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251270251270B000JOE224AOAQ9ZG4KS72IE. Roska1151151280000"Pill Pockets for Cats" reviewI am extremely happy with Pill Pockets for Cats. Marigold (my cat) would not take a pill in her soft or hard food. She has taken her medicine with Pill Pockets every day with no problems at all. I would definitely recommend it.
251271251271B000JOE224A3R3SX43TFRGRYV. Fitzpatrick1151149638400A MiracleI got a prescription for Cosequin capsules for my cat's arthritis from my vet today. He said to sprinkle them on her food, i knew that wouldn't work and the capsules were too big to pop them in her mouth. My vet told me to try the Pill Pockets (he charged me $8!!). So I took them home and opened the capsule and sprinkled the powder into the pill pocket, and my cat gobbled them up like crazy, some of the powder was even overflowing from the pill pocket onto the plate and my cat licked it all up. I could not believe it!! My problem is that one capsule's powder required 5 pill-pockets to take all the medication which could be expensive. My cat likes treatsin general, so she enjoyed this product very much!
251272251272B000JOE224A1OG59VKVEUYO3Donna C.4631222732800Change Not Always GoodI have been using Pill Pockets for years and am VERY disappointed that Greenies changed the ingredients. Not only are they not as moist, but they removed the probiotic which aids in digestion. They say only the packaging has changed, but I had an old package and compared the ingredients and they are DEFINITELY different. It is still a Good way to give a pill, but not as healthy or tasty. I have even found unknown pieces of hard stuff in some, (I use to break them up and roll into balls and give as treats. I have tried to track down any of the originals, but unfortunately, they seem to be all gone. So, if you need to give your cat a pill, buy them, I just don't give them as treats anymore. Sad that such a great product has gone from a 10 to a 4, in my opinion. And what's sadder, I wrote to Greenies about the ingredients about 3 months ago and I have yet to hear a thing from them... Not very good customer relations.
251273251273B000JOE224A383SWBQO9VMFCJonathan T. Henderson "Tom Henderson"0051350950400unique productI couldn't get our cat to take her medicine any way at all until we found these! now it's no problem at all. terrific product!
251274251274B000JOE224AP413KYCSX6ARRN in LA0051350604800Amazing!!!My cat requires two pills twice daily for hyperthyroidism and hypertension. I purchased these before leaving town, as and I was relying on my other half (who is allergic to cats)to administer the meds in my absence. Teaching him to pill a cat would have been a nightmare.

Fortunately, my picky 13-year-old cat loved these treats! Kitty got his meds while I was away, and I'm still using them a month later. Wish I'd known about these before!
251275251275B000JOE224A28BFE1Y3NKGW4Mom'o'two'boys0011350086400Gave my cat horrible diarrhea!Although this product accomplished the mission of getting my cat to take his pill, the side effect of the horrible diarrhea he got from these was definitely not worth it. He does have a sensitive tummy, so if your cat does as well, I'd skip these or you might end up with problem bigger than trying to get your cat to take a pill.
251276251276B000JOE224A2KT8SJPAVLBU4E. Walker0051346889600Wow - so easy!Pilling my cat used to be awful. She hated being restrained and having something put in her mouth. She would struggle and often times spit it out, than run and hide. I would end up feeling so mean, dragging her out of her hiding place and trying again.

I wasn't confident these pill pockets would work. My cat normally doesn't like treats. So, I put her medicine inside the salmon flavored pill pocket, then put it in a dish with a tablespoon of Fancy Feast salmon appetizer, which she loves, and spooned some of the juices over the pill pocket. She ate all of it very happily. Hooray!
251277251277B000JOE224A3SG2N77KI8365John Mooney0051346025600My cat loves it!Our oldest cat has problems with urinary tract blockages. After the 3rd time to the vet in the past few years, they suggested giving coenzyme supplements for healthy bladder function. Well he HATES pills. It takes two people to give him his pills and he is not a happy camper. These little puppies came in handy for prednisone, and now with coenzyme supplements. Unfortunately these cannot hold a whole coenzyme supplement (even emptying the pill contents in the pill pocket), so I tried mushing 2 pill pockets and mixing the coenzyme powder with it. Works like a charm!
251251251251B000JOE224A2J1EU8MSVDHA5B. Dansby1151312675200For Dogs too!Each of my geriatric dogs take two very small pills once a day. These are barely big enough, but I can mold the treat around the pill as easily as playdough. They are very soft and the dogs eat them with no fuss. I do make sure that none of the pill is exposed, so they don't taste it. They are much less fattening than cheese or peanut butter.
251278251278B000JOE224A2JNPUBGF021JAPanda Enthusiast0051345680000What a lifesaver!My cat has hyperthyroidism so he has to take a pill every day. We tried those syringe type pill guns, hiding it in food, or just wrestling the pills into his face. With all of them it was a struggle usually resulting in him spitting out the bitter pill. Thank god he loves the taste of it! Now he actually begs for me to give him his medicine (he knows where I keep it, so when I reach for it he keeps meowing until he gets his treat)! Highly recommended!!
251279251279B000JOE224A2P8W150DI3GMDMo0031345075200GREAT IDEA ..BUTWhat a great idea. I was convinced this was the answer to my cat/pill problems. So with great anticipation..I gave this to my cat. She sniffed at it and gave me a dirty look and walked away. Didnt work with my cat. Shes on to me. Will try something else. But I really like the idea of this product and it may work for other cats. So I gave it three stars for that reason.
251280251280B000JOE224ARYSDAZNRXN6GA. Crafton0051344384000ABSOLUTE LIFESAVERS!!!Recently one of my elderly cats was diagnosed with an ulcerated cornea that had both bacterial and fungal activity in it; wow. So I have to somehow get this fully clawed cat to swallow a pill twice a day, and also squirt antibiotic gel into her eyes. And somehow do this without losing a limb? Yeah right. This cat is FIERCE! Our vet recommended the Pill Pockets....WHAT A LIFESAVER!

I have to squirt gel into my cat's eye 3 times a day and get her pilled up twice a day. So in the morning and at night, she gets a 'treat' afterwards: her antifungal pill wrapped in a pill pocket!! We laugh that she's being 'rewarded' with her pill. But she's looking for that pill as soon as we squirt in the eye gel, like a crack addict looking for their next high! She starts sniffing for her treat immediately. SHE LOVES these pill pockets! Which amazes me, as she is normally not the kind of cat to be fooled by medication wrapped up in treats. Nothing else we have ever tried, has worked like these.

TOTAL recommendation to anyone and everyone from now on! I will also give these to my friends who have cats constantly on medication. These are a miracle product for us!
251252251252B000JOE224AKN6V9Y0YH421Retired Navy Guy "Chief Cook & Bottle Washer,...1151309132800Excellent Product, Bit Expensive and with Cats ...Have now tried this product on 5 different cats. Two gobbled them down with tablet inside. One would only eat if tablet was crushed, but did so readily after crushed and bits/powder hidden in pocket. One cat just sniffed around it and walked off, but next day tried BEFORE feeding her anything all day - IT worked. One cat sniffed and ran regardless of what I tried.

CATS ... what can you say other than that?

At least they worked (with some additional trickery) on 4 out of 5. And not having to brave the claws and sharp teeth when trying to stuff a tablet or capsule in mouth of 4 out of 5 is EXCELLENT !!

Very easy to use, but a bit "greasy". So much easier than trying to force pill down their mouth or chopping up and carefully slicing center of hotdog to hide pill in it, and probably a lot healthier for them (and me!). Think I may try the salmon flavor on other cat, can't hurt to try, if she doesn't like, the other cats may and at ~$6.00 no big investment.
251253251253B000JOE224A35RK57G7M0NPFplum1151304899200best product evah!Our elderly cat will need 2x daily pills for the rest ot his days. I honestly believe he would not be with us still if it were not for pill pockets. He is frail and the trauma of being picked up and pilled would seriously negatively impact his quality of life. We make sure to push the pill into the pocket so it sticks and doesn't fall out when he chews. Also, we rotate through all three flavors so it stays 'treat-y' and he doesn't get bored with them. Happy Kitty, happy owners! You do have to be careful when you reseal the bag so they don't dry out prematurely. Once they dry out they crack and the pill doesn't stick as well. The price here is excellent compared to our local pet chain stores where I've paid upwards of $7.
251254251254B000JOE224A84HAOA3C09ESN. E. Duggan "Nantsy"1151301443200Fabulous!I see that some people haven't had the success that I have with Greenies, but I'm so grateful they exist now that I'm looking at a 2 pill per day dosing with 8 more days to go. My furry patient scarfed the treat and fairly large antibiotic pill right down, with no suspicious cat-glare. Now if some genius would please, please, please invent an ear drop thingy before I lose any more blood!
251255251255B000JOE224A2MYRMQWSWGR29Mars Trader1151299888000Pill Pockets work well for my catsI have made my own pockets by gouging snack treats but I prefer these for convenience. One of my cats has a sensitive digestion, but he has always done well with Greenies Pill Pockets. I usually use 1/2 to 1/3 of a pocket because they are gooey and he gets it stuck in his teeth (he looks like one of the Stooges eating a sandwich full of glue). Sometimes I glue a little pill he's been taking to the back of another kind of treat, using pocket material as putty. Also a small amount of pocket rolled around a vitamin tablet works well to convince him that what's good for him can also taste good!
251256251256B000JOE224A1PXZHWRHWF5F6Amy Yeh1141297728000Yummy, but Made with Unhealthy IngredientsMy cat loves the point that she took the entire sealed bag upstairs and tore into it with her teeth. Now I have to store the pill pockets in Tupperware and behind a cabinet.


They work very well at delivering capsules.
My cat LOVES them.


They are made with unhealthy ingredients. You have to pay a lot more for the Hypoallergenic version.
They are expensive.
251257251257B000JOE224A196AHNRNFUWVJ. L. Casto1151292544000My cat LOVES theseMy cat went crazy for these. They completely covered her pills and she had no idea she was eating medicine. I have to hide them in the refrigerator so that she can't find them. They're like an edible play-doh that goes around the pill. They should make a candy version for kids :)
251258251258B000JOE224A1S3DCJ9T7GAKJustine A. Lee "Dr. Justine Lee"1131282780800Veterinary approved for dogs. Still mixed about cats...As a veterinarian, I've dispensed a lot of medications for both dogs and cats...that is, until I had to start medicating my own pets. I've became a lot more empathetic now that I've realized that I can barely pill my own cat (who runs away from me), and that my dog will not take pills in cheese or peanut butter. In fact, pilling my own pets has smartened me up on what meds pets really need. As a result, I've started prioritizing pills - in other words, I rank the order of importance of each prescription for pet owners, so they know which pills are an absolute MUST give, and which ones they can skip if they are getting desperately fed up with pilling.

Since then, my life has changed... thanks to Pill Pockets. I regret not inventing these, as it was one of those "duh" products that came out, making you wish you had the money-making patent. Whoever owns a dog that needs to be pilled chronically, pay heed. The Greenies Pill Pockets are awesome... that is, for dogs, at least.
My dog recently got put on a bunch of medications, and he's super picky (although less so, since getting put on steroids!). Being that he needs a total of 5 medications a day, I found Pill Pockets to be a true life saver, as they improve both my dog's and my quality of life. These little tasty, greasy, soft, malleable pockets are designed so that you can stick the pill (or multiple pills) in the center, and seal them into a hidden ball of "treat." It's like playing with palatable play-dough. Drop it in the food, and voila, it "makes pills a treat to give!"

The pros: Pill Pockets are easy, convenient, tasty, and come in multiple flavors (Dog: beef and chicken; Cat: salmon and chicken. It also comes in a hypoallergenic flavor - duck and pea - for both species with food allergies). More importantly, they are palatable - dogs seem to love them. Another pro is that they come in multiple sizes, and I'm able to stuff 5 pills - yes all 5 pills - into the larger "capsule" dog Pill Pockets.

The cons: One of my two cats won't touch Pill Pockets. This is, of course, the cat who actually needs to take medication. He also won't touch Feline Heartgard monthly chewable pills either, so I suspect he doesn't like moist treats. So, try at your own risk, particularly if you have a finicky cat. The other con is that Pill Pockets are a bit greasy - they have a high vegetable oil content. As ingredients are listed in order of use, vegetable oil is #4 for the dog pill pockets. While this doesn't affect the health of your pet, a hand-washing is a MUST after playing with Pill Pockets (which you should always do when handling your pet's meds, anyway). That said, I know that the vegetable oil is needed to keep the Pill Pockets malleable (easy to fold and maneuver). The other con - cost. They're not cheap, and if your pet is on loads of meds, it can certainly add up. Try jamming 5 pills in one capsule to help. But anything for Fido, right?!

For dogs, 5 stars. For cats, I'm only giving 3 stars, as only one of my two cats will eat them!

Dr. Justine Lee, DVM, DACVECC
Author of "It's a Dog's Life... but It's Your Carpet" and "It's a Cat's World... You Just Live In It"
251259251259B000JOE224A3M8E7X7R9HA2Qkn "kn"1151261872000AWESOME!What a super answer to a troubling task! I've had to give meds to my cats in the past, and it is SUCH a challenge. When the vet recommended these, I had serious doubts. However, they are PERFECT and by far the BEST invention EVER! I've also had a challenge of getting my elderly cat to eat more food, so when I mix these in with his food, he devours it! Amazon has the best price, by far ... but they work so well, I'd pay anything to get them!
251260251260B000JOE224A12WYMING62U81Laura "fanofcoldplay"1151250640000Thank God for these things!My cat likes both salmon and chicken flavor. At first she would just eat the pill pocket (with pill inside) but then she stopped. So I started hiding the pill pocket in some wet food and now she eats it again. What a huge relief! I did not like trying to shove pills down my cat's throat and either did she!
251261251261B000JOE224A249ECZ06R4A0IJohn T. Foley1151247443200THANK GOD!!!!When our vet said I would have to give our "GUMBO" a pill TWICE a day I almost had a panic attack. I would rather take a bath with jellyfish.
Someone recommended this products ( While we were at a funeral no less )
Bouight a package tried it. THANK YOU GOD!!! Gumbo eat it, pill and all!
You must be sure it is well sealed...after a few seconds of chewing ( it looks like he's chewing gum) out popped the pill. Also you all know how cats are right, get another flavor and mix it up every now and then.
A little pricey,but worth it's price in diamonds! Buy at Amazon best price I found.
251262251262B000JOE224A2UZZ56KJSVQH9RC1141243641600Great ProductI have one cat with severe anxiety issues. He requires daily medication to keep him from stressing out and urine spraying. My oldest kitty has a mild heart condition and requires heart meds twice daily. Pill Pockets are a life saver! I don't have to scoop them up and use a pill dispenser to jab the meds down their throats. I simply place the tablets into the pocket, seal it and they happily gobble them up. My Dusty knows he's supposed to get his treatums twice a day and now doesn't even wait to be served. He comes right to the kitchen while they're being prepared.

You may wonder why I only give it four stars if I think it's so great. No product is perfect and there are some things to be aware of especially if it's the first time trying these. If the tablet is large, it won't fit well and may need to be cut in half. Luckily one kitty gets 1/4 of a tablet twice a day and the other gets 1/2. If the cat chews the pocket it can come apart leaving a bad taste in their mouth or worse yet medication on the floor and no desire for another "treat". My Kali accidentally did this a few times when we first started and then refused to eat the pockets . What I did was went back to using the pill dispenser for the meds but giving him the empty pocket as a treat right after. I did this for about two weeks then tried again. Most of the time no problems any more. If you experience this problem don't give up. Stop using the pockets for meds right away to prevent negative association but treat with the pockets immediately after dosing. Try them again in a few weeks. At the very least, this stopped my cat from running when he saw the dispenser in my hand. I'd call him, let him smell the treat (at which point he'd start to drool)administer the pill, then reward. Either way much better than the stressful alternative.
251263251263B000JOE224A2PIQIHMDWK8F7Stephanie "Steph"1151218931200A little miffed......that we didn't know about this product about 2 years ago. It took both of us, one to hold and pry open our sweet cat's mouth and another to deposit pill(s) and squirt in the water, twice a day. We had both gotten bitten before, but the most recent bite on my left thumb was pretty serious and got infected. Fun! Anyway, a client told us about Pill Pockets and price be d**ned, I'd pay 4 times as much just to not get bitten again. These things are heaven sent. Thanks, Pill Pockets! :)
251264251264B000JOE224A3CFTBEMLCIKG6I love my cat1151205366400a godsendOur little cat needs to have her teeth cleaned and a tooth extracted, which means going on antibiotics for several days. I had no luck getting the liquid in her mouth, and my efforts were causing her considerable stress. The vet told us about pill pockets. I was skeptical because she is notoriously picky, but I didn't have any other options. My husband got some, along with antibiotics in pill form. We cut one in half and let her try it without a pill in it. She LOVED it and asked for more! We gave her the other half, and then the one with the pill in it. SUCCESS!! I wish I would have tried this method first, and skipped the whole fiasco with the liquid. Wonderful product, I highly recommend it.
251265251265B000JOE224AWVPWA1VU8ULFM. Kanne1151199577600AwesomeI have only had one cat out of five that have figured these out~ They are wonderful!
251266251266B000JOE224AE2L67ZD2CFIGL. Feldman1141188000000When they work...they are great!I've had years of experience pilling my various cats. I always swore by a combination pill gun and fill-em-yourself #3 gelcaps. Never had a problem. It turns out that this was not due to my technique as much as my dear departed cats were very good patients.

Last month I was fostering a cat from the ASPCA who needed thyroid meds twice a day. Well, this poor thing would barely let me pat her without hissing, much less allow her jaw to be pryed open to put a pill down her throat. I bought a bag of Pill Pockets. They worked for exactly 3 doses. I could actually hear her growling as she hit the part that had the pill...and Tapizole is not known to be a terrible tasting med. As someone suggested, I gave her an empty one right before the 'loaded' pocket. But after the first few successes, she just refused to eat them. Unfortunately, I had to give her back to the ASPCA.

I took another cat...a totally gentle sweetheart. She has some intestinal issues that require for a twice daily dose of Flagyl which is a notoriously vile tasting antibiotic. For this reason, I didn't even consider using the Pill Pockets I had left from the first cat. I went back to my old method of cutting up the pills and putting them into the gelcaps. As sweet as my new cat is, she proved very difficult to pill...she's not nasty, but she's a wriggler. I can manage it(sometimes it takes a few attempts), but there is no way that a cat-sitter or my husband could.

Now it seems that my vet wants her to continue with the meds for an extended period...a problem if I have to be out of town. Just for the heck of it I decided to put a dose of Flagyl into a Pill Pocket to see what would happen. 'Odey' went right for the treat and started chewing...I waited for her to hit the pill and start foaming at the mouth...but she just swallowed everything and looked up at me to see if there was any more on the way! I've given her three doses so far. Now she just scarfs them right down without a lot of chewing. Now when she hears the bag being opened, she runs right over and practically begs for her 'meds'.

I hope that she doesn't discover my little secret...if she does, I'll go back to the pillgun. But in the meantime, It's wonderful not to have to forcibly wrestle down my sweet little pal twice a day, and to know that if I have to be away, someone else can easily medicate her.

I give Pill Pockets 4 stars instead of 5 because of my initial unsuccessful experience and also because they are a little on the expensive side. Not really a problem once or twice twice a day, but I was giving my late cat, who had CRF 6 different meds stuffed into gelcaps 3 times a day...which could get a little price-y with PillPockets because you just can't fit as much into them.
251267251267B000JOE224AYZOLK9QXI0POThe Kaplins1151173312000Pill Pockets are a blessingBefore trying pill pockets, we used to shove a pill down our cat's throat. She started running away from us and don't even ask what she did to our pet sitter. Our vet sold us our first pack of these and we were really skeptical about them working. Well, we were wrong. Our cat loves them! We can go on vacation knowing our cat will get her medicine and the pet sitter can breathe easier!
251268251268B000JOE224AGO4SHOIU3RE5Yorkie Mom1141156291200Pill pockets for Cats used for toy dogsGreat taste and the Yorkies loved them but they are really tiny. If your pet's pills are the size of an aspirin, go with the small size DOG pill pockets. The small size DOG pill pockets will cover a smaller capsule. The CAT version will not!

However, they did LOVE the taste!
251269251269B000JOE224A1KQL4FMJK6LLNTimothy L. Russell1151155513600These work great!Instead of fighting the cat with a pill popper, he gobbles down his medicine. Recommended.

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