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250651250651B000EEWZEGA3N4AHURLBW5H8bagels19417941152316800perfect for the bristling sardine loverMy local grocery store stopped carrying Bristling Sardines, No salt added, packed in water.

This product is it!

I prefer smaller sardines than this company packs; if it was up to me I would pack a smaller sardine and charge a little more. However there isn't any fault involved as these sardines came as advertised.
250652250652B000EEWZEGARP2PT66NNZWCGeorges1141347235200Good product, Not BPA-free (old stock?)These are some pretty tasty sardines. Very tender and not too salty. A bit too soft and bland for my taste, but that's just my taste. Nice for doctoring up with your own seasonings (a splash of extra virgin olive oil and a shake of hot sauce - yum! :) )

It's also great to know that Crown Prince is now using BPA-free cans on their Brislings.
Unfortunately, Amazon seems to be shipping out old stock, and none of the boxes I received had the BPA-free sticker. I ended up calling Crown Prince, and they confirmed that the cans without the sticker are not BPA-free.
When I contacted Amazon about it, they said they could replace the product, but not confirm whether it was the right product or not. Alas, the replacement box was not BPA-free either. Fortunately, they were kind enough to refund my money, but I would have preferred they just ship me the product that they are advertising on this page!

Hopefully Amazon will update their stock, because this is a great price! For those not concerned about BPA, I would recommend this product as an affordable source of some decent brislings.
250653250653B000EEWZEGA1LZAXLC0P9A8Jchady_chan2341328659200Nutrition information needed before purchasingThe sardines are tasty. However, if you're watching your protein and fats, I found that this product has half the protein and three and a half times the saturated fats as the Crown Prince sardines in olive oil. And with more calories. Had Amazon shown the Nutrition Facts as printed on the package I would have been aware of the difference. As it was, I made the assumption that three oz of sardines were all the same. Oh, well, caveat emptor!
250654250654B000EEWZEGA39IOF4Y8871P9Jerry0051319932800Brisling sardinesProduct arrived promptly, in great condition, and these water packed sardines are simply delicious! I would absolutely purchase this product again. Don't hesitate to enjoy the taste and health benefits of this product. Crown Prince Natural OneWild Caught Brisling Sardines in Spring Water, 3.75-Ounce Cans (Pack of 12).
250655250655B000EEWZEGA2L2G946WCAWIWB.A. "mastiff luv'r"2421297382400Not greatI was not highly impressed with these sardines. Not a great taste, higher in fat and lower in protein than the ones packed in olive oil, BUT they are lower in sodium than most. Amazon is still the best place to buy them, but just make sure what you really want first. The two layer in olive oil have a much better flavor and texture and they are not that much more in price.
250656250656B0001K5KPYA1SUH8NCCC876SAnonymous Reader2251191628800A Wonderfully Rich Olive OilAntica Olive Oil is marvelously flavorful. It is an outstanding accompaniment at table for breads, pastas and crudites. We first encountered this olive oil at a fine Italian restaurant-- the owner, a native of Italy, advised us that he imported this brand. We're all lucky that it is available online.
250657250657B007Y8CTY6A24TXZDC38Z4KSSocks0031341100800OverpricedJust a heads up that I bought this same two-bottle package at Costco in Canada (where prices are usually quite a bit higher than in the United States) for something like $4.79 on sale from $7.99. I haven't opened it up yet, but just saw the price and thought I should mention it.
250658250658B000PIJWVAADHYEIYUDKL1Koriginal0211281139200my cat wont eat it.i guess it is a matter of your cat's personal preference. My cat, however, will not eat this for some reason. Strange. She used to eat royal canin from her previous owner. I have been feeding her 9 lives dry cat food which she eats pretty well. I've given her a trial of the purina one smartblends and she'll prefer that over 9 lives (but still eats both). So tried this goodlife salmon version since it is one of the grocery store brands that has 2nd highest protein content and is all natural. well, she'd rather starve than eat this....she'll eat the stale 9 lives over this. :( i sniffed this brand and it smells quite different from 9 lives and purina reminds me of the cat food i used to feed my first cat back in 1989. Weird, i know but it really does remind me of such. Again, maybe this is just my cat, but just a heads up on this. this isnt a purina brand but is manufactured by Mars corporation (yea, same company that makes Mars chocolate bars).
250659250659B005OT05N4A1LJNPIV31NKM4S. Gillar0051332460800Very tasty paellaI tried the French herb kit first and found the lamb very successful. I tried this one next and my husband who really likes paella found this recipe very tasty. Even my young boys liked it a lot.
I love the packaging and idea.
250660250660B004OHPU9QA2QBDS3U4L7JQXBlogger @ quality US products0051332547200THE BEST MINT TEA!This is a really, really great tea. The peppermint is refreshing, wholesome, and pure. No black tea or flavorings mixed in. The quality is there, its a 100% domestic USA made tea, and the scriptures make it all the more amazing. A welcome change from the yogi/new age boxes everywhere. I HIGHLY recommend this one and their other flavors: Cranberry, Peach, and Chai. Peppermint is especially great for calming allergies, throats, and upset tummies. You really can't go wrong with any of the Shepherd's teas.
250661250661B007P2NEI6A13HRSMJ5TOWEZIrishFire1151346112000Green, Tropical HeavenThis is heaven. So sweet. So mild. So green, so tropical, so delicious!

I am on my second cup in an hour, and reviewing this right away instead of waiting to see how well it tolerates different temperatures and steep times because it is just so flipping good I had to tell you all right away.

Did you ever try a tropical dried fruit mix? This smells exactly like one of those, though the taste is a bit more mild. There is no hint of bitterness in this tea (though admittedly I have only tried conservative steep times), and it doesn't taste as strong and grassy green as many of the green teas I like best. The tropical flavor out-competes much of the green taste, but don't worry: it's still there underneath.

I bought this locally because I could smell the product through the box and it was on sale. My coworkers can smell the tea I just brewed, ("Wow, that smells delicious!"), so I've been handing out tea bags at work. No one else has brewed it yet, but I suspect I know what they'll say.

I'm happy with the ingredients on the box, too: all kinds of organic stuff followed with natural flavorings. The box does say "excellent over ice," so I'll have to try that sometime. I may have to wait until I buy the next box, as I suspect this one will be history before I get around to icing anything.

Yum! Hope you love it as much as I do.

Added for the sake of completion: This isn't as forgiving of a long steep as some of the greens I love. If you catch the bag in time it's never bitter, but it *will* go bitter if you steep too long. Also, although this is fully caffeinated in theory, it doesn't make me vibrate. Caffeine and I don't get along too well, but I haven't noticed any negative reactions to this tea, so that's good news for me, and perhaps less great news for the caffeine fiends out there.
250662250662B007P2NEI6A1CJG0A37HQBHVJulie Strine0051346457600DeliciousI love this tea, this is the only Kind of tea that I have found that I don't have to add sugar to for it to taste good. I will be buying more of this in the future.
250663250663B000GWKKKCA1KDHLJKW45JY9Nancy Plotnikoff2251188950400Hummus chipsEveryone I have shared this product with has liked it. If you eat it with Hummus it is spectacular.
250664250664B000GWKKKCA4AYT6I29WTPYChip Lover "Leisa"4551156723200Great Taste & Gluten FreeFinally, a gluten free chip that tastes great! It is light and flavorful. I will certainly be ordering more soon!
250665250665B000GWKKKCA2LWS7NVIT2P4KJane E. Hochstein "love to read"1151293321600Plocky's Hummus ChipsI love these chips. They are flavorful and are good because of my need for gluten-free products. I can't find them in my grocery stores so are happy you have them.
250666250666B000GWKKKCAHUAQWG5TCXSKShari Corona1151290124800Delicious!These chips are amazing. Everyone loves them and they don't last long. It's ideal they come in a 12 pack.
250667250667B000GWKKKCA39C38O47D4BPHJ. P. Jee "Double J"1151211241600YummmmmyCrunchy, satisfying and healthy all at the same time. Great with mint chutney and/or salsa.
250668250668B000GWKKKCA2FB4ORQ5M9YOPMark J. Sanders "msanders"1151200614400Great ChipsWe bought them for our daughter's gluten free diet. We can't help eating them ourselves. That reminds me ... I need to order another box.
250669250669B000GWKKKCA3B5IWZUX1SA50T. Rohacek1151158019200SurpriseI recently developed a wheat/gluten allergy, so I went in search of chip-alternative snacks. I decided to try these. I munched one - thought "hmm... not great, but not too bad." Tried another chip, thought "getting better" and by the third chip was hooked.
250670250670B000GWKKKCA1PPX6Q4CMRSGESusan F. Rubin "SueRainbowSkies"0011326499200POWDERY TASTE TO THESE CHIPS ~ BUT MY DOG LIKES THEM!I love hummus and garlic so I thought these chips would be just right for me. However, I did not like them because they taste like they are made with powder ingredients. The reason for that is that they are ACTUALLY MADE WITH: "GARBANZO FLOUR, GARLIC POWDER, ONION POWDER, SOY FLOUR, POTATO STARCH & CORN STARCH". Hence the reason for the powdery taste. Yuck! But the good thing is that my dog likes them, but then she likes everything.
250671250671B000GWKKKCA1AS3NPF6A3TI9Spaghetti Eddi "child of Christ"0051323907200Tasted like cape cod or kettle-cooked chipsgreat chips, hubby and i polished em off easily in one sitting. didn't remind us at all of health food. didn;t remind us of hummus either, actually. they are a shade darker than regular potato ships, and maybe a bit smaller in size, more the size of a ritz cracker ... u may not be able to tell any difference, if u were blindfolded.
250672250672B000GWKKKCA3RCGRHRYNADCOBoca Mom "Robin"0051217808000Surprisingly delicious chips!My husband and I bought these chips in the Logan airport in Boston. We liked the chips so much we decided to order more chips on line. I looked in Whole Foods and didn't see them. This is an item that they should carry in their store. They are absolutely delicious!
250674250674B0006NI1P2A3MZO1YF8K0JZCBCA Inc3351265500800Awsome CookiesScott's cookies are nothing short of spectacular. I enjoyed every single one as did my friends.
Would highly recommend to any cookie lover. As i actually purchased this product on Amazon, I feel comfortable giving it 5 stars
250675250675B0006NI1P2A1ZS56PSIVUWJ6Jenna1151326240000Great cookies!!Got these for Boyfriend, He loves them.. They are huge cookies ! Totally YUMMY, He loved them so much I just ordered him some more!
250676250676B000EEWZEQA2S7Y38ACMP7U2Bryan Huff6651185753600SucculentThough not as slap you in the face with mustard as the other crown prince mustard sardines, a fine balance of flavors. Tasty!
250677250677B000EEWZEQA11ED8O95W2103lighten_up_already2 "lighten_up_already2"4451266883200They got the mustard sardine thing right with these!Hint, if you don't like them cold, microwave them for a few seconds and take the chill off. The taste sensation then is very different.

Firm sardines with a very balanced mustard sauce! That's about it. Nice job Crown Prince!
250678250678B000EEWZEQABLKO3TSRPKPPKristina Thompson3331190764800Ok, but definately not the best sardinesI used to enjoy Crown Prince brand when I was growing up, so I went ahead and bought the 12 pack since I'm trying to increase my daily calcium intake.

I found the sardines to be a bit too "mushy" and the vinegar in the mustard to be quite overpowering. Also, one of the five boxes I opened so far had already partially split along the seam where you peel off the top and some of the contents had seeped out, suggesting possible spoilage. It certainly isn't safe to eat from that can. I plan to contact Crown Prince once I finish the twelve pack in case any more cans are partially open.

I'll finish this pack, but I don't intend to buy any more of the Crown Prince in mustard and will experiment with a different brand instead.
250679250679B000EEWZEQA22BP0VVO9Z5SOHilary Graves "Hilary"1141323388800Usually mmm.When I went on a totally crazy elimination diet to sort out some food allergies, I started looking for foods that I had never eaten before (that I definitely wasn't allergic to) to round out my menu. I got the sardine idea from Dr. Mark Hyman, who touted them as a healthy addition to any diet. I was sooooo scared to eat these things that I let the first sample box (from the health food store) sit in my cupboard for over a month before I worked up the courage to try a bite. I actually think I started with the regular old sardines in olive oil. The more bites I took, the more I liked them. Then I got brave and bought a box of these (with mustard) from the store. Wow, even better. They tasted so good, I went ahead and ordered the 12-pack on amazon. I have also tried the other mustard sardines by crown prince (not sure what the difference is) and they are not as good. Since my crazy diet ended (well..I'm still gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free..slightly crazy!) I've had these things on toast (gluten free) with tomatoes - mmmm..., with rice, and in a salad. Very good. I find the mustard to sardine ratio to be perfect most of the time, though some boxes seem to have slightly too much mustard. While I was pregnant (had a baby 2 months ago) I did not want to even look at a box of these, but I plan on getting back to sardine-ville again soon.
250680250680B000EEWZEQA2FQG7B7ECVAIKmlp1151314144000The Best Sardines on the Market We Have FoundThese are the best mustard sardines on the market that we have been able to find. We enjoy their flavor and the fact they are wild caught. The reason we have purchased them online is because we have not been able to locate them locally and the price is good.

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