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250966250966B008410ZG6A1PUF7YTIDBTPIpaizley0011340064000Not good.If you even like this product...the bottle design doesn't allow one to effectively shake up the ingredients before pouring therefore you get all oil right off the top. I suggest pouring it into a bowl and whisking. It contains xanthan gum but it wasn't effective as an emulsifier. No one flavor stood out but I could taste the canola oil. I like tart and this isn't. With the sweetness of the fig, a bit more acidity would have balanced it out. I found the flavor cloying and unpalatable. I even tried adding wine vinegar to it but it didn't help. It ended up sitting in my refrigerator for over 6 months. I finally used some to baste the top of a pork roast and poured the rest down the drain. I still can't figure out why they added caramel color when balsamic vinegar is already dark and so is fig paste. Also, I bought this on sale (it was a discontinued item) at my store. I asked one of the managers why it was was discontinued and he said usually it's because the product was not a good seller. I can see why.
250967250967B001D20BI0A2I1HHX512ACPSEd Yukteshwar0041329004800In the BagThe product arrrived in a timely fashion, properly packaged in appropriate ground coffee bags. The coffee itself was good in a center of the road vein, neither too lacking in characteristics, nor excelling in any catagory. I ended up mixing it with some Central and South American coffees. I found the Costco Kirkland brand World Blend coffee to be a better choice World Blend Medium Roast Ground Coffee (2.5 Lb) .
250968250968B001D20BI0AAQGG77AKE7URCrystil Loeper "Crystil"0111318896000Great coffee...BUTThis package arrived with three bags of coffee inside of a plastic outer bag. The outer bag was full of coffee grinds. Upon inspection, I found a hole (about 1/2" long) in the bottom of one of the coffee bags. I cannot believe that someone didn't noticed the grinds all over the bag before it shipped. However, perhaps they did but did not care as the customer cannot return the item. I've used the other two bags but had to throw out the open one for safety reasons. DO NOT BUY!!!
250969250969B0057FYL2GAL6LQWBKIOADVfitnessxtreme3351335312000Best Almond ButterIn my opinion this is the best almond butter. it is smooth, and silky, And have tried many almond butters this one seems to be the best fit.
250970250970B0057FYL2GA1JSIMUXN23WIHSerpentGarden1141343865600Wonderful taste but a terrible price!!!!This product is great tasting and has much less fat than peanut butter. I love the product but I buy it at Wegman's for 4.89 instead of the ridiculous price here.....
250971250971B0057FYL2GA3PWJ5G7NQUT6Yaustin bunny1151343001600Finally a GREAT almond butterThis is the creamiest, dreamiest almond butter. I always bought the health food store brands that claim you don't have to stir but there's always a 1/4 inch layer of oil on the top that has to be stirred into the hard as rock almond butter. But, no more! Love it on 12 grain toast with fresh rasberries instead of jam!
250972250972B000OCTF6YAA719UGUQ0KCMslink0051336003200Equal Zero Calorie SweetenerThis is a great product. I buy this on a regular basis. I would definitely buy this from Amazon again. It was a great value for the money.
250973250973B001IZLUNCA29SAIYAX0EU7LR. Lambert4451240012800The best kool-aid flavorI used to be able to find this in a grocery store in Ypsilanti MI, and then the store went out of business, and now I can't find it anywhere. This price is about 5 times more expensive than most grocery store kool-aid packet prices, but it's soooooooo good.
250951250951B004DOXI9OA1QR76SYGTXJN5Adam "ashaef"1141316390400Quite goodI was a bit skeptical about the chocolate and ginger snap combination, but these were actually quite tasty. I appreciated that the chocolate only covers half of the cookie as that allowed us to share the ginger half with our two year old (who loved them by the way--"More? More?" he kept asking).

As a previous reviewer noted, there is margarine in these, which I'm not a fan of for health reasons, but otherwise the ingredients are good. Aside from that the only negative comment I have is with the shipping as however it was done allowed all the chocolate on our cookies to melt, thus sticking them together and coating the packaging with chocolate.

As someone who needs to eat both gluten- and dairy-free foods, these were a welcome surprise and an enjoyable treat.
250952250952B004DOXI9OA3SLENWVD7CEQ9J. Wells "Socknitster"0041319673600A lovely soft cookie with a generous chocolate shellNice gingery flavor. Soft cookie. Generous dark chocolate coating. Very high quality dark chocolate. I liked each flavor and texture on its own, but I'm not convinced that ginger and dark chocolate are the best pairing. That's just my opinion. If you like that combination, you will love these.
250974250974B001IZLUNCA3KZRDI1WE74HWM. Carterette3351270252800DEAR LORD, THIS STUFF IS THE BEST.I don't know how to explain it other than to say that it's like drinking a liquid mango.

Having eaten fresh mango all my life and really NOT enjoying any flavor of Kool-Aid unless it was a desperate measure (I can tolerate Fruit Punch; everything else tastes like watery candy), I can safely say that this is Kool-Aid's best, most robust flavor.

Why can't they mainstream this? Grape Kool-Aid is just awful, as are most of the other flavors. This flavor would sell like wildfire. Let's start an email campaign! Let's make mango a truly mainstream flavor next to cherry, strawberry, fruit punch and grape.

Right now we have a handful of packets left, but if we ever ran out and couldn't find any at our regular store, this sounds like an o.k. deal (much more than we usually pay, but it's worth it!).
250953250953B004DOXI9OA3KDO3XV0MK1GXGo Blue 990041317772800Tasty cookie if you need a gluten-free or vegan option.These Lazy Day dark chocolate ginger cookies are free of any gluten, wheat, dairy, and eggs. You would think a cookie without these ingredients might taste like cardboard. But I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. While the cookie isn't crisp and tastes slightly stale, the flavors work well and it's a tasty treat. The ginger is subtle. The dark chocolate isn't of the highest quality, but still enjoyable. If you require a cookie without these specific ingredients, you will likely be happy with this purchase.
250954250954B004DOXI9OA1APW5TK8QSA68William Garrison Jr.0051317513600Tasty Ginger Cookies !"Lazy Day Chocolate Gingers" (8 in a box) [from Lanarkshire, Scotland] remind me of a gingersnap cookie that has been covered about a third with Belgian dark chocolate. The ginger taste is strong, but not overpowering - but like a `snap' of ginger at the back of the mouth. This cookie is not as `firm' as the basic Gingersnap, making it a more of an enjoyable eat rather than trying to break through the hardness of the fondly remembered Gingersnap cookie. The old-fashioned one seemed to be more of a thinner, HARD wafer, this is more of a thicker, softer [medium, moderate-size] cookie. The box said that they were good for another year, but maybe due to the heat this week they seemed a little crumbly. The box claims that these gingers are: "Gluten, wheat, dairy and egg free. Suitable for coeliacs and vegans" but "contains soya". Much better than the original. Caveat: I did receive a free box of them for review.)
250975250975B001IZLUNCA2BGYQOVVYN4QJShaney Orangecorn2251232409600So Tasty!I first found these when I lived in AZ. Since then, we've lived in CA & now TX and I can't find the Mango flavor in the stores anywhere. Thank you Amazon! This is the best flavor Kook-Aid ever.
250955250955B004DOXI9OA1ZNCMFIECPTVTT. Ruth "Onlyloveisreal"0041317168000They surprised meI don't need a gluten free product, but was surprised when I tried them. I love dark chocolate and I like ginger flavored cookies. So it was a pleasant surprise to try these and like them. I was afraid they would taste bad and I would have to throw them out, so when I tried them, I ended up liking the chocolate and delicate ginger flavor. Great job!
250956250956B004DOXI9OAPYKJUMZP99ZJjerseygirldownsouth "jerseygirldownsouth"3511316390400Very DisappointingIn theory these sounded very good - in reality, they were a huge disappointment.

The ginger taste was very mild, and was unfortunately overpowered by the chocolate. It seemed overly sweet, which was a surprise since I had expected Belgian chocolate to be less so.

Also, the cookie itself wasn't as crisp as it could have been. The overall texture wasn't enjoyable.

This could just be my taste, but I think it would be much better if the cookie was a crisp "snap" type, and if the chocolate was more semi-sweet.

With all this said, there is a chance that the cookie suffered from poor storage/packing. Perhaps it was just going stale, and if a fresh cookie had been sent, it would have been crisper. If that is the case, then I didn't get to taste the cookie at its best - maybe it typically is much better.
250957250957B004DOXI9OA3T0EJIUQDEWNIK. Hernandez "DailyReadz - One Great Book Eve...1211317254400Ok but...I didn't realize that this product was gluten, egg and dairy-free. If you had those dietary restrictions, you would probably think these were pretty yummy. Since I don't, though, I would not buy them again.
250958250958B004DOXI9OAJBF0L0KVJG8Jshirlan "Shirley Diederich"1221317168000Cookies a little dry.I did not like these cookies, they tasted dry without much ginger flavor.The chocolate was good but these are not cookies I would buy.I don't need gluten free products but thought I would try them.
250959250959B004DOXI9OA3HJHV83O2U8BLrobgman1221316390400Would never know they were gingerI love dark chocolate and I love ginger cookies so I was really looking forward to trying these. I was disappointed. The cookies are fairly soft but more importantly, I would never know it was a ginger cookie if I didn't read the product description. It tastes more like a mellow chocolate chip cookie. They should have made these with more ginger.
250976250976B001IZLUNCA1B39B7DI72P3YTanner "Peachy"0031327968000Not really that greatI was expecting a really great taste from the reviews I read - not really wonderful at all. I was odd tasting and not a powerful robust flavor like I had hoped it would be. For the difference in price, I would choose the other flavors before I paid this much for the Mango. I do like the Blastin' Berry Cherry one. It has that robust flavor, for sure.
250960250960B004DOXI9OA1RRMZKOMZ2M7JSue Katz "Honey Bee"1211316390400Tasty cookies which were poorly stored & improperly markedThese cookies are quite tasty. The ginger is there but it's subtle & not over-powering. The cookie is just a bit chewy, which is nice for texture.

Although I could recommend the cookies on taste alone, I can't recommend them due to the condition in which they were received. The chocolate had melted & re-hardened at some point, perhaps more than once. The cookies were stuck together, and the chocolate was mis-formed. To make matters worse, the chocolate had bloomed & had the tell-tale signs of white. Chocolate bloom is characteristic of storing chocolate in warm conditions and of improperly tempering chocolate.

Moreover, the manufacturer placed a batch sticker (050411) over the nutritional information on the back of the box. I attempted to peel back the sticker but still could not read nutritional information because the sticker did not come off. I have no idea how many calories are in the product, much less fat grams or fiber grams. Because the FDA required that nutritional facts are displayed on convenience foods sold in the US, a food manufacturer really should know better than to slap batch stickers over nutritional information. Likewise, Amazon should know better than to make improperly marked food products available for sale.

I give these cookies 4* for the taste but took off 2* for condition. I took another 1* off for lack of nutritional information.

Simply, I don't recommend.
250961250961B004DOXI9OA1HQWPU9DCL9Q8J. Loscheider "No one knows I'm a radical"0131321920000Not a bad tea cookieAs a celiac, I'm always keen on finding new gluten-free treats, so I was very excited to order these chocolate ginger cookies from Lazy Day Foods. I was a little surprised they were manufactured in Scotland, but they seemed fresh enough upon arrival. The chocolate had melted somewhat in-transit so that the cookies were stuck together, not that that's a bad thing.

The combination of ginger and chocolate is a bit unusual but I kinda like it, especially since the ginger taste is fairly muted. The chocolate is a medium-dark, not especially bitter but certainly deeper than most mass market chocolates, and it overpowers the ginger. The texture is crispy and the cookies crumble fairly easily, so they're suited to dipping in tea or cocoa.

Altogether it's not a bad cookie, but it is a special-interest item and is priced accordingly. I may get these for a special occasion but it won't be a regular purchase.
250977250977B001IZLUNCAZV26LP92E6WUM. Hammond "ColemanFlGuy"0051308268800i agree with everyone else!it is very delicious. i drink it regularly with lots of ice in it. good taste... good quality... very good product.
250962250962B004DOXI9OA1G6Q2NQMJ2C3XARealAVFan0151316390400These are pretty good, a nice surpriseOK, so I have to eat gluten-free for strict medical reasons, not just to be a fashionable gluten-free dieter. Always eager to try out a new gluten-free food, and especially a dessert item, I jumped on this one. I had not heard of the brand or product prior to finding it at amazon. Dark chocolate ginger...hmmm, sounds great, and gluten-free at that, it sounded promising. So I just received the package today. As I've seen before with cookies and chocolate, there was a bit of melting of the chocolate. Not bad enough to ruin the experience, but it was worth noting. Definitely don't leave the delivery baking in the sun on your porch on a sunny summer afternoon. What I found once I pulled the cookies apart is that they don't crumble like some gluten free cookies can do, these were firm and mildly crunchy. The ginger and chocolate were a nice mild flavor, the ginger having just a bit of that ginger sort of bite to it. I liked that these cookies didn't have a bad aftertaste, they didn't taste like cheap ingredients were used. I thought also that I'd really like to have one of these with a cup of coffee, that the ginger and chocolate would be complemented by a medium roast brew. All in all, I'm happy to have found another tasty gluten-free treat. I'm also pleased that amazon carries it, as their customer service has always been very responsive with any product or delivery issues. So, if you like ginger and chocolate flavors, and you prefer gluten-free foods, this one is worth a try.
250963250963B004DOXI9OA38K04MT5LR0JCPop S "The FT Clan"0141316390400Very good cookiesI shared these cookies with my family and we all enjoyed them. As others have noted, they arrived in relatively poor condition, looking as though they had been overheated and handled roughly. This made them rather unappetizing to look at. One of the cookies was broken into several pieces.

The ingredients were along the lines of what I expected for a non-wheat cookie. The oil used was not identified, but everything else was clear. Sweetness is provided through golden syrup- replacing corn syrup or other less desirable artificial products.

Opening the box, I immediately enjoyed the aroma of ginger cookies, and my doubts raised by the appearance of the cookies were thrust aside. Each cookie is half coated in wonderful dark chocolate. We are a bit snobby when it comes to chocolate, but this chocolate left nothing to apologize for. It was exactly what dark chocolate is supposed to be.

The cookie itself is not terribly crisp- it has a texture more like a shortbread cookie. I took this as resulting from its non-conventional ingredients. The ginger flavor was about right and tasted "true." It didn't taste artificial or overpowering. While occasionally the chocolate coating could hide the ginger flavor, a nice ginger aftertaste always came through.

I do not normally avoid gluten or wheat so for me this was a bit of an experiment. I have to say that it was a successful one. I did not miss the missing ingredients and would be happy to share these cookies with anyone without identifying their makeup.

The condition after shipping was an issue, but I trust one that will be resolved quickly- leaving a great cookie in a good box. Enjoy!
250978250978B001IZLUNCA28X7NZ02016FOeCognition004129228480096 packs??!!! You better really like this flavor.And I do. I gave a negative review on Kool-aid's packaging of this product for another flavor, because I felt it was ridiculous, especially since you get two separately packaged boxes of Kool-Aid, which means they could sell them separately, if they chose to. I consider the price and the way a product is sold to be just as important as the product itself, so I'll leave that review there. That being said, I broke down and bought this flavor since I love Mango so much. You'll love it even more when added to the pina-pinneaple flavor also sold on Amazon. Oh yeah, you'll have to buy 96 packs of those as well. Good luck finding these flavors in your stores. I have no idea why my three favorite flavors (this one, the lime and the pina-pinneaple) are not to be found anywhere near me. I live in la and you would think a product called "Aguas Frescas" could be found close, no? Anywho, you'll love the flavor and so long as you're willing to drink it for a couple years, it's worth the price. After trying to figure out what to do with 96 packs of this stuff before I got bored, I figured I'd mix some of it in my Vanilla ice cream in order to make a Mango-vanilla ice cream concoction that turned out to be pretty dang good.
250964250964B004DOXI9OA3GWM1FHA3EQPMMarianne O. Schmidt1331316390400Interesting Taste, But With A Few ProblemsOn the box, it says these cookies are crisp and gingery and they are dipped in Belgian chocolate. The cookies were not at all crisp. I can't tell whether they were not stored properly, and that's why they ended up with a somewhat soft texture, or if crisp meant something else to the manufacturer. They really weren't even soft either. They tasted more like they had been around for awhile, and were beginning to soften. The ginger part was correct. I like ginger, and I found these to be fairly gingery, but the taste wasn't there immediately. After I had eaten half a cookie, I tasted the ginger, and it had a strong aftertaste, so it was a pleasant surprise. I am a milk chocolate fan, and I wasn't sure I would like the darker Belgian chocolate. It wasn't very sweet, but it too was better than I expected. Let's face it, most gluten free baked goods are going to be disappointing if we expect them to taste like the things we remembered. In this case, I had no frame of reference for this kind of cookie, so it was probably less of a disappointment to me. They didn't taste like generic American cookies, so that was one point in their favor. I would like to have had these fresh, so I had a better basis to review them. I don't like really crunchy cookies, but I don't like them soft to the point of sogginess either. These veered towards the soggy end of the spectrum, but I actually did like the flavor. It was different, and the somewhat sharp chocolate saved them from being boring. These were made in Scotland, and they did have the kind of flavor that you would associate with a foreign foodstuff. My kids used to buy a similar type cookie at the British market here in town, so if you used to like imported cookies, you would probably like these. I think they are rather pricey for eight cookies, and unfortunately, the cookies did come all stuck together in the package. Initially, I thought they were big sandwich cookies, but I don't think they actually are. Had I seen these cookies in a store, I would have probably passed them by. It's an awful lot of money for eight cookies, and I'd have been cranky at getting eight soft almost soggy cookies for the price. I didn't hate them, and I didn't love them either, but I don't know that I would buy them again. If I could be sure of getting a fresh package, I might give them another shot, but as they are, no, definitely not. If they could resolve the packaging issues, and ensure a crisper cookie I would like them much better. Maybe a thin cookie would have produced a better crunch. Then again, a thinner chocolate dip would have been better too. All in all, not horrible, but I think I will stick to baking my own, in the future. Manufactured gluten free food is a matter of taste. If you don't have the time, and you have the money, fine, but otherwise, spend some time in your kitchen. They will be much less spendy, and you will get a larger yield, and the pleasure of doing something yourself. If you have to buy a packaged cookie, I recommend Glutino's chocolate or vanilla sandwich cookies. I prefer the vanilla, but my husband eats the chocolate. They are really close to Oreos in the chocolate flavor. It's the only kind I buy. These were an interesting idea, but they weren't quite right.
250965250965B000JMDGY6A3Q0MHIHKUOEJZmag142011278115200ExpiredI ordered several spices from this company and many were already expired when they arrived. I would not recommend.
250979250979B001IZLUNCA2NQTSUNRCWX26Natalie R. Knerr "bookworm"0051276560000Unbelievable!My husband and two of our close friends actually fight over this stuff, they love it that much. It has become a contest to see who has more packets, who drinks them faster....etc.
250980250980B001IZLUNCA1KUOSQ1YZZFTUa_friend_usa "a_friend_usa"0051273449600Perhaps the best flavor. Tastes like mango.My gf and I did a taste test of these:
1) Kool-Aid Aguas Frescas Mango Unsweetened (Kool-Aid Aguas Frescas Mango Unsweetened Soft Drink Mix, 0.14-Ounce Packets (Pack of 96))
2) Kool-Aid Orange Unsweetened (Kool-Aid Orange Unsweetened Soft Drink Mix, 0.15-Ounce Packets (Pack of 96))
3) Tropicana 50 orange juice from the grocery store

We were surprised but the Mango was just as good if not better than the Tropicana. It is yellow in color (almost the same as orange juice). I have not taste tested all the Kool-Aid flavors yet but Mango may be the best. The orange was good but tasted more like an orange drink rather than orange juice. Its color is orange like the outside of an orange, not the juice.

We use the Splenda packets so there are hardly any calories (Splenda has 3.5 calories per packet but it can be labeled as 0 calories since it is under 5). Splenda tastes just like sugar with no bad aftertaste. We have changed to using slightly less than 8 cups of water to make the taste richer. We have also increased the Splenda to 12 packets (1/2 cup) to make it sweeter.

Addendum: It is even better when mixed 50/50 with Pineapple Kool-Aid Aguas Frescas Pina Pineapple Unsweetened Soft Drink Mix, 0.14-Ounce Packets (Pack of 96).

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