Amazon Fine Food Reviews

251401251401B004H3N2LUA2JM0IHFFF9881Michelle Barrett0011298073600This is instant coffeeI was about to rant about deceptive trade practices, but I see the product description now says "instant coffee", It either it did not say so when I ordered it, or I totally missed it. The box says "soluble & microground", not instant. VERY disappointed!
251402251402B004H3N2LUA17WMSZJA5DN2DDenise M. D. Mcgregor0011297987200Grove Square Coffee ReviewThis was the worst coffee product that I have ever purchased. I knew something was wrong when I opened the product and realized how little the amount of coffee in the cup was. This coffee could not even produce a drinkable 8 ounce cup of cofee. It tasted like hot water. Steer clear of this product.
251403251403B004H3N2LUA3H3FNG607FRGZMary J. Frisone0011297814400Instant coffee not groundVery disappointed in this coffee. I would not have bought it if they stated it was Instant coffee. Cheaper to go out and buy a jar of instant.
251404251404B004H3N2LUA2YKU3DY0U2C3HKaren Troy0011297814400Instant coffee!We bought this because it was on sale and figured we'd give it a try. It was awful, practically undrinkable. When we were throwing it away, I opened one of the K-cups - it was instant coffee! We were mislead as to what it was - a kcup, not instant coffee.
251405251405B004H3N2LUA3PGOAHNKLS0WYHope Laso0011297209600HORRIBLE! This is instant coffeeI have been buying K-cup coffee from Amazon for 2 years and have never been so unhappy with a product I would need to write feedback. This is instant coffee and the taste is like water. For anyone familiar with k_cups after the cup is brewed there are grinds still in the pod, with this brand the K-cup is empty after brewing. Beware that you can not return so I am stuck with 4 boxes I would never drink.
251406251406B004H3N2LUA3LFVOLUWH98W2John Fielek "Johnny"0011296777600Terrible CoffeeGrove Square is probably one of the most miserable cups of coffee you'll ever encounter. This is true of any roast they sell. If you enjoy coffee, don't even think of trying this - ( even in a pinch). Make yourself a cup of tea instead, for any other beverage is most likely better than this glorified instant coffee. To be fair they do add a pinch of micro ground coffee.
251407251407B004H3N2LUA25650MAG566ONmlren0011296777600GROSS instant coffeeGrove Square coffee tastes like instant coffee. Yuck! Why would I have a Keurig system and drink instant coffee. Gross!! Buyer Beware
251408251408B004H3N2LUA39PNZ27Q7QXB3Hfzeus "hfzeus"0011296604800Overpriced instant coffeeWhen I saw that the net weight of the entire box was about one ounce, I should have sent it back. Instead, I watched mostly clear water pour into my cup and was rewarded with instant coffee.

Amazon should be ashamed to sell this swill as well as labeling it coffee instead of instant coffee.
251409251409B004H3N2LUA31NH7Z22U7OI8Missy0011296432000Poor QualityI ordered two boxes and the K-Cups are less than half filled with coffee, Sounds more like little maracas. Also leaves grounds at the bottom of cup. Apparently there is not a return policy for these K-Cups. Very bummed out.
251410251410B004H3N2LUA2V1YGIB36E0TBJudith Jones0011296432000BEWARE!!! This is instant coffee!...I should have known by the price that this was not the same "ground" coffee that I'd been buying for a year...opening the box, right away I noticed the weight/feel was different...when I brewed the first cup...there was an "empty" K-cup grounds...really dissapointed...this should not even be sold in the same category as a K-cup...this is flagrantly deceiving, I think...could buy a jar of instant granuals much cheaper if that's what I wanted...
251411251411B004H3N2LUA2QVP2TX7E5VNODaniel Carlquist0011296345600knock-offThis is a Knock-off of k-cups. Never thought amazon would sell a knock-off product.. Instant coffee in a k-cup holder.
251412251412B004H3N2LUA8YQ5LP60TXPMotor City Bluesman0011296259200Won't buy againI'm not a coffee snob. I just like a good cuppa joe in the morning, something medium roast, smooth, with good flavor. No blueberry this or vanilla that. My usual brew is either Timothys Italian Blend or Kona Blend and Green Mountain Nantucket Blend. I saw this Grove Square coffee at a local grocery so I thought I would pick up a box to try. I didn't realize that it is just instant coffee packaged in a K-cup. It starts out brewing very thick for the first few seconds and then lightens up to plain hot water. The K-cup comes out empty when you remove it from the brewer. I thought the taste was lousy and there was a slightly gritty sludge at the bottom of the cup. I took the box back to the store and suggested they not stock it.

The front of the box does state that it is "Naturally Roasted Soluble and Microground" coffee beans. It also states that in the descriptions here at Amazon at least on the ones that I looked at. If you like instant coffee, you would do better with Starbucks Via than this stuff.
251413251413B004H3N2LUA2AQ6KGDUC1QQPChloeCabana0011296259200TERRIBLE Instant coffee- not brewed, instant.This is just instant coffee in a kcup, it is not brewed coffee like the rest of the kcups.
The taste of it is terrible.
Do not buy this "coffee"!!!
251414251414B004H3N2LUAQ3CTJ1HK430PNotHappy0011296172800Instant, and it doesn't really work in our Keurig machineWas extremely disappointed to learn after purchasing and attempting to try this product that it is instant coffee in a Keurig cup. Actually, the term on the box is "soluable" coffee. At any rate, in our machine (Model B40), the instant coffee crystals clog up the hole that is punctured in the bottom of the cup, resulting in only about 2 oz. of liquid (I won't say it's exactly coffee) being dispensed. Going to ask Amazon for a refund.
251415251415B004H3N2LUA3T6VDQIEAZJ43D. Tredennick0011296172800This is INSTANT COFFEEBeware - this is instant coffee - it is NOT a bargain. Why spend the money on a k-cup for this??
251416251416B004H3N2LUA9E4M8BOZA0GWgambowler0011296172800It's instant coffeeI wish I would have read these reviews before ordering. There is a reason the price is so low.
This is instant coffee and it tastes like instant coffee. You do not need a Keurig brewer to make it-just add it to hot water.
I am very disappointed, and will pay more attention to reviews in the future! I have re read every description and there is no indication that it's instant coffee.
I don't get it, what's the point if putting it in a K cup?
251417251417B004H3N2LUA1M2G8QEP7N6RTThe Toxster0011296172800Not *real* K-cupsYou wil notice if you look carefully at the box that nowhere does it actually say K-cups. That word is a trademark and is only used on products that are approved by Keurig. They should not be listed as such in the Amazon description--it is false advertising that is no different that calling a generic teenage girl doll a Barbie. The product says "For use by owners of Keurig® cofffee makers." That is a big red flag. There are also a number of these off-brand fakers at grocery stores. Avoid them.
251418251418B004H3N2LUA1QN1DP754GQ4Gcfizz0011296086400AWFUL!Tried to give this a 0 star rating - but it wouldn't let me! The plastic is so flimsy, the machine is unable to poke a hole in the bottom of the cup. It took 3 different k-cups before I could get it to brew. When it finally did make a cup - a dark syrupy looking liquid came out first, then just water. It was undrinkable.
Coffee from a vending machine was better than this. Thankfully, Amazon refunded the cost to me. I love Amazon - just hate this coffee!Grove Square Coffee, Medium Roast, 24-Count K-Cups for Keurig Brewers (Pack of 2)
251419251419B004H3N2LUA1V16NBTNC34QMC. Howland0011295913600Don't Buy This- RIPOFF!This is just instant coffee put in a k-cup. We made the mistake of buying this because it is SLIGHTLY cheaper. How a company can be this sneaky is absurd! They are much lighter in weight and upon brewing, you will see that all the "coffee" comes out in the beginning and then it runs clear for the rest of the perk. If you open up the k-cups after a brew, you will find that the grove square is empty while a regular k-cup has grounds inside. Just do yourself a favor and DON'T BUY THIS!!! This company should be ashamed of itself!!!!! Horrible business ethics!
251420251420B004H3N2LUA2Q5QW3C8372I6Doreaux1231318636800Great coffee if you know your drinking instantI believe this is instant coffee. When your coffee is done brewing the K-cup is empty. There are no coffee grounds as in other brands. It didn't taste as good as regular coffee but if you think of it as instant coffee (as I think it is) then it's not bad.
251421251421B004H3N2LUAS1YS2N0MKQUVR M M1221298332800Disappointed....I know I ordered medium roast; but for me, the coffee was too bland. I still use it (cause it is such a waste) but on espresso setting. It tastes great on that setting. And there were two containers that didnt have any granules in them (they were empty)....Plus, the one thing I really don't like is when I ordered (I did it on subscribe and save) the the price was really very good. But today, I checked the price (it's still on my subscription) and the price was jacked up that its kinda senseless to even order it on subscribe and save. I'm cancelling the subscription just like the gloria Jean hazelnut I had before....cause the price that they entice you with to go into subsctribe and save after the first order....prices go way up!!!! Not good....
251422251422B004H3N2LUA3HMTALLECOWXODan0141317772800Yes it is Good!Pleasantly surprised by the quality. A nice smooth, full flavor. Very enjoyable coffee to have in hand either in the morning or at night!
251423251423B004H3N2LUA2CW017M0GZXHONicole Leiren0121297036800Not as good as I had hopedWhile the taste of the coffee itself is acceptable for the most part, several of the cups did not work properly and I was unable to get them to brew. I also found it interesting that on the ones that DID work...when the water went through it in the brewer, initially the stream of coffee was very, very dark and then it turned to water. Made it seem like there was something similiar to instant coffee in there...

Anyway, while it seemed a good price initially, I won't be purchasing this brand again.
251424251424B004H3N2LUAEQOB7GJM0IDEGranola Eater3651294531200Great Instant CoffeeI actually liked this product. Maybe because I drink a fair about of instant coffee. Good price...Great Flavor!!
251425251425B004H3N2LUA3TONWEN4IVC1CRonda1441298505600It's Instant??This coffee does not taste like instant at all... We tried the Light Roast, too weak. The Medium Roast it much fuller tasting. I just ordered the Dark to try it out! Great price as well! My husband is a french press coffee drinker and he likes them!
If you love coffee try the Medium or Dark Roast! The price is unbeatable!
251426251426B004H3N2LUA86A6W0DV3QBVD. Koneck "airkoneck"0341300665600Good Coffee, Solid K-Cup RecipeIt's a good solid blend of coffee. It's not the best stuff in the world but it is good and solid. For the price I would definitely buy again.
251427251427B004H3N2LUA2ZTDCMFK8U8X0zigley1551298592000Love it!When you shake the cup, it is light and sounds instant, but who cares? The taste is fantastic and it's one of my favorites that I keep on hand all of the time.
251428251428B000L8CIYCAJBRUAV6FUXBMThe_Fire_Of_December1151297900800Good StuffI just love this cereal and eat it most mornings. Keep in mind it's more of a porridge (you can add more water to thin it down if desired). It isn't overly salty, so if you eat a lot of salt, it may seem bland. For me, the sodium is well balanced with the other ingredients.
251429251429B000L8CIYCA2P3FYGUGUV09Ocrazybrit "lifeisajoy"1131165449600Good, but I personally needed to add a little salt.On its own it's thick and very strong. Likely I'll be adding this to soup or rice.
251430251430B000L8CIYCAKJA3W51GLHXZC. A. Parker0031350864000Great product, ridiculous priceI love this cereal, super easy to make (just add boiling water) and has all kinds of yummy/healthy ingredients in it. I am giving it three stars because the price is silly for what you are getting. Save your money and buy it in the Asian market for about 1/4 the price.

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