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251101251101B004PJ6Y02A2PD5CCBP60XO3Wendy Smith0041330473600new mobility for your dogMy 11 year old St Bernard has some arthritis, and was having a lot of difficulty standing up and using stairs. After just one bag of Active Care dog food, there is a noticeable difference in his comfort level!! He moves with much greater ease! And, after several bags, he has not gotten tired of the food, he still is eager for dinner! Terrific product!
251102251102B000JOE224A2RPUFHBHSD3KKllag0051332374400No problems getting pills downThe best invention ever! If you've ever tried to give your cat a pill, you know how difficult it can be. Our cat is now on a daily pill, and she LOVES the Greenies Pill Pocket!
251103251103B000JOE224A8TKT8F7KFW6Akitkat77740051332201600GreatMy cat loves these! He has to take medicine twice a day and these pockets make medicine time so much easier.
251104251104B000JOE224A2ST2QVVMHSWN8Nita0051332115200Pill Pockets for Cats, ChickenI found these to really help with dispensing pills to my 4 cats. I was skeptical at first but they worked great! Just pinch it around the pill and they take it just like regular treats. I also will give these without a pill in it so they don't get skittist about the treat. Thanks!
251105251105B000JOE224A2O52GZIH5H8UVC. M. Billiter0051331769600Greenies Pill Pockets - ChickenOne of our cats needs both a thyroid and a "happy pill" (anti-depressant) 2x a day. Never had any problems - until just this month - blood work reported that we needed to adjust the thyroid dosage -- except the new dosage is not produced - so the vet called around to pharmacies who make compounds-to-order ... the new meds arrived - and when I saw the "capsule" instead of little tablet that we were used to I went on line to find out what others were doing to get capsules down kitties. We found Greenies, ordered them and in the meantime bought a can of squeeze cheese until greenies arrived.... my cat likes both ... thankfully. He isn't much of a chewer .. so that helps...

We give him his 'happy pill' first (it is little) and then a few regular treats with one thyroid capsule tucked into a Greenie Pill Pocket... it has only been about 10 days .. but so far he is clueless .. he noses the treats around to find the Greenie FIRST, barely tastes it, swallows and eats his other couple of treats....

Going to order some salmon and duck ones right now ....
251106251106B000JOE224A13EOHV9DG6X64J. Divito0051330646400Excellent product to help win the battle of getting kitty to take her pills.This is one of the best inventions I've ever used--a product that actually makes your cat WANT to take his/her pills! Just put the pill inside the pocket, and mold the soft treat around the pill. Give to your furry friend, and enjoy a safe, drama free pill delivery. If only I knew about this when my cat, Jack, needed heart medication. It would have saved both feline and owner much drama.
251107251107B000JOE224A12AX6CL9F8G8Fjen0051330214400greenies worksmy cat has to take pills every day for the rest of his life. Greenies pill pockets are the best. my cat in not finicky and will eat almost anything but getting your pet to take pills isnt easy. this product has saved us both stress and hassle. he loves pill time.
251108251108B000JOE224A1TL315AKDVRTAQuesa "vgiannasi"0051329696000Work TOO well...My vet provided free samples and after enthusiastic acceptence by both cats, I bought a bag from my vet today for what I now see was twice the price listed on amazon. I'm buying them here next time for sure. These pill pockets are so kitty-delish that the cat who doesn't need medicine has been stealing the pill pockets (and medicine too...insert fist shake, eye roll and frustrated sigh...) left for her sick brother. Particularly now that I need twice as many: half to be used as a distraction bait/treat for the healthy cat, and the other half--a true pill pocket for the ill cat.
251109251109B000JOE224A2GYCGJVT1TC4OD. Cruz "crafty heart"0051329523200Timber, my cat, says "yummy"!These pockets are the best for cats when we have to give them their
medicine,as pills.
You insert the pill and close it with a soft pinch of your fingers
and that's all! They will eat it never knowing that the pill is
inside, clever! The pockets come in different flavors too so you can
what they like the most, salmon, chicken, beef, etc. I recommend it!!!
251110251110B000JOE224A3I48O9KWFT476JULES0031329523200They stopped working...Well,the bad news is, I think my cat is on to me.. I was anxious to try these after reading the good reviews on Amazon. So I bought the treats at a chain pet store and paid a lot more. Anyway, I let my cat smell the bag first and she seemed very interested. Then I gave her one empty pocket with no meds. She loved it. So, when the time came was for her next pill, I gave her one pill pocket with the pill and a regular treat inside. She ate it,no problem.
Now, I temporary had to give her meds everyday and she is catching on. She eats the treat and spits out the pill!! I do not know what I am going to do. I guess I will have to force it on her by syringe. Maybe she will go back to taking the pill pocket...
251111251111B000JOE224A8BJTIACM55881megpie0051329523200works wonderfulNever thought I could fool my cat into taking medication! So easy! And, he loves and looks forward to this treat! Thx Amazon and my Vet!
251112251112B000JOE224A1DIMI2DUAN3NPL. Smith0041329177600Worked for my catI purchased these along with some tapeworm pills for my cat. He loves to eat treats so I had an optimistic view on this product working. I think you need to determine your cat type before you purchase these, some cats don't care for treats. However, I stuffed the pill in, closed it up, and put it before my cat and he chomped it down. I was nervous when he bit into it and figured here is where he tastes the icky pill and spits everything out. But NOPE! He ate all the bits! I gave him two empty pill pockets for being such a good boy. And he's worm free now. I hope these last awhile, because I only used 3 out of the whole bag.
251113251113B000JOE224AINSN5PC2XCU6Michelle E0051329091200Use everyday.We have 9 cats and use these everyday. Cats love them. We go through several a month. They like the duck also.
251114251114B000JOE224A1H78438Y2ZEH3B. Mcmanus0051328832000TreatUsed this once for a pain pill after a dental cleaning for our cat, and she loved it. Now I buy them for her as treats, because she loves these more than any other treat we have ever tried after nine years of searching.
251115251115B000JOE224A1O3QYTS9YQJ3Aalybee0051328400000Also for dogs...I use these pill pockets for my dog's daily meds. The pill fits in it better than the dog size ones, and I am able to store them in a pill vial so they are always fresh. Dog loves them!
251116251116B000JOE224A3SAIWBCE1TBCOWe love Moo0041328054400Very PleasedWe have to administer Flagyl to our cat, the most bitter pill to swallow. The first night we tried the pill pocket, and though he sniffed it with interest, he wouldn't eat it. So we shot a teaspoon of the Flagyl mixed in a "vehicle" into his mouth with a medicine syringe. Very traumatic. Later he hissed at me. The second night we rolled a pill pocket thin with a rolling pin, even using a little butter so it wouldn't stick (he loves butter), wrapped it around the pill, and shoved it into his mouth and held his head till he swallowed it. No problem.
251117251117B000JOE224A2589EQ79D2609Janet L. McElligott0051327708800Great!Easiest way to feed a pill to your pets. My two cats would not take their meds in anything else (bread, cheese, other treats, etc.) They must be really tasty because they devour the pill pocket, pill and all, then look for more.
251118251118B000JOE224A1QFWEKUJQNGU2Wendy L. Petrullo "Petievi"0051326672000Cats love em!The cats go wild for Greenies, but then they like bugs too. Seriously, these are good. I just wish they would chew them so they could get the dental benefits, instead of inhaling them.
251119251119B000JOE224A1U15FP7V98DZCKathleen S. McCann0051326067200Easiest way to give a pill to a catAs all you cat lovers know, it can be very difficult to give a cat a pill. The Greenies Pill Pockets are the answer. My cat looks forward to getting his "greenie" treat everyday.
251120251120B000JOE224A3GWIHE71P4WWZbella0051325721600excellent valueThis product arrived quickly. I was very pleased with the price as I have been paying much more at Petco for pill pockets. My dog has to take two pills daily and won't even take them in peanut butter anymore. She loves the pill pockets!
251121251121B000JOE224A3EAP2VG0BVYWXnekojita0051324080000the joys of pilling a catEspecially when you have to cut pills in half. Greenies definitely make the task of getting those pills into cats a lot easier. I've used them for cats who will voluntarily eat the whole pill and soft pill pocket all in one go, and to wrap the pill (the pill pockets are soft enough so that you can break them apart and 'wrap' around the pill, stretching out the pockets that way and making the whole 'pill package' a bit smaller) and pop it down the throats of those who unfortunately seem to figure out that there's something in the tasty treat (often by chewing on the pockets) and saving them the taste of the pill (great for cut pills or any meds that can produce a foaming/drooling effect). Anything that makes 'medicine time' less of a stressful time for anything involved is a wonderful invention.
251122251122B000JOE224A2CZOE96WO6U0VStuart WL0051323561600So far, so great!When my cat was diagnosed with high thyroid, he was destined to take pills daily for the rest of his life, at least 5 more years. I told the vet that if I had to give him 2 pills a day, the cat would hate me...Adric hates taking medicines of any kind. It becomes a "I chase you around the house until I trap you in a room then corner you, wrestle a pill into your mouth, then hold you while you gag, then when I think you've swallowed it, I let you go and you cough up the pill" kind of situation.

Then the vet told me about these pill pockets. I use two pockets a day as Adric has to take a half pill morning and night. So far, so great! He happily chases the treat with the pill inside, chews it up, and swallows it. I could see using these for the rest of his life. He actually comes running when I shake the pill bottle and sits and waits at my feet.

The amazon price is far better than my local pet store, and with free shipping, what's not to love?

If my cat tires of these, I'll report back in the future, but for now, he's one healthy happy cat again.

Note: I also purchased the chicken pockets, but haven't tried them yet.
251123251123B000JOE224A2Z2N9U0HEGN9FMirMir0051323302400My Cat Loves ThemMy cat was extremely difficult to get pills into, I tried these and now the second I wake up I'm called over to the 'pill spot' by an impatient kitty. I have two cats, one doesn't take any meds and I was tired of the sad looks when the other got his treat every morning. Now I give them each a treat. One likes the salmon and the other likes chicken. If your cat(s) won't touch it, try the other flavor. As others have said, if your cat is really picky it's best to use one hand to deposit the pill and the other to pinch the treat shut so they can't smell the pill on the outside of the treat, but it's never been an issue for mine.
251124251124B000JOE224AP195DSW20FI7Tammy0051322870400Makes giving meds so easy!Pill Pockets are awesome and the only way to give tablets/capsules to my cat. I tried the brute force approach and it was a struggle every day. Now, with Pill Pockets, my cat doesn't even know she's taking her medicine. Love them!!
251125251125B000JOE224AB1V3CW82SUW1K. Bahe "Babcia"0051322611200A Super ProductI have an 11 year old cat who was just diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. Basically he will have to take a pill twice a day for the rest of his life. Have you ever tried to PILL A CAT??? Unless he is super laid back it's quite a challenge. These little 'pockets' work like a dream. Just pop the pill in the soft pocket, squeeze the top shut and there you go. I put the pocket on the floor along with other soft treats so Alfie just eats them all up. He is totally in love with the pocket 'treat'. Such a great idea. They have them for dogs also...
251126251126B000JOE224A4NZ5GY8B14A4Gingee0031319673600doesn't work for all catsThis is a great idea for giving pills to cats. I am sure that this works wonderfully with cats who love dry treats. My own cat doesn't like dry treats like temptations etc. I think its the smell because she eats her regular dry food but not the dry treat. Go figure. So it didn't work with my cat. Instead I crush her pills(please check with your vet first before doing this) and mix them with wet food. I tried giving these pill pockets as treats to my cat, but she still won't eat them.
251127251127B000JOE224A25C2M3QF9G7OQComdet0051318464000Worthy of a Nobel PrizeOK, that's a bit of an exaggeration, but these have made pilling my cats something that they actually look forward to, rather than an ordeal that ends up with one of us being mad, and the other with scratches. Just put the pill in the pouch, pinch it shut, and offer it as a treat. Done! She snarfs it down and looks for more.

It works great with one of my cats who is the most difficult to pill (and, of course, the she's the one that needs 2 pills a day for her thyroid problem). It does not work as well for another cat - I tried both the chicken and the fish flavors with her, and she didn't care much for either. Fortunately, she's pretty easy to pill using a pill gun.

If your cat like soft treats, chances are he/she will like these. If so, and you want the easiest pilling process possible, get these. Amazon charges less than half what my vet office charges, and also offers them in a 6-pack at an even lower per pouch cost. Highly recommend!
251128251128B000JOE224A29ATCHA3CBXRYKreece0051318204800Lifesaver!I have to give my cat a pill twice a day. It was a struggle for both of us every time until we got these. Now he likes taking his pill and life is much easier.
251129251129B000JOE224AEC90GPFKLAAWLisa Kearns0031317427200Great idea, but my cats hated themI think these are a great idea - hiding pills inside a tasty little ball of gooey chicken tasting stuff. Because I could get them with free shipping via Amazon's Supersaver shipping (for orders over $25) I decided to try them. We have two indoor house cats and two outdoor barn cats, and I worm them quarterly. Usually I have to grind up their pills and hide the powder in wet food. I tried liquid wormer but they could smell it in the food and wouldn't eat it.

So, the Greenies arrived and I fixed one for each cat. One cat smelled it a long time, but wouldn't eat it despite my pleading. Two of them gave the Greenie a quick sniff and backed away after giving me a dirty look. The fourth cat actually hissed at me when I offered it to her. She's not the friendliest cat to begin with, but she usually takes treats from my hand. The overall opinion from the cats seems to be "yeah, right! Nice try!"

Maybe the salmon flavor would be a better choice, but I don't think I'll spend the money to find out. I'm giving three stars because it's a great idea, but if the cats won't eat them I'm back to the drawing board.
251130251130B000JOE224A37GSZ7J8MRZRHW. Higgins "Winifred Higgins"0051316390400Excellent service and priceI have used these before but the prices in the local stores are outrageous. I was vry satisfid with the price and how quick it got here. I don't use a lot of these - thank goodness - but if needed again I will not hesitate to order from Hooves & Paws via Amazon.

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