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250981250981B001IZLUNCA3V5D3HUKF845VSk Johnson0051267660800Just Marvelous!I couldn't believe it when I saw it. Then I tried it, WOW, this stuff is just marvelous. I mix mine with stevia so it is calorie free. Tastes just like my favorite mango juice but without all the carbs. This stuff goes like wildfire at my house. Enjoy!
250982250982B001IZLUNCAS0895Q6KIZ23David M. Thompson0051255132800Finding Mango flavorI live in CA and have found in Hispanic grocery stores. So go to different grocery stores. When I travel, I like going through different markets.
250983250983B001IZLUNCA1RA25GUV5IQJRRickey A. Woolridge "rawone"1251238630400Great Taste!This is one of kool aid's best flavors, my family and frieds love the taste, every other pitcher I make is mango. Have looked for it in four (4) surrounding cities and can not find it. Went back to store I originally purchased from (60 miles away) and they don't have it any more. Great price, with fast shipping.
250984250984B00538C020A2XERNHNKJ0NAWCJ2251340755200Vanilla Cane SugarVanilla Cane Sugar-1lb Bag

I bought this as a gift for a friend who was hooked on that pricy vanilla sugar from a gourmet chef that charged 9.00/OZ! They were so surprised to use this & declared it every bit as good as the other they will no longer need to purchase. I thought it was a good as well. We are all happy. If you like
a gourmet coffee experience I would highly recommend this product. Thrilled with the product AND it is a wonderful gift the way it is packaged.
250985250985B00538C020A2BJLN9XSTH44BLinda Berthelsen0051347321600yummy stuff!I was searching for vanilla sugar for baking like I had found in European brands of finely granulated. This is a delicious and similar in essence. I used it to make home made strawberry ice-cream and wow!
250986250986B0000CER9WAVZ1SYMD26S4RPeggy Jentoft0041222992000Versatile & Pleasant berry flavor black teaI'm really enjoying this black tea with a good berry flavor Even when I brew it very strongly it does not get the bitter edge some black teas do
I may not be quite as photogenic as the display photo but is very flavorful. so far I've served it as a dessert and Tea , tea rather than as a dinner tea but it should do well with meals and I expect it would be superb for a tea smoked duckling variant. It makes great iced tea as well as a good cozy comfy hot tea.

I bought it because I thought it would make a good winter holiday beverage which it will but I think it will become one of my favorite everyday teas too and I'm drinking it ( iced) so fast during a autumn heat wave that I may need to buy more for the holidays.
I think this will be the blend I use in teetotalers' punch this Christmas
250987250987B0002HOEWQA3PBQ9QGW8TD18R. Mosny "Temugen"3351284681600Fantastic Variety of HoneyThere is only one word to describe this product and that is Fantastic. It is raw honey which means it has not been heated or processed. It is complete as nature intended. I can't help wondering why people waste everyone's time writing "reviews" n based on the condition of the product due to damage by the shipper. That's NOT a characteristic or defect of the PRODUCT. That's a defect of the CARRIER and should be taken up in a review of the carrier.
250988250988B0002HOEWQA2CVWKO0VNOQSTMohammed S. Albahar0621182816000Package was completely damagedI am sure it's a nice honey. But, I could not enjoy it because, the package found completely damaged when it was just arrived.
250989250989B000QTG4FAA1O18V2RTV6PZ4Madley0611288656000Poison for KidsClearly advertised for kids, this product is ~60% sugar and saturated fat.
It also includes partially hydrogenated oils.
Perhaps it should come with a children's tatoo that says "I will be diabetic some day".
250990250990B00469X60MA3D6OI36USYOU1Ghenghis1111309478400The worst cube bouillon on the market.What happened to these guys, they used to be a staple. Well like a lot of other national
brands they started cutting corners and costs and now this product makes a bouillon that
tastes more like a leather belt than it does chicken. Its terrible.

Fortunately, there are still two competing products that are doing it right...they are
Herb Ox and Maggi. Both are excellent, interchangeable, and mainly available everywhere.
A better alternative, a little more expensive, is Kitchen Basics Chicken Stock. That stuff
cannot be beat when it comes to adding flavor to soups, sauces, and veggies.
250991250991B002TO1H70A3GQT284VHGOP3Colleen Martel "kc"0051351036800Makes the BEST Carne AsadaPut this marinade over 2 lbs Beef Skirt Steak (Arrachera) with sliced onions overnight and then bbq over high heat-OMG delish!
250992250992B000IV13O8AGMCKY9AKFDCJAbstract Qit Gratner "Qhrixie"9951170806400melifluous (that means - "like honey") and charmingTupelo honey is so romantic. Remember Elvis was born in Tupelo, Mississippi? I never liked Elvis, but the honey is absolutely "love me tender, love me sweet". Not too strong, not too dark, not like anything you've ever had. I love honey, everything BUT the "honey-flavored" packets some fast-food-joints pass out, trying to fool you. HUMPF! Tupelo honey is the stuff shooting stars are made of, watch your honey's gleamerz light up when he bites into hiz morning toast!

I will buy this again, though it only for special occasions, because it is sooooo expensive. (But starlit eyes are irresitible, and worth it!)
250993250993B000IV13O8A3G7PAVXZC4D6LAndrea Warren6651212019200The Best Honey in the WorldThis is the best honey in the world. The taste is above anything you could buy at the grocery store. The buttery golden taste is wonderful with pears, cheese and crackers. It is a fast "throw together" platter when you have un-expected company that is sure to wow your guests.

And their related body care line is fantastic! Made with the best all-natural ingredients, my skin had a noticeable glow and lips felt smooth and silky.
250994250994B000IV13O8A37K00YJE6NUBCKalena Hundley1151265414400Great honey in a beautiful bottleI am a nut for honey of all flavors and buy it in my travels. The tupelo honey from Savannah Bee Company is sweet and light and absolutely fantastic. The bottle is beautiful and would make a great gift. I didn't have any problems with the cork lid. I did wait until all the honey settled back into the bottom of the bottle before putting the lid back on. As with any honey keep the top/lid area clean and you won't have any problems reopening.
250995250995B000IV13O8A3G101DHWI8EJSWill Stickney0051343952000Remarkable and distinct flavorI like most any honey but I usually like to find and eat honey that tastes distinctly different than the ubiquitous orange blossom stuff. This honey makes it very clear that you have something unique and delicious in your gob. This is also true for their Sourwood honey which I also highly recommend. Their is something about the Tupelo and Sourwood flowers that make extraordinary honeys. But they are also not for the faint of heart. These are really different. You've been warned!
250996250996B000IV13O8A2CLWBVJUX5QVNDee0051328313600The best honey ever!This honey is fantastic. I have never tasted better, and I grew up with honey! It has such a warm buttery taste and the freshness makes this a superb addition to any meal or drink.
250997250997B000IV13O8A601FHUR2HQ4MC. Murphy "Murf"0051324857600This is the real dealWe have a good friend and neighbor that was looking for Tupelo honey and having difficulty finding it. I told her I could probably find it on Amazon. In the course of looking through the different products I became aware that many companies are counterfeiting tupelo honey because it is so expensive. We ordered this product from Amazon and the taste is superb. This is the real deal.
250998250998B000IV13O8A25CFM7GP022ZUSophy0075 "bluestocking"0041319155200The butterscotch of honeysThe flavor of honey varies with the flowers harvested by the bees who make it. Tupelo produces a light, golden honey redolent of butterscotch. Those seeking a more flowery-flavored honey would probably prefer Savannah Bee's wildflower honey or the "Winter White" variety. A drizzle of tupelo is an excellent addition to plain Greek yoghurt.
250999250999B000IV13O8A1IKGJXXI9NOKGCam Critic "cambridgecritic"21021231113600Beautiful bottle but not very functional - the cap breaks off.I got two bottle for christmas and the honey is delicious but the cap breaks off because the honey gets sticky and the cap sticks then it's very hard to twist off. When I twisted it off, it broke. I wouldn't recommend this product.
251000251000B0018AKRX6A4GHPW9AAH1NYThule11121334016000Very fine granules - nothing distinctiveI was expecting a larger granual suger and am dissapointed in this product. I might as well have used normal grocery store ganular sugar (i.e., Domino). Not worth returning and I would not buy again. It certainly doesn't fit my description of "sanding" sugar.
251001251001B0018AKRX6A1BV6CS28MAWARCJ1151324512000pretty blue sugarThis was an addition to my sprinkles for Christmas cookies. It was fun to use. Made my cutout cookies much prettier than I ever imagined. No problem with item or seller!! Excellent!!
251002251002B0018AKRX6A2AJIVQ3EKM4V8Julian Quintana "Code Monkey"0051347580800A Touch of EleganceIt's absolutely amazing how adding a simple dab of sugar can make a cupcake pop! The thing about this product is its vibrance, which quite frankly makes the grocery store brand seem dull. It's as if they infused in granule with as much Red-5 that they could pack in. Mind you sugar and artificial coloring aren't the best things for you, but they make for fun times with food. Would I recommend you to buy it, sure would. After all what do you have to lose, the bottle is cheaper then your store brand and with amazon prime there's no trip to be made to the store.
251003251003B0018AKRX6A2DYRRR7YVD61ZKimberly R.1251323907200For the Kitchen ArtistVery pleased. Expensive but worth the cost to me because of the beautiful soft luster it adds to my baked goods. Shaker and pour openings for easy application. Ordering more.
251004251004B00061UKLMA27DJKPU6PFU7GBastet "Meow"2251273363200My dog loves it!I have a Border Collie puppy and I plan to have her in agility training once she is old enough (at 14 months). I want her to grow up the healthiest and strongest she can be. I have done so much research on foods and this brand has a cool name [like Artemis Fowl ;-) ]. Her coat is so shiny and soft (even though she is a rough coat) and she is happy and playful all the time.

The first four ingredients on the label at MEAT products. There is sufficient water content and probiotics included. Flaxseed and fish meal for the Omega 6 and Omega 3 essential fatty acids. The source of carbs and additional protein is from whole grains Barley and rice with Oatmeal and millet. It has fresh fruits and vegetables (which are important in the diet as well- I give my puppy apple slices and carrots to snack and chew/teeth on).

I alternate brands occasionally depending on how tight money is that month. Another brand that my puppy eats and really likes is the "Chicken Soup for the Puppy Lovers Soul" dry and canned. I feed the Chicken Soup for the Cat lovers soul to my cat all the time. That brand is high quality and about $12 for a 10 lb bag. Very reasonable.

Good luck on your dog food choice.
try searching the site "Dog Food Analysis".
Great informational
251005251005B00061UKLMAJPUD8FG2VFJVktk0051342828800Great puppy foodWe have been feeding this to our American Bulldog puppy for a couple of months,since he was 3 months old. He loves it, never had problems adjusting to it and is growing well. His coat looks healthy and we are really happy with it. The feeding guidelines on the back were a little high for our puppy, but only by about half a cup or so. Fantastic food.
251006251006B000HQQWCMA3NZGEFINAC9L3S. Frank Stringham "SCapades"0051330732800Not your typical honey mustardI am a BIG mustard fan! I like to eat different flavors of mustard on different foods...from jalapeno to horseradish to dijon to...well, you see what I mean. When I finally tried this brand of honey mustard, I was taken back AND delighted at the same time. When I have chicken fingers, for example, I love to dip them in a honey mustard that is sweet and delicious. THIS mustard is hot (just the right amount) and sweet and delicious!! I like it better than regular honey mustard. You should try it, but when you do, just know that you may never go back to regular honey mustard ever again...or even regular mustard mustard ever again!! It is THAT good!!
251007251007B000HQQWCMA2D56U8LTXQYAVScotford0051319500800Easily the best mustard I've ever triedThrough out my life I've tried various mustard's and up until I tried this mustard, I never was much of a fan of mustard. Either the mustard was too watery, too salty or in some cases, entirely tasteless. Then I tried this mustard and this the only mustard I will use from now on.

But not only is this the best mustard I have ever tried, compared to other mustard sodium content, this has the least. Only 45 mg per serving and compared to other mustard's, that is extremely low.

Sure there might be other mustard's that may very well taste good, but I like this one the best. It should be noted I have tried organic, non organic, kosher, USDA certified and even have tried made to order mustard, but none of them were ever as good as this mustard.

So if your looking for a break from regular mustard or just looking to try something new, I would recommend this mustard.
251008251008B0085RSFESANVRN900H3U8HKenneth Jelinek "Fiber Connoisseur"7751266883200Your GI tract will thank you.I'll recommend Grape-Nuts whole-heartedly to anyone who needs a high fiber punch in a low-volume solution. This cereal is dense and probably should not be consumed in large volumes at a sitting. There is a LOT of fiber and iron in it. Other than that, it would be the perfect breakfast cereal. Unlike other high-fiber solutions, Grape-Nuts is versatile. You can eat it cold with milk or heat it up in the microwave with said milk and enjoy a tastier alternative to oatmeal. You can sprinkle it on yogurt for a texture explosion in your mouth. I've even made bran muffins with them, and they are delicious.
251009251009B0085RSFESA21L3P1DFZ3T8ITony233051266796800I ate 2 cups of Grape-nuts todayI ate 2 cups of Grape-nuts this morning, on a bet that i couldnt, while wearing a St. Patricks day hat and fake beard. My stretch goal was 10 minutes, though it took better than 20, and i was sabotaged by Dave who added more when i went to get water. Realizing after the fact that this many Grape-nuts was representative of about 120% of my daily fiber and 360% Iron, not to mention 800 net calories or so pre-milk, i became slightly worried and have been slugging down water ever since. I havent eaten Grape-nuts in a while, and must say, despite the extreme circumstances, i really enjoyed them, and will eat them again tomorrow assuming im hungry then. They were tasty, slightly sweet, and not in need of any additives to enjoy. Highly recommended.
251010251010B0085RSFESA367PC677R0LEMFrog "V4"7851289433600Best Cereal EverGrape Nuts is the only cereal i have found (and believe me, i've searched) that contains NO sugar and yet tastes delicious. Oatmeal's pretty close but it takes preparation and needs at least a little butter and some added honey or maple syrup to be that good. But not Grape Nuts. I love them with just milk. They are beyond delicious and i love them i love them i love them. Sometimes, i even eat them for lunch, too. They satisfy my appetite and make me feel great. Look up their history on Wikipedia, it's interesting. YAY!!! for Grape Nuts. I hope they never become unavailable.

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