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251521251521B0012837U4A1FDX34BXFXNS8Eric Rachut "Furor teutonicus"1151270425600THE REAL McCOYBeen around for a hundred years or more and still the cigar smoker's friend
(ask Professor Harold Hill).
251522251522B0012837U4A2OY1ORMT6EYO1toby santini0051338336000just as I remembered !Great nostalgic product just as I remembered !...would have pefered the old style "little Box"
fast service....happy with the speedy service
251523251523B0012837U4A2DCI6IKY95SKMarGen0051335312000Sen SenLove Sen Sen, always order here for great price, always keep a supply on hand so i can just pop a packet in my purse!
251524251524B0012837U4A19ZRAIDBMQD7MEd Pegg "Math puzzler"0051332633600One of my best purchases ever. A near lifetime supply.Nearly 15 years ago, I bought one of these cases. Even though I partake in Sen-sen regularly, it takes weeks to get through one of the packets. Sometimes I forget about them, but when I'm dieting, the teensy long-lasting squares, which come like 300 per packet, always help to keep my mind of food with a lot more calories.

Not everybody likes these. I offer them all the time, but only about 3 in 10 people like them. Most people can't seem to stand them. If you like licorice, and maybe angostura bitter, then maybe you'll like these. If it's handy, try 1 drop of bitters. If you liked that, you might like one tiny square of these strong things.

Highly recommended, especially if you have a sweet tooth and are trying to lose weight. But try just on square in one packet, first.
251525251525B0012837U4ACI7FN1UVW8ZDLisa Johnson0051323129600Sen-Sen Wonderful MemoriesThis was such a wonderful find and it's just like the Sen Sen my mother used to dig out of her purse when I was small. The only thing I miss is the little slide box that it came in. These little packets work okay but the authenticity is lost without the box. But other then that its a quality product and I'll certainly be ordering more in the future
251526251526B0012837U4ADSQSZI6HKHCGJerome S. Zacks "J Zacks MD"0051309305600Nice throw back to years gone byThis was a great deal on Sen-Sen, which I've not been able to find in stores lately. I was not disappointed. The product was received very quickly in perfect condition.
251527251527B0012837U4A3VODNXO6Q2GQ1Julian Singha0051300147200Refshment and Spirit raiser.The original Sen -Sen has been a favorite in our family for over 4 decades and is still as great.
Amazon was the only place we could get it from Fresh and a Good Price.
Go for it try it out.
251528251528B0012837U4A2ZZD6VCGO0L9MaxND0041296345600Rememberance of Things PastThe Taste is just like what We had when we were young! Brought back many memories! The old box that dispensed 1 or 2 wafers at a time is long gone but the flavor remains! If you liked these as a kid you will like them now!
251529251529B003H3XLWGA11KE9BRGPOXLYkota0021338768000OverpricedI only received one box of seven packs of snack packs for $14.99. Usually I receive 6 boxes of seven packs for this price so 42 total packs, not 7. I should have been more wary.
251530251530B000K8947CAW993FG9YL5VVShahzad Hasan "Signature Dood"3311261180800Old and probably expiredI bought this toor dal from SimplyBeautiful. It looked very old and the color on some grains was turning black, was it not supposed to be yellow and fresh?

Please do not sell expired items!
251531251531B000K8947CAW8TY26C6KRMFJ. Hammond1151235174400Toor DalI've purchased this product twice now from SimplyBeautiful. Product appeared fresh, clean, and free of debris.
251532251532B003YM6C5SADDJM05VYV33BMT0051289174400Cost has more than DoubledThe cost for these 6 bags is outrageous! In the past this cost was for 12 7 oz bags, I can buy 6 bags at Wholefoods for $18.00 makes no sense why the drastic change in cost. Very disappointing>>>>>>>>
251533251533B0042KXAJCAZJ7QEGNEH9PILeona B. Slade5551242345600Omaha Steaks 8[8oz] Gourmet Jumbo BurgersThe burgers taste like fresh not frozen. They are not loaded with water so they stay big and tasty. I will order them again.
251534251534B0042KXAJCA274MXTX3DYLUVBB Indiana1151306540800Love 'emI love these and have purchased several orders over the last 2 years. The 8 oz size is just right for me and I grill them. I've never been disappointed with these.

Will order many more.
251535251535B0042KXAJCA2354CWZQ3B4IAD. Frazier1231249430400Just basicThese burgers were good. Not great not horrible just basic. Didnt taste frozen so that was good. I wouldnt bother ordering them I would just buy local instead.
251536251536B0002SZG2WAQMJAT6PT61V2Martini Shopper0051259452800Great Martini OlivesThese are great! I order them for my son-in-law..the martini drinker...and after trying every brand availaable on the net these have turned out to be the clear winner!!
251537251537B001SITYJ6A2Y4S4CNGKF21SH. Swanson0131335398400Good jerky, too much pepper!!The jerky itself is very good quality. The only problem is how much pepper they load onto these pieces. It's so much that it burns my mouth and I can't even taste the jerky, all I can taste is strong pepper. Then it gets into the back of my throat and burns sometimes, or might get stuck in my teeth, all making for a very unpleasant experience!
251538251538B001SITYJ6A2QHC521XDCVGXGary Shull "Kansas"0151287878400Fresh as jerky can beThis double pack was delivered promptly. I took advantage of the auto-ship subscription which discounts the order from $20.89 down to $17.76. I discovered after the fact that the same size package can be purchased at Wal-Mart at the same cost as this discounted price.
251539251539B001SITYJ6A1FRQ3XAZAK4G3Be Jones81411252108800Never againI read the reviews and took my chances and bought a bunch. I am so disappointed by the sweet, lacquered Chinese bbq pork like beef jerky with an overwhelmingly raw garlic/chili favor. Yes, the pieces are moist but in a preserved radish way with smallish, flattened pieces. It just doesn't have the premium beef jerky heft where you can separate the pieces along the grain. Don't expect premium beef taste and texture but rather a product processed more in the Chinese restaurant baking soda, tenderized fashion. I truly regret my purchase which I probably couldn't give away.
251540251540B001SITYJ6A3C0DP30BHACF2Wally3621299369600Edible..The price was very good, but I guess I know why. I gave it 1 star because it's low in carbs and another because it's edible. There is a distinct foul odor when you open the bag for the first time. After airing the bag out, the first piece I tasted was like chewing shoe leather, dry and chewy without much flavor. After the 2nd piece, the meat began to leave a bad chemical aftertaste. I understand everyone's taste buds will be different so do yourself a favor and buy a small bag of this at Walmart before getting the big bags here.
251541251541B001SITYJ6AG35NVZ2O5ZQ4rumifan "Dannyboy"61111270684800Left over jerky crumbs!Unfortunately this is a very poor representation of Jack Link's Beef Jerky. The bags are small and the jerky is in very small pieces and crumbs. It looks like scraps or left overs. No piece is larger than 1/2 inch.
251542251542B001SITYJ6A131L508KQO9WLRLSTINE1311339200000Horrible at WSOPSo I have been hanging with a top player at the world series of poker and I purchased 2 packages of Jacks Links beef jerky. These 2 purchases were the worst possible way to spend my money. The meat was so dry I was not sure if I was eating dried rat tail or beef jerkey. The "meat" caused sickness and lock jaw. Jacks links is as good as scraps off leather shoes. It was pretty incredible of them to sponser the WSOP but provide poor quality food at a ridiculous price.
251543251543B001SITYJ6A3QR3P9BOAB1GZB. Yassin1331282694400Not a good value, but tastyThe packs are really small. I thought I was saving by buying in bulk, but it was not a lot for the money. As usually the beef jerkey tastes great.
251544251544B001SITYJ6A4E39G95DZXBCSal "AmazonShopper"3731265068800Delicious, BUT it contains MSG!If you're not into a healthy lifestyle, get these - they are DELICIOUS! "You can't eat just one!"
It contains MSG and other "stuff." - You've been warned! It's very delicious, though...
251545251545B001SITYJ6A3J0NYNAF1AVU7lizklub "Elizabeth Klub"0251279584000jerky is yummyI can't always get to the store on my bicycle, so it is quite handy to use Amazon & order something I hanker for. The beef jerky, high in protein & low in calories, fat & carbs, absolutely hit the spot when it arrived nice & quickly!
251546251546B001SITYJ6A3T8J075H85W5AJoan L. Sosa Corniel1411344643200Too pricy28.99 dollars for one pack? Are people stupid, you can buy these at the neares supermarket for less than 28.99, aybe 7 or 8 dollars, but not 28 for one pack.. I know is easy to buy online, but buying this, is just playing lazy!
251547251547B001SITYJ6A32BNLDKINUYNPHarut Arzumanyan "thebe9st"1431281830400Good, healthy and protein filled snack.I only have one major issue. Because of the texture of jerky in general it really gets stuck in your teeth and becomes a bit of a chore to eat.
251548251548B001SITYJ6A1ACFO5TGECX9PCreativeMax2611297555200seem old, not worth itBought this thinking it cheap and more convenient, but i was wrong. The meat in the package seem dried and old. The price was also higher comparing to my local samsclub.

I like it when the meat is more tender and moist. And this doesn't deliver that. 1 star.
251549251549B001SITYJ6AL63HUU233ID2Lauren61411279929600Beef Jerky Goes Bad?What a rip off. We opened the bag and a day later there was wispy white mold on it. The whole bag had to be thrown out. It even smelled a little "off". You're better off buying it at the store.
251550251550B001SITYJ6A2A5RQRIUHGVOMD.D.Dear0651293926400Jack Links is the best!Jack Links is really good one of the bests and its actually real meat haha,I dont have to pay for it I get it for free because my dads company sells it and he gets free stuff from them all the time but if I didnt get it for free I would pay full price for it!

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