these type of drinks will affect human physiology in the long term. Obviously the healthiest alternative to drinking sugar-engorged beverages like cola and strawberry daiquiris would be to just drink water, but we all know that NO ONE REALLY WANTS TO DO THAT. DUH!

- The red, colored drinks stain everything. They will stain the hell out of your hands bright red, and every passerby will ask you why it looks like you just fought the battle of Persepolis. Don't get it on your clothes. It is even hard to get the stain off counter-tops and tables. Don't be a KLUTZ!
250154250154B003DNL9YMAK6XH365YKT43Doubting User "Doubting User"1131342224000Not worth the priceAmazon says that I have purchased this before. I sure did and I liked it at the price I paid at the time. The flavor is good and I can distinguish both the apple and the cranberry flavors. However, at three times what I previously paid it is not worth it. Other flavors that I like equally are much less expensive.
250155250155B003DNL9YMAXHE0F51WW475George B. Dover1151325289600Disappointed that this product was droppedThis was a great drink which I had on a subscription service from Amazon. Amazon discontinued the subscription service on this product which I suspect was because of the vendor. Kraft Foods always did charge an insane price for their Crystal Light products whether you bought the product from a store or Amazon.
250156250156B003DNL9YMA4EEI98J1IQIWy2kbj1151310860800Hard to find flavor - cranberry apple.Excellent product. Wal-Mart appears to have discontinued it's Great Value Cranberry Apple Drink Mix which I prefer, but only becasuse it comes in single packets. The Crystal Light product tastes just as good, but it comes in packets that are usually used for mixing in quart containers instead of individual bottles. A little inconvenient but I've solved that by mixing 2 bottles at once. I am fairly good at splitting the powder equally between the two bottles. Not quite as easy for taking with in the car, but ok.

All in all, if you have to substitute, this is a great tasting product. Individual packets would be nice. The only other inconvience I've found so far is that I cannot find this product in stores either, but had to search on-line to buy it. Every other flavored cran-xxxx (strawberry, raspberry, kiwi, etc.) can be found in stores. Who knew cranberry apple would be so hard to find.
250157250157B003DNL9YMA3SU0NM0I51YNNSunny @ the Library ""1151306972800Can't believe the new price!UPDATE: The price has skyrocketed up recently. I do love this flavor, but not for this price. This is highway robbery!

ORIGINAL REVIEW: I fell in love with this flavor at my local grocery, but imagine my disappointment when it started to show up in the clearance bin. I bought all I could and assumed the worst.

Googling to find out if the product had been officially discontinued, I discovered this product listing. Hooray!

This flavor is great because it isn't kiddy-drink sweet and thick. It is light, a little tart, and good for drinking all day.

I have no idea why the grocery stores won't give it any love, but I'm sure glad it is available here!
250158250158B003DNL9YMA1YVDKMJY8A76Pchris s weill0051329436800Absolutly love cranberry apple crystal liteI'm sorry to say I didn't try crystal lite for a long time even tho my mom offered it to me several times. Now that I have diabetes I decided to try it. There are some flavors that I like, but when I tried cranberry apple I absolutly loved it. It isn't too sweet like some of the flavors and dosen't leave an after taste like some of the other flavors. I am really sorry the stores have stopped carrying it which means the company must have stopped supplying it, but as long as I can continue to purchase it online all is good in my world. Thanks
250159250159B003DNL9YMA29313797NGT9LEddie Wannabee0031321228800Has its moments!Something about Crystal Light that I have been unable to shake off. The chemical side of this product sometimes overpowers the desire to believe one is drinking an all natural combination of Cranberry Apple. Happens with most flavors, actually. Then there will be particular moments when a glass of this one mix will taste just great as a refreshment. Of course I know it is made of many things that haves little to do with the real deal, like their lemonade, per say. You know it is not lemonade but on a hot day and with a thirsty body it really tastes very good, quite enjoyable. I notice they do get used sooner or later, but not very often bought. In our household I seem to be the one that drinks it the most. Could it be that I feel responsible since I am the one ordering it? I like their orange juice type and sometimes I been known to add some real fruit juice, directly from an orange or lemon, to add more convincing power to the drink. I guess what I am trying to say it that one can not beat the real deal but for all those times when it is inconvenient, not practical to shop and juice, Crystal Light fills a certain need and it does it in a respectable manner. Always that need for the sweet versus a pure glass of water, I guess. For the money is a good value specially when they are at a nice discount and who can beat the convenience of using amazon prime to deliver it right to your door. 3.5 Stars.
250160250160B003DNL9YMA3G6MVGWHBKFELEllen L. Nutting0051320278400nummy goodWe have used Crystal Lite for some time - so went to the local Albertson's because they are the cheapest and they no longer stock it. So did a search and found out it was available online thru Amazon. Received the shipment. On time, great product.
250161250161B003DNL9YMA2IK64NEJ895W2S. Coats0041318809600Crystal Light Natural Cranberry Apple Drink Mix (12-Quart) 2.3-Ounce Canisters (Pack of 4)Our sons love this drink, we cannot make it fast enough for them. We prefer to have them drink this instead of the soda.
250162250162B003DNL9YMA3OGGMRV2KYMDJHSvenson0051316131200greatAwesome product, I will by more on the near future.
In all diffrent flavors. Cran-apple is still the best. Thank you again
250163250163B003DNL9YMA37Z42JTX5IMT8Rhanda0051313884800CL CranappleI can't find this product anywhere close to where I live. Very happy with the purchase and I will be placing another order very soon.
250164250164B003DNL9YMA2Z9JO4SKLEEUEMichael Fletcher "good listener"0051303171200Best of any powdered drink mixesHooked on this flavor combo several years ago. Not the cloyingly syrupy-sweet flavors found in punch and berry mixes. Tart / sweet combo just right for summer or winter or anytime of the year. Have mixed with filtered well and tap water (chlorinated) without degradation of taste. As others have mentioned, seems that many stores have discontinued this flavor in favor of the orange / tea /lemon 'standards.' Highly recommend for more refined tastes. Year + shelf-life as per dates on canister.
250165250165B003DNL9YMA1790Y1AE0G5QRmitzi20041301356800best diet drinkThis is my third order and won't be my last.
I have never seen this flavor in the stores and was intrigued by the combination especially including apple so I ordered it.Way more flavor for a diet drink.
250166250166B003DNL9YMA2061AC3J8K8JWAnthony Meiran0121313020800Not Terrible, But Not GreatRemember that old joke where one person says "What flavor Kool-Aide is that?" and the other person responds "Red."? Well that's kind of the situation here. This drink doesn't remotely taste of cranberry or apple, but it's not horrible tasting either. I most likely won't be reordering this, because I only tried it as an alternative to the more expensive Ocean Spray cranberry drink mixes and it appears you get what you pay for. I'll stick to Crystal Light for Iced Tea and Lemonade, which have always been excellent.
250167250167B001EQ4K78A2ZH4HDFBJB91UJonny0031294185600Decent Quality Length:: 0:48 Mins

This white tea is good quality, but is not worth the money, I purchased once to test out a different brand, I do very much like the containers, though I will only buy this if the other brands are out of stock. Potrero Tea, organic silver needle, is superior in my opinion.
250168250168B001EQ4K78A1DU1HT2MTBL8ABlagoSucks "ReadAllAboutIt"0051281484800Simply the best!!!!If you love White tea... BUY THIS!!!! Simply put... it is the best you can drink in my opinion. I have had great success getting multiple cups of tea from just a small amount placed in the ingenuiTEA tea maker also by Adagio teas...

Very light and refreshing... also great for ICED tea!
250169250169B001EQ4K78A2FVR5TYD75ZHMA Web "A Web"0041274659200Delicious!I never had silver needle tea, so this tea was a good one to tryout. Very mild no bitterness. I usually like to add honey to my tea, but I prefer to drink this straight. I would recommend this one.
250170250170B001EQ4K78A24Y8KGMRBDXIKFrederick F. Jabre0051256688000Best Silver Needle I've triedI've tried a lot of Silver Needle teas and this is one of the best and for a very fair price.

Thanks Adagio. Keep up the excellent work.

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