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251191251191B000JOE224A1W1SIMJW3QLNEE. Busteed0051216944000Greenie Pill PocketsGreat product. My cats take their pills thinking they are treats. Well done!
251192251192B000JOE224AO0R7ULJR36LQGregory P. Vass0051209081600Works great!These pockets work so well with my cat. He takes his meds almost everytime. They are awesome.
251193251193B000JOE224A1CE0IHO5LSNGNJoel Tesler545431168387200Mixed results, and some tipsI have three older cats who take arthritis pills. One also takes a thyroid pill. I decided to try the pill pockets. For the first month or so, they all loved them, and they made it easy to give the pills. However, after three months:

One cat still loves them. I have to watch her carefully or she will steal the pills from the others.

One cat has figured out how to eat around the pill.

One cat sometimes takes them, but at other times just sniffs the pocket and skips it.

I have figured out a few tricks that help:

There are two types of pockets for cats: chicken and salmon. The chicken is slightly larger and more pliable and works better with larger pills. However, I think that the cats find the salmon tastier.

Get another cat treat and stick it to the side of the pill pocket. Then place the pocket so the treat faces down. My finicky cat is much more likely to eat the whole thing that way.

The pill pocket still helps with the cat who eats around it. After she eats the pill pocket, it is easier to shove the pill down her throat. She is more likely to swallow it instead of spitting it out if it tastes of pill pocket.

If you have two pills, try to fit them both in one pocket. Giving the cat fewer pockets will make it seem more of a treat.
251194251194B000JOE224A3I9MCGO36KZ7VShawn Kovacich "Author and Creator of numerou...444451221523200Great Idea That Works Well Until Your Cat Outsmarts YouI have two cats, one is mine and the other is my girlfriends. My cat, although he isn't thrilled with getting the occasional "tummy pill," does do pretty well with them and doesn't usually throw too bad of a fit. My girlfriend's cat on the other hand, is quite the opposite. That little bugger will throw one of the biggest fits you ever seen when you attempt to give him a pill. You would think that we are trying to give him a bath he throws such a fit, which is another story all together!

Anyhow, we bought some of these "pill hiding treats" in an attempt to get him to take his medicine without the daily fight that is usually attached to the act of pill taking. The very first time we tried them we were both a bit apprehensive wondering if we had just wasted some money on treats instead of the normal band-aids which come in quite handy at pill time. Needless to say, these "pill pockets" worked!

We were literally amazed the first time that we gave him one with a pill in it and he actually gulped it down without even tasting it. Oh, what joy swept through our household. Little did we know that it was only going to last about 2 weeks. Just enough time for use to become complacent as far as the daily pill act was concerned.

Sure enough, we were once again outsmarted by the cat. Approximately two weeks into the "pill hiding treat" debacle, we started finding his pill on the floor but no sign of the pill pocket. We soon discovered that the little bugger was chewing the pill pocket off from around the pill and eating it without eating the pill.

Now we give him several "pill hiding treats" throughout the day, and only one of them has the pill in it, but he never knows which one it is. Although we never put it in the very first one, or the very last one. This has been working now for about a month, but I figure were running out of time on this one and had better start thinking up a new plan of attack before we are once again outsmarted by the cat.

Shawn Kovacich
100% Cat Lover
251195251195B000JOE224A1OUVRO9SUM3DKDr D353551190073600Makes life easier but a word of cautionSo glad I got these. My cat is on a motility agent and I dreaded giving him the pills remembering the nightmare it was last year when I had to give him antibiotics for a month. With these it's no sweat. He gobbles it up. So much so that he begs for them. Today I got home and he'd managed to get the whole bag off the shelf he normally doesn't reach and tore up the bag and ate them all (more than 30 of them were left). I cringed at the thought of what would have happened if I'd decided to prefill the pockets with the meds. It would have been a tragedy - he would have overdosed and died. Thank goodness I had the instinct not to do that. So word of advice is do never prefill the treats in bulk. No matter how safe you think your storage place is.
251196251196B000JOE224AR7DZLEG2ROFYpinkish1121251111104000When it comes to pets...we owners will try everything......and I did. My cat was diagnosed with asthma and it was then that it became necessary to pill him daily. He was feral his first year of life so pilling has always been impossible, especially since I have no one to help me with the whole process. Thanks to pill pockets, I have kept him alive and his asthma under control by myself, without adding to his condition due to stress (a common asthma trigger) from forced pilling. I've heard that some cats don't go for these treats, but my two boys gobble them up, pill and all. I'm not sure what I would have tried next if these hadn't worked. If you've had trouble pilling and you've run out of ideas, they are definitely worth a shot. Of course, if your cat is super smart and knows how to spit out pills, the treats, in and of themselves, are still great snacks!
251197251197B000JOE224A3S3R88HA0HZG3PT Cruiser "PT Cruiser"101051236816000A great way to fool the cats (sometimes)I bought these about a month ago because we have a few cats that we occasionally have to give pills. It worked for 2 of the cats but the other seemed to sense that something was "fishy" about these things and wouldn't touch them. But for the other two cats they worked great.

They are like a semi-moist cat food, but more moist and pliable. There's a little indentation in the middle and you just push the pill inside and squeeze it together. The cats seem to pretty much swallow it whole, or if they do chew it, don't notice the pill inside. If it were a very bitter pill I probably wouldn't use these since they'd probably be able to taste it. Anything that gets medication down even 2 of the cats without a struggle is a success as far as I'm concerned.
251198251198B000JOE224A1RB7QE77EWX6MWendy "book addict"101021233532800My cat's too smartPill pockets worked twice with my cat. On the third night my cat bit into a piece of an antibiotic and wouldn't touch them after that. I tried cutting the pill into smaller pieces. I tried smashing one of his regular treats into the pill pocket. I tried the chicken flavor of pill pocket. No go. I'm having much better luck with a "pill gun." It looks something like a hypodermic. I can get the pill to the back of his throat so he has to swallow it. I usually get it on the first try. If your cat licks his nose, that's a sign that he's swallowed the pill. My vet taught me that.
251201251201B000JOE224A3RPL2RYFV2HVZJ. Kasper "Crazy cat woman"7741159056000Pill Pockets - some tricksI used these when my cat had to take antibiotic pills for an upper respiratory infection. They worked well, but I learned a couple of things:

1. Feed him the pill pockets alone a couple of times.

2. VERY IMPORTANT - Use one hand for the pill and the other for the pocket, and never let them touch. I accidentally let the pill hand touch the pocket and he wouldn't eat it because he smelled the pill.

The pill pockets were much easier than trying to pill and then squirt water into the cat.
251202251202B000JOE224A1S3DCJ9T7GAKJustine A. Lee "Dr. Justine Lee"6631282780800Veterinary approved for dogs. Still mixed about cats...As a veterinarian, I've dispensed a lot of medications for both dogs and cats...that is, until I had to start medicating my own pets. I've became a lot more empathetic now that I've realized that I can barely pill my own cat (who runs away from me), and that my dog will not take pills in cheese or peanut butter. In fact, pilling my own pets has smartened me up on what meds pets really need. As a result, I've started prioritizing pills - in other words, I rank the order of importance of each prescription for pet owners, so they know which pills are an absolute MUST give, and which ones they can skip if they are getting desperately fed up with pilling.

Since then, my life has changed... thanks to Pill Pockets. I regret not inventing these, as it was one of those "duh" products that came out, making you wish you had the money-making patent. Whoever owns a dog that needs to be pilled chronically, pay heed. The Greenies Pill Pockets are awesome... that is, for dogs, at least.
My dog recently got put on a bunch of medications, and he's super picky (although less so, since getting put on steroids!). Being that he needs a total of 5 medications a day, I found Pill Pockets to be a true life saver, as they improve both my dog's and my quality of life. These little tasty, greasy, soft, malleable pockets are designed so that you can stick the pill (or multiple pills) in the center, and seal them into a hidden ball of "treat." It's like playing with palatable play-dough. Drop it in the food, and voila, it "makes pills a treat to give!"

The pros: Pill Pockets are easy, convenient, tasty, and come in multiple flavors (Dog: beef and chicken; Cat: salmon and chicken. It also comes in a hypoallergenic flavor - duck and pea - for both species with food allergies). More importantly, they are palatable - dogs seem to love them. Another pro is that they come in multiple sizes, and I'm able to stuff 5 pills - yes all 5 pills - into the larger "capsule" dog Pill Pockets.

The cons: One of my two cats won't touch Pill Pockets. This is, of course, the cat who actually needs to take medication. He also won't touch Feline Heartgard monthly chewable pills either, so I suspect he doesn't like moist treats. So, try at your own risk, particularly if you have a finicky cat. The other con is that Pill Pockets are a bit greasy - they have a high vegetable oil content. As ingredients are listed in order of use, vegetable oil is #4 for the dog pill pockets. While this doesn't affect the health of your pet, a hand-washing is a MUST after playing with Pill Pockets (which you should always do when handling your pet's meds, anyway). That said, I know that the vegetable oil is needed to keep the Pill Pockets malleable (easy to fold and maneuver). The other con - cost. They're not cheap, and if your pet is on loads of meds, it can certainly add up. Try jamming 5 pills in one capsule to help. But anything for Fido, right?!

For dogs, 5 stars. For cats, I'm only giving 3 stars, as only one of my two cats will eat them!

Dr. Justine Lee, DVM, DACVECC
Author of "It's a Dog's Life... but It's Your Carpet" and "It's a Cat's World... You Just Live In It"
251199251199B000JOE224A1Z54EM24Y40LLc2101051230336000AWESOME product!Every so often you try a product and wonder, "why did it take forever for someone to invent these?" Well, this is that product! If you've ever had the joy of having fangs come down on your hand while giving medication to a cat, well, try these! These things are one of "those" products that everyone should know about. My cat has to be on medication for the rest of his life and these things are a true God send. He LOVES them and never knows there's a pill inside of them. They have a hole in the center, you place your pill in there, then seal it up, feed it to your cat. They just think they are getting a treat, not a pill. It's the consistency of cookie dough so it's like putting a pill in cookie dough and squishing it together. I just LOVE these things and so does my cat. He already loved the regular Greenies treats and well, this was an obvious solution. HIGHLY, HIGHLY, HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Great price here too on amazon with the buy 4 get one free thing. Made it cheaper than my local store and WAY cheaper that the vet!
251203251203B000JOE224A3EGCSVH1JBZV2Maryanne Lomberg0051200096000It really works!!Kelsey is 18 years old just developed hyperthroidism and has to have a pill every day for the rest of her life. Well she is extremely closed mouth and it is very hard to even get her mouth open.

So I heard about the pill pockets read your reviews on here picked up her medication at the vets yesterday and stopped at PetsMart and purchased the pocket, chicken flavor.

First I gave her one without the pill... she loved it and thought it was a treat and looked at me for more. I then took another and put in the pill and pinched it close and she gobbled it up. YEA!!!!!!

Kelsy only has 2 teeth and eats only soft food. This pocket is soft enough and she has no problems getting it down.

Another up side is when we go on vacation my sons comes and feeds her. He could have never have gotten a pill down her. He watched me give her her pill and he said Wow, I can do that!

Also since Kelsey is old, as much as I love her I could not afford the operation or the radioactive pill. So this works great.

Thank you for your reviews.


Next I will try the salmon.

Oh there is one bad thing... and that us she wants more than one... lol

Maryanne & Kelsey
251200251200B000JOE224A2WJDD7Y0U75L2Gardening Girl8851151107200The worst part of my cat's day is now the best!I have struggled for over a year and a half in giving my cat a daily pill. She foams and vomits easily and she and I both dread this daily torture. I have tried to bury the pill in every treat and delicious food I could think of, including raw liver, but as soon as she smelled the pill (which has a disgusting bitter taste, the vet says), she wouldn't try anything. But this week I tried the chicken-flavored pill pocket, and my cat just about stood on my head to get it out of my hand so she could eat it. She goes absolutely nuts for it and doesn't detect her pill at all. The worst part of my cat's day (the worst part of my day, too) is now great! I recommend this stuff highly.

Note: After a few weeks, my cat decided she no longer liked the chicken flavor, but continues to eat the salmon flavor one. But sometimes she won't eat it unless I wrap some small cat treats on it like a sandwich. You don't need to use the entire pill pocket for small pills - I pinch off what I need, and so the bag lasts a long longer than usual.
251204251204B000JOE224A263JLJRAHNMP6Literature Lover0051199145600Amazing!I actually haven't used these on my very finicky cat, but they worked marvelously with two of my other cats and my Border Collie. My Border Collie was prescribed antibiotics twice a day for ten days as well as another very large pill for four days. We've tried treats (they crumble), peanut butter, wet food, and anything else we could think of when trying to give her heartworm medication. Nothing worked! She would lick all the good stuff off and then spit the pill back out. I had just ordered these pill pockets for my cats when the meds were prescribed for my Border Collie and thought I'd try them out. She took her medicine every day with no problem! I was amazed! I used one pill pocket for the smaller pill and two for the larger one, molding them around the pills. She gobbled them up every time. I will absolutely be ordering more when these are used up.
251205251205B000JOE224A1HAALTIBSZ26KDeborah Bogaert0051190419200Excellent productI have to give my cat multiple medications, this product makes it SO MUCH EASIER! I would definitely recommend them!
251206251206B000JOE224A215TIIZF9YRK5Kisa0051190332800They are begging for their pills now!I'm pretty good at shoving pills down cats' throats, but it really isn't fun for anyone involved, so I was happy to try the pill pockets. I was even more happy with the results.

It's easy to put the pills into the putty-like cups and close them up. They accommodate even fairly big pills, and the cats will eat them right up. I haven't had any of the problem of them licking the treat off the pill that I'd had when trying other things like meat or peanut butter.

The best thing? My cats come running as soon as they hear my open the pill bottle!

They keep for quite a while, so even if you're only giving a short course of antibiotics or something I totally recommend them.
251207251207B000JOE224A4R6SHQ8IX52FS. Brown0041188086400These worked for a whileMy sister recommended that I try these. She has been giving her cat thyroid pills for years and swears by the pill pockets. When my cat was in a bad cat fight, and required surgery, I had to give him antibiotics. So my sister gave me some of her pill pockets to try on my cat. They worked great. The vet then told me that I would need to start my cat on thyroid meds as well, so I went ahead and ordered more of the pill pockets. Well the day after I ordered 4 bags of them, my cat figured out that he could eat the treat from the outside of the pill, and leave the pill. I tried a few more times, and he always ate the treat and left the pill. So the 4 packs of pill pockets that I bought will be given to my sister now.

So yes they are great unless your pet figures out that there is a pill inside. My sister has been using them for a very long time and has no problem with them.
251208251208B000JOE224A21MVOF4URY2L0J. Lindenmuth0031178496000worked great until the cat figured it outThese pill pockets worked great with my for cat for a week or two. He happily ate his pill twice a day. But then he seemed to catch on and now he won't touch them. Probably works best for short term medication.
251209251209B000JOE224A36D98YS3C8ZK1J. Clarke0051173312000Great ProductThe product is great!! Pilling a cat is sometimes a problem, but not with this product. Cats love the taste, particularly the Chicken Flavor.
251210251210B000JOE224AWLWA7SDTUDP3J. Mclarty0051168300800Amazing Pill PocketsI have to give my almost seventeen year old cat a half a pill three times a day. For several months when I first started giving her the pills, I put the pills in the pocket and put it on top her wet food. She ate it right up. The quality of her fur improved dramatically. Eventually she figured out the pocket was hiding something and stopped eating them on her own. I now have to shove them down her throat, and technically I don't need to use the pill pockets anymore, but I continue to use them because they cover up the bad pill taste, and the enzymes and nutrients noticeably improve her health. If I no longer had to give her pills, I would probably still give her the pill pockets.
251211251211B000JOE224A1QMN5021JOBKKitty Lover "Vivi"0051168300800Pilling a cat is made easy by Pill PocketsAfter years of hiding flavored liquid heart meds in my cat's treat food, the dreaded day arrived: the only way I could be sure of his swallowing all the meds was to pill him. My cat threatened to take me to divorce court; my savvy neighbor gave me some Pill Pockets to try, and from that day on, the living was easy! I enclosed up to five different pill pieces in one yummy chicken Pill Pocket, wet it to slide easier, and in one second pushed the entire treat down his throat. No bitter taste, no pills spit out later under the table, not even any resentful looks from my baby. And no guilt for me, as I knew the Pockets are made up of only healthy, fresh ingredients. The best part was that our relationship stayed great, while I knew all of his meds were properly ingested. I can't recomend this product highly enough; and buying it from Amazon rather than my vet saved me 2/3 of the cost.
251212251212B000JOE224A195777KICRVZRAllison L. Sowell0051164758400the best!My cat is like a pez dispenser, anything I put in her mouth immediately pops back out again, and I worked in a vet clinic for a few years! These are so easy! Just pop the pill inside, pinch it closed and present it to your cat. Then stand back and watch them wolf it down.
251213251213B000JOE224APDHKB7LMA8WLMerryl Gross0051162684800Makes giving pills easyThe treats are shaped like little meat cylinders. There's an open center where you slip in the pill, then you squash the soft treat into a ball that has your pill in the center. My cats barely notice that the pill exists.

My cats like both the Chicken and the Salmon flavors. While I don't think it's the healthiest treat (it would need more meat and fewer fillers for that), it's a whole lot less annoying than trying to shove a pill down a cat's throat. The only time my cat wouldn't eat it was when he was very very sick and refusing everything. In fact, the only thing I don't like about this product is the price... and this is a whole lot better than paying $8 a bag to get it from my vet's office!!
251214251214B000JOE224A2YPI831EUQ1ZUS. Johnson0051162512000Amazing!My cat was extremely ill and I had to give him 7 pills a day. He's a big kitty--about 20 lbs--and was really fighting me, or taking the pill and then spitting it out. I came across these while searching for something else and decided to try them. Wow! What a difference. As soon as he heard me open the bag he came running to get his "treat." This has got to be one of the best ideas I've ever seen. I highly recommend these.
251215251215B000JOE224A26DA070XLT8FPMelissa L. Thornley "RhodiMom"0051161648000Well worth tryingI have an elderly cat who must have medications on a fairly regular basis. He is a horror to try and pill. My vet gave me some of these to try him on and they are fantastic! Normally the cat refuses anything with a pill in it and it turns into a wrestling match. But with these he takes his pill quite happily.

The person who suggested using different hands for the pill and the treat is on the right track. My cat instinctively knows if I hand him something and hang around that it might be medicine, but with the pill pockets I can put the pill downin front of him like a treat and walk away. He hasn't caught on yet!
251216251216B000JOE224A6GESEQZY20T7detmut3511321315200bought from Dig Itbought from Dig It Pet Products: the best by date had been rubbed off, so no way to tell if it is fresh. older packaging with the word 'feline' under the word 'pockets' rather than above the word 'greenies'. opened the package today(1/7/12). they were all stale.
251217251217B000JOE224A10FLGOE5FQYEPcatsmeow1261251307145600Doggies tooI use these for my dogs because they are smaller than the dog ones and I only give 1/2 a pill.
251218251218B000JOE224AZ30V7PBJPDRMCal Catman1211293840000Worked for a yearThis was a great product right up until she decided she couldn't stand them anymore. My other cat does not like them either and refuses to eat them and she will eat anything! I have used both the chicken and salmon flavors and am now getting a cat who turns up her nose at them.

I am beginning to wonder if they have changed their formula recently because these were a godsend for a year.
251219251219B000JOE224A3QW4BU5ALDMG6Nom de Plume "Sci Fi Afficionado"1211290124800Just AwfulMy cats wouldn't eat them even without pills in them. I have one cat who is fussy so this wasn't a surprise, but I have another cat who will eat anything on the floor, including non-food items, but would not touch these "treats."
251220251220B000JOE224A1NJW97KD6WY0NNora1211236988800My cat laughed at meMy cat isn't a picky eater, but she had no interest in eating Pill Pockets. I was hopeful about these things, but my cat didn't even recognize that they were supposed to be eaten. Rolled it around, poked at it, sniffed it, and moved on. I can't imagine they are very fragrant or flavorful to get that kind of reaction since she eats everything else she sees. Glad to see others had success, but we weren't impressed.

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