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250531250531B001SB22DIA1T7ODU1YFH3CHD. Walker5551293062400A Necessity For A Well-Stocked Christmas Bar!It's really difficult to find this wonderful syrup!

We needed Maraschino Cherry juice for a Christmas beverage recipe but it was impossible to find it bottled in either Liquor or Grocery stores. I finally stumbled upon this Reese Maraschino Cherry Syrup when we were visiting Minnesota (at Target --- near the ice-cream syrups). I was very excited to find this available from an Amazon Marketplace Seller.

One of the great things about this glass-bottled syrup is that it contains NO HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP!

Ingredients: sugar, water, citric acid, natural flavor, sodium benzoate (preservative), artificial color (red #40). Distributed by : World Finer Foods, Inc, Bloomfield, NJ 07003

Fyi: the Christmas beverage is a 2007 Southern Living recipe: "Jingle Juice"
Wow! It really puts you in the Christmas spirit; but be careful, it can catch up with you quickly!
250532250532B001SB22DIAE2BG73O6G69JTools0051341619200Reese Cherry SyrupExactly what we wanted. It is great for making cherry cokes in our soda fountain. The cherry cokes are great and you do not require a lot of syrup for great flavor.
250533250533B001SB22DIA2AD2A6BQ4SOY4mick0151343347200its all goodordered the product they shipped when they said they would it was fast it was easy sure will use them again
250534250534B002GWMFZSA2LP8FOXXU98GETS0051287792000Only for who knows how to roastTried different roasts, lighter to darker, and different temperature profiles (low and longer, high and shorter etc.), and finally found a good roasting process.

If you have to ask whether this coffee is worth for the price, probably the answer is no. But if you are looking for the best coffee, this is it.
250535250535B005DQCYRSA3S9NJ601CP89RJim Bulin "Histeacher"0041341878400She keeps on Lickin"We have been feeding our dog, lady, this product. We have seen an obvious improvement in her skin and in the luster of her coat. She has not been gaining weight on it as she did with the previous brand, in fact she has lost a little. The chunk size concerned me a bit as we had to have most of her teeth removed a couple of years ago but she just digs right in. Recently she has been able to jump up on our bed at night where she sleeps at our feet, she had been begging until we picked her up and put her on the bed, and I think this is largely due to IAMS Proactive Health Adult Chunks. She is playing more than she had been and just seems to feel better overall. BTW....Lady will be 15 years old next month.
250536250536B005DQCYRSA1KS9KOQ2C8ZMVRebecca4711320624000Unhealthy... Look at the IngredientsI fed my dog Iams Proactive Health for five years before realizing that it is a very unhealthy, low-quality, and species-innappropriate dog food.

The package states "No fillers." However, take a look at the first five ingredients...chicken, corn meal, ground whole grain sorghum, chicken byproduct meal, dried beet pulp. The last four of the first five ingredients are fillers! Also, the first ingredient, chicken, probably occupies a lower position on the list because, after cooking, most of the moisture is lost and chicken is about 80% moisture. [1][2]

As to being species-inappropriate, have you ever heard of a wolf attacking a corn stalk?

After I started researching dog food, I switched my dog to Taste of the Wild, a grain-free kibble, and Bravo Balance, raw dog food. When my dog was eating Iams, she often left food in her bowl for several hours. Now she eats her food as soon as I give it to her. Also, her coat is softer and she doesn't get constipated anymore (she did every now and then eating Iams).

Yes, Iams is "vet-recommended" and my vet approved of it. However, I have reason to believe that many vets have been improperly and undereducated in nutrition, and the education that they do receive is biased. Hill's Pet Nutrition Inc., which makes "Hill's Science Diet" with similar ingredients to Iams, has created and distributes a nutrition curriculum to vet schools around the world. They also administer the Hill's vet school graduate feeding program, which provides pet food to students at no charge that they can resell for a profit. In addition to providing course materials to veterinary students, Hills's, Iams, Purina, and other well-known manufacturers also offer additional perks for students. [3][4]

Please, do not believe pet food companies' claims without looking at the ingredients for yourself! It's a pay now or pay later situation. If you feed your dog a high-quality, wholesome food now you will have to pay less in vet bills later. The Dog Food Advisor's website, which rates dog foods based on their ingredients, is a great, unbiased resource.

[1] Sagman, Mike. "Iams ProActive Health Adult (Dry)." The Dog Food Advisor Web. September 22, 2011.
[2] Contreras, Sabine. "Ingredients to Avoid." The Dog Food Project Web. September 22, 2011.
[3] Dempsey, Deb. "Why Do You Really Need a Prescription for Your Dog's Food? ...Just Follow the Money!" The American Dog Spring 2010: 98-100.
[4] Messonnier, Shawn, DVM. "What Do Vets Learn About Nutrition?" Tail Blazers Web. September 22, 2011.
250537250537B0033J0ARIAGJW7XVB1OAKQMission "Impossible"0051349049600Delicious if you know how to use it! (Suggestions below!)Marshmallow fluff is delicious if you know how to use it, and the good news is, it's pretty easy! I used mine this way: I made brownies, let them cool completely, then topped them with a layer of fluff. In order to spread the fluff, you will microwave it in small doses for about 10 seconds or so for each 'batch'. Once the fluff is melty, then spread on top of the brownies. Let the brownies cool completely. You can serve them like this, but what I like to do is to then top the brownies with a layer of icing (on top of the marshmallow fluff!) They are always a hit! Enjoy!!!
250538250538B00248EA8YA33REC3J2JU2ELD. Figueroa131521256688000Old & HardCaveat Emptor: This company does not seal the boxes in any way. The flaps are not taped, so air can get to the candies and harden them.

I have loved maple sugar candy for many years. I've tried dozens of different brands and this was the first that was hard as a rock. There is no expiration date on the box, but it seemed as though the candy was quite old due to the improper packaging. Even the middle of the largest leaf wasn't soft the way maple sugar candy should be.

A really fresh piece should have a slightly crunchy/sugary exterior and be smooth and almost buttery inside. This was definitely not.
250539250539B00248EA8YAFUKPXYA062LKAteebee8931263254400just okayThese candies were very dry and not as creamy as I would have liked. The taste was fine but they are not sealed as another reviewer wrote so air gets to them and dries then out. I have purchased another brand on here that was sealed tightly and of much better quality in my opinion ( Coombs) if you like your Maple candies creamier on the inside. These taste fine as I said.. they are just a harder and more "sugary" texture than I prefer.
250540250540B00248EA8YA192XRG2K6G7LPopera diva2251314835200ExcellentA great product, better than other brands. Very fresh and delicious. I will definitely order this brand again, well priced from Amazon.
250541250541B00248EA8YA2TBK6PQRSDFR5Janet Beckwith2231272153600maple sugar candyThe delivery was speedy, but the candy was hard, not fresh. I would try them again, because I believe in giving it several tries before deciding to try someplace else.
250542250542B00248EA8YA1BNOUY77UB3PESum Yun Guy2251265587200Wife loved 'emCandies arrived in good condition. Only complaint is that I suspect they're laced with a narcotic because they were gone within a few days of arriving.
250543250543B00248EA8YAWB5P2Y9NFVEBFlowers Are Awesome1111341273600Totally Disappointing!My husband and I LOVE maple candy like this (well usually) so I was really excited when I found it on Amazon. Though I would give us a little treat every couple months so I signed up for the 2 month auto shipment. The first shipment came really quickly but we were both totally disappointed! Maple candy usually melts in your mouth. Occasionally you'll come across a piece that is a little hard. This whole box was hard! You had to suck on it forever to get is soft enough to eat. Canceled the auto the next day.
250544250544B00248EA8YA2G5NIH5BXFU7WReviewThis "CEOMOM X6"1121312329600Dry, broken piecesI was hoping this would be a nice gift for my older children who could not go on vacation with us this year. We purchase maple sugar candy when we are in the mountains. I sent them to both and when they received them they were dry, and broken up. The box does not have plastic wrap to keep it fresh. I thought it was a mistake with my first daughter but when we stopped by my second daughters apartment on the way home I noticed that hers was broken up too. She said that it was also very hard and dry. I would definitely purchase again IF they fixed their packaging.
250545250545B00248EA8YA18QHULJJH06CQJune IV "Liu"1141308441600the candy needs a better packageThe candies came in were out of their individual positions and crashed together, even the big pieces in the centre - leaving crumbs and small damages. I have to open the package and re-arrange the candies into its individual positions.
250546250546B00248EA8YA3BI72LIJWFIQ0Gabriel L. Sovereign "StoryGirlofLorien"1151307318400Delicious Maple CandyWe purchased this as a gift for a dear friend who has a particular fondness for Maple Sugar Candy. She was thrilled and apparently the candy was so good it didn't last long after we gifted it to her. I'd say that is a pretty good indication that the candy is a winner. Nicely packaged as well.
250547250547B00248EA8YA3S5XL427KOW5QTimothy Stansbury3411301270400Don't order through AmazonOther reviewers were right. The candy is very hard and, due to Amazon's poor packing, the candy was dumped out of its compartments and all slid to the end of the box, many broken into pieces. Very unsatisfied. Buy it elsewhere.
250548250548B00248EA8YA1O6ATZD38ZA44louise0051347580800Wonderful!I do have to admit that this is only the second brand I've ever bought maple candy from, I'm a newcomer. But I thought these were delicious! As other reviewers noted the box wasn't sealed, but that didn't seem to affect the quality at all. The candies are ridiculously creamy inside, and while I did start to feel some graininess I think it was just because I was becoming more accustomed to the texture after eating like 5 in a row. They're a GREAT value- even if they were hard, I'd still buy them because they're 75% cheaper value-wise than the little boxes I can get at the grocery store, and since I have prime they ship free and fast. Definitely buying these again when I finish my box, and recommending them to everyone I know!
250549250549B00248EA8YAJU3BBA2KW3SJkobemonster0031346284800VERY SWEETWow these are sweet! I kept eating them i couldnt figure out if i liked them or not! I just kept eating them. I ate half the box!
250550250550B00248EA8YA16GH5B7RJJBHDhk0011344470400poor choiceI concur with reviewers who thought the product arrived hard and stale. The box arrived with the candies shifted out of place, in a jumble, chipped and dinged. Not suitable as a gift because of the damage and the poor quality. Couldn't use the item as a gift which is why I bought it.
250551250551B00248EA8YAJ16VJP4TJV09DAVID P. MILOT0011343088000WORST MAPLE SUGAR CANDY EVER EXPERIENCED!!!Ordered Maple Candy from previously.
Excellent. Sweet and Soft inside with a Soft Crust. True Maple Candy taste.

However this Maple Candy was tasteless
250552250552B00248EA8YA1DDZAE5NREK1OCypress Green "She Who Has a Book in Hand Eve...0021342569600A Review of TwoThis will be a combined review comparing two brands of maple candy I purchased on Amazon. I first bought the Butternut Mountain Farm Pure Maple Sugar Candy, 9-Ounce Box. It was one of the lowest price ones I could find, so I figured I'd try it first. The box was not totally sealed in plastic. The centers were a bit grainy - not creamy as I'd prefer. I would not recommend this product.

Next I bought Mansfield Maple- 1 LB (16oz) Pure Vermont Maple Sugar Candy (48 Candies) [cannot add product link for some reason.] Now this stuff was wonderful! The box was not totally sealed in plastic, either, so I just put all of them in a sealed plastic container upon arrival. The outside was solid and the centers were creamy despite the packaging. The company bills them as "Crystal Coated with Pure Maple to "lock in" the freshness... Made Fresh to Order." That may be why they are perfect. I will keep buying this brand!
250553250553B00248EA8YAU83IED0R4XF9Marco Boldt0041340064000Good stuff.This is the same quality stuff you can get from the gift shops when you travel to Canada or New England. Not all pieces were in their spots, but the candy was soft and fresh. Packaging is not air tight as others have stated, otherwise this would be 5 stars.
250554250554B00248EA8YA1A7GXTH2AKF9TMagfl380051330992000Awesome candy!Maple sugar candy is the best. The quality from this company is in line with what I have bought elsewhere. The candy was not dried out or broken. This is a much better value than the candy I can buy locally.
250555250555B00248EA8YASUWKNUHUEFHVwalnut2250041327363200its maple sugar and its decentthis may not be the absolute best brand of maple sugar out there however the price is low for the amount you get you get an amazing amount of it and it all tastes amazing ive ordered two boxes and im ordering two more currently however they do sometimes arrived a bit smashed other than that no complaints
250556250556B00248EA8YA2L4CSMIORVOW8C. L. Jones "spundar78"0051325116800Best dealI stumbled across this candy while shopping for my husband, who is a maple sugar candy lover. I decided to subscribe to save some money and have truly enjoyed being able to "surprise" him every month. This candy is smooth and sweet and his favorite so far. Great money for the amount included!
250557250557B00248EA8YA2CR85Y0KYSI1VUGH0021323993600Smashed ProductI received the candy in time for Christmas, but as this was to be a gift I am upset that the candy came smashed in the box. I am waiting to see if the candy is stale as well because there is no use by date on the box. If so this will be getting returned.
250558250558B00248EA8YA2HQFS6ZQHMBCZtreatmefairly0011323216000Poorly packaged/packed product arrived unusable as a giftI think both the seller and amazon share the blame for this item purchased as a gift arriving totally unpresentable as a gift, and maybe inedible. You see, this item isn't really packaged for shipping or for freshness. The candies arrived having fallen out of their little compartments and jumbled in a heap to one end of the now bulging box. The candies are banged up and there's maple sugar dust all over the outside of the box. Packed this way, with no seal, I'm guessing the candies are hard as rocks. Very disappointed in this seller.

Now for amazon: the little plastic air pouches used in packing were completely deflated. This item was packed with an engagement calendar in a box that probably could have held three times as much merchandise. So the contents were obviously banged around a lot. I really don't have time to pack this up and run 9 miles to a post office to return it.
250559250559B00248EA8YA5FA5H7INH9PJkittenpawsbb0051290297600Sweet treatI recently did the Master Cleanse, which is a liquid diet. So I wanted a treat to chew on but didn't interfere with the diet. Plus Butternut Mountain Farm makes the best maple syrup, I have ever tasted, so I knew these candy would taste just as great.
250560250560B00248EA8YA2XVXF0RRFI57LAGL0051270684800Mmmmmmmm... maple sugar!It's maple sugar candy... if you need convincing to buy it, you've obviously never had it.

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