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250411250411B001NXHY8YA3BYWT7HC18DTVwahina240051345766400Baby loves these and ties him over in restaurantswhat more could I ask for? an infant that will sit nicely through an entire meal at a restaurant.....these do the trick. I bought a little plastic container that is meant for little snacks like these, babies can only take out like one at a time (until they get a bit older wiser and figure out if they move the flap a handful will pour out) and he keeps himself busy with these. Plus they are pretty healthy :)
250412250412B001NXHY8YA3HI5MVGFWX0R8Missanator0051345593600Daughter approvedI'm very big on organic. These were perfect for my daughter when she didn't have her back teeth yet until we could move onto cheerios. Her favorite were the apple. :)
250413250413B001NXHY8YA3CN7PNWENL3RLfordprefect0051343952000Excellent finger foodThe puffs are perfectly sized and textured for baby to pick and eat. Our baby loves it. It has helped to keep him interested in his meals a little bit longer. We carry some in a small container when we go out to keep him occupied when he gets fussy. The ingredients are healthy so I don't need to worry about him getting hooked to it.
250414250414B001NXHY8YA2HFRPKFRE0DCQRyan Langdon0051343865600yummyDaughter loves these since she was 7 months. Great way to keep her busy while I need time to get to other things. Best price I have searched. They say they are made of banana and other stuff. I can't smell or taste banana. They taste like communion. I would recommend to family and friends.
250415250415B001NXHY8YA2XEANPRUDXY5UBabymom0051335657600Love this product!I love this product, so does my son. It contains less sugar and is easy for my son to grab and eat it.
I wish it was less expensive, but it has a lot of nutrients which a baby needs, so I shouldn't complain about it.
250416250416B001NXHY8YA30S2XWHFQZ8X0Reviewer0041335052800Babies LOVE puffs!What is it about these puffs that babies love so much? Both my kids could not get enough. Currently, my 9 month old just loves them. I like that they are organic and have less sugar than other brands, so thats why ive been a loyal Happy Baby buyer, even though i know several other brands are avilable. I get the greens flavor. I know there isnt much "green" in there, but every little bit counts, right?
250417250417B001NXHY8YA26PY2RWUJXY18Flower Chica "Just a new mommy"0051333929600Great puffs for baby and a less sugar than many other brandsI found these puffs by accident in the grocery store. My daughter eats these like a mad little thing. She simply loves them. They have less sugar and taste less sweet than their gerber counterparts. This is a staple snack in our house.
250418250418B001NXHY8YA5XKV3EJKX02YKatri0051333238400My kids can't get enough of itMy 9 month old loves these, and sometimes she'll refuse her baby food if she eats these first. My 2 year old steals them from her sister, so we go through these rather quickly. I love that the container is BPA Free.
250419250419B001NXHY8YA21HEHG8CZ2V6CLucifer0041332806400Good for babyGreat food for baby. My 6 months old baby likes it very much and it does not get stuck in the throat when she is eating it.
250420250420B001NXHY8YALGXG9PASIPNHcpatx0051329264000Love theseI like the HAPPYBABY brand and these puffs are no exception. We go through a TON of them between home and day care. This is the best way to buy them - much better price than in stores.
250421250421B001NXHY8YAR3ENU4Y10EMHNine0051328659200Must TryMy baby loves it- I started to give her some puffs at 7 months. She will get overexcited when she sees the box. It will keep her busy when we are eating out. I have only tried the banana flavor.
250422250422B001NXHY8YA19SE9SX2BPS1QDragonD0051328054400HappyBaby Organic Puffs-Banana is GREAT!Wow! I had no idea how many different flavors HappyPuffs had! We came across the 'banana' flavor recently and it is just as good as all of the others, from Apple, Greens, Sweet Potato and I've even seen Strawberry! Banana though seems to be my little one's favorite right now, she's big into signing and seems to like banana everything! Banana puffs are a huge hit, the "banana, mango, peach" pouch too! These truly do melt in her mouth which makes me comfortable with giving these to her. I compared these with cheerios and there are a ton more vitamins and even digestion aids even in puffs which are perfect for a toddler. With significantly less sugar then other puffs or cereals, being organic and safe to eat, these are a huge hit! I also appreciate the amount of puffs we get in a container for the price, it's a great deal. I have been even using the left over plastic containers for storage when we are done! They are great little containers for crayons too on the go!

HAPPYBABY Organic Puffs, Banana Puffs, 2.1-Ounce Containers (Pack of 6)
250423250423B001NXHY8YA3A0DJF0OK1JUMmojobear0051327536000Great tasting!These Apple Puffs are my son's favorite flavor! And he is 5! We actually all snack on them. The Apple ones taste perfectly sweet to me, perhaps because we consume little to no sugar on a daily basis, so we can tell these are naturally sweetened, nothing artificial. Being organic and half the sugar content of some other Puffs are some of the reasons why we continue to purchase these. The list of ingredients is short and all things I can pronounce and identify!
Snacking is a huge part of a toddler and young child's world, so if my son enjoys these then I am happy with that. It's also great to have these around the house for when my friend's with younger kids come over. It's the perfect snack to offer! Give them a try and I don't think you will be disappointed!
250424250424B001NXHY8YA1LYZF2VZCJR51benmcvay0051327449600Banana Puffs - Great snacking option for little onesThese Puffs are amazing. The container has more Puffs and much less sugar than the competitors. They also have choline added (great for brain development). Babies do not need added sugar,so this is the perfect on the go snack. Even my 6 year old likes the product. Another great option by this company.
250425250425B001NXHY8YA3CUFOB7L6ZHAEmamahall0051326844800better than the resti personally prefer these PUFFS over any other brand because they are organic and have measurably less sugar. i also like the container because it is recyclable, and the lid serves double-duty as a small bowl to serve my tot his PUFFS. my husband and i made the decision when we became parents to always serve our children the most natural, best quality & cleanest foods available to us, even if it meant making/growing our own, or paying a little bit more. these PUFFS fit the bill: completely natural ingredients, no pesticides, no chemical fertilizers, no genetic modifications, and no preservatives. check the labels and see how these PUFFS make every other brand pale in comparison. it makes me happy when my little guy is happy and when he snacks on these PUFFS he is one "happy baby" :) these are a staple in our pantry.
250426250426B001NXHY8YA32TYCJ4JJVCIMcarrie tutera martin0051326758400Still a Favorite!HAPPYBABY Organic Apple Puffs are still a favorite of my daughter's, even after almost two years! She just can't seem to get enough of them, and I feel great about giving them to her because I know that they are organic and so much healthier than other snacks she could be eating. They are surprisingly filling, so one container will last us awhile (less so now that she is older, but still a great deal for what we are getting). I am a big stickler about limiting sugar, so these definitely fit into my personal agenda and I don't know what I would do without them because to me there is nothing else out there that even comes close. They are perfect for an on the go snack, and my only problem is the fights that often break out between my almost 3 year old and her 6 year old sister who also loves them!!
250430250430B001NXHY8YA1051DBTLWP5A2Monkey Momma0051323993600Great for young toddlers!When my toddler was transitioning to table foods, these were a huge hit. She's always been on the picky side, but she's never had a problem with these. We tried all the flavors and each one was a hit with her. They don't have as much sugar as the Gerber Puffs, yet they are still pleasantly sweet. They dissolve easily and my little one never gagged or choked on these. I initially wasn't a fan of the price of these puffs - however - the container surprisingly holds a decent amount of these and it lasted quite awhile. The ingredients and the fact that these are organic is also cool. I know this is lame, but I'm actually sad I won't be buying these anymore as my 23 month old toddler is outgrowing them. (They made the "baby shelf" in my pantry look so cheerful.)
250431250431B001NXHY8YA326TFC4T2K1E7dkleman0051323907200Just as good as sugar-laden puffs...and better for your kiddo!Our daughter loves these puffs! Our household is NOT all-organic by far, but compared to the other puff choices on the market, these were an easy choice. They compare in price to the other sugar/sodium-laden puffs and are much healthier for your little one.

We have not tried the other flavors. We did start her on the green flavor (kale, etc.) and to be really has no flavor, which is good if you're wanting to start them on learning to chew and mash.
250432250432B001NXHY8YA1KG0YCMPSW6L4deslippy0051319846400Baby Loves ThemI have been feeding these to my son since he was 6 months old and he loves them. I love that they are organic. I try to give him organic as much as possible to reduce the pesticide intake he receives as his brain is developing so rapidly at this age and these help me feel good about that.
250433250433B001NXHY8YA39BSX071LCDCVRichard Franco0051317686400Da Bomb!My daughter gobbles these puffs up like they're manna from heaven... "Puff" is one of the first words she attempted to say... She walks around with a canister of puffs like she owns the place...
250434250434B001NXHY8YA39BSX071LCDCVRichard Franco0051317686400Da Bomb!My daughter gobbles these puffs up like they're manna from heaven... "Puff" is one of the first words she attempted to say... She walks around with a canister of puffs like she owns the place...
250435250435B001NXHY8YA1E519Q89SX0WYKatherine Shea-Ortiz "katherineskye"0041315267200Less Mess, Less FussThese puffs are our go to trip food. They're not too messy and they taste fresh and not too sweet. They're also not bad for adults either, when you need to nibble on something but don't want a huge calorie commitment.
250436250436B001NXHY8YA62GFAGT7FT90Rich0031314144000Usually good, sometimes bad.I'm a regular purchaser of a variety of happy baby puffs, and the Banana flavor are usually a safe bet and my son really likes them (Strawberry is still his favorite). Buyer beware though, this most recent order for the Banana flavor came and it seemed that the sealing process was fowled on 4 of the 6 packages in the box. Puffs absorb moisture like no other so exposure from a poor seal on the container meant stale puffs. Will this prevent me from purchasing again? No. Usually my puff orders are problem-free so give them a try. I'm sure your kid (and you!) will love them!
250437250437B001NXHY8YA3LWC833HQIG7Jaustin_Larry0051313712000Virtually all good stuff, half the sugar, and daughter likes them.I have ordered other puffs and looked at lables. These are half the sugar for the comparable size serving. And out daughter likes them just as much if not more than the previous puffs. The green variety seems to have lots of good ingridients and some chloine for brain development as well. It is also a good price on Amazon and the 6 pack lasts a good amount of time. Recommended.
250438250438B001NXHY8YA2N7OP5BNIFNAZkevsmith0051312416000Son loves these!Seriously, he could eat a thousand puffs if we let him, but we don't. These are great for a snack and very convenient for on the go.
250439250439B001NXHY8YA12GARM89E62AONannyMom0051309996800Best puffs everI bought these because they were the first ones I've seen that were green veggies. I haven't had very good luck with the consistency of organic puffs in the past and hate all the chemicals in Gerber puffs. THESE ARE THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS. My daughter reaches for these over all others. They dissolve quickly and I can pronounce the ingredients.
250440250440B001NXHY8YA3B9HMW5S0MXVXBebop0051303171200My son LOVES these!Just amazing! My son actually laughs, smiles and waves his arms and legs around when he sees the container! These are the ONLY thing to give to a baby for their first "hard" food. They dissolve easily, and are very easy for a little one with only a few teeth to practice chewing. They are also good for the dexterity and learning to pick up (pinch) the little bits. I give them to my son to keep him busy while I make his meals. It's like the instant gratification as soon as he hits the high chair. The ones in the supermarket are full of ingredients I would NOT give my baby and these I can feel good about giving them to him. The Green are great, as well as the sweet potato and banana. Buying them on Amazon, I save money AND they come right to my door- the next day no less! They should be called HAPPY MOM!
250427250427B001NXHY8YA32J92S7GY8JG0TwinMommy0051325808000Babies love theseOur twins love these HappyPuffs, along with the HappyMunchies, they are their go to snacks. We take them with us on outings and they are always wanting more of them! Below is the pro/con list:

Amazon's price cannot be beat when using Subscribe & Save
There are a lot of puffs in each container
They are healthy and organic without too many unwanted ingredients
Perfect first baby snack since they melt so quickly, you really don't have to worry too much about choking since the baby's saliva will help the puff disintegrate

The banana flavor doesn't taste like much, however, the babies disagree
250428250428B001NXHY8YAQAOQ0LHWFRKTT0031325030400TEasy for beginner eaters to eat and convenient container. However, they do not have alot of flavor. Prefer babies r us organic puffs.
250429250429B001NXHY8YA2U28O9XXWG3SEnmaher0051324944000Just can't get HappyBaby products and these Puffs are no exception. I never would have thought my little ones would go for the green puffs (spinach and kale), but there is just enough sweetness to keep them going back for more and more. My husband and I try to eat and keep as much as an organic household as possible, but it is really difficult with baby products. I feel like with baby food you are either spending tons of money or sacrificing taste. Happybaby does neither...I think the price is in line with all other baby products (and usually Happybaby gives you more food per container) and the taste is amazing. I will definitely be buying this again along with some other Happybaby products.

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