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251641251641B001SITYJ6ADO80R1HF25SCAureliaNantucket0151342137600Best mass marketed dried meat product ON EARTHI'm normally rather "meh" about beef jerky and similar products (e.g. slim jims and their ilk), but Jack Links are always good, and the sweet and hot variety, for whatever reason, is AMAZING. So many other varieties of beef jerky are like dry, stale wood chips that you can break your teeth on. These have an incredible texture, with many huge cuts of meat that are still tender and moist in the center. They still have the jaw workout that sort of defines beef jerky, but unlike so many other brands they're still recognizable as meat, and good meat at that. The flavor is much as advertised, which may be a bit too spicy for some, but I love it. It's heat that very slowly builds, so if you ate a couple of pieces you might not feel it, but after downing a full package you'll be reaching for a vanilla frappe. The unfortunate thing is that they're hard to find where I live (Cape Cod/Rhode Island), the only place that routinely stocks is Cumberland Farms, and sad to say they seem to have been disappearing even from there. It will be a real shame if they're discontinued, as in a mass produced snack world full of mediocre, predictable, unsatisfying fodder, Jack Links sweet and hot is the sort of thing you can make a satisfying meal of.
251642251642B004TDTZE6A3TSQVDK4TZ1VDyosemite sam5551306281600this is greatthe herring is very firm, very tasty...

the mustard sauce is plentiful and tasty...the left over we keep for mixing in salad dressing, dipping chicken tenders into, sauce over rice...many more uses........
251643251643B004TDTZE6A18ZGNY3CAGYXTBrian T. Zielke "Buz"4451323475200Nice change from plain kippersJust enough mustard to make them good and not over-power the smoked kipper in the sauce. I like them and will buy them again. The fish is still firm which surprized me. Somebody at Polar got this recipe right!
251644251644B004TDTZE6A2SI78R33PC5JRJavaGuy1473351330128000Herring in Mustard SauceThis is good herring, and I like the sauce. The sauce is a little vinegary, but I like vinegar. A nice meal when I'm on the run. It is even better if you heat it. As it says these are just herring fillets, not kippers (they're not smoked).
251645251645B004TDTZE6A2A2JXBBKJIJPGRonald H. Rapee "Peruser"1151337472000Good EatingI've had other brand herring filets, but the Polar brand Mustard Filets are really good eating. The taste is the same ,can for can. Polar Brand products are becoming hard to find else where.
251646251646B004TDTZE6A2W166Y7WMPW53D. Hermansen1151330560000Great Treat! My Favorite!I enjoy these on a regular basis and I always use the sauce for a great dip. Nothing goes to waste! Really handy as a quick meal on the trail, just slip a can (or two) in your pocket and you are ready to go. I`ve talked myself into having a can right now! You better go order yours. Mmmmm, they are good! Mmmmm!!!
251647251647B004TDTZE6A3N652JFUS0GGJFrances E. Giles "Frances"1151329436800Sounds kind of fishy to me.Good quality canned fish, perhaps a tiny bit softer than I usually like, in a mellow mustard sauce. I like the idea that they're not caught and processed in China. Delicate fillets are nice on crackers and toast. Unbelievable sale price, too, making it a true bargain.
251648251648B004TDTZE6A3GIMXLOEPFJBVSamuel Spade0041348444800This fish is fantastic - beware price increase!I purchased this 9 pack in May of 2012. Now it is September 2012 and I wanted to get some more of this very tasty fish in mustard sauce - it's the best canned fish I've found, with a long shelf life. High quality product, arrived on time with few-to-little dents. The mustard sauce is great.

The problem here is my order in May cost under $9 (w/ free Prime shipping) for the 9 tins of fish. The price now is $24 plus added $5 shipping. No more Prime? No more Subscribe and Save? Come on Amazon, bring this back. Tripling the price is not fair.

It would be 5 stars for the product alone, but the insane price increase is not acceptable so one star is removed.

EDIT 10/2012- The price has come down a little bit to $20 with free Prime shipping but it is still nowhere near the original $9 I paid with my first order. I went ahead and ordered anyway because I can't find this locally at all. This latest shipment had each tin individually wrapped in bubble wrap and there were ZERO dents in the tins. Thank you Amazon for at least packaging these properly, even if the price is still too high. It's good fish and the expiration date on this order (received in October 2012) is 12/31/2016.
251649251649B004TDTZE6A190WD324CGNBFRAM0051345161600Product was xcellent...packaging was poor....The fish were excellent, but a few cans had some dents, nothing serious but they were packed loose in a plastic bag and were pretty much free to bounce around in the box. Like I said, the fish were great, I was a little concerned they would have an acid bite due to the mustard (I've had fish in the past with mustard, not this brand, and they were too acidic!)but these were very mild and tasty! I enjoyed them, but remember, not everyone has the same palate. So if you're willing to try something different, try these! (Plus, I have to admit, I got them at such a great price I couldn't pass them up.)
251650251650B004TDTZE6A2T2ZOF2DGE22JTvilleKirbys0051343952000I like these, over a plate of steamed BrocolliI like these, over a plate of steamed Brocolli, they would probably be good over rice as well. Not fishy like sardines, and the mustard sauce is mild and creamy.
251651251651B004TDTZE6AAY5IU73429EBWayne Lee0051340668800Great Herring FilletsBest deal online or anywhere else on this product. Great tasting mustard sauce as well as the fish being top notch, boneless and package nicely. I loved it so much I subscribed for regular shipments. I hope the price stays the same for awile. A+++
251652251652B004TDTZE6A8UM78SMPSHC0Hervian Rose0051340323200Great single serving to take to work.I take these for lunch frequently. Some lettuce and crackers make it feel like a meal but I keep a few in the desk drawer in case I have to work through supper or forget lunch. They're not terribly fishy but you should really wash out the can before you throw it away in consideration of your co-workers.
We also eat rice and vegetables with a something for protein at home a lot and this is very nice to flavor the rice.
251653251653B004TDTZE6A51JPTENH5OJVJ. Hennessey0051333756800Good stuffBest bang for the buck in canned herring. Great taste. Add it to any veggie, and you have yourself a easy meal. Can't beat the Amazon price.
251654251654B004TDTZE6A2U77Z3Z7DC9T9Ronald M. Chavin "rmchavin"2441336262400Delicious but they added "vegetable oil," which is totally unnecessaryLike most herring products, MW Polar Herring Fillets in Mustard is delicious. However, MW Polar makes the mistake of adding vegetable oil to this product. I've eaten many cans of sardines in tomato sauce from Thailand and they taste delicious despite the fact that no vegetable oil is added. The fat from the sardines is more than enough to make the tomato paste delicious. Herring tastes a little better than sardines even though these 2 fish species look almost exactly alike. MW Polar should stop adding vegetable oil to their herring products because the fat from the herring is more than enough to make it delicious.
Some scientists are worried, based on experiments with lower animals, that cetoleic acid (an omega-11 fatty acid), which comprises about 10% of herring fat, could be cardiotoxic to humans. Sardine fat is only about 1% cetoleic acid. I personally am not worried about eating plenty of the cetoleic acid in herring fat because the Inuit Eskimos of Greenland, who hunt and eat marine mammals in addition to fish, ingest about 100 times the cetoleic acid of most American fish eaters. Result: Cardiovascular disease is virtually nonexistent among the Inuit Eskimos of Greenland despite the fact that they are the world's heaviest cigarette smokers!
251655251655B004TDTZE6A2T0V99GLGXWCMGhost(Ghost(M))3731327536000Taste is OK, ingedients aren't, overall mehThis is a bigger tin (compared to the regular, unflavoured product -- but the fish content is also lower, so the difference is probably the sauce). The taste is quite good, I must say, but let us look at the ingredients (taken directly from a tin):
Herring Fillets (60%), water, mustard (water, mustad seeds, spirit vinegar, salt, spices, natural flavourings), sugar, vegetable oil, spirit vinegar, Thickener: guar gum, carregeenan; Seasonings (with celery, soy, gluten), salt, tomato paste. (Contains: Herring, mustard, celery, soy, gluten).

And so, the regular kippers come in smaller tins but the fish content is at least 80%, and it contains nothing but fish, water, and salt. Here we have a lot of undesireables:
- Gluten (bad for those allergic to it)
- Soy (can't remember what's wrong with soy, but there's some controversy, so I try to avoid)
- Vegetable oil (sounds innocent, but it's probably some garbage like highly processed corn or cottonseed or soy oil, or a mixture of them. These are bad oils. Search the net on "vegetable oil" to find out why exactly it's not a good thing).

All in all, meh. OK product; not too healthful; taste fine; was good for the price I got it for (nine bucks a pack, which as I can see nearly doubled since I ordered, which was like a week ago; was delivered very fast). Wouldn't recommend, really. I will consume what I got, but will not reorder.
251656251656B004DXZN7AA3F6UPPU8W8J0UA3411316476800Xylitol-sweetened chocolate CAN be yummyI had an enormous hope for this "patent-pending" technology and was shocked to find that this product doesn't taste like anything. I thought is was just me and tested it on several genetically different individuals. Everybody had the same perception. Several companies distribute this product under different labels.

I found a small maker who takes custom orders, and she made incredible chocolate sweetened only with xylitol! Again, tested on several people. E-mail her: cocosrawchocolates at yahoo.
251657251657B004DXZN7AA1KWAQ9WCB7L02marissa0051348185600good!i totally disagree with the other review. i think these chocolates are creamy and delicious. they are expensive but even at that i am a repeat customer.
251658251658B0029OCY36A1N7832ZT6B22WSubsnipe "Subsnipe"4451255392000still don't want to make a titleEveryone who likes A-1 steak sauce has loved this one. It is very aromatic. It is not too hot. Is great on steak and pork dishes. What a change to boring old pot roast! Works on many casseroles and breakfast trash plates too. This is a staple on my shelf now.
251659251659B0029OCY36A8XGC7KIUT3WCPenny L. Walker1151347494400Tabasco Caribbean Style Steak SauceI bought a bottle of this steak sauce at Henrys and fell in love. I went back to the store and they didn't carry it anymore. So I went to Amazon and found it. Bought two bottles and when thats gone I will buy two more. I even got a catalog on a lot more things that Tabasco makes. I love things spicy and you should try this product.
251660251660B0029OCY36A1XHB10Q0O0LTXshanel1151307232000love it !!!!!want to jazz up your meat or vegetables? then this is a must have! sweet yet tangy, a little spice yet just right!
251661251661B000LKZLQWA5MXNEKQSVHEGd arivas6611253923200Organic garbanzo beans wrapped in "Bisphenol A" lined cansI went through the trouble to contact them and indeed they are using BPA lined cans.
BPA is the same substance removed from plastic baby bottles, because it is rated dangerous.
Many countries have already outlawed the use of BPA.
To be fair it has to be said that more than 90% of all manufactures of canned products in the US use epoxies containing BPA
Why can an "Organic" manufacturer not go the extra mile?
Look at Eden Food garbanzo beans right here at Amazon.
Eden Organic Garbanzo Beans, 15-Ounce Unit (Pack of 12)
They do not use BPA for their cans!
They might be slightly more expensive, but you save your body a substance that acts in your system like Oestrogen.
251662251662B000LKZLQWA3CN9CCJUNIPKTDJ Joe Sixpack2251184112000YummyWe like this brand of garbanzo bean a lot... good plain, or cooked with just about anything. Yummy!
251663251663B000LKZLQWA1Y78CEUFXJRUOJanuary20090051232323200God's food - Part 1Chickpeas will be added to my list of foods for the healthy and happy. Completely versatile, easily flavored, and totally healthy. Canned chickpeas are the only choice for convenient cooking (instead of buying dried beans and boiling). These Organic beans are great quality, like any other canned chickpea I have had the pleasure to come across.

Fry up some onions, carrots, and celery, add a can of chickpeas and teriyaki sauce and serve over rice for a delicious vegetarian-friendly stir fry.
251664251664B000T3KTJAA9YOPK7CQAA20VA "Googs"121251207180800Tazi Chai Tea is a concentrate!I also order this stuff from but it is a concentrate; it says right on the carton to add equal parts of milk(or milk substitute - I use 1/2% milk to watch calories and cholesterol levels). I also use the Krups espresso machine in order to steam my milk before mixing with the heated up Chai. And as a result, it tastes exactly like Starbucks. I can drink it at a much lower cost though by making it at home! If your Chai is made this way, you shouldn't taste a 'peppery' or 'spicy' taste. That means there is too much chai. Of course, after reading the other reviews, I realize that some people enjoy the stronger flavor. But for those who enjoy the Starbucks Chai, this is the way to go.
251665251665B000T3KTJAA2ORU8ND262JZYjiphner7751201564800Best ever ChaiI have purchased this from the star place many times and here. It is the same stuff. The amount you use depends on how strong you like your chai. I mix mine 1/2 and 1/2 with soy milk for a rich creamy warm wintery beverage. Works great mixing in a blender as well for a cool creamy beverage (does seperate if you don't drink it fast enough, but a few swirls or shakes fixes that right up). Add a little extra chai for stronger flavor. Highly recommend! One container makes anywhere from 3-8 glasses of chai for me.
251666251666B000T3KTJAAMNIMOA9GBT13Judith C. Russell5521299110400Not Identical to Starbucks Chai ExtractThis is the same brand, but not the same concentration (and therefore not the same flavor) as the Chai extract used by Starbucks. The extract used by Starbucks is more heavily concentrated and therefore more intense in flavor. Very disappointing.
251667251667B000T3KTJAA1WXRPIOFNGVTMM. Tait Lifto "Beer Expert"162141184716800Mislabelled ProductTazo Tea is excellent - you most likely already know this before even reading this review. Tazo Chai Latte is no exception. My only issue is that I paid CoffeeAM for this item, listed as "Tazo Chai Latte Concentrate" and when it arrived, found that it is NOT actually Concentrate - it's just the normal Tazo Chai Latte. This changes the purchase in my mind dramatically - the cost per volume just went up. Please know before buying that the product is great, but it's not what's advertised, so factor that into the cost.
251668251668B000T3KTJAAFZKXU2URFOTFS. Weir2251245024000Tazo Chai Latte for less than StarbucksTazo Chai Latte Concentrate
Although this isn't the same product they use at Starbucks (same manufacturer but the actual product they use at Starbucks isn't available to the public), it is a decent replacement. To get the full flavor of a Starbucks Chai Tea Latte, I have to use this at 50% mix/50% milk. Since there is no Starbucks within 30 miles of my location, this is a good replacement.
251669251669B000T3KTJAA2348NMGPETP9Joseph Larsen "Boomboxjoe"2251226707200TAZOGreat product.... just like starbucks... 1st day I recieved my order i made 4 cups 3 for me 1 for the wife. I have an chopper attachment which works with my hand mixer and found it does a great job as a frother...... mix while the milk and syrup heats up on the stove...unless you own a expresso machine. You will love this if yor a fan of the starbucks chai lattes.
251670251670B000T3KTJAA1U3RP1BTJ1T7Wflutterby1111336953600Pepper Only - UndrinkableThis concentrate tasted nothing like chai tea should. I prepared exactly according to the instructions on the box, but even so all I could taste in the tea was a strong, pepper-ish overtone that completely blocked any hints of the other spices. It was undrinkable. After several attempts at brewing it differently, I ended up throwing it out.

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