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251977251977B00016LA8EATJN4KEHJBOC8KatyKatIL "KatyKat"3351319500800Very tasty and smokey!I'd never heard of this type of base before my husband was in culinary school. They used a different
brand, and a beef base had given a certain dish a flavor I'd had in restaurants that was missing in home cooking.

One thing to note - while these bases all say "no added MSG" it does NOT mean they are MSG-free!
It means they didn't ADD any straight MSG. They still have hydrolyzed items in them, which are a form of MSG.
If you are sensitive to it or allergic to MSG, then heads-up, you might be careful about base products.

That being said...

I'd never personally used it before, so was not really familiar with it. I had a great soup recipe that I wanted
to try, but it called for vegetable stock. There was not a drop of stock in the house of ANY kind, so I thought
about my new ham base. I stirred several spoonfuls up in a separate bowl with very hot water, but I probably didn't
have to do it that way. I then added it to my soup, which had lentils, sweet potatoes, apples, regular potatoes, onions
and carrots. I figured ham would work with any of those items individually, so should be okay together.
Wow! The soup was SO GOOD! The ham base gave it a nice, smokey flavor. You'd have thought I put a ham bone with meat
in there with the other ingredients!

The base does have to be refrigerated once it is opened. I put the date on ours with a sharpie, but of course,
that isn't super necessary.

All in all, this was very tasty. I'll be trying it with soup beans and cornbread next.
As long as you watch out for the salt/MSG content, you'll be okay. If you are not sensitive to such things,
then it'll be okay. I can tell you that both my husband and I have problems with MSG, but did not seem to have
any effects from this base.
251978251978B00016LA8EA32A7FAAAVD8PGBJH in CO2241314576000Ham baseVery tasty. I put it in my pot of crock pot beans and it gave them a great flavor. I would advise anyone to use it.
251979251979B00016LA8EA2VW4LXMXFSK0TErik B. Walker "Erik Walker"2251247961600Excellent for diets!Ham Base is one of the best products for a low-fat, low-calorie or even low-carbohydrate (high-protein) diet. A few teaspoons of this product dumped into the water in which you're cooking any beans, cabbage, brussel sprouts and the like makes the veggies taste like they've been cooked with ham hocks. No fat. Low calorie. Do keep track of the number of servings they claim are in one jar and multiply that by the per-serving calorie-count; the jar has a few more calories than you might think. But you can use the Ham-Base-treated water more than once, and not all the Ham Base gets into your veggies.

This is a miraculous product for dieters who don't like plain veggies. Why in the world do grocery stores serve all the less desirable "Better than Bouillon" products and not this one?
251980251980B00016LA8EA234OFCJVQW6IRnsomniak6 "lcslone"4551208649600Sad, Cant' find in the NorthEast!I found this in Florida and used in my beans and greens and it was amazing and much more healthy than using fatty meat. Too bad I haven't been able to find in CT and I think the shipping is very steep.
251981251981B00016LA8EA2VX6RJQ18KO6JBecky L.1151336089600Ham BaseThis came to me packaged very well in protective bubble wrap and I was thrilled to get it. I am crazy about ham & beans and have been making it in my crock pot for years. I just used this Ham Base for the first time and will never be without it again. What a delicious difference it has made in my beans!!! I am eager to make split pea soup now. It's nice to know that putting a ham bone and meat in it isn't a "must" because of how good Better Than Boullion tastes. Authentic ham flavor. Love this product.
251971251971B0009TKQLUAFCLG7CO02YAQHLR1121202601600not what I'd hopedIt's not that glittery, and it becomes gummy upon contact with moisture... I think this stuff only works if you sprinkle it on and then immediately serve the dish. I used it as a decoration on top of a cheesecake, and within 30 minutes it had "melted" into a gooey substance - and the cheesecake had just come out of the refrigerator. Cute idea, poor execution.
251982251982B00016LA8EA3NVNHJ1SJW080E. Vanketel1151327622400This stuff is the best!I was yearning for collards/turnip greens and couldn't justify buying a hunk of ham for just 2 people. So, I thought I'd try's just wonderful! Smokey and not terribly salty.....great meaty flavor ( although it's mostly vegetable). My family are MSG sensitive, so I'm careful, but this has none added. And BOY! Did it make a difference! Can't wait to make split pea soup, and purple hull peas, and.....
We stirred some into canned brown beans and they were SO much better! It doesn't take much, either........ great stuff. Well worth the $12.00.
251972251972B00016LA8EA1GTIV0IUBTOE0"kgremill"181851082160000Best stuff on earthThis is great stuff. All their products are great IMO. I always wondered how all the restaurants had such great stocks and flavored dishes. I delivered this product to many well known eateries and finally found it in stores. It's one of my secrets to great gravy soups or added flavor to any dish.
251983251983B00016LA8EA3TQXCBXK23VBZL. Beebe1151231200000Ham BaseExcelent product, gives excelent flavor to food. Have given a jar to family and friends to introduce them to the product.
251973251973B00016LA8EA1GV3APGBA97G4V. Valle "psycho_mommy"7751207267200Awesome!I bought the Ham Base at a specialty store just to see what it was like. One use was all it took to get me hooked! I use the ham base in my beans, and it adds a rich flavor to my broth. If you make beans or bean soup, give a try. you won't regret it!
251974251974B00016LA8EA3FWB2WCJZD77RBarbie D6651210204800Excellent ProductThis is our second order, on a recommendation from a friend. Fat Free you get the same flavor as a "ham bone" in vegetables, soups etc., Wish it was available in my local grocery store. Other products are, but not the ham base!
251975251975B00016LA8EAVQVXTJLSP3YOnycquine8941227225600Just one thing ...This base makes the tastiest soup. I'm so glad I found it!
But although it is fat free, lower sodium, and free of MSG, why the corn syrup?!?
251984251984B00016LA8EA25PDGMPA3HB59KerryBee "web footed"0051350864000Million dollar taste for penniesThis is the secret ingredient to make a man pleasing bean soup! A leftover ham bone didn't give me the "hammy" taste I needed, and my Senate Bean Soup recipe would not have been re-elected had it been running for office this year. (I'd cooked all the "life" out of my ham bone.) Headed off to my local Safeway store, and there it was. Ham Base. I'm an experienced cook, and started out with a half teaspoon of base in a bit of very hot water. Yum. So I added another half teaspoon. Better. Added it to my already completed Senate Bean Soup and simmered for another half hour.

As with all these wonderful Better Than bases, use the directions to suit your own taste. I do use a bit of salt in my cooking, and sea salt as a finishing flavoring. A little less salt, a little less base.

Bottom line: This Ham Base with just a few little chunks of leftover ham, will make any soup, even canned, have that taste of a great little bistro.
251976251976B00016LA8EA1Z67W2QI7RN6TJ. Russell4451228608000Gr8 !!I've gotten really hooked on using this Ham Base in my split-pea & ham soup. The label's ratio of 1.5 tbsp / qt of water is plenty - and may be even a bit overpowering depending on your taste. It just ... makes it!
251985251985B00016LA8EA2L68IG68T1O6LKim0051350432000Great tasting flavor.Better than bullion is a little more expensive than the dry stuff, but it tastes great. I use it in soup beans and its better than ham!
251986251986B00016LA8EA1Q7S42NGKXZ8Plots2desire0021343520000Good ProductI bought this item, and when it arrived, the lid was loose on it, even tho it still had the plastic around the lid of the jar. The jar was greasy and you could tell that it had been leaking out of the jar.
251987251987B00016LA8EA2PEY3ULP3TAQMTruthCatcher0051336089600Excellent TasteThis is the best ham base (they also make excellent chicken, beef, mushroom, and veggie base) I have ever used. It works great for ham gravy and ham soup. It enhances ham flavor in many ham dishes, too. Made with natural ham pieces and NO MSG. A little goes a long way for making gravy. Highly recommended for ham lovers.
251988251988B00016LA8EA1HQ3ZGS8XQ0CSK. Mickleson0051323820800Yummy in Navy Bean soup....I made a great Navy Bean soup with ham shanks (instead of less meaty hocks) using this. The recipe used 8 cups water, and I dissolved some of this ham bouillon into it with a little boiling water first. Really added a lot of rich ham flavor to the soup.

That said, I was too liberal re: the 1 t. per cup instruction and it turned out a bit too salty. Next time I will use 6 level t. per 8 cups water in the soup and add NO salt, which should be just perfect. (The jar I got from Safeway was not of the more current 'low sodium' variety they make in chicken and beef.)
251989251989B00016LA8EA2B6W4X21MGVAGJanet40260051313884800BEST HAM BASE IN THE WORLDI have been using this ham base for over 10 years. I love it and so does my family. Get one jar and try it, you'll never go back to the other stuff.
251990251990B00016LA8EA1POWMM8XMPMQHBonnie0051304899200Best Ham Base Ever!Ham base is not always available in stores, so I was thrilled to find it on Amazon. I use my bases alot and my family loves the extra flavor.
251991251991B00016LA8EA2WSUPK7CUK9CGpat36030051291334400Ham BaseThis Ham Base is so good. I'm on a diet so I use it in my greens, green beans and they taste like I've cooked them with bacon or ham.Ham Base
251992251992B00016LA8EA38T7TRL7WXZ50Avid Chef "Lee"0051274313600Veggies Taste GoodI just love being able to put a little ham flavor in all kinds of vegetables without adding extra fat to the dish. I bought my first jar at the local supermarket and they haven't carried it since. It was great to find it on Amazon!!
251993251993B00016LA8EA1SYPD6S0EDK0OEd Corneliuis1251246320000Ham baseI recieved the package as requested and in a timely matter. It was well packaged in bubble wrap and got to me just fine.
251994251994B00016LA8EA1BCDBS2FUIX2XThe Inquiring Mind "TIM"0111316995200Leaves a scum layerWhen I used this Ham Base to make soup it left a scum layer that did not dissolve and I had to try and skim it off the soup. I tried contacting the company twice before leaving this review and they never responded. Don't waste your money on this product.
251995251995B00016LA8EA2MD1G30SSW6OIManiac "Shashinya"0151296604800Adds flavor!Other Minor's products are available in the local market, but not the ham base. I was able to make a very flavorful Ham Pot Pie with it!Delicious!
251996251996B000F6SNQWA1R4K2CFCNI2ZWpokymcb "pokymcb"2351228521600Highly recommendedAgain, just like the Ahmad brand of tea that we have been purchasing, we chose this brand because of the low price. We have given out the tea as presents and plan to use them as affordable stocking stuffers. Everyone is pleased with the quality of the tea. With the unanimous consensus, we shall continue to keep a steady supply on hand for ourselves and potential gift recipients.
251997251997B000F6SNQWA1AW7OTQ9QX3IGpen0051348012800Great productI took a chance and ordered this decaf tea. The fkavor is great. Its on subscribe and save, so the price is fantastic. I plan on giving these as holiday gifts.
251998251998B000F6SNQWA21H6C9GT9CLV8B0051342569600Great tea.I love this tea. No sweetener needed. Very good and just as in store purchased. I would buy it again. No complaints about this.
251999251999B000F6SNQWA2T4L9MA4YODRJBarbara Barry0051312848000Excellent Tea, Great PriceI drink Good Earth Decaf Chai and Vanilla Chai tea daily. I was very happy to learn that Amazon sells it cheaper and offers an even better price when you sign up to have it delivered at specified times. The product arrived quickly and I'm very happy to be a repeat customer.
252000252000B000F6SNQWA24NRZ0QHDM9PYKAM0051254096000Great Decaf TeaI decided to try this tea as I was trying to wean from the caffeine in my regular chai lattes. It was a great and still tasty way to get me by. I prefer drinking it with milk and honey as the directions suggest and it really adds a lot to it. If you like tea you will like this -on the other hand though, if you don't like tea and think it is too "watery" you may be looking for something a little more like Oregon Decaf Chai Tea which is also a great drink product.

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