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251671251671B000T3KTJAA12IRGQLFE4EBAChristine "If at first you don't succeed, try...1131323907200Good - Not Great - ChaiI've been trying to duplicate the terrific spicy chai tea I get at my two favorite local Indian restaurants and so far the only one that has come close is the Third Street brand. This Tazo brand is very good, but it doesn't have the spicy kick that Third Street Chai has.

If you're used to this brand or don't go for spicy chai, then Tazo is very good, but if you want a bit of 'umph' to your chai, definitely go with Third Street!
251672251672B000T3KTJAA13YHU6Y4RAKDUMichelle Bowman "ishellb"1151223251200Exactly What I Was Looking For...This Tazo Chai is exactly what I was looking for. This concentrated liquid is perfect for a cold Chai (I like mine w/ Vanilla Silk) or steamed for a latte during the colder months. A comment about some of the reviews I read before purchasing: if you are drinking this hot, unless you are steaming the milk/silk/etc., it will not taste like what you get at starbucks or your favorite coffee place. Just heating the milk does not add the micro-bubbles that make a drink a latte.
251673251673B000T3KTJAA2TXTO6FBY2EB4david blackman1141198886400good but not the same as retailthis is the original chai tea stuff, and is good almost straight over ice, or with a little milk - iced or hot. But please note, that this chai is not the same as you get when you order Chai in that Star place on the corner. they use a stronger concentrate. this one is the same, but with water ordered. thats the difference.
251674251674B000T3KTJAA37AO20OXS51QARoderic Rinehart "Roderic"0021350777600Do not like the spices, not as good as Oregon ChaiThis just wasn't good, in my opinion, and it looks like Chai brands and flavors can vary wildly, as much as personal preference. My suggestion is to go to a natural grocery store like Whole Foods where they have a great selection of individual brands and flavors.
251675251675B000T3KTJAA11SWZ478VKELZHeaven0031343088000Chai teaMaybe because it's not a latte it's not as creamy. I used the same fat free half and half in it but it's not as creamy as the green tea latte. Still a very good product though. I just prefer the tea bags in this one. Thanks a bunch.
251676251676B000T3KTJAAQPG03K3IHKZYH. Hall0051340409600this stuff is greatThis is the best chai concentrate but for your information- you can get the same thing at super walmart for $3.50. Amazon should consider this.
I do not find it too peppery, I find the primary spice in this version to be clover
251677251677B000T3KTJAA2XNJJ9TF70P4JAngie0011324339200Contains black pepperI Know I am in the minority here but I do not like this tea. I've had chai tea before and loved it, but Tazo's version is weird. It contains black pepper. It strongly overpowers the drink for me. In my opinion black pepper does not belong in a drink. I found this undrinkable.
251678251678B000T3KTJAA1VTIZMBUAEMIWJ. Moritz0051224201600Good Product, Good ServiceI've always enjoyed Tazo Chai Latte. It was nice to find a supplier that offered a good price and expedited delivery times.
251693251693B004MULTZOA18V316U2HXALEJ. Hallan "Shamrock"2251342742400A great food for our dogsI have been feeding Fromm Four Star Beef Frittata for the last month to my bichons and chihuahua.
The ingredients are healthful, no byproducts, grains or artificial anything. It's a family run company with its own production mill and has never had a recall, which is reassuring in today's day and age with all the recalls and sick pets!

The kibble size is quite small, which is great for my 4 pound Chihuahua. The other dogs don't seem to mind the kibble size at all.

Coats are looking beautiful. I have one super sensitive bichon whose skin has stayed in good shape on this food, thankfully. She gets yeast infections on her skin (ears, toes, face/muzzle) that can make her quite miserable. Fromm has kept her in great shape!

Back yard clean-up is good. Initially when I switched the girls to Fromm, they had a little gas but once acclimated have not been gassy at all.

Great food! Transitioning/rotating to the Game Bird recipe now and will report on that too!
251679251679B000T3KTJAA26DL5NSMQA68HC. Krieg "horsegal"0051218585600Chai teaExcellent product, very tasty and not as sweet as Pacific Chai. Loved it just don't like to pay shipping on the small amount I drink. Would love to get this in a larger container or dehydrated
251680251680B000T3KTJAA2Z1P1HAF408ITSusan Matthews0041206921600Starbucks Chai TeaGreat Product, I love it and it is so convenient to make my own Chai Latte's at home.
251681251681B000T3KTJAA3DGCJAN19X6TNDeyanira Castaneda Smith0051201219200we love this stuffI brought this stuff to work and for that night, there was no rank between us all. We love this stuff.
251682251682B000T3KTJAA2QSR5L9I14WCBevcute "bevcute"0251233878400TAZO CHAI TEA CONCENTRATEEverything was delivered in a safe and timely fashion. iT was an excellent transaction. Sorry for the delay on the review
251683251683B000T3KTJAAGLLS01FC513IFelicia "Lover of Arts"0651214697600The BombEasy to use, tho i do think its weaker than SBux'. U have 2 use as much concentrate as milk. Tastes great but u ain't gonna beat spending comparable money, in relationship to SBux. Noper. Just want 2 have access n u're own cupboard?, worth it.
251684251684B000HH7RNEAAS49BS96NHP6Honest Abe101151178236800taste greatI bought the 30 pack off of eBay recently. I was pleasantly surprised by the yummy taste of the various flavors (with exception of "root beer float" flavor.) I got them to help me quit smoking (oral fix.) I am finding out they are effective in losing weight as well. They defiantly curve my appetite. I find they give me a nice subtle increase in energy too, without that "nervous feel". I am telling my friends about this product. Who would have ever thought "one can eat candy AND lose weight"!?
251685251685B000HH7RNEA1P1TKG61FIMLLPatricia L. Glarborg "corvette lover"5541208390400A tasty alternative for HoodiaI recently purchased the Hoodia Pops and found them to be very tasty. There are multiple flavors and cut that craving for candy that I shouldn't really be eating. The only problem is I keep waiting for that chocolate chewy middle. Despite that drawback, I recommend these as an alternative to sweets that are taboo. They are good and good for you.
251686251686B000HH7RNEA2LRKWXMFQ22FAPlur4411304208000Does NOT work!I just received these a week ago and I've been eating them ever since. I thought this was suppose to help curb my appetite, but it doesn't! I don't know if it's just me, but once I'm done eating a lollipop I'm hungry for food. I figured maybe it was just the first time, but every other time I ate a lollipop, I would get extremely hungry right after. I will admit it tastes good but it doesn't do what it's claiming. I haven't lost any weight, at all.
251687251687B000HH7RNEA2HAGNGS4LJN7Gcataubawoman4431301356800Seems to work but too much acid?I liked these lollipos. They seemed to work and tasted pretty good. The drawback was that they contained sugar (bad for a ketogenic diet) and they burned the inside of my mouth (I'm guessing they have a lot of acid in them). Because I'm afraid they may damage my teeth due to what I'm guessing is a high acid content, I probably will not order them again which is a shame. They really seemed to help curb my appetite. :(
251689251689B000HH7RNEA3C7C3W0BPD97EMistrix Ms E2231305504000Would have given 5 stars but...The last order of "assorted flavor" pops I received (2 bags!) were actually two bags of all cinnamon pops, that had been re-barcoded with an assorted sticker over the correct 'cinnamon' sticker. At $30 a bag, it'd be nice to get what you order. It was a gift tho, so I didn't go to the trouble of returning. I'd have been less bummed if it was a favorite flavor!

Love the product & have been using them on and off for several years. Best flavors IMHO, Pink Lemonade, Pina Colada, Mountain Berry... nummy. They do speed up your metabolism (and that sometimes includes... let me be delicate... your intestines). They do help as a snack replacement & as long as you just suck them, they last forever, so they push you through the craving fit and leave you feeling satisfied.
251690251690B000HH7RNEA1BA2A7CSUWEW6D. Mallory1151336521600Keeps your mouth busy for sure!These may not work as an effective "appetite suppressant" for me, BUT, they seriously take between 45 minutes to 1 hour to finish!!! That is great for me because they keep my mouth busy and I'm not thinking of snacking all day. Also, by the time I finish one, I have to wait to eat anyways just because the sweet taste is still in my mouth and therefore keeps me satisfied for another 30min to an hour later =) Well, then maybe they are an appetite suppressant. LOL I ordered the assorted flavors pack because I wasn't sure what I was in for. Initially, I thought I wanted to order just watermelon. Glad I didn't, it was nasty! My favorite flavors ended up sup rising me: cappuccino, candy cane, root beer float (I normally HATE root beer anything). I also love the cherry (taste like Luden's cough drops) and the grape. Interesting side effect: I've cut back on the smoking!
251691251691B000HH7RNEA1IFORBOS7BWH1mary62041151327190400been buying them for yearsAlthough they're intentions are for curbing appetite, I have been buying and using them for a long time because it takes over a half an hour
to consume and it satisfies my sweet tooth. They taste fabulous especially root beer, cinnamon, pink lemonade and candy cane. I panic when
I run low.
251692251692B000HH7RNEA8TSNBH0FSNFNrlpna0021338163200no appetite curbingThese taste good. They do not curb my appetite and they are sooo expensive! I used them to help with sugar craving on the hcg diet. Helped with craving but Im going to try sugar free pops?
251694251694B004MULTZOA3SNANLPSCLJ70Donna "Beezer"1151346371200The best quality grain-free dog food available!I have been feeding my Puggle and Pug Fromm grain-free dog food for three months and it has really improved their coats. Shedding has dramatically decreased to that of a 'normal' dog. (Pugs are notorious shedders.) Their coats are now so shiny and soft! I don't get a big cloud of dog hair from petting them anymore. I haven't had to use the Furminator in . . . 6 weeks, and I may not need it anymore at all. Their coats are beautifull and glossy and hardly shed now. Before Fromm, there was always a ton of hair on my dark leather sofa and I just realized that there is hardly a hair on it now! Wow!
My dogs LOVE Fromm and gobble it down. We only feed our dogs Fromm dry food and use it for training treats -- they love it that much. (Okay, we also give our dogs natural chews like Bully Sticks, Pizzle Sticks, and dried cow esophagus, but they are all natural, too. No grains, no sugar, no coloring.)
I like that it has a natural ingredient in it that reduces feces odor --- and it REALLY works! If they get an 'outside' treat (all we feed them is Fromm, and use it for treats) I can always tell by the horrible (regular/bad) smell of their feces the next day. When they don't get any unathorized treats, the smell is greatly reduced.
Also, Fromm doesn't have any fillers, it's a 'rich' dog food, in that you probably won't need to feed your dog the same amount that you were feeding them if you were using a dog food filled with corn and other fillers. The good thing about that is that you get LESS poop. (And that's always a good thing!) My dogs generally poop 2-3 times a day and it is well formed and not overly malodorous.
Go slow in transitioning your dog over from regular (corny) dry food, because Fromm is a very rich diet. Check the back of the bag for how much you should feed your dog and also calculate in treats or you will wind up with weight gain.
Fromm has never had a dog food recall. That's awesome! They are very careful about their ingredients.
I truly believe that spending my money wisely on such a high quality, grain-free dog food like Fromm Beef Frittata will provide my dogs with a long healthy life and that they will be less likely to have diseases or cancer. I can already see a great difference in their coats.
I don't feed my family 'Frankenfoods' like corn syrup, sugar, 'flavorings', by-products and grains, and I wouldn't feed my dogs any of that either. I believe I'm making an investmentin my dog's health by feeding them Fromm brand. Four paws up for Fromm!
251695251695B0012A0BYCA30QX5KP5R60N9S. Edwards2241286323200sugar free jamAlthough I liked this jam, it's probably not for someone not used to sweetners other than sugar. I would have given this 5 stars if it had been sweetened with "splenda"
251696251696B004H1YHB6AH8G6I2MRCMQHStephen Snell0051350691200Hawaiian Soda CrackersThe crackers reminded me of a time long forgotten.....when we were young. It was the best after swimming in the Pacific ocean then having strawberry soda with crackers or having a cup of tea and crackers Mahalo Amazon for giving me memories with every bite. It was ono-licious. Now if only you can get more of the Cream Crackers. That would be over the top. Aloha Iwalani
251697251697B001PMDYT6A30QYHMGSDGI0JJennifer Partin "islandgrits"333451181433600PET FOOD RECALL WORRIES? NO PROBLEM WITH NEWMAN'S!Upon the initial pet food recall news, I immediately began my investigation into the healthiest food choices for my pets. Although I am already diligent as a pet parent of eight, and none of the foods we use were recalled, I still felt I wanted to go even MORE natural. In doing this research, I found out that not only does Newman's company make salad dressing, as we all know, but ALSO a VAST variety of human and pet treats as well! :)

I got a great deal through Amazon on this pack of six bags, so I got two flavors and sizes for my dogs. They are ALL natural, and when you touch them yourself and feel the texture, and see the actual oats and cheese or whatnot for yourself, you will be so happy you are feeding them to your pet instead of crap food. People have no idea just how awful most name brand pet food is and that it is really like the equivalent of feeding junk food to their kids for every meal. But it's not our faults when pet food companies are abusing our trust.

Get these treats. You and your pets will be healthier for it . . . physically, mentally, spiritually.
251698251698B001PMDYT6A1VDFN0CLOAT1TElaine ""272751156723200My dogs love 'em!My husband and I like to buy Newman's products. We love their cookies so we thought our dogs might like them, too. So we got these dog treats and the LOVE them. They're even shaped like hearts! They come with 6 bags so they'll last a while but they're packaged so they won't go stale.
251699251699B001PMDYT6ARAR3323ICNLFStumped111151262304000Dog loves themWe purchased these for our poodle. She is the smaller breed (appx. 10 pounds) so I was a little worried these might be too big. As a whole piece, the treats might be a little large for her, but they can be broken in two very easily. The bag actually shows you how to break them in two, of course it's pretty self-explanatory as each treat has a cut down the middle of them. So, the actual size of the treat should not be an issue for those with large or small dogs! As far as taste--of course I can only rely on how well our dog likes them-she loves them. Of course she is a little piggy and likes everything, but she really seems to be more fond of these than cheaper treats we have given her. Overall I am pleased with these treats and I would recommend them if asked!
251700251700B001PMDYT6A2V4XUYMIMMT3Slillyrose111151164499200Great stuff!My little cockapoo loves Newman's Own dog treats, especially the peanut butter flavor. She'll usually eat anything, but I feel better about giving her treats that are healthy, organic, and made with high-quality ingredients that I could eat. No by-products here! Great price & highly recommended.

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