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251791251791B000LKWWGYAFQY780QEDLIXKaren S. Burton "ksb"1151328140800Very good!These are very good. And they are just the right size for a guilt-free, daily chocolate fix. I first heard of these from my organic food delivery website. I had 4 of these mints delivered with my last order and liked them so much I thought I'd order 7 mints for next week. That would be JUST enough to have one a day, but not enough to get me into any trouble. Amazon's price is, of course, the best price on these I've found, so am ordering a whole box.

Let's see, 64 mints, at one mint a day, should last 2 months.... I'll let you know how that goes! If that doesn't work out as planned, I may have to go back to Plan A - having just 7 a week delivered.
251792251792B001L7UOPWA3W2MMU37ZYH81Ohio Girl1151264723200Best cracker ever!Rich-tasting cracker. Great for topping-off with flavored cream cheese, pepper jelly, etc. for snacking. Healthy alternative to junk food.
251793251793B003SBW1S2A769CQ59B7M26V. POTTER2251329868800BLue Sky Dr BeckerSometimes you just need a soda.
Although depending on what part of the country you're from
251794251794B003SBW1S2A30RF4S4FYANC2tam1141331769600Tastes greatI was a little leary on ordering this soda as I have never tried any of it. I am trying to get products that are more natural without all the additives. I decided to try this one because my 6 year old really loves Dr. Pepper. He loved the taste of it, it does have the taste of dr. pepper, just not as sweet. I would buy this again.
251795251795B000LQNC26A2VUD4SPJO4V33Theo2241291593600Melt in Your Mouth Delicious!"Bounty" bars consist of a soft, almost molten center of sweet coconut coated in an outer layer of milk chocolate. You can easily buy them "over the counter" here in Australia. But if that's not the case where you are, and you don't mind a diet rich in junk food, then yes, this is a candy bar worth going to the trouble of ordering over the internet.

Note that here on Amazon you can purchase bounty bars in boxes with varying numbers of bars inside, so it is worth your while to crunch the numbers and think about what package offers the best value for you. At the same time, it may not be entirely in the best interests of your health to have _too_ many of these things lying around at home all at once!

251796251796B002AN4TWKA2SRB4GMY8I8X7Anna242551282694400Two Paws Up!My two cats are, I admit, rather spoiled as far as food goes. I usually feed them Indigo Moon, Weruva and Tiki Cat, and as a consequence they eat a better quality diet than most people do. It's worth it though, everyone who meets them comments on how glossy their fur is. I decided we would give BFF a try as the ingredients list meets my standards and the price seemed right, and I must confess I really liked the label (yes I am that shallow) but I was a little apprehensive about how my two four footed food critics would react. It's probably because I indulge them so much but they are very picky eaters and will turn their backs on any wet food that doesn't please them.

But I needn't have worried, they loved it! The Tuna Too Cool is a rich-looking, reddish pate with lots of jelly on top and my twosome were wolfing their portions down and got into a bit of a scuffle over the last couple of mouthfuls. They have no higher praise.
251797251797B002AN4TWKA1AL1QDY1TTZ3IAnn101051278979200They like it!I learned recently that cats are not supposed to have GRAINS in their food. It causes them health problems, including weight problems. The first few days of trying this I couldn't decide if they were liking it or not. They had always eaten dry food. After a few days on this canned they really started to show that they were liking it. It is a little chunky, but the chunks are easily smoothed out - it's also better to add some warm water with this to make it a little soupy. If it has been refrigerated, let it get to room temperature. All 3 cats like this as well as the Tuna Too Cool and the one that has Shrimp and Chicken combined - but they didn't like salmon.
251798251798B002AN4TWKAQRJWDODWT0DJR. Ricks8851292457600Grrrrreat!My two cats can't get enough of this food. They will eat and seem to enjoy several of the other BFF flavors, but with this one they hardly pause to inhale. The price on Amazon is great, especially if you can get the free shipping.
251809251809B002AN4TWKA29IY4WMZ48QCJKElliott1151319500800Great ProductI've recently switched my cats to all grain free food. (if you still feed your cats (or dogs!) with grain filled food, especially if you have had a problem with bladder or kidney stones, I implore you to look at the reviews and research of grain free food.) That being said, my ragdoll usually only eats dry food and my shorthair usually eats the wet food. Amazon delivered this to my doorstep today and I opened a can and fed it right away to see if they liked it. After taking a shower I came back out and it was ALL gone, and my ragdoll was finishing up what little was left. The cat food box says on the front that it was made in a human food facility, but I don't know much about cat food that isn't made in a human food facility. I still appreciate the fact that they are trying to say it is higher quality. I will probably be buying this brand from now on, I just wish Amazon Prime members got it in two days like usual, but it is shipped from pet food direct so :(.
251810251810B002AN4TWKA2UUB6MIBEBPH5Patricia Summers "manitou girl"1151318118400High quality cat food!My cat loves this! You are able to see the pieces of chicken & tuna! It is very fresh and I was tempted to take a bite, though I didn't of course. :)
251799251799B002AN4TWKA2EBJNX1R1DPH0kznny5551340150400Please understand what it means to go grain free.....This product is a good product and really good health wise for your cats. If you are looking at this product you are probably interested in feeding your cats something better. I just wanted to address some of the negative reviews of this food - many of them by people who don't understand that all cat food is not the same. I took the time to switch my 8 year old street rescue Louie to grain-free food (tried many brands before I arrived at BFF), and here are some of my observations.

All grain free foods costs more for the same reason that grass-fed antibiotic free, free range chicken costs more per lb than a chicken nugget. It's better for your cat! Anyone who has a cat that's on a farm - ever see it eating some of the corn or wheat that spills off of the truck? Never! That is because cats don't eat grains. In cheap cat foods these grains are used as fillers to round out the portions and are not of any nutritional value to the cat. When I went grain free my cat ate much, much less - thereby negating the price difference. I even tested it a couple of times - my 13 lb cat can eat 2 - 3 ounce cans of Fancy Feast in one sitting - but cannot eat a 3.3 ounce can of BFF in one sitting.

Another point on cost. If you are the type to take your cat to the vet and take care of it when it is sick, then you save so much money and trouble with foods like this it is crazy. When you hear people talk about diabetic cats, food allergies and all the other assorted sicknesses our animals are getting - most of them come from food. Diabetic cats - did they continuously raid the cookie jar? All the money you think you will save (but are not actually saving) will go to the health care of your pet in later years. Its the same way McDonalds and Denny's don't have to absorb the cost of all the diabetics they helped create - the taxpayers pay for it through Medicare and higher insurance costs 30 or so years down the line (and sooner with all the young diabetics we are creating).

Most grain free cat foods smell. EVO stank up the house horribly and I had to move the cat bowl from the kitchen. Minus all the fillers and grains - you are getting an all natural product that is better for your cat because nutrition of the cat is put first.

Cat's are notoriously finicky. Most cat foods that have grains and other filler ingredients have to add heavy syrupy mixes to get the cats to eat them. They take corn, wheat, soy, barley and gods know what else, add some vitamins and then add a extremely strong tasty syrupy mix to get the cat to swallow it all. So cats fed this for a period of time get used to it the same way babies get used to sugars in their formula. Then, when you want to give the baby vegetables with no sugar added guess what? Baby rejects them - they want the sugar! Same happens with cats fed with cheap filler foods.

When switching to grain free a cats habits and consistency may change. Their digestive system is learning how to digest what it was actually made for. Same thing happens to humans - look up the "Whole 30" and see what I mean.

Switching to Grain Free
Its a process more involved than opening the can and plopping it down. Took me months. Google can help you do it but don't expect to just give this to your cat and have her dive right in thanking you for it. That may happen, but more likely than not you have to mix old and new foods until they are used to it.

BFF, EVO, Taste of the Wild.... they are all good brands that will improve the health of your cat. I settled on BFF as my wet food because he loves it. I used to give him EVO wet food and he would eat it but he hated it. I still feed him EVO dry food because he likes it. I tried many brands and did not give up on grain-free food because I cared about my cat. I understood as a street cat for years he was used to eating whatever he could and it all was the cheapest, unhealthiest stuff available given to him by well meaning people. He has improved in every way (coat, activity level, temperament, litter habits, etc..) and now is a healthy and happy cat.
251800251800B002AN4TWKA6LED509IALBTJennifer Milligan4451313193600Great grain free, high fiber, high moisture food!My slightly aging cat has had horrible colitis in the last two years, and was defecating on the floor and my bed. The best solution I found was to switch to a grain free food, and offer more wet food than dry, so he will have more moisture in his bowels. I switched to Natural Care LDT, and it solved his problem...for about six months. After finding another steaming pile in my bed recently, and a few under my desk, I decided to try BFF, as my local pet store just started carrying it. He is a picky feline, but he sucked the Tuna and pumpkin flavor down like a Hoover. One week later, happy cat, no more poop in my bed, which means happy girl. Great ingredients, and picky cat loves it!
Note: yes he saw the vet. The change in diet was the vets idea.
251811251811B002AN4TWKA1EC9FOXZLQM4Candy Y. Kelly "senior student"1151313107200Cats LOVE Weruva BFFMy four discriminating cats rejected every other brand of cat food that was placed in their bowls, but still love BFF. Amazon's very low price is GREAT and the food is delivered to my door. Who could ask for more? All five of us are happy.
251801251801B002AN4TWKA1NBX33XSI4LZXYunmi3351302652800Great catfood with good ingredientsMy kitty is not a picky cat to eat so generally I can't tell what he really likes.
This one, of course my kitty loves it.
For me, it doesn't gross me out with the smell. In fact, it smells like human food.
Also, my kitty doesn't leave a bit on his dish when I pour this can.
I check the ingredients whenever I buy something for my cat, and BFF generally offers pretty good ingredients with decent price. I highly recommend this cat food!
251802251802B002AN4TWKA1OF2Q2BQQEGRVmon2cents3351293494400Tuna, Taurine, My Cat Loves ItThank You. I am very pleased. Quality cat food. Good for male cats, high water content.
Some other brands on Amazon are made abroad then distributed by US. company. The b.f.f product reads
made in Massachusetts. Glad there is Taurine in it. First ingredient tuna, then water for processing,also included: Potato Starch. The Potato Starch may not be for all cats. I am not vetrinarian. I have always fed my cat dry and wet from Premium companies. This was my first time finding a brand for him on amazon. For the price and convenience, I am ordering again... but mostly because my cat loves it. Thank You.
251803251803B002AN4TWKA2GUXRR0DPXM2QDaKon5651292544000BFF Top Grade Cat FoodVery good quality cat food. Made at a human food factory with human grade ingredients. The tuna used is the red meat from the skipjack tuna fish. They get a variety so this is just part of their diet as I do not want to feed them tuna based foods as their primary source of protein. Healthy and cats love this. I try to use this brand, Tiki Cat, Weurva and then for dry food Orijen cat food. My Himalayan cats are on a no grain, no gluten/filler diet. This wet food in combination with the dry has led to great coats, no hair balls, good energy and solid not too stinky poo :)
251804251804B002AN4TWKA79372WBA9IJMMiss Kitty "Timid Observer"2251315267200OMG, it was like TT "totally tasty" - (in the cat's own words)IDK where my BFF mom found this delicious snack, but I have to say TY! Best Feline Friend is dose of rich, ambrosial comfort food. Mini chunks of tender tuna punctuate the smooth tasty sauce. Costing just over $10 per 12 pack, Best Feline Friend is a reasonable value. At that price, this delectable entrée is likely to become a staple of my diet. I heart <3 BFF!

Steve the cat
251812251812B002AN4TWKA2502DHS7L1UDXJ. Brynda1131298419200Pretty Goodbut not as good a weruva -- much more chunky and the cats do not seem to like as much. All and all a solid back up for the back of the cupboard.
251805251805B002AN4TWKA1512M624OYCFGpriusapril2251290816000Great FoodI initially thought this was a generic brand of food and of poor quality, due to the label design. However, it's a Weruva product and is exactly the quality of food I normally purchase (Tiki Cat, Merrick, Natural Balance, Wellness). There's no grains or byproducts. My kitties love this and are incredibly picky eaters. I'm going to try the other flavors now, especially at such a great price!!!
251806251806B002AN4TWKA34VRVJ0DKQ5NFMoretti "Moretti"2251289088000Great for our discriminating feline friendsOur cats love this food. One of them is elderly and doesn't normally eat enough---but she pays attention when we open one of these cans. She is doing very well on it. Our kitten, though, is now spoiled rotten and doesn't want anything else! They both like it better than canned tuna, which is saying a lot. They also really like the "tuna so cool" flavor. The one flavor they weren't crazy about was the tuna and vegetables, big surprise.
251807251807B002AN4TWKA2SRB4GMY8I8X7Anna2251282780800Another Hit From BFF!I just tried my two four footed food critics on BFF's Tuna & Veggies Valentine and it made a big hit with both of them. It's always a risk trying a new food on my two finicky cats, but I hoped they would like this one because they love parent company Weruva's Tuna & Vegetables Weruva Mediterranean Harvest Cat Food, 5.5-Ounce Packages (Pack of 24). BFF's tuna & veggies is a bit different from Weruva's - it has red tuna instead of white and a slightly thicker consistency, though both are stew like and have visible chunks of veggies. And both have an ingredient list that meets my standards - no by products. My twosome snarfed up every last bit of tuna and veggies valentine that I gave them and they asked me for more - but they will have to wait until tonight for that!
251808251808B002AN4TWKA32UL2KKS22OONNK "Kitty Lover"1151322006400My cats love this stuff!One of my kitties has ear allergies, so after much research I decided to put them on a grain free diet. I purchased a number of different types of can food from the pet store. They rejected a majority of it and refused to eat it. They went nuts over this canned food, so I am now a huge fan. My pet store does not keep much in stock, so I was thrilled to find it on amazon!
251813251813B002AN4TWKA25R6GV3ZTC0O5M. Stover1141296518400Energetic Cat!I recently adopted a kitten just under a year old. At first we thought there was something wrong with her, she wouldn't do normal crazy kitten things. After reading about cat nutrition, I discovered what I had fed to my cats as a kid was completely backwards, as is most 'cat food' even today. I read about BFF and decided to let her try some. Now my cat doesn't rest all day, but is playful and as crazy as a kitten should be. Also of note, there is much more urine in her litter box each day, which is a good sign of how much water is in the food. She's also volunteering her presence more now, not just when she is hungry. I had to take a star off, not because of the product, but since Amazon doesn't let me order more than 2 packs per flavor. I'd give it 6 stars if I could 'subscribe' as you can with other types of food on Amazon.

Also, I would recommend the 3oz cans if you have only one cat. You will have to feed him/her more throughout the day, but it can dry out if they don't finish it, which defeats some of the purpose besides being unappetizing to the cat.
251814251814B002AN4TWKA15YKVAGIPBI7Fkostanca "Konnie"1151260057600Really Good !!!Awwww another winner from Weruva, i really like the brand and they made the BFF line with us in mind. It's a little cheaper than the actual Weruva brand cause its seafood based. Their seafood has the lowest mercury levels but still this isnt recomended for everyday use on your kitties, you're supposed to switch it around. I only give it to my babies 1 or 2-ice a week that's it. You should hear them begging when the can is popped open ha ha ha.
251815251815B002AN4TWKA30QVPEKVC1787S-key6911309651200Carrageenan ingredient NOT good !If your cat has GI or stomach problems, be SURE to read the ingredients on the label as several of the BFF flavors contain Carrageenan which is not at all healthy for your cat (or people for that matter). It causes GI problems and heartburn -- the very last thing a kitty needs. It does NOT appear that Carrageenan is listed in the Amazon description, but if one checks the BFF website, you can find complete product ingredients.

In particular, this BFF has the Carrageenan listed towards the top of the ingredient list, so more highly concentrated.

My cat needs grain-free food for her IBD and I purchased a few cans of this BFF locally. The "Carrageenan" on the label got me to sleuthing and discovered some food makers (pet and human) use this as a filler.


Just a heads up for folks ..!
251816251816B002AN4TWKA1SGX5VMNU516TConnie0051350864000my cat loves it!This is not very expensive compare to other brands, grain-free, my 3-year old cat goes crazy over it! It looks like canned tuna with chicken gravy. Just started feeding him his second car, let's see if it'll improve my cat's health
251817251817B002AN4TWKA1IJ65LMBL71FPAllyson O0041343952000Finicky Cat Eats ItMy cat is somewhat choosy about her food, and she likes this. There are little meat-ball like pieces in here that she leaves behind if I don't smash them a bit with a fork before serving, but that's not a big deal. Satisfied.
251818251818B002AN4TWKA22S2SUMTF3ZBXTerri M. Pendleton "gidgetgoes"0051342569600Absolute Life Saver!My 14 year old kitty's mouth does not work so well anymore, and she has trouble eating most of the grain free wet foods, which tend to be too chunky or solid. This awesome wet food is full of jelly and broth as well as meat, and it's PERFECT for an old kitty's mouth. She has not eaten a full helping of cat food in YEARS, but the very first can of this stuff I set out for her was GONE almost instantly. She is usually constantly screaming for treats, but after having a full 3 ounce can of this, she is happy and scream free. I have never seen her take to a wet food so instantly and so completely. Yes, it smells like tuna...because it's made from tuna? It's pungent but she frickin' LOVES it. How nice to see my poor old girl eat every last bit of something. I am just so grateful I found this food! Will be ordering it on a regular basis. Thanks, BFF!
251819251819B002AN4TWKA1VIXNWFFLOKUQViolet Zephyr0051331596800What a great treat!I don't feed fish to Hanx too often, but this has become a go to occasional treat for him! He loves this stuff and devours it in a flash! I trust Weruva as a brand and so far like b.f.f. a lot, so does Hanx.
251820251820B002AN4TWKA273R71NB411LXS.L.0051330732800Excellent product!Wow... ALL the cats scarfed it down! Even the ones that don't eat canned food! A couple of the ferals that rarely comes out for me willing came out and was talking and that's just from what they scented!

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