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251311251311B001EO5YFCA3RCXMPSN1887QTylerrrr0041295481600Good for a sample of Dave'sI thought these were pretty cool. I got to try out 4 flavors of Dave's hot sauce without putting in the cost of buying fullsized bottles. I liked em' all so far but you need to find creative uses for things like the garlic hot sauce. I also gave 2 of 3 extra packs to a couple fellow hot sauce lovers that I am friends with so they make nice gifts as well. I'm not sure if I'd eat these regularly, but it's a great sample buy.
251312251312B001EO5YFCA1RQWM3PIX7XS4B. Fong "Likes Stuff"0031272240000Nice SampleI bought this for a friend of mine who likes hot sauces and he found it was a good way to add a bit of spice to his food while at work. He did not care for the garlic flavor and Temporary Insanity was too hot for him (he can drink a salsa he rates a six on his ten point scale like water) but when diluted it was a nice addition. The other two were good for him and he now seeks out other sauces made by them in larger bottles.
251313251313B0017758CUA4ABNXMETDFGWAnonymous5551340582400A Bargain!Fructose is fructose. It's a simple sugar found in plants, both fruits and vegetables. Buying fructose is like buying salt. Brand names don't matter much. I'm sure there are conspiracy theories about fructose, but as an old woman I'm tired of hearing "The sky is falling! The sky is falling!" First it's "Don't eat butter." Then it's "Butter is good for you." Etc. Etc.

Getting away from health issues, I have to say that if you want to buy fructose, this Amazon item is a bargain. You get a LOT of fructose for the money. I think it's less expensive, pound for pound, that the fructose I get from Publix.
251314251314B0017758CUAG8Z51XHTUGI2Dutchpt0051350518400FructoseThis product is what all should be using instead of the refined sugar that is everywhere. It's sweeter, you use less and it's easy to store and keep. The seller of this item got the package with 3 bags to me in record time and for that alone deserves 5 stars. Highly recommended to all
251315251315B0017758CUAPIC93URIJ8AJR41511296691200Deceptive LabelingThis product states on the label "Fructose FRUIT Sugar," but the fructose in this product is in fact not made from fruit; it is made from corn. Corn is not a fruit product. I think it is deceptive of NOW to label their fructose sugar as "Fructose Fruit Sugar" when it's not.
251316251316B0017758CUA3JRJEJJ7ZSGSDFelix the cat "online shopper"51911291507200less than 400 parts per billionThis review is intended to help buyers make an intelligent decision as to the reason for buying this product. I emailed Now Foods requesting information concerning the mercury content of their granulated fructose because I consume so much of it. Their response was "mercury is less than 400 parts per billion". For myself this is unacceptable because I eat fructose and mercury is poisonous. I wish they would bring it down to a reasonable level or better yet find a new way of distilling fructose that is as economical as the Castner-Kellner process.
251317251317B000NP30XQA3OTPI7CMUSW92lsabe6641292457600cost is rediculousThe item is extremely good and flavorful. Your cost is way out of line. You can go to Bed Bath & beyond and purchase a box of 18 for 9.99 and if you have their very easy to get coupons you can reduce that price by 20% and no shipping cost. Thats approx .44 per K-Cup. Why would anyone in their right mind want to pay from .65 per cup to over 1.00 plus shipping.
251318251318B000NP30XQA16Y2KNV481I53Pat4451254441600Keeps me coming back!For a medium roast coffee, this coffee is the best I've had outside a coffee shop. I enjoy a lot of others, but if I had to pick a favorite K cup, this is it! Nantucket has a smooth, mellow but full-bodied taste. Brew on medium for best cup. I just wish Amazon had it on subscribe and save.
251319251319B000NP30XQA3PJZ8TU8FDQ1KJared Castle1151311033600Delicious medium-roast blend with complex tones Length:: 1:30 Mins

The name belies an intoxicating medium-roast blend that fuses flavors from Central America, Indonesia and East Africa. The Nantucket Blend is deliciously complex - a mélange of four coffees from three continents - opening with the aroma of berries, spice and wine and soft floral undertones and finishing smoky and sweet with a touch of French Roast.

According to the Green Mountain Coffee website, the blend's origin dates back more than 20 years ago, "created at the request of a loyal customer who lived on Nantucket Island. The blend proved a winner, and the name stuck."

I drink Nantucket Blend black, using Keurig's small mug (7.25 oz) setting. My wife, who will often add creamer to darker roasts, also enjoys this blend black.

In summary, this medium-roast blend is a new favorite in our house. We first purchased Nantucket Blend during an Amazon sale for about 55 cents per Keurig cup. Regular price is about 66 cents, 15 cents higher per cup than other brands. Is it worth the additional price? Yes, but keep an eye out for sales.

Added bonuses:
Nantucket Blend is certified kosher by the Orthodox Union.
Green Mountain Coffee is Fair Trade Certified.
Green Mountain Coffee is organic.

Rating: Five stars.

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251320251320B000NP30XQA29HEUKLQ2BQO2RVHOBO1151300147200Husbands Favorite BlendNantucket Blend by Green mountain is my husbands favorite blend in K-Cups.
I have searched the net and it so easy to order on Amazon and the price is comparable or lower
than other sites. Since it is the only brand he enjoys in K-cups the larger quantity
of 108 means more time between reorders. I only wish this would be set up on the auto
ship program for additional savings and never having to worry about running out.
251321251321B000NP30XQA1B4BODZ3OP5CFDonna Williams1151295827200This is the Best!This coffee is wonderful. I receive compliments all the time. It is a medium roast coffee with NO bitterness, just good wholesome flavor.
251322251322B000NP30XQA1YYBVGHBXJIZXGirpWanzyk0051336348800better than expectedThis product arrived on time and I received 12 more K cups than I thought I would. plus free sugar! Thanks Keurig.
251323251323B000NP30XQAJBJ7804ZV62RG. Kroth "Jerry0"0051323129600Good in it's TimeI found this coffee to be the best for my taste and I buy it regularly.

When I bought this from Amazon, it had the best price, but since the spike in coffee prices, I have shopped around and found a better price elsewhere.
251324251324B000NP30XQA3J7Q94UJ4LQKRbigeye "bigeye"0051306713600Second time I bought THIS oneThis is my second box of 108 K Cups of this blend. What more can I say. This is good, medium roast coffee without harsh or bitter overtones. Well done.
251325251325B000NP30XQA1OL3U4IYBLDHUJohn E Winske0051304985600Love this coffee but to expensive hereI love this coffee, but I don't understand why it so expensive on Amazon. At a certain big box, I am not saying which one but it begins with a C it is only 52 and some change. A big difference. I am so used to Amazon having the best price on things.

251326251326B000NP30XQA3JU0QWWKRO22ACAROL J FLANAGAN0051302480000CeeJayI love the Green Mountain brand of coffee and the Nantucket Blend is one of my favorites.
This is an excellent one to buy if you appreciate a true cup of coffee.
251327251327B000NP30XQA146HNIRXIRN0UJames K. Stark "Jim"0051289520000takes to long to getWonderful coffee but takes to long to get to my home. When I ordered it, they said it was in stock and ready to ship. Then came msg after msg that it was delayed because where they ordered it from didn't actually have it. I know I should of canceled it right away. Just letting people know to be careful when placing an order on things. Thanks.... I like the coffee a lot.
251328251328B000NP30XQA35G1CP9QRUOTSNurse Mary "Nurse Mary"0051274313600Every morning!This is my favorite K-Cup and I drink it every morning on my way to work. The coffee is smooth and mellow, I find it to be the perfect cup of morning brew every day!
251329251329B000NP30XQA1I85Y08VRZ32QJimmy Morelli31131254700800Better than average for cheap k-cup standard of coffeeAs for the Green Mountain K-cup. These k-cups do not give you the flavor you would normally get from brewing Green Mountain coffee. The k-cups are week and taste watered down compared to brewing the loose/ground coffee in a conventional way, thus my 3 star rating. With that said: These k-cups are slightly better than other k-cups on the market. If you are going to use k-cups I would recommend this brand and brew. I would also recommend buying at Amazon as the prices are right compared to other sites.

This k-cup is over priced. If you look at the price you pay for this k-cup compared to the loose ground/whole beans you would be surprised. You pay $0.50 a cup for a k-cup and $0.05 a cup for loose. You get a 100 x's better cup from loose then with a k-cup. Why pay more for a crappy cup? Convenience! But there are ways to avoid that cost

The environment. By using the loose/ground and the k-filter you help save the environment as all you toss out is ground coffee. Every k-cup used takes up space in a landfill somewhere. In my opinion it is the same as using a foam cup as to a ceramic mug to drink your coffee.

Keurig. This machine is convenient and quick. But it is expensive to use with the k-cups, costing the average family $50+ a month. To cut this cost to as low as $10 I use the k-filter with the machine and Green Mountain is one of my brands. The loose/ground coffee in the filter gives you a stronger cup but still not the greatest but better than the k-cup alone by far. Using the Keurig you must make a choice to sacrifice quality over conveinance. I make that sacrifice during the week as I have little time on the weekday's to brew a pot of coffee. But I choose to use the filter with the Green Mountain loose/ground coffee and get a slightly better cup and save about $40.00 a month.
251330251330B002C4A70AAC1ET9PW74NT4tmd "tmd"1121313712000Received crushed tomatoes, not diced tomatoesCento is a decent brand but I ordered DICED tomatoes and received concentrated crushed tomatoes. Amazon sent a replacement order and the second order was also crushed tomatoes. I guess if I want diced tomatoes, I should order crushed tomatoes??
251331251331B002C4A70AA1YLOZQKBX3J1SR. Lee Dailey "Lee_Dailey"1121294099200NOT "with basil leaf" Length:: 0:40 Mins

howdy y'all,

the product currently says "with basil leaf" and shows "with basil [something]" printed on the can to the right of "tomatoes". unfortunately, there is no such thing in the actual product.

- the can doesn't have "basil" mentioned on the front or side
- the ingredients list lists only "fresh red ripe tomatoes, tomato juice, salt, calcium chloride, naturally derived citric acid"

i would post a pic if amazon allowed that. [*sigh ...*] they only allow video, tho, so i can't post a pic of the silly thing! well, then i'll video-ize the darned thing.

i've no use for the tomatoes just now, so i can't rate their quality as yet. i'll get back on that later.

rated a TWO due to the item listed NOT being the item shipped.

take care,
251332251332B002C4A70AA3C28Q2EK7N8YILudale Palmer1151285545600when recievedWhen recieved three cans have a big dent in them. Will use because they will not be on shelf long.
251333251333B002C4A70AA1UIN5MWKRMUTGA. Mock1141249862400DeliciousI tasted it with a spoon and it tasted really good. I did think it had more salt than other diced tomatoes (hence the 4 stars). I made chili with it and the chili tasted great.
251334251334B002C4A70AA2Q2GDB5XDYQV5From The Tree House0031286409600Not as describedFirst order contained over half severely damaged cans, and the product was not tomatoes with basil. Amazon replaced the first shipment, and the second had three damaged cans. Once again the product I received is 50% water and tomatoes. No basil, as described.
251335251335B0035YLIZEA1DFX52N2O6FG8Nija and Matt4451270944000Crackers, yes; but animals, eh?...My fiance and I received these from his mom. Awesome present! Good for snacking on the couch at home, or for taking along with you to school, work, etc. They taste great, not too sweet, not too bland. They are all natural.

We have spent way too much time though, trying to figure out what animals these crackers are supposed to be! They are definitely not the animal crackers of our youth (1980's). Perhaps barnyard animals.
There are 1, maybe 2 cats; 1 horse, something with three legs, and 1 that is either a tall goat or a short giraffe. no monkeys though.
251337251337B001FA1H74A1FSTL62QA7AQXMusic Man "Musc Lover"2251290816000Great PeanutsI thought these peanuts were wonderful. They are big peanuts with a great crunch. Just the right amount of salt. I bought these because the extra large Virginia peanuts I used to buy at Costco were discontinued.
251338251338B001FA1H74ADXNP6QH1DCTCMary K. Moos0051346889600royal Oak PeanutsThese are the world's best peanuts! If you live any where north of St. Louis you don't know how good peanuts can be. They are fresh, crunchy, and company-worthy.
251339251339B001FA1H74A2Y4UJ2IVBL9EUDianne C0051345420800Love, love these peanuts!I have tried SO many types of peanuts and this one is hands-down the absolute best. Very large, fresh peanuts with just the right amount of salt.
251340251340B001FA1H74A1NS7UG2EQ9EFNDebra Oertel "mickey fanatic"0051338595200crunchyI purchase these peanuts a while ago but they are excellent very crunchy. I would definately purchase these peanuts again.

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