Amazon Fine Food Reviews

250321250321B001NXHY8YA2HMPBBQ3A70G2Sreejith Vijayan "skype"0051260576000great stuff for starters.We introduced this when our little one was 6-7 months old. She's 10 months old now and still enjoys it thoroughly. Apart from her eating it helped tremendously in her picking abilities and other motor skills development. It helped us also to have dinner together with her sitting on the high chair and enjoying her puffs.
250322250322B001NXHY8YA1NKZHOBABK6DFB. Prusova-White "CZshopper"0051255737600Great for your crawlerI prefer those than most sugar packed "parents recommended" products. Mild taste that my munchkin loves!
250323250323B001NXHY8YA25XXVX44VNC8SEddie B. Satterly "Eddie"0051255478400Best snacks and ValueBest snacks health and safety wise for my child and also a great value to buy in this format. Saved 45% buying by the case and used them all up.
250324250324B001NXHY8YA3KB1H0S7T6JX1L Gontzes0041254009600Quite good for the baby that has not yet or is in the process of teethingWe bought the pack of 6 almost five months ago for our baby boy and we still have one left after giving several of them away. He likes them and will eat them, but he is not mad about them. It really made a difference though during the teething process.
250325250325B001NXHY8YA3JYNVRJHBU8YCL. Lane "lisamla"0051253923200Great Puffs, Give'm a TryThese are great. My daughter loves them and I have no problem giving them to her. The container is large and full. I feel it is a great amount for the money. Looking forward to trying the other flavors.
250326250326B001NXHY8YA3NJW996S3A1MYAmelia Parrish "mamamelia"0051252022400awesome baby snacksmy now 15-month old loves these. he is still working on chewing well & doesn't have very many teeth.
250327250327B001NXHY8YA2J64ACNT1PTIJJuniper Nichols0051247961600Greens flavor just as tasty as AppleI didn't see an organic alternative to the convenient Gerber puffs (which to me seem much better than Cheerios, since they dissolve), until finding these online. These are GREAT! My daughter's first sign is to ask for "more" of these.

I started with the apple flavor, but my second box was this one - the veggie "greens." They taste very similar, but you see little green specks in them, so I guess she is getting a small amount of veggies :-P She seems to like them just as well as the apple.

It took us a few months to go through one six-pack case. A great value!
250328250328B001NXHY8YAGCZBXUHEOOLAV. Crandall0041246752000great first finger food/snackThese are a great first finger food/snack. They were much easier for my child to dissolve in her mouth than the Gerber brand. Not sure if it's that because there's a whole in the middle so there is not as much solid mass in her mouth, but she loved them immediately and had no gagging problem like she did with the other brands. And you get more in the package as well. We've only tried the Greens and the Apple, but we've liked them and I like that they're organic.
250329250329B001NXHY8YA11OHHI0OTDS1OSarah L. Pia "Sarahlmnopia"0051246406400THE BEST!These taste like cheerios! My son loves them! I shove little pieces of cheese into them so my son (9 months) can enjoy cheese and "crackers". He loves them and we love how healthy they are... when he is finished he has a fun container to bang on and roll on the floor! Happy Baby products are AWESOME!
250330250330B001NXHY8YA39X8777WA7LD9Jennifer L. Lash "Jennifer"0041246406400great stuffMy child loves these. The only problem I see is that they get stale fast. I am still only on the first pack.
250331250331B001NXHY8YAU35VFWPTGEC5Jennifer Lightman "jlite"0051245542400More please, more!My 15 old month daughter loves these puffs. I keep a stock for anytime we go out to eat or travel because I know they will keep her happy. She is always signing "more, more" anytime I bring out the container. She has been eating these since she was 8 month's old.
250332250332B001NXHY8YA3IKHM6L9U5VLEErin Dickerson0051243641600love these puffs!My twin boys love these puffs. I feel great giving the puffs to them because they are organic!
250333250333B001NXHY8YA16O7M64EF6FV6speechy "ES"0051243123200wonderfulthese are just as tasty as gerber puffs but they are organic, half the sugar and just as affordable. They really are! When I bought these, they were actually cheaper than gerber puffs if you take into consideration that each container holds more. Also, this is a very eco-friendly company who uses recycled materials whenever possible. The container these come in is recycled from Target Method products and it is BPA free!
250334250334B001NXHY8YA1OXMWMT1KDUQYISTNMO0051243036800Good productIt is tasty and nutritious; whole grains, no corn; they have vitamin D; few baby foods do.
The bottle and cap are nice, does keep the product fresh unlike other brands.
And price is same or cheaper than the regular non-organic-junk fillers-finger it is a no brainer.
For some reason,my baby seems to like more the veggie one. Had no problem picking them up, and never choked on them (he did with others)
My 3 year old also likes them. And even though 6 bottles may seem a lot.........they go fast. Expiration date was good (like seven months later).
250335250335B001NXHY8YA28I8LUKDTTVA8Flo0051242604800Happy Baby, indeed!These little puffs are awesome! The little chomper needed something to practice chewing on while eating, but not be a choking hazard... and portable, too. I have avoided processed sugary foods so far, but this product is made from recognizable foods and is not high in sugar or salt. And my little monkey loves them.
250336250336B001NXHY8YA1Y7GIKB1M5CSHA. Valentine0051242086400By the caseI like that Happy Baby Puffs are an organic product that "melts" better than cereals like Cheerios. My 8-month-old doesn't get many in his mouth, but he likes them when he does. I wasn't thrilled about having to order by the case, but I was having trouble finding these in local stores. But I know we'll end up using them over the years. And of course I found them at Target the day after I ordered.
250337250337B001NXHY8YA1DAJCN2XG71YFB. Hughes "Expectant Mom"0051242000000Handy containerMy 9 month old LOVES LOVES these snacks! I have one in every room of the house, in the stroller, the diaper bag, the car and at Nana's house. My little one is happy as long as she's got her snacks! : ) They're easy for her to pick up and they dissolve in her mouth. She loves the apple and the greens as well.
250338250338B001NXHY8YA36OIZ010H1891JW0041241049600Organic Green PuffsMy son has been taking the Happybaby cereal, and I was thrilled to know that they have started to make the puffs as well. My son used to take the Gerber puffs but I have switched him to these organic ones. He is OK with these. However, I do not like the container as the cap opens too easily. When my son throws the container or drops it, the cap opens and the puffs spill all over the floor. We have wasted quite a fair bit of the puffs in this manner.
250339250339B001NXHY8YA12MGU9003T6HGmamochka3551278288000There is NO SOY in these puffs!I read one of the reviews that says there is soy lecithin in puffs-I double checked the label on the container that lists ingredients. There is NO SOY, NO CORN and NO DAIRY. The puffs are great-USDA organic and the container is BPA-free. Nice choice for my little one:)
250340250340B001NXHY8YA2AADWLGSEHOATK. Swanson1251302912000My baby LOVES theseThese are a big hit with my baby. I don't think they taste like anything but apparently he thinks they taste great. I like that they are organic and contain kale & spinach. I also like that they seem to melt in his mouth pretty quickly.
250341250341B001NXHY8YA3JHC8O59WDHFZSilea1221262908800they taste like styrofoamI'm not sure why everyone is so crazy about these. My kid will hardly touch them, and i can't blame him. They taste like styrofoam. Maybe one in five tastes like styrofoam with a slight banana glaze. They do melt nicely in the mouth if you only eat one or two at a time, but if you shove a whole handful into your mouth, they dissolve into some sort of paste-like slag.

Everyone's got different taste, and maybe my kid's just a little bit unusual, but these were a total flop. The only use we've gotten at all is using the container like a giant rattle.
250342250342B001NXHY8YA11YZE0ZJ7TY6YSarah Griffin4711296432000LOVE THESE... BUT 1 Star for PRICE- BUY AT TARGET!!!We Love these... our baby loves these. You can read all the other reviews to find out why. I'm curious as to why anyone would pay $5-6 per container PLUS shipping here, when you can get them at Target or Vons for $2.99 or less. It is rare I find something on Amazon being sold for MORE than the competition. Shop elsewhere for these!!!
250343250343B001NXHY8YA1TA5PPW7FQQX6Bebemama0141316217600No mess low sugar puffs for babyI love the low sugar and that they are made from organic ingredients.
I am always looking for a healthy low sugar alternative to Graham crackers that don't make a mess.
I use to buy mmm-mmms that Until I Read on the lable that they are manufactured in china, which I just dont trust.
These happy baby puffs have been great. So far my son has tried the green puffs and sweet potato
And loves he them.
250344250344B001NXHY8YA1ZO50XHPV0QPQHeather "AB1761"0111307664000NO flavor!Not sure why these are labled "banana" because they have ZERO flavor of any kind. Taste like dry cardboard! Even cheerios have a "taste." My 10 month old loves puffs but spits these out. Tried mixing them in a bowl with another brand of banana puffs and these still always get spit out. Guess they are going in the trash. SO glad I didn't order a 6pk of these!
250345250345B001NXHY8YA2VEV0B1DG996QCBM0131284249600low calorie nice taste but expensivethe cereal tastes good and is very low calorie. It was recommended on a website for weight watcher snacks. My only complaint is the packaging and the price.
250346250346B001NXHY8YAECQLWLETPUFZTamara Irving0151274572800My toddler loves theseNot only do my 3 year old like these but my 6 month old stares them down and can't wait to try them!I can't wait etiher, they are so much healthier than the other brands.
250347250347B001NXHY8YA14SRNQ2JT8WEAH. Whitmore "parent of two"0151248566400Puffs Please!Both my one year old and my 3 year old love these. We only have tried the Green Puffs, but they are a hit at our house. I like how they have less sugar and the kids don't seem to notice. The other brands seemed to make them so hyper.
250348250348B001NXHY8YA1KLKQD3RM7KPTsmalltownveg3631303344000has glutenwell, i got excited when i saw these at whole foods. Popped em open and gave some to my 9 mos old. After i reviewed the ingredient list I saw it contains wheat. Oh well. sticking with the plum organic puffs for now.
250349250349B001NXHY8YA2MFUDIDQBR26OC. asensio "swissmom"3621302048000why so much plastic!?nice snack for babies melts easily. my 6 mo loves it. My only issue is the container. Why such a big plastic pack and no available refills. Such a waste! I am looking for puffs that come in a more sustainable bag.
250350250350B001NXHY8YA37E463IX8QTUTAmazonaholic1331306627200Yummy and fun, but contains wheat and soyI use them as soup croutons ot in a yogurt.
but after I realized (thanks to another reviewer) that they contain soy, I will not buy them anymore.

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