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250201250201B0027UYT4OA2NUGJFLVQPLA2OC Shopper2251280188800Perfect storage for homemade baby foodThis is the perfect storage for the baby food I make at home. I am a working mom, so time is not on my side when it comes to doing things for my son. But, it's important for me to make him healthy homemade meals and this container helps me by allowing me to make large batches of food on the weekends and fill them up for the freezer. I have 2 of these storage containers that are kept in the freezer with the food I prepare on the weekends. Each night, I pull out my son's food for the following day and allow it to thaw in the fridge. The flexible material makes it really easy to pop out one portion at a time. Highly recommend this food storage.
250202250202B0027UYT4OA3JJ4665ML39NTGrant T. Thimsen "New Mom"2251273017600Great for homemade baby foodI have used this a couple times when making my own baby food and I love it. It's really easy to freeze food in. When the baby food is frozen you just run hot water on the back and pop out the food. It washes up nicely in the dishwasher. I think the ammount of food that it holds is good too. I would highly recommend this product.
250203250203B0027UYT4OA34SXBB9E2FFTYL. Park2251267228800superior quality...worth every penny!!I received this freezer tray along with the Beaba foodmaker and spoons from my in-laws. I am totally told on all Beaba products due to the high quality and great designs. The food pops out easily and leaves no waste behind.
250204250204B0027UYT4OA1FZGVS6LOOZ17AR1151314835200One of my favorite baby productsThe Beaba Multiportion Freezer Tray is one of our favorite baby products. We use a steamer and a food processor to make baby food. We put the food in one of these freezer trays, freeze for a couple of hours, and then pop the food out and store it in the freezer in Ziplock bags, labeled with the type of food and the date.

I saw a previous comment that the serving sizes were too large. Um, no they are not. If you want less - don't fill the cup all the way. Crazy how that works! I fill the cups to the top, and my son eats almost the entire serving. I am glad that the cups are as big as they are.

Clean up is a breeze - we don't put it in the dishwasher, we just run it under hot water.

To prepare the frozen cubes, I pop them in the microwave for 15 seconds - then stir. Another 15 seconds, and another stir. Sometimes, another 10 seconds if I want to serve it warm.

Great product for those who want to make cooking their own baby food even easier.
250205250205B0027UYT4OA3H6MS8FUAWEK3MT10101151312243200Love this!Such a perfect companion to the Babycook! I freeze in this and once the food is frozen, I take them out and put in a labeled ziploc because the lid doesn't quite seal tight enough for my comfort but would definitely purchase again!
250206250206B0027UYT4OA14XRI4U6BRG8TDw1141310774400Worth the expensive priceI bought this product because I needed freezer trays and was trying to use up the remainder of a gift card I had. Im glad that I had the gift card to go towards this product because I know that it is very expensive. here are the reasons that I enjoy this product:

1) I use it often, every 3-6 days. If I think about it like that then I feel like Im really getting my moneys worth
2) The silicone makes it not only easy to clean and durable but a breeze to pop food out without having to worry about breaking the device
3) I like that it has a lid, and for the most part I really feel like they did the best that they could to make the lid fit on properly and snuggly
4) The size of the cubes are perfect for my needs. they are a good helping size and I never need to feed my baby anymore at one sitting. I dont waste a lot of food, if any, and my baby doesnt leave wanting more

suggestions to this product and its use:

1) I have a small freezer, its not standard size and therefore things freezer burn in my freezer at double the rate. Due to this issue that has nothing to do with the product, I overfill these cubes so that the top is touching the lid and no freezer burn is able to form before I can transfer them over into a freezer bag
2) because the cubes are bigger I thaw them out the night before in my refridgerator so that by midday they are thawed all the way through and i can easy heat the food evenly from there.

I gave this a four instead of five stars simply because they could have devised a snap lock lid system for the money they are charging and made this an overall outstanding item and also because the price point is a little high, Im sure that its not even close to that much money to put together some silicone! i think baby items should be reasonably priced so that even those that are a little less fortunate can enjoy quality baby products such as a way to freeze food.
250207250207B0027UYT4OAWPT4FH0JR7S1Lisa W "Lisa W"1151300406400I love these, price asideI got these as gifts and absolutely love them. Yes, you can use ice cube trays to freeze baby food & other things but these are so much more convenient for me since they're = a jar of baby food, plus the reason I really love them is that I have continued to use them all the time after we were done with purees. I have 19 month old twins & made all their purees & continue to make a lot of their food and freeze things ahead for easy defrost & prep at the end of my work day when we get home & they're starving. I'm not sure why another person was trying to scoop the portions out with a spoon (?) but all you have to do is run hot water over the back side for about 30 sec and everything pops out no problem. I have the same issue w/ ice cube trays so I don't really understand the issue others have reported.
So, in addition to purees, I have frozen things like the following in these to = 1/2 or full portion sizes for my kids (depending on how old they were, obviously I need to defrost more of them as they get older): risottos, ground beef/turkey, small meatballs & sauce, mac & cheese, small portions of elbow macaroni (when they were younger & couldn't eat as much), and anything else really that can be smooshed into the container. These are things that would not work in an ice cube tray & freezing in a million containers or one big one is not practical, at least for me.

It's too bad they're not a little more affordable but I do think they're great.
250208250208B0027UYT4OAM188RARFCUSAks2271131299196800Gets the job done but not a good valueMy parents bought two of these trays as a Christmas gift for me since I make much of our daughter's baby food.

~ Easy to fill
~ Easy to pop cubes out

~ Awkward, bulky shape
~ Large cube size (our mostly-breastfed 7 month old eats at most 1.5-2 oz of food right now)
~ Extremely overpriced compared to alternatives

I purchased the Annabel Karmel Freeze Cube Tray and not only is it just as easy to use as the Beaba freezer trays, but the cubes are a bit smaller and the tray itself is more compact. It's also less than half the price, which to me is the most important aspect. The Beaba trays work fine for their intended purpose but are extremely over-priced.
250209250209B0027UYT4OACAXV4V8PBCE3Texas Rose "Roseanna"1151297468800Love it!I love this product! I have several of these that I got for my daughter. She makes her own baby food for our grandchildren. But I have some as well. When the kids come to our home, we keep snacks, fruit, and dry cereal pieces in the cups for the children to enjoy.

During the summer we use this to make frozen fruit or yogurt pops. It travels well and cleans up easily. Just an excellent item that I wish had been around when I was a young mom.
250210250210B0027UYT4OA1143BSP9JCXXGL. Koss "A mom"1141296086400Good productI have two. I like this product for a few reasons and dislike it for only one reason. This is a good product because it gives you perfect 2oz portions. It is easy to clean and store and fit in the freezer. The only down side is that the plastic scent is a bit strong and sometimes the food scent stays on it even after I wash it in the dishwasher. Maybe it is because I do not take them out once they freeze and place them in ziplock bags. I just leave the food in and take 1 or 2 out at a time. I still make and store my little one her apple sauce even though she is a finger food baby and not a puree baby anymore. I still use this product and recommend it.
250211250211B0027UYT4OA3HFLGB1IK5UKZA. Finan "DVM2005"1121294272000Used it twice, won't use it againThis tray is huge, bulky, and awkward in the freezer. It makes 2 oz portions, which are fine if you want to feed your baby 2 ounces of the same food, but I like to combine one ounce of this with one ounce of that. Also, the cubes are fairly impossible to pop out of the tray. You can run it under hot water as other users have done, but that makes a big wet avocado-ey mess. I prefer to use regular ice cube trays with some saran wrap on top!
250212250212B0027UYT4OA1S7U6E1L3GOV3Gary K1151292889600Great little freezer tray for baby foodThe Beaba freezer tray is flexible and very easy to clean. It has seven slots which is a good amount of storage for a week worth of 2oz puree portions. I make a lot of food for my 9 month old boy and I like to use this tray to store various fruit purees. The top closes securely and feels like it wouldn't come off if dropped.
250213250213B0027UYT4OA2GW7PIU744BC7Cookie1151286668800GREAT BABY FOOD STORAGE!!!I was just making my 7 month old son some brocolli baby food when I realized I hadn't written a review for the Beaba Multiportion Freezer Tray. I have two of them and I absolutely love them. I make the baby food then freeze it. If I have too much food and not enough tray space, I freeze some and then pop them out and put them in another tubberware container. Whenever it is time for him to eat. I pop one out, put it in the microwave for 30 seconds and we are good to go. I even freeze my homemade rice cereal which makes it so much easier. I would recommend this product because it is easy and cleans really well.
250214250214B0027UYT4OAB6Z589TT2BRZQuindaro Frieder "Foodie Q"1151286064000Bebea Freezer Trays are FABULOUS!We bought two from Williams Sonoma. I loved them so much that when I saw them listed on Amazon, I bought another one. They are perfect for making baby food and for freezing small portions of often used items like tomato paste. I also froze 1 Tbsp portions to use when I cook. Love this product!
250215250215B0027UYT4OA2M06O71QQGODUInga Bukharova "ingaanna"1131281398400Nice and easyif you freez baby food this is for you!!! very easy to get it out!!!! Gets the job done. Be careful washing it in the dishwasher the plastic top can change its form and after does not cover well.
250216250216B0027UYT4OAZ47YDQDGT6OXN. C. Gros1131280188800Useful but not perfect--and priceyI like this item because it enables you to freeze baby food in larger portions than ice-cube trays, which is a good thing if your baby is a little pig like mine is. My biggest complaint is that it is difficult to get the frozen items out of the tray once they are done. I usually have to run it under hot water for a few minutes, which is not a big deal but just one more step. Also, the price is very high for what this is. I could use a second one but at this price I'll make due with the one I've got.
250217250217B0027UYT4OA2NUGJFLVQPLA2OC Shopper1151280188800Perfect storage for homemade baby foodThis is the perfect storage for the baby food I make at home. I am a working mom, so time is not on my side when it comes to doing things for my son. But, it's important for me to make him healthy homemade meals and this container helps me by allowing me to make large batches of food on the weekends and fill them up for the freezer. I have 2 of these storage containers that are kept in the freezer with the food I prepare on the weekends. Each night, I pull out my son's food for the following day and allow it to thaw in the fridge. The flexible material makes it really easy to pop out one portion at a time. Highly recommend this food storage.
250218250218B0027UYT4OAB5EJ0094R8N9K. Krayer "BabyMomma"1151273276800great productI love this product! I make all my own baby food and this makes the perfect portion size. A bit pricy but worth it.
250219250219B0027UYT4OAPCN5D71687JDTroglodyte "Troglodyte"1151272844800Makes perfect serving-sized portionsThis is the second Beaba freezer tray that we've purchased, and still use both. We bought the second tray so that we can make and freeze more baby food at a time. The tray makes perfect-sized serving portions, and clean-up is very easy. We run hot water over the back of each cup for one or two seconds, and the frozen food pops right out. We store the individual servings in ziplock sandwich bags, makes it really easy to grab his food for the day and go.
250220250220B0027UYT4OA3IKVQW0GB8T6XN. Travinsky "babytoyshopper"1141269907200yummy in pinkI've been making food for my 7.5 month daugher. so far, I haven't made enough bulk to fill up this food saver. And when she does eat, the amounts she's eating wouldn't even be half of the little serving size that is in this container. I cna't wait to use it when she's a bit older and eating more
250221250221B0027UYT4OA2GPJBBABHTUZGNicole1151269129600Perfect freezer trayLove this freezer tray. I set it on the counter for approx. 2 minutes and then can easily pop out whatever food I have frozen in the cups. I love that it comes with its own lid.
250222250222B0027UYT4OA3B46V0TEPUCYVS. LaJeunesse1141267488000Pretty goodThis is a nice freezer tray. The base is so supple; it's really easy to pop the food out. The size is a little large for what I need at the moment. My baby is 6 months old and only eats the ice-cube size portions right now, but I can see that the larger size of this Beaba tray will come in handy as my baby grows.
250223250223B0027UYT4OATXM8O8KGQVMBSuzan Plummer "Suzan"5711311811200Not the best and does take up room.My daughter wanted 3 of these so she could make my 1st grandbaby her food. I bought them and then 3 boxes of the One Step reusable stackable Fresh and Freeze as i thought the latter would be better.
These are hard to remove when frozen and you end up touching the other sections and contaminating them. You have to run hot water over the section you want to remove. You cannot see thru the lid if you put different food in a container.
These are way too expensive when you can buy the other Fresh and Freeze by One Step Ahead that can go from the freezer, microwave then the dishwasher.
I do not recommend wasting your $$$ when yoy can have the same results with ice cube trays covered to freeze than placing them in baggies. Idea is to make the food freeze it and leave it until ready to use:)
250224250224B0027UYT4OA142SE9V1ULJ11jiamazon2351289779200Worth the moneyThese freezer trays are expensive, but worth the money without a doubt. They are the perfect size for freezing individual baby food portions, and the frozen food pops out easily when you want to transfer it to ziplock bags. Great product!
250225250225B0027UYT4OABBJSCUFDBXRZAmber0051350950400Perfect for baby foodThe Beaba Multiportion Freezer Tray is perfect for freezing baby food. I made my own baby food for my two children, and this is a simple way of getting it done quick and easy. Plus, it is easy to push the frozen portions out after freezing because the tray is flexible.
250226250226B0027UYT4OA15ZUYU43PC1BDETAI R0051350172800The Best On The MarketThe Best On The Market

I was looking for a several good Ice cube Tray , in order to freeze what i need for making Excellent Iced Coffee In Granita Style !

I have search and search on amazon and there are so many...


And why ?

Because it made from Silicone , it very easy to pull out the cubes , it does not receive odor as it has cover , it will never brake and it will lass for many years of use , it is much more comfortable then any other ice cube tray , and it is EXCELLENT for freeze stuff for Blender use .

So for example:
You purchase a special powder coffee which the coffee company's sale for Iced Coffee (it comes in a pack of 1 Kg) , and if you want to make it in a blander carafe of 1.5 Liter , then you take 250 grams of this special coffee powder and you mix it with around 50 ml of worm water.
You freeze apart 1.4 Liter of milk in this Trays , and you also freeze around 50 ml fresh espresso , and then you put all in the blender and blend it.
Viola - you have Iced Coffee same as in the restaurant without the need to use granita machine which cost $2000.00 USD
You can add Kalua Liqueur or Irish Cream Liqueur to the blender mix if you like.

AS for the Coffee Powder:
You have to contact one of the Coffee Company's like Segafredo Coffee , Or Lavazza Coffee Or illy Coffee , and all of them sale's powder coffee for Iced Coffee for Granita Machine.
So you purchase it from them , and you use it in your blender in the way i described here above.

250227250227B0027UYT4OA33JCQTUIOF3Z8New mom0041349913600Great for larger portionsThese are great for making larger portions of baby food. I think I'll use them more as my baby gets older. For my 7-month-old, one cube makes about 2-3 servings of food for her. I love that it has a cover, and the silicone makes it really easy to pop the food out. But, it's pretty pricey for just 7 slots of food, and the fewer slots make it harder to mass-produce baby food unless you buy multiples of the trays.
250228250228B0027UYT4OA32UXPP7DL8KAISteve Aquillano0041349654400Works perfectly, except for the price!I bought these to freeze my son's baby food. Well, they work just like you want them too. The best thing about them is that the food pops out great and then I put the frozen cubes of food into labeled freezer bags. The one major disadvantage to these is that they are extremely expensive! If it wasn't for the price, I would own a few more!
250229250229B0027UYT4OA1OZBJZ5EWQV9DMargaret0051348444800Awesome!!!I could not be more thrilled with this product! It works perfectly - the large ice cubes slip right out! Zero order like some other product reportedly had! Because the ice cubes are very large they last a long time.

These large ice cubes are so awesome that refrigerator designers will have to redesign so their refrigerators can make these!
250230250230B0027UYT4OA1OFEXPP58JQMINkhub0051345939200Love these!!!!!They make freezing and storing food super easy! Perfect portions, they stack on top of each other and food pops out of the soft shell with ease. Have them in every color! Worth every penny.

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