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251054251054B002INDU22A3QLXLRT1F72VBmindule0051346112000Worked perfectlyI recommend that you use as small a portion of the tablet as possible at first, and try to contact that portion with every point on the surface of your tongue. There doesn't seem to be a lack of potency even if you use only 1/3rd or 1/4th of the tablet, but you have to remember to touch it to as much of your tongue as possible before it dissolves.
251055251055B002INDU22A3R2KKSGZIM2YRA. Todd0051341792000Good Clean FunI hosted a party with 8 other people. As others have said, some experienced a stronger reaction than others, but everyone had some sort of sweet experience with these tablets. The favorites by far were the limes (even over the lemons), goat cheese with fig preserves (fig tasted like honey), blackberries, and stout beer. Things that didn't change much were the watermelon, bread, IPA (although it was slightly sweeter to me), tequila, vodka, and feta. The oranges were almost too sweet for most of us. All of the foods retained their essence, just without a sour taste.

These worked exactly as advertised and the party was a hit. The experience lasted for about the hour it said it would. I recommend trying it at least once.
251056251056B002INDU22AQ467UPRMO2T6Debby L. Gwaltney "Debby G."0041341532800Expensive but funI feel I was misled about the "1 lb. shipping weight". At most this couldn't have weighed more than a few ounces, even with the shipping box. It was so lightweight, for a moment, I thought there was nothing in the box at all. The description doesn't say how much you get, so be forewarned, you will get just (10) TEN tablets in the box. Not affordable for most people who are seeking help with low sugar diets, but I will say the tablets definitely enhance the flavor of strawberries. I have not tried it with lemons yet as I don't have any, so I'm saving the rest of the tablets for when I have some more food to try. I am looking forward to it.
251057251057B002INDU22A35DPBXUOZD5SFMMTC0051338854400Weirdest thing ever!The miracle frooties were so weird. I was a little unsure about if they were going to work or not, but it turns out they really do! It was expecting a lot more out of them, but i guess they will have to do. The only bad thing about them is when you eat lemons and limes your lips burn a lot and give your sores. Other than that these things are amazing!
251058251058B002INDU22A2TLJLMR3B7U5RLauren K "Lauren K"0051336521600These Worked Really WellAfter reading about miracle fruit and flavor tripping, I was eager to try it out for myself. I was somewhat apprehensive in purchasing these specific tablets based on other reviewers' experiences but they worked great! They seemed to be extremely potent and the effect lasted for about an hour. It was a fun little experiment.
251059251059B002INDU22A3LIZVI2B5JI7GPeter Musser0051334534400UNSWEETENED CRANBERRY JUICE.Trust me on this. Possibly the biggest "WTF?!" experience of all with these little tablets. I got a bottle of it and then tried the juice as an afterthought after already trying limes, lemons, etc... It tasted like regular, old-fashioned ocean spray -- sweet and cranberry-y.

A few hours later, I realized that I didn't know what the cranberry juice tasted like by itself...


Ordering a few more boxes to continue with the experimenting.
251060251060B002INDU22A1VATC8T5WJIRYT Smith0041334361600They Work Great, With a Few FoodsThese pills arrived a couple of days ago and I could't wait to try them. I simply broke the pill in half and let it dissolve on my tongue for a minute or two. I read a review earlier that said you could not actually eat a whole lemon, however I had 2 and would have eaten 3 if I wasn't afraid of throwing too much acid in my face. The pills themselves are about the size of a jellybean and have a dried berry taste (however the taste is not that strong). I also tried orange juice, which was so sweet that it was gross. The last thing I tried was a shot of vodka. The pills don't do much to mask the taste, although it did take the burning sensation away. The taste of the lemon was by far the best. It tasted like a very rich lemonade. Some people said it tasted like splenda, however I thing it tastes like you've added real sugar. Overall I would recommend this product to try, but after you've had all of the sour things you can think of there really isn't much use for them.
251061251061B002INDU22A2AJTH9NKKA0BPJOjo0051333324800Miracle Frooties Are Awesome!I saw some mixed reviews for Miracle Berries here and just had to share that my experience was awesome. I ordered mine direct from Miracle Frooties ([...]) because I was worried about delivery in time for a birthday party. Their customer service was prompt and efficient and the order arrived just as they promised. My friends and I had a *BLAST* challenging each other to try weird and bitter things. There were folks of all ages, including young children, and it made for good, honest fun for everyone ~ giggles all around! :)
251062251062B002INDU22A2OGVBA5ADZ09TApril Harrison0041331337600So Cool!I went looking for these after watching an episode of United States of Tara (Season 1, Episode 12: Miracle). I was very curious when I began my search. Of course, I started at And of course, Amazon had it! I was so excited to finally try them, came right on time. You get 10 dissolvable tablets; plenty to get your taste tripping party started! My kids and I had so much fun! I had been telling them all week we were going to do an experiment, they bugged me EVERYDAY! They were so surprised that the tablets really worked. They do exactly what they claim: simply turns sour to sweet. The lemons truly taste like eating lemonade. The strawberries are my favorite. They think frooties are THE coolest. My only complaint (hence the four stars) is I wish they dissolved faster - More melt in your mouth. Although rather expensive, I'm glad I tried it and my kids had a cool experience.
251063251063B002INDU22A16M0DLZ493518do-good0041331337600WorksWe tried these and I was worried that they may not work. They did work well. My family has loved trying them. We even enjoyed our lunch salad no dressing with just fruit and greek yogurt all natural. Tasty.
The pill was hard and took a few moments to melt but it worked right away. It lasted for 20-25 minutes of active eating. I think the acid in the sour foods washes it away. I would try it again.
251064251064B002INDU22A2LYLDLTK6D89R. Altergott0051330214400It WorksI purchased a box of these to share with my friends, and we were all amazed with the effect. Lemons were the best - so sweet and delicious. Beer got mixed reactions - some said it tasted like a wine cooler or grape juice, and a few said there was no change. The effect seemed to wear off after about 45 minutes.
251065251065B002INDU22A3CZ536Z23W5GVAdam0041327968000Works exactly as described...I ordered these thinking it would be a fun thing to try. As some have described the taste of the tablet is not pleasant but I wouldn't go so far as to say it's going to make you gag or vomit... just unpleasant. It takes several minutes for the tablet to dissolve and frankly you either have to swallow a lot of saliva or spit at least a few times during this process... The package directs you not to swallow the contents but it seemed pointless to spit it all out. I decided to try to keep it all in until it was at least dissolved and I cracked it a few times to speed up this process. I also had a friend swallow the contents and they didn't experience any negative side effects, but this was just their experience.

We had a good selection of sour foods and drinks set out to sample. Several different types of citrus (lemons, limes, grapefruit etc), pickles and pickled veggies, Worcestershire Sauce, Vinegar, Hot Sauces, ect. I'm sure you could get much more creative but these are just a few things we tried. The lemons and limes tasted amazing and sweet but you could still feel a bit of burn on your tongue same with the vinegar and hot sauce. The taste was altered and sour became sweet but your other senses such as smell and the sensitivity of your tongue remain and certainly effect the experience... for instance I can't stand pickles and while I ate them and they weren't sour... the smell was still revolting.

The effect lasted for about an hour and sweet foods and drinks taste VERY strange during this time... even unpleasant. We all experienced a horrible after taste when eating or drinking anything for a couple hours after the effect had ended... it seems like it takes a bit of time for things to taste right again.

All in all still a good experience and the product worked completely as described.
251066251066B002INDU22AZXQZ1ZDPFBNWRyno1231331942400Worked but not as well as alternativesThe effects are actually quite amazing however, this particular brand's tablets are incredibly hard. Expect at least 5-10 minutes of waiting for a rock hard tablet to dissolve on your tongue. Other than the hardness and delay, the I do recommend "flavor tripping"
251067251067B002INDU22AZ3QPGGDGHJCAKenKen0141331164800Cool product but results hardly lastI bought these XL tablets because i thought they would last awhile....but they don't. I only tried half a tablet since these XL are supposed to be extra potent and the packaging description even says you can cut them in half for a "regular dose".

These tablets take a minute or two to dissolve and are pretty bland tasting, but nothing horrible. I even read some tips to make the effects last longer and scraped my tongue before sucking on the tablet. Its pretty amazing how a lemon tastes good! i even squeezed lemon juice into a cup and diluted it with a bit of water and it tasted like i was drinking sweet lemonaid! Sadly, the effects only lasted about 5 minutes and then everything was normal. So if half a tablet only gets you 5 minutes then i'm guessing a full dose gets you about 10 minutes. Its cool for a party gag or something odd to try but i kind of wish the effects lasted longer
251068251068B002INDU22A3MIXK2RZXX6XKBarrett0131330214400Well,This product did exactly what it said it would, make sour things sweet! Don't expect anything unreal or magical things though! It takes so long for the tablet to fully dissolve in your mouth, (not to mention that it tastes pretty bad) but once it's done, it works! If you are looking for some diet help or to be astounded with some magic or something, don't get it! if you are looking for a fun and interesting thing to try with some friends, go for it! It's amazingness is kind of exaggerated.
251069251069B002INDU22AU3V81UU49GZFRavenClaw1311343260800product is junkMyself and 3 members of my family all followed the directions on the package and the only thing that happened was a bad flavor in our mouth. This product does not work. By the fruit instead.
251070251070B002INDU22A3EOP6Q2Z6A6LKGps1311335657600Fast shipmentI was really excited about trying these ever since I first heard about them. Sad to say, but they didnt work for me or my gf. Very disappointed.
251041251041B002INDU22AL4IHB3WWXN07absolutnik4551304985600Awesome berries!These berries work! Spent 5 minutes rolling the berry on my tongue to cover it with the magic juice as much as possible and then tomatoes turned sweet. =) I recommend drinking unsweetened cranberry juice - it will taste like the best juice ever.
251042251042B002INDU22A2YH0PPFMHQAA4J. Stevens "Spoon!"1151348444800These things are awesomeI was very excited about this, but hesitant to believe some of the claims people had made. I bought some unsweetened grapefruit juice, strawberries, pineapple, and a lemon. The tablet took a long time to disolve, like how many licks to get to the center long, but it was worth it. I ate the lemon, it was almost like an orange and it wasn't sour at all until about 15 minutes in. The grapefruit juice tasted like it had a pound of sugar in it, and the strawberries tasted like icecream. It didn't last quite as long for me as some reviews listed and I used the full tablet. There were some residual effects for the next 30 minutes after sour started tasting sour again... like the tomato sauce in a slice of pizza tasted sweet. Over all well worth the buy even for the novelty.
251043251043B002INDU22A1R7EYSWLA8416KAxis1151345852800Simply delicious!When I first herd of this I was a tad skeptical. I doubted the effect and the duration claimed by not only this seller but others. But I finally decided to give them a shot and WOW. What a fantastic little product! After it arrived in the mail (in record time) I proceeded to eat my way through every sour or tangy item in my house. I was hooked. Grapefruit, followed by lemon water, then strawberries are my favorites. Everything becomes candy coated! For a bizarre experience, I recommend potent salt and vinegar chips. Enjoy!
251044251044B002INDU22A34BZM6S9L7QI4Mandy "mandy"1151342396800FUN!!Pop the pill on your mouth and start the takes a while, so you have plenty of time to slice up some lemons, grapefruit, strawberries, raspberries, sour cream, limes, blackberries...

This stuff is amazing. I HATE strawberries. HATE HATE them. With frooties, I can't get enough strawberries! Grapefruit is to DIE for. Sour cream on strawberries...YUM. Several bowls of ice cream have been forgone in favor of sliced lemons and grapefruit. Not sure that can be anything but good.

I don't know what else to say. They work. I love them.
251045251045B002INDU22A5GTXAFALAHS6Philip Graham "BlinX"1141337644800Good but not the best.I bought this a few days ago to host a small flavor tripping party with friends, the tablets worked well, but they only lasted about 5-10 minutes instead of the half hour or so the box promises, but the experience was well worth it. Mberry is better though.
251046251046B002INDU22A1QFULEF9EKX3VJoseph S. Rossi1151337126400Lots of fun!We really enjoyed this experience! The tablets don't taste bad or good. They dissolve in about a minute or two at most. I made lemonaide with only lemons and water and it was delicious, I couldn't believe how great it tasted! We also tried strawberries and all I can say is Wow they were amazingly sweet. The only fruit it didn't seem to work with was some kumquats, They still tasted sour. Tomorrow we are looking forward to eating some grapefruit! We are definitely going to order these fun tabs for a party. The packaging was great and the shipping was fast. Thank you for a fun evening.
251047251047B002INDU22A1F09METOUKOCHNewton4621329264000Not good compared to other brandsI've tried another brand of miracle fruit tablets during a party. All the guests put them in their mouths and the tablets nearly instantly dissolved. After 10 seconds or so, they were eating up lime wedges like no tomorrow.

This one, in comparison, is like a standard hard tablet. Everyone sat around for several minutes waiting for them to dissolve. The end effect was not nearly as impressive, as the sour items still had quite a bit of tart to them.

I will not be buying this brand anymore.
251048251048B002INDU22A250HHH6LNASFAR. Adams "Ms. Adams"2321340755200Not as Effective as Other BrandsI normally purchase a different brand, but thought I'd try these since they were about the same price, only this one was offered in an XL size. I ended up having to take two of these larger tablets to get the same effect as one of my old brand. The effect also wasn't as altering and didn't last as long with this brand. I'll be going back to my old brand.
251049251049B002INDU22A1PMANQDE87261J. Assam2321332892800Twice the size, not even half as potent.I love the novelty of miracle fruit tablets. I purchased another brand a few months ago and loved it. The sensation was that of eating fruit for the first time. Everything was sweet, and the sensation lasted about 30 minutes of some serious taste testing of really sour foods (Vitamin C powder was the craziest, it was like eating pixi sticks.)

When I received this package of Frooties XL, I figured this would be as good if not better experience than before. I shared a few with some coworkers and while it did at first go as the tablets before, it wore off very quickly. Perhaps in the span of 5 minutes or so.

The tablets are oval in shape and almost twice as large as the ones before, but I noticed the tablets tasted a bit different from the other brand. I couldn't be certain, but the mixture they form these tablets with could be binder heavy and less product overall. It could also be that during transport they degraded as it recommends you keep the product at or below 20 C or 68 F and it's warm in FL. Either way, I am sad that this batch for whatever reason was not up to snuff with what I had remembered.
251050251050B002INDU22A486W6OHPXDEHJim Hunt2351322179200Try this to experience what seems impossible: sour = sweetThis is quite the novelty item. People you try and explain it to, look at you like they are thinking... "ok, I hear what you are saying but I don't quite believe the conviction with which you are expressing how indescribably strange and pleasant the experience of eating sour stuff after miracle fruit can be.

But then, when you get them to try it and then have a slice of lemon, you should see the disbelief followed by a "wow!" look that passes across their faces. My favorite so far is plain sour yogurt. its SOOOOOOO good! My friend likes lemons, which she described as tasting like a lemon lollipop as she liked the lemon wedge.

I almost gave this 4-stars because for a few hours afterward my tongue didn't quite behave normally. Nothing too awful, but just felt a bit chalky or with a hint of bitterness to other foods I ate. Nothing terrible, though, and after a while things were normal again.

I had to give 5-stars in the end because this product is just to unbeleivable and everyone should give it a try at least once.

it is pricey for what you get, but I found that to try it out 1/2 of one of the pills dissolved on your tongue is enough to experience it just fine. It may not last as long, but you'll get the idea.
251051251051B002INDU22A208ALMTG2LXBMcreamycenter0051347753600works as advertiseddrank straight lemon juice, it was like concentrated Country-time brand lemon-aid. also tried strawberries, they became the most amazing strawberries. tomatoes became perfectly ripe.
251052251052B002INDU22A3FRRCSWEN63WOMike C0051347753600Pretty CoolSo, I bought these for a night of drinking (oddly enough) with friends... These made everything that we had, so simple to just drink casually! I mean.. 99 Blackberries just straight up was like a koolaid!
251053251053B002INDU22A3RRAIE5VGNS0SM. Guidry0051346716800Definitely works.I only tried these a few times, but they definitely work. I found things to be way to sweet for my taste though.

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