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250243250243B0027UYT4OA2E19EK7RLVK59doogiesmom0051306108800Fun and functional, can't be beat!I'm a big beaba fan. After trying out the babycook machine and the beaba spoons, I decided to splurge and buy these freezer trays. I'm so glad that I buyer's regret here. I love that they are made of silicone and come with its own lid. The silicone material keeps the tray flexible so that it's easier to remove the food balls (as my husband calls them). Just a few twists and turns on the tray and the food balls pop out. They're so easy to clean too, dishwasher safe. I bought 3 more of these so I have 4 trays in different colors. Looks super cute in my freezer! :) I would DEFINITELY recommend these to my friends.
250244250244B0027UYT4OA2ECPPZTEGLTD4Tanya Logvinenko "tanyalog"0041305158400Beaba freezer tray: nice but gets a freezer burnWe got 4 of them to store food for my son. They work nicely in general, but we have several complains:
1) food gets a freezer burn unless you put the train in a freezer bag
2) the food that gets takes a while to blend (like broccoli) and gets a bit of air blended in is harder to get out of the tray.
Other than that we love the trays.Wish they came also in 1oz portions (we try to give a great variety of veggies to my son at every meal, so having option of a smaller portion that takes less space in the freezer) would be great!
250245250245B0027UYT4OA1S954L77IUU31A. Dunham "VeganGoddess"0051304812800Great for freezing homemade baby food!I love these trays!

Yes, they're expensive... but worth it to me.

They stack VERY neatly in the freezer, the lids seal tightly and keep everything fresh, and the food is easily removed for use (or, storage in a baggie so I can use the same tray again for more food).

If you have any trouble getting the food cubes out just leave the lid on and run the bottom under a little warm water... the cubes will slide right out. :)
250246250246B0027UYT4OA1G5CFCESKPA2CJim W0051304294400Kinda pricey, but works wellActually started using this for big ice cubes, but gave it to my daughter for her baby. Works great. Love the top.
250247250247B0027UYT4OAKE11AZTM3T6OEmily Wong0051300665600Excellent Tray for Freezing Homemade FoodThis freezer tray is excellent - I am actually purchasing another - now that the little one is eating more food,
I'd like to prepare more at once. Frozen items scoop out easily with a spoon. Easy to clean!
250248250248B0027UYT4OACAXV4V8PBCE3Texas Rose "Roseanna"0051297468800Excellent product!I love this product! I have several of these that I got for my daughter. She makes her own baby food for our grandchildren. But I have some as well. When the kids come to our home, we keep snacks, fruit, and dry cereal pieces in the cups for the children to enjoy.

During the summer we use this to make frozen fruit or yogurt pops. It travels well and cleans up easily. Just an excellent item that I wish had been around when I was a young mom.
250249250249B0027UYT4OAERY9SV4J1ZFOKatrienS0051294790400Great product!!I bought the Beaba freezer trays along with the Beaba Babycook. Initially I thought why on earth did I spent that money?? However, after making baby food for three months, I can say it was totally worth it.
The trays are indeed expensive, but they are far superior to your average ice cube tray. If you do not overfill it, the frozen food does pop out super easy. It is BPA free, so safe for baby. And it lasts a lot longer than a normal ice tray, which I also use to freeze my baby food if I run out of the beaba ones (I freeze in batches).
Just a great product, and it has helped making my daughter's food a lot of fun and super simple.
250250250250B0027UYT4OA3B2F5F4BVD3TXCrevi0051291420800PerfectHonestly, I can't understand the complaints that people have about this product. Food pops out easily (I never have to run it under hot water) and it doesn't make your hands cold. I've never noticed a chemical smell either. I always freeze up portions of what we had for dinner then bag the portions in freezer bags, which leaves the Beaba container available for the next use. And it's always being used...I love it!!!
250251250251B0027UYT4OA2YCVGAH8NJGPZMatt Ondrejko "80's fan"0051283126400Baby Food Freezer trayWe have a friend that recommended this to us. She makes her own baby food and freezes it in this tray for use later. We will give it a whirl when our baby arrives. It seems like a well made product. It looks like it is good for BIG Jello-shots too!
250252250252B0027UYT4OA3PZ1KRK2H3SNSjnp7200041277683200Easy to useThis is by far the easiest way I've found to freeze baby food and get it out again. The getting it out again is key - it can be really hard to get frozen puree out of ice cube trays without cracking the tray. It's also dishwasher safe. The only drawback is that it doesn't prevent freezer burn so if that's a concern for you, you'll need to put it inside of a freezer bag.
250253250253B0027UYT4OA1ABYGT65DNLAAnarnar0051267660800awesomeI don't know who would review this poorly. It is great. After you freeze it, you just push the portions out and they come out clean. I love that it is non-toxic, easy to use, easy to clean, and that I can have freezer bags of small portions of baby food prepared and ready to use whenever. I hesitated to buy it because of poor reviews, but am very happy I got it. I am using it every other day right now.
250254250254B0027UYT4OA1AOOCWUOQVPVDA Matter of When1231309478400crappy lidThe lid merely sits on the top, and is a huge pain to get on and off, especially since we use this to freeze milk. Half the time it spills everywhere while I'm moving it to the freezer. Sooo annoying but at least the bottom is silicon. It will be useful for baby food and less-liquid things.
250255250255B0027UYT4OARJTFM3XABYMary1251268524800Great for homemade baby foodLove this freezer tray. great portion size, easy to use, dishwasher safe, and bpa free for baby. would purchase again (I actually wish I had a few more!)
250256250256B0027UYT4OAXQFMPCPLAESYLili2411286496000Not worth the moneyI bought one of these thinking I would try it out and go back for more if it worked out. They are cute, but I won't be buying more. The Stay-Fresh Baby Food containers are MUCH better and cheaper. The Stay-Fresh containers each hold 2 ounces and can go straight in the microwave. Once the food is frozen I find it difficult sometimes to get the portion of food out of the Beaba container. Not the best design and totally overpriced.
250257250257B0027UYT4OACAXV4V8PBCE3Texas Rose "Roseanna"2451285113600Fantastic!I absolutely love these Beaba Multiportion Freezer Trays!!! They are wonderful for children, grandchildren of several age levels. My daughter and I are using them for her 3 mo. old for home made food. We prepare food, portion out, and chill or freeze and needed. We can mix multiple items in one tray and it is ready for the babysitter to use.

I love the soft bottoms because we can pop out the frozen portions we need. I love the close fitting top which keeps in freshness. I wish I'd had these when my girls were little

We also use these as carry along snack trays for the 3 1/2 year old. She gets to choose and portion her snacks for the day. Wonderful!
250258250258B0027UYT4OA2974R9BTPZPOJDoKi0151317168000Not just for baby food!I am just so in love with these trays! I now have four!!! I have used them for baby food and have even whipped up a batch of pesto and frozen it. Once your food is frozen, they literally just pop right out! I couldn't be happier with these!
250259250259B0027UYT4OA2QV7F55T6GD04Patti L. Oakley "GrannieO"0241273881600gift was good choiceI bought this as a gift. The person who received it really likes the product
250260250260B0027UYT4OA2803KK3ZW27FCbec101431289779200Lid was chipped but I like the productCame to me with a chipped lid. I wrote an email to the company to see what I could do and no one responded.
250231250231B0027UYT4OANGMV1S4BKSWQvu0051341964800Great product!I bought two of those to freeze food for my baby and they are great. The food pops out pretty easily. I wish they were a little cheaper though.
250232250232B0027UYT4OA1HHKZVA876ICHHappy Go Lucky "discerning reader"0051338422400Costco Limes!!!I buy a huge bag of Costco Limes for Mojito's and unless I have a party, I usually don't make it through the bag before the limes go bad. I bought this to squeeze the limes into and then freeze so that I would be able to have a nice mojito even when I don't have any fresh limes. It works perfectly for that. It is super cute and I love it!
250233250233B0027UYT4OAKU5RD6RZEWR1babytuna0051335484800love silicon containers!This is a great item! I love the silicon material. It is so easy to wash and dry! I don't have any problem with this item. What you see is what you get. I am planning to use to make some ice cubes after my kid graduate from eating baby foods :) Yes, it is expensive but the material is great and safe. I dont have any regret buying this item :)
250234250234B0027UYT4OALLSZRJL9YBCOM. Hosler "marlakh"0041335484800Expensive, but great productAfter trying several other products for freezing baby food, I came accross this item and although I was not thrilled about the price, ordered it and was pleased with the ease of use. The tray is easy to fill, has a working lid, easy to empty once frozen and easy to wash. If you're making big batches of baby food (like I was) then you will need to buy more than one tray, but it's worth it to have a product that delivers.
250235250235B0027UYT4OA2RL1RS6PWUHWIJennifer Ackerman0051335484800Great for things other than baby food as wellMy baby isn't born yet so I haven't used this for baby food yet, but I HAVE used it for freezing homemade chicken stock. I just filled the 2 ounce cups, popped it into the freezer and then stuck the frozen segments into a ziplock and then repeated. It makes the perfect-sized little portions and is extremely easy to use. I love how flexible the silicone is and am looking forward to finding other uses for this. I would highly recommend this to anyone, not just those wanting to use it for baby food.

As another reviewer stated, it is not airtight so it could get freezer burn. But I have never had this issue and you can avoid it as well by simply transferring the portions to a freezer bag once it's frozen. If you are looking for a container to hold what you make in the freezer indefinitely, this is not the product for you.

I like this so much, in fact, I would have purchased a second or even third one for convenience if it weren't for the price. Once my baby is old enough, I have a feeling I will be investing in another though.
250236250236B0027UYT4OA10M7SSDWPRF5MBrittany Adam "britta"0051329782400great product from a great companygreat purchase and a great value from a wonderful company who stands behind their product.
Had four of the trays for about five months, and they were in CONSTANT use. We definitely got our money's worth!!

After five months, we had a little issue with a funny smell (it did not smell like any of the food we froze) so I tossed the trays. Scandinavian Child replaced them immediately. they even tried to match the colors we had!
they REALLY stand behind their product. Their customer service was amazing; their genuine helpfulness and accountability for their product is so refreshing!!

I look forward to having they trays again, and I would definitely recommend them.
250237250237B0027UYT4OAKVADH46FDB5EBobcat0051323475200Great for more than baby food!These are flexible but also sturdy. I liked it so much in using to freeze portions of baby food, I picked up another. It is great to make your portions and then throw this in the freezer. Once frozen I pop out the portions with ease and bag them for later use. If there is anything you need to freeze (such as portions of stock, or soup) these are perfect for that. A great multi-use product.
250238250238B0027UYT4OA50FYNAOYJCGXMoo0051320451200Easy to use and versatileThis freezer tray has nice proportions. I bought it for a friend who uses it for her food and the baby's. She thinks it's easy to use and clean and uses it for various foods and juice pops.
250239250239B0027UYT4OALTS3LT1YG9H9Marilyn0051319155200Beaba Multiportion Freezer Tray - PinkThe Beaba Multiportion Freezer Tray - Pink was exactly what I expected and more. This is a great item! I love it.
250240250240B0027UYT4OAR8G8G183KH2FB. Howard "furnacegirl"0041314316800priceyI was given this as a shower gift - I never would have spent the money. I have used a couple other baby food freezing trays, and this one is my favorite - it seals tightly and the food is easy to get out of the tray after freezing. The portion sizes are a bit big for us now (with a 6 month old) but I suspect we will grow into it.
250241250241B0027UYT4OA24MJ3KLA26QWQMary Estevez0051313020800I Love These Trays!!!!!!!I have been making my baby food since she was 6 months old. These trays are fantastic and allow me to make large batches of baby food and freeze for reheating throughout the week. I originally purchased two trays, but my 8 month old baby is eating two servings for lunch and dinner, so I ordered two more trays. Not only are they colorful and fun, but so easy to clean and the frozen baby food pops right out after running the tray under warm water for a few seconds. Although these trays are kind of expensive, they are totally worth the money if you only feed your baby homemade food. I wish that these trays would have been on the market back when my son was a baby, as I had the entire door of my freeze full of small tupperwear with baby food and these trays would have made my life easier back then. By the way, if you want to save more space in your freezer, you can just pop the baby food out of the trays and store in a freezer bag. I absolutely love them and I highly recommend this product.
250242250242B0027UYT4OA8EQ1QXW2148ICustomer x0051309824000love itits more expensive than the rest but let me tell you....great quality, easy to clean, to use and works great cuz i have the meals ready to go....WELL PRESERVED

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