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250511250511B000EMOD5MA3RHDDRXJ25J2MJeffrey G. Delabre6751202601600Great and not soggy if done correctlyI mixed it as per instructions, then I put 1 tablespoon on the dough and rolled it around in the bowl. I then covered it with a towel and put in the oven for 5 minutes at 150 degrees. I sprayer pan Olive oil on my 18" pizza pan, then spread the crust out to about 12-13". I then preheated the oven to 425 degrees and precooked the crust for about 8-10 minutes. I then let the crust cool a little. I then put 1 cup of pizza sauce with oregano and Organic garlic sea salt. I put 1 small onion finely chopped with 1/2 of a red pepper finely chopped, then topped with 6 ounces of fancy Italian blend cheese. I cooked the pizza on the lowest rack at 425 degrees until the entire pizza was slightly browned. DELICOIUS. The crust was slightly browned and not soggy at all, without being too crunchy. Aslo check your oven with a real oven thermometer, mine was 30 degrees lower then the setting. I always wondered why the center wouldn't get slightly browned likt the edges. WOW perfect and delicious.
250512250512B000EMOD5MA1VZZZLL3XA2SLHillary DePiano "Reader, Writer and devoted c...6751200614400simple, delicious and great value!My husband and I love to make pizza and we used to either get the frozen Pillsbury dough (which always tastes like their biscuits to me and not really like pizza) or a Boboli crust. Both of those options were pricier than this and this tastes far better. You can find this dough in the baking aisle of the supermarket (with the muffin mixes usually). The prep is extremely simple and the crust is delicious, better even than the ready made dough that you can purchase. The best part is that it doesn't go bad so you can just leave one in the closet and always have it for when the pizza mood strikes. Even since we found this crust mix we have recommended it to just about everyone we know and they have loved it as well. It is just a quality product that allows you to make fresh dough for cheaper and faster than you could do it yourself from scratch.
250513250513B000EMOD5MA78KV5YH0SFTDP. Howard "plhoward"3351178496000pizza pizzagood stuff. very easy to use so simple an good. i'll buy this product again.
250514250514B000EMOD5MA2REMAWGATL67XLaura Wooters2251327104000easy pizza crustI use this product 1-2 times a week and it's great. Yeah, you can tweak it, that's part of the beauty of this product. Add what you want to kick it up a notch. Makes great breadsticks and who knows what else also. The thick crust pizza will be a little small with one pouch, but for crispy crust this is just perfect. A great price with subscribe and save as well.
250515250515B000EMOD5MAJZDZ3KG9N9NBwatchit2241318377600not the real thing but a good substituteI resorted to buying a case of this product from Amazon when none of my local stores would stock it (I live in a small town called "Los Angeles"). Since I have to do kosher cooking now and then, its designation as UD was a convenience. Even though it contains yeast, it has the characteristics of a baking powder dough, so it never attains the proper chewiness or crispness. Instead, it sucks up oil and turns out flaky and salty; think of a big, flat biscuit. It can be improved three ways: 1) let it rise twice (once after mixing, again after pressing into the pan); 2) bake it empty for five minutes, then pull it out of the oven and let it cool before adding topping; and 3) slide it off the pan and finish it on the bare oven rack. The reason I rated this product four stars is its convenience and ease of clean-up. I make one a week for the kids and this way can control the amount of oil, salt, and gunk that comes on professional pizzas. Tip: try kneading a third of a cup of cooked, chopped spinach into the dough and add a little extra flour to absorb the inevitable spinach water.
250516250516B000EMOD5MA73GPD47TOXPZD. Hess "tdhess"2241293148800Great for Camping!This product is perfect for camping trips! I discovered these while on a camping/roadtrip to Yellowstone. We traditionally have family pizza night on Sat. and the kids miss it when we travel and camp. This quick pizza dough is the answer. Just add water and you're ready to go! We use the Coleman folding oven and our camp stove to cook them. The dough is very versatile. We use one package per person and we each add our own favorite toppings. It's awesome!! Too bad I can't buy them in my own grocery store. I like them so much I order them from Amazon by the case! I use small pizza pans when I cook them, but if you make the crust thick enough you probably wouldn't need a pan. I also have the pizza pan that you can use over a fire, but I haven't tried it with this dough yet. Anyone else? I made up Pizza making baskets for Christmas presents using this dough and it was a big hit!
250517250517B000EMOD5MA2L01339XV496VPatricia Smith2251217289600A WINNER!!Have tried many other mixes and this one is, by far, the best I have found. I usually make my own dough but when time is short this is a great alternative! Try it at the superstore then come back here and buy it by the case for a great value!
250518250518B000EMOD5MA32NE6W3X81VWBridget A. Richards "BridgetR"2251168473600We love this stuffMy sister-in-law introduce me to this product. We LOVE pizza in our house and we could probably eat it every single day if possible. This crust is so easy. My 5 year old helps us make the pizza all the time. It's perfect for the 9" round pan. You put sauce on and your favorite topping and into the oven it goes. I highly recommend for everyone to try. Especially if you have kids, this can get them involved.
250519250519B000EMOD5MA17BP7TYDIF20BDaniel Cunningham1151342828800Better than we expected.Seriously, I am not one of those people who cook something and think that it's the best ever. Here is my honest review. I wasn't expecting it to be great. Just passible, after reading some of the less favorable reviews. I made the crust mix as instructed, but I did add 1 1/2 tbl spoons of Extra Virgin olive oil. I do not know how significant of a difference it made, but our pizza came out really good! I was very surprised. I used Pastorelli's pizza sauce along with it (found it at Target) and it made a great pizza. So try it for yourself. I'm not saying it's better than from scratch, but it is a great substitute if you want a quicker and easier way. Enjoy.
250520250520B000EMOD5MA12FCEFYYGNEYLBrian "GlobaltechATLAS"1151326067200Fresh pizza in 30 minutes!While I do like chain store pizzas, it's fun and easy to make your own!

This makes it ultra simple. I've tried making my own crust from scratch and it's just a mess and takes too long. This gives great results with its' "just add water" (and maybe a teaspoon of olive oil).

Have kids? Even better, put them to 'work' making the pizza.

I use Hunts canned spaghetti sauce instead of regular 'pizza sauce' and I freeze the leftovers in pre-portioned used margerine containers as it really only takes a few tablespoons to make a pizza (any leftover sauce is now called dippy sauce :) . Definitely get a big block of fresh mozzarela (about a pound) for each pizza, less if you like to add more toppings. Get a grater from walmart or similar store. They rust, but they are only a dollar or two. Do your toppings fresh as NOTHING beats fresh.

Now, my family rarely buys chain (or local) store pizza. We find that it's much more fun (and much, much cheaper) to make it ourselves and we all rate our 'homemade' pizzas better or equal to those chain stores.

Note: I have not bought from amazon and buy instead at a local store as I just don't have space to store a case.
250521250521B000EMOD5MA1DJ7GY3T20ILZLeonard Rose, Jr.1151323043200Double the priceWellI have been using this for quite a while and even though the place where I shop the prices are exorbitant, this vendor's prices are more than double what I pay for it on the retail shelf (I get it for .46 cents a pack)

I certainly don't understand how people can afford to pay such dishonest pricing.
250522250522B000EMOD5MA1BKJNAWJT2TG2G. Scott "Gia Scott"3431291248000Ho hum...This is an easy pizza crust, but no matter what I did, it just always came up lacking.

I tried thin and I tried thick, I tried adding a bit of oil, I tried greasing the pan heavier...anything to get a better texture & flavor for this crust. It came up lacking no matter what.

It honestly tasted more like biscuit dough than it did pizza crust.

I did find that it worked better for a skillet pizza dough than it did in the oven...but homemade was better and not much more work. We'll use this up on camping trips where bigger appetites mean less critical tasting.
250523250523B000EMOD5MAL6UUXRHYO96XJ. Kohn5721297382400Doesn't taste like pizza crust shouldThis stuff was a disappointment to me after reading all the glowing reviews here. The texture was OK; I didn't have any problems with getting the crust to brown, or it being soggy in the middle. The problem was the taste, which I found somewhat reminiscent of bisquick. This stuff just doesn't taste like pizzeria pizza crust, not even close. Looking at the ingredient list I guess it should come as no surprise, since it contains egg, soy, and milk!

My suggestion if you want a quick and easy homemade pizza crust without having to make the dough a day in advance, get some Fleischmann's Pizza Yeast and follow the recipe on the packet (Amazon's price is ridiculously high, check your local supermarket instead). It's almost as fast to make as the Betty Crocker mix (a few minutes of kneading is required), but the resulting crust is much better. I made one of each on the same night, and the Fleischmann's crust was the unanimous winner.
250524250524B000EMOD5MA2USKG8N6F43ARcookndad0051336867200Great find for the Big Green EggMy first attempt at pizza on the Big Green Egg was a I know that most of the problem was the dough...although I will take part of the blame. I had been told that the Betty Crocker mix was really good, but I couldn't find it at my grocery, so I bought another brand, (name not metioned). I found myself dealing with a sticky, hard to work with dough that was say the work with. Determined to do better, I ordered the Betty Crocker Pizza Mix. My packets will be good for a year so I'm happy about that unknown fact. The dough was easy to work with...a little extra flour to keep my fingers from sticking while shaping it on the pizza peel, tasty, with a crispy edge and very slightly chewy interior. I cooked it at about 600 degrees, (bottom wide open and daisy wheel on top an wide open for those using the BGE). Next time I will try to make it as thin as possible, as it rose during the baking process. Use the Betty Crocker mix and tell 'em it's homemade!
250525250525B000EMOD5MA39ZHNZN4URS0Cstakas0051302652800great productI love this product.Homemade pizza is a snap. Bread sticks of numerous variety a breeze.Just buy it you can't go wrong.
250526250526B000EMOD5MA4NRBR7OVWJLYR. Gross0041275004800Makes good fast dough at a cheap priceI usually wait to buy this at Woodman's for 3/$1

It is a great price and makes decent dough. I usually make a pizza with it every couple weeks. It can get a little soggy if it don't take care to stretch it out thin on the pizza pan. Also, if I have time I usually will let it sit for ~30 minutes instead of the ~5 minutes recommended on the directions.
250527250527B000EMOD5MA3NO05U8A7GKF5luvthgirls0041268006400Easy Pizza CrustI've tried these before: it's easy to make and an affordable option for pizza-night. Easy enough for kids to make and enjoy.
250528250528B000EMOD5MAJ3CLM00RAWU7Maliha0151268352000The Best Pizza Crust EVERi love this Product so much. we usually used to spend $30 to $45 on once a week pizza Hut Trip. NOW over the Weekends i make Pizza Hut Quality Pizza at home . Everyone love it.
250529250529B000EMOD5MA3N6IZDVSLG1QSM. Clark51021181347200Didn't work out at all well for my familyThis makes possibly the worst pizza crust I've ever served my family. The taste is like vaguely sweet paste, the consistency is more porous and spongy than I'd like.
250530250530B000EMOD5MAAVD79H829O4DMitzi Lou31631176076800Shabby shipping box preparationNo problems with the quality of the item ordered and very satisfied with the price. This item was combined with another item; they were separate boxes contained within one large box weighing about 20 pounds. This big box arrived COMPLETELY TORN AND RIPPED OPEN. I'm lucky nothing was pilfered during the shipping process. There was only very thin piece of tape on the bottom of the box and one piece of thin tape on the top of the box that only extended down the sides maybe an inch and a half. No wonder it didn't hold up. I've received two other bungled shipments from Amazon. Come on, folks, spend a little money for quality tape and train your shipping associates to properly seal a package.
250501250501B000BIXP8AA1HZT1EI6A766HS. Hamasaka "homeschoolingmama"2241167955200Pregestimil Hypoallergenic FormulaThis was an awesome convenient way to purchase our infant's special formula. (He's had proper weight gain and a more pleasant disposition after switching to this.)

The only problem is that since Amazon is no longer carrying it or it's temporarily out of stock, we weren't able to rely on them for this. We have since switched to the autoship program directly from the manufacturer and it's the same price. I thought I was saving money buying it at Amazon but we weren't because of tax/shipping. However, if I buy books I do check to see if the formula is in stock because it is so hard to find and it's nice to have extra cans on hand in case I miscalculated the autoship dates.... If Amazon had it consistently, I'd buy a case of it and some books every month in one shipment. Too bad for them. We'll just get our books locally until I need something specific again.
250502250502B000BIXP8AA342TEQLH8P67Apriscila nagalli0051300665600Great for alergyMy baby is alergic to a certain milk protein and was passing blood with her poop, after using the product the symptoms diappeared.
250503250503B000BIXP8AA3GBPBSXUBKZTVKDZ0041262822400Medically necessaryThis formula was recommended by our pediatric surgeon to prevent constipation. My daughter has transitioned from breast milk to the formula at 9 months and is doing well. She does seem to get more reflux with the formula, but otherwise tolerates it well. If you will be transitioning to this from breast milk, I advise that you gradually add it in - it takes some getting used to.
250504250504B000BIXP8AA3W2JU4CHRM9UIBruce E. Shaffstall "Bruce 58"0051199577600Baby FormulaSpecial Babies that have under-developed Digestive systems, (Babies born with Intestines outside of the body), have long recovery times to even get to where they can be fed ANYTHING at All. This Formula is expensive and hard to find locally, 35-40 dollars a Can. This place offers it for $135.00 for 6 cans which is a considerable savings, AND they get it to you fast.

Saves $$ and makes you feel good that you have a reliable source,

250505250505B000BIXP8AA12P1QQ4R03FIVnot happy0211318550400please be carefulHI!

I order my baby formula pregestimil through a third party at amazon, please beware of these third party sales people I recommend going directly to enfamil, up to this day I have not got my milk I speak with amazon and they are willing enough for me to get my money back please think twice of what you buy for your baby on amazon you are better off at target or babies r rus!Enfamil Pregestimil Lipil Hypoallergenic Infant Formula Powder with MCT Oil, Iron Fortified, 16-Ounce Canisters (Pack of 6)
250506250506B0052PO2JIA3BAMQO2TEG296Dorothy "njsyd"0051335139200Best French Roast...What can I say - this is the best dark French Roast to be had... The whole beans stay fresh longer - I drink it every day...
250507250507B000EMOD5MA31N6KB160O508Fran W.171741218931200Easy to use, better with a little tweakingAfter initially being somewhat disappointed with this product I figured out what was different than my own home made dough. All it was in need of was a little oil added to it. So, now when I make the dough, I usually add about 1 1/2 tablespoons of vegetable oil to the mixture and then proceed as directed. Now I am a happy cook with this product and can recommend it for purchase. Otherwise, it did taste more like a yeasty flour cake mix type product. Now it does not, and is certainly a time saver to making a quick pizza.
250508250508B000EMOD5MA3VBHIM7RKIU7QA. L. Smith "AmyLuLu"7751245283200You will never order delivery pizza again!Excellent product. Makes equally good thin or pan pizza crust. Also good for breadsticks. Betty's Tips on the back of the package will tell you how to make a basic pizza for best results. I put a little garlic basil olive oil on the crust before the sauce. I use generic spaghetti sauce already seasoned with italian herbs and spice.(Cheaper and less salty than so called "pizza sauce") Buy shredded mozzarella or 5 italian cheese blend.(Save even more money and buy the cheese on sale during a buy one get one free promo.) And viola! Pizza in less than a hour and less than five bucks. Compare that to 15-20 dollars for a specialty 5 cheese pizza from those other guys and you have money for your piggy bank. I love this product. I have made 3 pizzas so soggy crust. So that must be a pilot error and not Betty Crocker's fault.(lol)
250509250509B000EMOD5MA3KOFPXR9MDM5ACrazy Cat Lady "Ida"7751187654400Simple to prepare and better than anything I could make myself.These crusts are so easy and convenient, I wouldn't bother making my own from scratch again. It takes some time to get used to the best way to prepare and how long they should go in your oven, but once you play around with it a bit then you will have an excellent pizza crust. I recommend spraying the base of the pizza pan with olive oil Pam, as well as the crust after you have put on all the toppings. If the pizza is coming out soggy, you're overdoing the toppings.
250510250510B000EMOD5MA3W176WW987W5WRagabash4451310083200My kids love making their own pizzas!I found that a great family dinner can be made with these. I get one pouch for each of my kids. They get to mix the water in and stir it up themselves and then roll it out to a crust of whatever shape they want. Then they add whatever toppings they want and cook it themsleves (with our supervision). We use shredded cheese from the grocery store and make our own sauce from vegetables we grow in our own garden. My daughter loves bacon crumbles and mozzarella cheese on a heart shaped crust, my son likes chicken and cheddar and a dinosaur shape. You can use nearly anything. My wife and I try things like spinach, hot peppers, ham, onions, ground beef, whatever is left over from previous meals. Once they are done, we have taste tests to see whose pizza is the best. My kids LOVE making their own pizzas, and we love getting them involved, and it makes a great family meal night followed by board or card games.

Even better, we can feed the whole family our own custom pizzas for less than ten dollars. You can't walk into a pizza place for less than $25 with two kids and then you argue over which toppings. Two thumbs up for family fun night!

Also, I am using this crust mix to make strombolis.

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