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250921250921B000SWTCQIA1C8DEG3ZKTCXSLee A. Bricker0051286150400Equal in bulkGood sweetener, in this form eliminating the need to tear blue paper packets and avoid a lot of trash.
250922250922B000DZQSU8A2HBAI7Q2QCCRQSammi McCurdo0151329523200ORGASMIC!This stuff is amazing! You can use it to make toasted marshmallow amore martinis, you can put a cup of it into Bird's custard powder and it will make a thick custard that tastes like lucky charms marshmallows. I could live off of this stuff. Sooooop good!
250923250923B000JL2LCAA604Y5IPTH6WFjai Mansson "jm808"0051332806400Addictive!O boy is this marmalade just the thing in the morning! I love it, and will have to get more soon for myself and the parents. Just like my elementary school teacher: bitter, dark, and big. Perfect.
250924250924B000JL2LCAA1HIKSY5ZLZTPHPigsFly1451213142400Great service. Thank goodness for this vendor.TSA confiscated my marmalade!!! How dare they! Thank goodness I could get it from here.
250925250925B002UM70C2A7VW0FW3F7NUREast Coast Resident0051320537600No ComplaintsThe crackers were well packaged and arrived fresh & unbroken the day after I ordered them using Amazon Prime. With the free shipping, the price I paid worked out to about 15% less than I would've paid at a local grocery store, so I have no complaints.
250926250926B004DOXI9OA1BEKAQQGP8CMFSeth R3341317168000Tasty, but not like your typical ginger cookieI'm a fan of ginger snaps and cookies. I can't have dairy, so I give a thumbs up to Lazy Day for making them dairy-free.

Think twice about ordering these through the mail, though. Mine arrived with the chocolate melted everywhere. Only half of the cookie is covered in chocolate, so your fingers won't get messy holding onto the other half. I happily ate these melted and messy, though! I loved them, but they didn't taste like your typical ginger cookie... more like a shortbread cookie. Either way, I recommend them and I'll keep an eye out in stores where they're stored at safe temperatures.

If you like trying different brands like I do, I also recommend Pamela's ginger cookies. They're soft, rich, and even taste like they're made with chocolate (but, surprise, they aren't!).
250927250927B004DOXI9OAT9U5ZE5OO84CM. Kooiman "nerdette"2221317340800Not very good and they don't ship wellI was really disappointed by these cookies. Yes, they are gluten and egg free but they're also somewhat tasteless other than sweet. The chocolate was completely melted and they were delivered on a day when the temps were in the 70s. I let them get to room temp but the chocolate never solidified again. The texture was what I would expect; soft and a little grainy but not bad. I would have liked more ginger in the taste and less sweet. I was not able to find a nutrition label other than the ingredients. If you cannot have gluten, eggs, etc., you might like these cookies as a treat once in a while but you'll want to get them from a local store so you might have a chance to eat them before they melt. Overall, I was unimpressed.
250928250928B004DOXI9OA2G9UDL72YUTT8Book and Dog Lover2231317254400Tasty chocolate but very light ginger flavoringThe box contains 8 cookies, with each cookie just a little over 2 inches in diameter. About 1/3 of each cookie is covered in chocolate. I had the same problem that others did - the cookies arrived and the chocolate had melted and then hardened, making it difficult to eat a single cookie - they kept breaking into pieces.

Taste-wise, I did find that they had a slightly gritty texture, not uncommon with vegan cookies. The cookies are soft with a light ginger flavoring. While I don't care for a strong ginger taste, I would have liked a bit stronger flavoring as these seemed rather bland. Even though it had melted, I found the chocolate to be rich and tasty. The combination of the rich chocolate and the ginger taste works well together.

These cookies are a product of Scotland. While there is a list of ingredients, nutritional information is not listed on the package.

If you're looking for vegan or gluten-free cookies, you may want to try these cookies. I think if you're just looking for a tasty cookie, you probably want to pass.
250929250929B004DOXI9OA1CFU5XJXN3PV4Home Studio2221317254400Ginger Without The SnapIt's hard for any cookie to be considered truly bad (to me, at least), so the question becomes "is it worth the calories?" Sadly, the Lazy Day Dark Chocolate Ginger Cookies don't clear this hurdle for me, though in fairness I'm not gluten intolerant, and these cookies may be ideal for someone who is.

Like another reviewer noted, the cookies don't fare well in a hot mailbox (which isn't their fault, but did result in the cookies being welded together by melted chocolate). The cookies have a somewhat soft and chewy texture, and each has a half-dip of dark chocolate. Unfortunately, there's not enough ginger in these cookies for me to have identified them as "ginger" in any way without the label. Overall, the impressions I got were simply "soft and sweet" - and, in fact, TOO sweet.

Considering their rather steep price, I'd pass on these in the future...though as I said, if it's really hard to find gluten-free cookies these might be worthwhile for someone who has more restricted dietary choices than I do.
250930250930B004DOXI9OAK7CAW3N1XZV6Beth Cholette "doctor_beth"2231317168000Decent-tasting, but some problemsI love ginger and dark chocolate, so I was excited to try these cookies. When I received them, I did what I always do with a new food product: I looked at the nutritional info. Unfortunately, it is written European style, so the amounts are NOT listed per serving size; in fact, a serving size is not even given. Values are per 100 grams, and the package is 125 grams total, with 8 cookies in the package...that is quite a lot of math! However, to the best of my ability, that means each cookie has about 92 calories, 4.2 grams fat (2 grams saturated), 13.1 grams carbohydrates, and 8.1 grams sugar.

I was a bit disappointed in the texture of these cookies. First, they were crumbly and stuck together in the package, which was a bit messy. Second, they seemed to have lost their firmness, like a cookie that is past its freshness. The taste itself wasn't bad: the dark chocolate--which covers half the cookie, in a dipped fashion--was good, and the cookie part had a nice flavor, although there was only a very slight hint of ginger; as a ginger lover, I would have appreciated a much stronger bite.

Overall, I found these cookies to be just okay. Perhaps they would be better purchasing them fresh from the grocery store, but I would not order them myself online.
250931250931B004DOXI9OA3I5YPJZMTG1QOD. P. Taylor2231317168000There are better choices out there.Okay, these cookies have a nice, rich chocolate coating on one half of the top and they're a nice texture. However, I could NOT taste ginger at all, and my cookies came a bit messed up--corners crumbled off, icing melted onto the outer wrap, and cookies stuck together. And even with subscribe & save these are very expensive. Edible but not worth it.
250932250932B004DOXI9OA1YMB134U0SU0AM. Whitmore "lovetoreadforfun"2251317168000So yummy!I was hesitant to try these cookies. They are vegan - no dairy, eggs, gluten, wheat, hydrogenated fats. So they can't be tasty, right? WRONG! These cookies are so yummy and such a pleasant surprise. They are soft; not hard. It doesn't taste like what I thought vegan cookies would taste like - like cardboard. Half the cookie is covered in tasty chocolate with just enough sweet to soothe your sweet tooth. I looked up the makers on the cookies online and saw that they are made in the UK. Damn! I was so hoping I could find them in stores but you can order them on Amazon which is a huge plus.

The calorie count is decent - 6 cookies is 589 calories. I only ate 3 cookies in one sitting and felt satisfied.

These cookies go perfect with a hot cup of tea. I will be definitely adding the Lazy Day Ginger Cookies to must buy list.
250933250933B004DOXI9OA31RULW0KNYJ5HLA2231317081600BlandThese cookies arrived in the afternoon. They didn't sit in the mail box long, but I discovered upon opening them that the chocolate was seriously melted. I put the box in the refrigerator. Not the best idea obviously because now the cookies were cemented together by the chocolate. Obviously this is no fault of the cookie manufacturer, but I do want to make you aware of what you might be dealing with if you mail order these.

I'm a hormonal woman, so I found a way to eat the cookies, though they were so messy I ended up eating over the sink and creating a huge chocolate mess on my hands and face--I looked like a three year old.

Were they worth the trouble? Sadly no. Ginger? What ginger? The dark chocolate isn't bad, but the cookie tastes like nothing. I was really looking forward to eating a ginger cookie, but there wasn't even a hint of it.

If you're on a gluten-free diet, you might find these tasty. I'm not and didn't.
250934250934B004DOXI9OA1MODX0Q6IJ46AR. M. Watkins2231316995200Ginger + Chocolate should = moreI was excited to try these cookies as the combination of two of my favorite flavors sounded unbeatable. Unfortunately, they weren't quite what I had hoped.

The texture was the greatest disappointment: they were coarse, granular cookies without the snap. To be fair, making the texture of any gluten-free baked good is challenging, but there is room for improvement. MidelMi-Del, Swedish Style Ginger Snaps, 10-Ounce Bags (Pack of 12) does a better job getting the texture right for a gingersnap. I was actually hoping the texture would be more like Pamela's Spicy Ginger Cookies
with Crystallized GingerPamela's Products Spicy Ginger Cookies, 5.29-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6). Those have a firm texture with a bit of give in the middle.

I was also hoping for a stronger ginger flavor, as found in Midel and Pamela's products. The ginger is there, but it is initially subtle, gaining in heat with more chewing or a greater quantity. I think the idea of the cookie half dipped in chocolate makes it special, but there again, the chocolate was not as strong or rich as it might have been.

I shared them with two other people to get their response. One thought they were just okay, lamenting the mildness of the ginger; the other liked the texture and flavor, and was very happy to finish the box!
250935250935B004DOXI9OA1CP75N61T0ZYYBaazumi2251316649600YUM!If you're gluten intolerant and can handle sugar, these cookies are delicious! Rich chocolate with a mild ginger flavor, they were moist and chewy and lasted about 10 minutes in our house. Definately the best non-gluten cookie you'll find that contains sugar. If you're looking for non-gluten "sugar free" cookies, try Pamela's. Their a great cookie all things considered.
250936250936B004DOXI9OA3RGN75LHYAG8UM. Lu2231316476800Soft and MeltedThe flavor of this cookie is pretty good for gluten-free fare. Texture is nice, too. Not gritty like some cookies I've had in the past. I wish it was crispy like it says in the description. They were soft and crumbled. I could blame it on California weather but it wasn't that hot today (85 degrees maybe). Any way, the chocolate was completely melted and reformed.
The ginger cookie is not particularly strong in ginger or spice flavor. The cookie to chocolate ratio is chocolate heavy. What makes it so palatable is probably all the super sweet chocolate they use to cover up the slightly bland ginger cookie underneath. There are 8 cookies per box and four boxes per pack, if you buy them from Amazon. Tip for those who want to try these, order them on a chilly day or you'll get a box of crumbly goo like I did.
I gave these three stars because I think they have the potential to be good. And for how limited gluten free cookies and bread options are out there, this is not bad at all. Could have been a lot worse.
250937250937B004DOXI9OA2FWZ58M6IQMD7Doc Stew2231316476800Tasty, questionable texture, chocolate was meltedLike so many other reviewers have noted, the cookies I received had melted chocolate that had hardened all over them. The cookies were stuck together, so I couldn't truly indulge in the flavor - some bites were pure cookie, some were pure chocolate.

These cookies were a bit tasty - the ginger and chocolate fit well together. The texture, like so many gluten-free products, was disappointing. They were very mealy, gritty - almost sandy. Not the fault of the cookie, but the problem that every gluten free product has due to the flours that are used (rice, tapioca, etc).

The cookies were just a little chewy, which made me wonder if they were stale or if they're just not supposed to be crunchy. The chocolate was very good, high quality chocolate, which was a nice touch.

These aren't cookies I'd keep in my house all the time, but they weren't bad. My main issue was the condition in which they were delivered, which was disappointing.
250938250938B004DOXI9OA3GIQO59ELLU8YRichard C. Bingham1121319068800Melted MessWhen I received my Lazy Day Foods Dark Chocolate Ginger Cookies, I was excited to try them. I love dark chocolate and ginger cookies, so the combination was enticing. However, when I opened the package I found that the chocolate had melted and the cookies were all stuck together in a big glob. I did break off a chunk and it tasted pretty good, but who wants to deal with melted mess?
250939250939B004DOXI9OAWKZAUC0D8DYLAuskan "Auskan"1151319068800IndulgenceIf you like ginger and you like dark chocolate, you will enjoy these cookies. The cookie is basically a ginger cookie that has been dipped in dark chocolate so that half the cookie is covered in choc and the other half is plain. The combination is fantastic!

The only issue I had with them is that the chocolate melted in transit, resulting in the cookies themselves being stuck together and are now difficult to separate. I'm not sure if there is a solution to that other than packaging that would make them a pain in the neck to get into so I can live with them as is.

Update: I wrote the above before I had read the packaging carefully and once I did, I am SOOO impressed with these cookies. The cookies are free of gluten, wheat, dairy and egg so are suitable for coeliacs and vegans, yet you would never guess that they are missing these ingredients that I would consider staple ingredients in any cookie. I don't know how they did it but I am really impressed that they did without losing the taste or texture of a regular cookie.
250940250940B004DOXI9OAD34TCPEP7P84J. Nitzky1131318291200Good flavor but needs improvement - chocolate meltedI thought these cookies had a lot of flavor (a touch on the sweet side) for a vegan/gluten free treat - they were very gingery in a good way. However, when I opened the package, the chocolate had obviously melted and re-solidified during shipping so the cookies were stick together and chocolate was all over. This made them difficult to eat, and the cookies were more soft then I think they should have been. I like my ginger snaps crisp on the outside and soft on the inside - these had no crispness at all, which would be fine if you like soft cookies but along with the melted chocolate, they were just too soft and messy. These would be a great product if the manufacturer made some improvements to the chocolate and packaging. I didn't feel like I was eating something gluten free, though, so they at least got the flavor right!
250941250941B004DOXI9OAYPEPA3VS4KDMLibrarian1141317427200Gluten Free Cookies on the Sweet SideI enjoyed these cookies but found them a bit too sweet for my taste.


*Gluten-, dairy-, and egg-free. Very impressed with product on that score.
*Really good dark chocolate.
*Made in facility that doesn't have nuts but box states they cannot guarantee cookies are free from nuts.


*Very sweet; might not be to everyone's taste.
*Not much ginger flavor.
*A bit crumbly.

If you cannot tolerate gluten or are a vegan, these will prove an excellent sweet treat. I would have preferred a bit more ginger and less sugar, but I still found them quite tasty.
250942250942B004DOXI9OA58N07M0ZCYMBValentina1141317254400Very tasty, but chocolate melted in my packageI actually liked these cookies very much, they were a hit in our office. But the chocolate completely melted in my package and became this frozen goo at the bottom of the box. I had to use a knife and cut out the cookies and the chocolate mess. But.. the flavor is great and I would buy again, only in a store so I can be sure the cookies are intact and not melted. This could be something that only happened to me since I scanned other reviews but did not see a similar problem.
250943250943B004DOXI9OA231FGX8G2Q5EW4EverYoung1121317168000different..not the same.Not you typical run of the mill ginger cookie dipped in chocolate. Given the fact that this is gluten free product which has a unique taste all its own, it may take some getting use to. Texture wise, its not bad and the dark chocolate is great, its those initial first bites where your goin.. 'uh, this is weird? If your a fan of gluten free products, or have to have them due to health issues, this product is at least worth the try.
250944250944B004DOXI9OANEDXRFDZDL18Serene1121317081600Liked the chocolate, didn't like the 'ginger cookie'These are organic healty cookies, and I like the concept, however I didn't particularly care for the taste. The chocolate was the best part, but I found the ginger part tasted grainy mealy and had an unpleasant aftertaste. It also didn't taste much like a ginger cookie. it lacked the real snap of a ginger cookie in taste and texture. The box also arrived with several cookies melted and some damaged which made them unattractive to boot.

If you have dietary limitations and need a gluten free item, or want a vegan cookie, thse might appeal to you. For me, I didn't find them that good and they weren't my favorite. There are better cookies out there- and ginger cookies are fairly easy to bake yourself.
250945250945B004DOXI9OAZ5X928CQPRJNHeidi1151317081600Sadly, these were awesome.Why sadly? Because now I will want to buy and eat these every day and they are not kind to my diet.

A gluten-free cookie with a delicate ginger bite that is half-covered in chocolate? I'm just not sure you can get any better than this! I didn't have high hopes because I've tried gluten-free treats before, and they generally leave something to be desired. The texture and consistency of this cookie was tender and spot-on. I'm not sure your average person would even notice or care that this cookie is free of the gluten. Personally, I don't have a problem with gluten, but I was so excited to share these with my gluten-intolerant friend! Sadly for her, I ate them all before that could happen.

Nom nom nom nom. I am totally buying some. Maybe my gluten-hating friend will get one this time.

The chocolate did get a little melty at some point and had resolidified later, joining the cookies in a deadly embrace of chocolate, but that didn't stop me from eating them all. You might consider buying these in the cooler weather, though.
250946250946B004DOXI9OA1VABWDOUQLULZS. K. Harrell1141316649600Quite tastyI'm a fool for a ginger and chocolate combo, so I was excited to find these gluten-free cookies. I was disappointed when I received them, as they were a bit smooshed and melted. I'm in the dregs of a southeastern Summer, so I can't fault them on the heat too much. However, if you're in the business of shipping something around the world delivering the product in good condition regardless of climate is a plus. The cookies need to be better packaged for shipping and possibly kept cooler.

I could always turn up the degree of darkness in the chocolate and gingeriness in the cookie, but they were tasty. To note, they are not at all crispy as the packaging indicates. I'm fine with that, but either the cookies I received weren't in top form per their description, or the description needs reworking. Also, if I wasn't told they were gluten-free, I wouldn't have known.

All said, it's a good cookie. I'd have them again, and hope for better packaging and weather.
250947250947B004DOXI9OA2JZ8T64YZDQSI~purplemoon~ "The Quiet Corner"1141316476800Four star for *potential*...not the cookie's fault:(This cookie could just much more than it was! It wasn't the cookie's fault; I'm with the majority of the reviewers who stated that the condition in which they were received was severely lacking. Same as the others, the chocolate on my cookies appeared to have melted, then re-hardened (due conditions? Shipping conditions?). The chocolate was also white-ish in color (due to less than ideal storage conditions). Because of that fact, the cookies were stuck together.

On a positive note (which is why I gave them four stars), the taste of the ginger cookie was wonderful! Not too spicy...just enough. The description states that it's dark chocolate. I think mine was milk chocolate. Even with the condition of the chocolate, I could tell it wasn't dark. That's okay too..but they could have been more decadent:)~ the ginger cookie could have had a crunchier texture, similar to a regular ginger snap cookie.

We enjoyed these cookies for what they could be! In my opinion, they didn't taste gluten free ~ and that's a good thing! Try them. You may be lucky enough to get a batch in the condition they SHOULD arrive in and I think you'd be pleasantly surprised!
250948250948B004DOXI9OA313TK86BVK14SKmVictorian1141316476800Great taste, but don't pass these cookies aroundLazy Day Chocolate Gingers are small ginger snaps generously covered with Belgian chocolate. Guaranteed to be free from gluten, wheat, dairy and egg products, they are said to be suitable for "coeliacs [sic] and vegans," as well as a tasty treat for the rest of us. The dark chocolate is luscious, and I really enjoyed this sample of the Scottish-made cookies.

Even though they are fairly well packaged, the cookies had become mashed together during their trip to the U.S. They were hard to separate without crumbling. Although they are delicious, and satisfyingly rich and sweet, I wouldn't necessarily count on serving them to company.
250949250949B004DOXI9OA24U6WGBZ4P74WJennifer Miller "Kaydence"1141316476800Tasty, but healthy?I have to start out by saying that I am not a huge fan of ginger, but I have a book club that I meet with all of the time and we like to share goodies. I originally found these cookies in a store (maybe Whole Foods?) and decided to give them a try. I appreciated the chocolate part of the cookies and passed on the other half to my friends. Everyone enjoyed the taste, except one who said it tasted "buttery".

After my initial experience with these cookies, I wanted to treat everyone again. They were the same yummy cookies, but where shipped terribly. It's still very hot in California, and that should have been taken into account when shipping chocolate. The chocolate was completely melted which made it difficult to extract the cookies with chocolate left on it and not the packaging. Since the chocolate part was the part that I enjoyed, I was extremely disappointed. I would recommend waiting until the weather cools down to order these online.
250950250950B004DOXI9OA25C5MVVCIYT5DNatalie Dawn1151316476800Yummy!These are great! I seriously could eat a whole box in one setting if I allowed myself. The ginger cookies are really tasty and have a great texture, the dark chocolate sets it off perfectly and you could just the right amount of both so nothing is overpowering. The chocolate is also very good, not bitter but not overly sweet. They are just delicious.

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