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251442251442B0014APFB4A2B1Z7VCEMXLBQJames Or Kathleen Ramsett "institches"0031338163200Part of Dr. Oz's Tea DietThis is part of Dr. Oz's Tea Diet. Works like a charm. I have lost inches already and I have been on it for 4 days.
251443251443B0014APFB4A3TZLD0Z36WR6Lnameless0011337558400NASTYThis was the worst tasting tea, actually the worst tasting anything, that I have ever consumed. I took one sip and could not bring myself to finish the cup. It tasted like dirt, which makes sense since it is a root. The rest of the tea bags are going in the trash.
251444251444B0014APFB4A2JSH6MZ9BOVJ2Joshua Lutz0041333584000Apparently good for you, TASTES LIKE BITTER DIRTHands down, by far the absolute worst tasting tea I have ever had.... and I have ALLOT! I am an avid tea drinker and I just can't get it down. The benefits are supposed to be amazing so I'll keep it around to water down and sugar up but wow it's bad. So strong too, tastes like dirt (*that's been pissed on in the woods).
251445251445B0014APFB4A214RJ0BMHRUAKthamnosma0051332720000My go-to coffee subsituteDandelion root is reported to aid in reducing high blood pressure, which is why I drink it. I've pretty much given up coffee drinking and this is a tasty substitute, though one must acquire a taste for it. At home I use bulk roasted root but these tea bags are fantastic during travel.
251446251446B0014APFB4A1ZK5P0EOE727FDenise M. Everett "writergirl"0041304467200This is great tea.I really like this tea, I started drinking it at the suggestion of a friend.
It helps to sooth an upset stomache. I will be buying it again in the future.
251447251447B0014APFB4AJJJQYQJ4MIVBFlo Sells0051296000000Cup of dandelion tea a day, keeps the doctor away!I love this brand of Dandelion Root tea. The tea is so good for your health and keeps you regular. Transaction went smooth like always. So glad to hear Amazon may soon have home delivery of groceries to my door. I have some disabilities that require someone to shop for me but I do a lot of it on
251448251448B0014APFB4A12JKE0CYLRUCMBookSmartie0051293321600Love it!!I love this tea. And it makes you feel very healthy, which is so needed during the Christmas and New Year season.. I haven't used it in one week, and I can soooo feel my body needing a good detox. I recommend for anyone who has stomach issues, over indulges, and wants to feel generally better.
251449251449B0014APFB4A3RSG2ULMEW2TSIvyGirl316 "IvyGirl316"0051226880000EXCELLENT ITEM AND SERVICEReveived my item fast! It was exactly what I ordered in excellent shape with safe shipping - i will came back and shop here again. Thanks
251450251450B0014APFB4A1B0ZKGS0ZAHQWV. Mcknelly "weiserv"0051174003200Use it every dayI drink this tea every day (I'm 7 months pregnant), and have done so since I found out I was pregnant. I love that it's organic and contains all the herbs that support a healthy pregnancy. I don't notice anything dramatic when I drink it or don't drink it, but I will say I feel nourished when I drink it, and have had NO PREGNANCY COMPLICATIONS WHATSOEVER. I'm 36, this is my first pregnancy, and I have been exceptionally healthy throughout. I highly recommend this for any pregnant woman--at least a cup a day!
251451251451B0014APFB4A2JSH6MZ9BOVJ2Joshua Lutz0241333756800GOOD FOR YOU, BUT WORST TASTING TEA EEEVVVEEERRRAs an avid tea drinker of all corners of the earth, I have had hundreds of teas, and everything from this company as well. I read about this tea as a very powerful health herb but all the reviews said it tastes bad. What do I care? I'd rather be healthy. I never take sugar in my tea either. If you've read this far you are waiting for me to say how bad it was. You can't imagine how bad it is. Without exaggeration I would describe the flavor as a very bitter tasting dirt. Yes, as a 32 year old with children I know what dirt tastes like and this tastes like dirt but with a super bitter taste that makes it hard to drink. My recommendation is to let it steep for a shorter amount of time as to not make a rich bold tea. As you know, the longer it steeps the bolder the tea becomes. Yea, don't do that with this. Four stars because it is apparently very good for you and I thank the company for bringing it to us regardless of the taste of death when other tea companies are using Artificial ingredients to make their teas taste better.
251452251452B0014WOUR2A3A1A9WFNFX92SNishant Mittal0041313193600Very Handy for travelThis product is well packaged for travel. It also saves the bothersome "measuring" that one has to do when using bigger formula tubs. Other formula companies should take a cue from this and consider making travel packs as well.
251453251453B0014WOUR2A3R7Q2RWQ8K2S7MamaCito0041300492800LifesaverWhoever came up with this is a genius and a lifesaver. I too only use formula when I'm on the go or need to supplement if I don't have enough breast milk, so the can is a waste since I won't finish it in a month. The packets are so convenient. I carry a bottle or two of 4oz water and a couple of packets in my purse at all times for emergencies.

Only 4 out of 5 stars because you can only make 4 oz or 8 oz. So if your baby is currently eating more than 4oz but less than 8oz you either hope he is satisfied with 4oz or make 8oz and waste some.
251454251454B000RDOREKA5XG0KDFX4WMIK. Levin1151264291200Best tomato sauce I've ever found in a jarThis sauce comes in a rather small jar. Compare the size to what is in your pantry before you buy! One jar is "5 servings"--more like 3-4 servings of pasta for our family. I'd guess the average oversized restaurant bowl of pasta uses almost as much as you find in one of these small jars.

It is also quite expensive per jar. I buy this at my local Whole Foods for about 30% less than the current Amazon merchant price I see here, and it is still pricier than many "regular sized" (bigger) jars on the Whole Foods shelf.

That being said, I buy this sauce and no other when I find it in stock at my grocery store. It really is tastier than any other jarred sauce I've ever tried. I think it captures that delicious taste difference between a fresh-picked tomato from one's own yard as opposed to a store-bought fruit. Yes, it is that much better, IMHO.

I was browsing for this brand on Amazon hoping to find it cheaper by the case, but I do feel it is worth the price I pay for it. I put it in the context of taking my family out for a pasta dinner: even if I use two jars to make a huge pot of pasta, it costs less than it would to feed one of us at a restaurant.
251455251455B000RDOREKA7JY4UC4CQ063Jack Lull1151204934400The Best Jar Sauce on EarthI've tried many different sauces over the years and this is absolutely the best by far. The only bad news is it's expensive. For me, it's worth it. For you, I'd suggest trying one jar and decide for yourself.
251456251456B000A6HP1QA278KSMHPSL1JZLauren K.6651165190400The BEST PANCAKES EVER !!I'm not much of a pancake person - I like them and eat them occasionally in restaurants, but hadn't made any in about 15 years. I got this mix as a gift. These are easily the best pancakes I've ever had. They are light, fluffy, full of flavor, and absolutely delicious! I think the malt and vanilla flavoring are what makes them so good. I looked in the grocery stores to see what ingredients other mixes had, and was unable to find any that didn't contain soy flour! I am concerned about the amount of soy that is added to everything now. This mix has no soy. I ordered 4 more containers of this mix, along with Stonewall Kitchen raspberry syrup (also to die for) and now I make pancakes about every other weekend. If you like pancakes, you must try this mix!
251457251457B000A6HP1QA32SZ5MTZF56KWE. Hsu7951118102400Great pancakes!If you're looking for an easy-to-use pancake mix that results in great pancakes here you go! The pancakes are light, fluffy and easy to make. Best with lots and lots of real maple syrup. Beats other common brands like Aunt Jemima's, Bisquick, and Hungry Jack by miles!
251458251458B000A6HP1QA3A6S8LAH7RSB5SLKS1131204934400tasty but not all naturalFred S. Carbon developed this recipe back in 1937, and it somehow found it's way to Stonewall's. Tastes great, but I wonder what kind of artificial flavor Mr. Carbon was using back in 1937. Nonetheless, it has a great flavor. Recommended with "artificial flavor" reserve.
251459251459B002UQ18JEA20J7OGEZ8UXUJD. Alicea0051348444800Absolutely fantasticThis tea comes ina very large amount! The quality is amazing and it is such great value, i highly recommend to all!
251460251460B0002SZG2CAME328O3QRZ5Sgirly girl1151290902400yum!!I had these type of olives in a dirty martini in a very nice steak house in Michigan and have been looking for them ever since. I was so excited to see them being sold on Amazon. I had no problem with delivery and soon made myself a dirty martini. I love hot food in any form and these didn't disappoint. They are nice and hot but also have a very zippy flavor to them. Also I made my martini with Dirty Sue dirty martini mix that I got on Amazon. Together they make the PERFECT DIRTY MARTINI!The Original Dirty Sue Dirty Martini Mix, 12.69-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 4)
251431251431B005RGOSRSA2B6RRW1XS7X6RDenise McMahon "gerkeeper"0051330992000Very Nice and Pretty too!While the large chunks gave my mill a little bit of hard time, the extra effort was worth it. The flavor is superior and the slight bluish color is lovely.
251432251432B00126AOA2A1VJRB2FDB6BNUGary J. Warner5551245024000frog leg fanI am a intermediate school teacher. Our class dissected grass frogs. Afterwards, I 'treated' them to fried frog legs! The order was delivered on time, packaged well, and the kids...after some hesitation...LOVED THEM!!!!
251433251433B00126AOA2AJ6O4K0WERG92Terrence Grimes111511275696000Overpriced!Greetings:

I blew off your first request for a review....however, will respond to your second request & trust that you will never print not interested in casting any bad light on the vendor nor do I want any retaliation from same....with that said, suffice it to merely say that I was most disappointed in what I received for what I paid....the actual weight of the frog legs was @ 3 1/2 #s & they were small (I went to Wal-Mart & bought a diet scale to weigh them) total cost was @ $65.00 & divided by the #'s was costing me @ $18.57 a pound....imagine my surprise when I discovered the next week that I could buy JUMBO frog legs for @ $3.99 a pound fact, just purchased 10 #s yesterday for @ $40.00....want to see the receipt? I'll send it to you....

Bottom line, it has opened my eyes to NOT think that ordering anything online is going to be cheaper than buying locally....from here on, will always exhaust all local vendors for anything I want before resorting to online....that's a reversal from the way I used to shop....suffice it to say, I will NEVER order frog legs from you folks again, & short of the great deal you offer on Colman's Mustard, will check locally on everything from here on....thanks for the lesson learned! Have a Nice day....tfg
251434251434B00126AOA2ACLTSK9ICS3LIDon Wallen0041343433600Very good wild game treatI have not had my own wild caught legs for years.These do not compare to those gems.I have purchased these a few times and will continue to,they are a good treat.
251435251435B00126AOA2A1ZTYUAOMI1CONCoolHand0211329350400redundancyCan't we just say 48 frog legs instead of "24 pair"? Do the left and right legs taste differently? I was a connoisseur of frog legs for several years until one fateful day at an authentic Chinese restaurant. I was delighted to see a placard for frogs' legs on the buffet sneeze shield until I discovered that the legs were prepared attached at the crotch. Being a fan of the dish, I placed several on my plate and returned to my table. I immediately used my knife to separate the legs and attempted to enjoy my entree. The legs were prepared exquisitely; however, I could not enjoy them as I kept imagining going down on an amphibian. Since that day in 1999, I have forsaken all exotic foods of the oriental variety. This includes:

1. frogs-legs attached at the crotch
2. fish served with head and eyeballs displayed
3. whole baby octopi
4. anything with tentacles
5. shrimp with heads
6. deviled eggs
7. jello
251436251436B001FB6ASYA1W31JOBFPCJYIFrena Gray-Davidson0051332547200The BestThis hot sauce combines the heat you would expect of a good hot sauce with a fruitiness that is the perfect compliment. Just the right amount of sweetness, just a little. Perfect for seafood.
251437251437B001FB6ASYA1EBH7XDPJJILLGrant P. Nelson0051223856000best I have ever hadI find this NOH goes good on all meats, not over powering in anyway. I go to no end to find it in the stores. I have been using it now for 8 years and buy nothing else.
251438251438B004T3AM02A2500CE9ZNK413Joyce York1151327276800Great AlternativeI purchased the Grapeseed Oil after reading some articles in a health food site and decided to try it as an alternative to other oils. Very satisfied with the flavor and texture...I have used it for many things, baking, cooking and on salads.
251439251439B0014APFB4A1QDSJZQWJZOL1T. Cox6651324166400Good stuffI'm surprised how much it tastes like coffee. To be completely accurate, it tastes like a watered down coffee (like the kind you get at hotels) with hazelnut flavor -- and a *very slight* earthy undertone. If someone gave me a sip and didn't tell me what it was, I'd think it were coffee, let's put it that way.

There's not all that much root per teabag though, and since I like strong coffee I only use 6 oz of water per bag and steep it covered for 15 mins. Then with some cream and sugar it's quite good.

As for the liver tonic claim, well dandelion stimulates bile flow and supposedly helps clear out some stuff gunking up the liver. I don't know about that yet, but so far I haven't noticed any ill effects from drinking this. I feel fine, if not outright good after drinking a cup, but that's as far as I can confirm the effects.

And with even decaf coffee containing 5-15 mg caffeine per serving, this stuff being completely caffeine free is a blessing for those of us who go bananas and light public property on fire when we get the slightest bit of caffeine. Anyone who needs a coffee substitute, do give this a try.
251440251440B0014APFB4A3E41R118HJM67Christopher C2221322265600Really GrossI've read lots of other reviews deeming this tea as "coffee tasting" or with "roasted flavors," but to be very truthful, it tastes just the way I could imagine second hand smoke would. It's very very strong, requires 15 minutes to steep, and is not for the faint hearted. I've heard wonderful reviews related to weight loss regarding this product, but I was not able to tolerate the taste long enough to actually see any weight loss benefits. Good luck to those who care to brave this "roasted" flavor.
251441251441B0014APFB4ASX0HBQ5OWAO4Donna "DeeLee"2241274313600Great TeaI have been taking this tea twice per day and I am enjoying the way I feel

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