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252061252061B000F6SNQMA3A4GTVOQ63MU3jaybird "Shelter Island"0051332028800Great green tea.This tea has a wonderful light lemony taste. I especially like it with a teaspoon of honey added to it.
252062252062B000F6SNQMA2T1BMGPXVJCRIThomas A. Webster III "Tech Guy"0041329696000Lighter than I expected...I can't really say anything bad about this tea. Its quite good, but didn't line up with my expectations. I expected this tea to be a bit more full-bodied, but instead, it is a very light, airy flavor that goes well with a good dose of honey. If you're looking for a more flavorful experience, try the Sweet & Spicy variety, but if you're looking for a light, relaxing tea, this one will do just fine.
252063252063B000F6SNQMA23FUGFM9NCCJyingxia0051320451200Another good tea from Good EarthIt's almost embarrasing to admit that I like flavored and smoother green tea better these days since I am originally from a country with long history of tea-growing and tea-drinking where people drink tea as it is for thousands of years. I like Good Earth Super Green Tea a lot and bought this lemongrass flavored green tea by mistake but I am glad I did.
252064252064B000F6SNQMAIFGUCOUOOFJ3jilly0051309478400RefreshingThis is awesome tea. I do not usually like any hint of lemon in my tea, however, this tea has changed my mind! For me, plain green tea is hard to drink. It taste's like mowed grass! So I choose green teas with other flavors added. This is one of the best IMO. I have not tried it iced yet, but think it would be equally as wonderful served that way. The tea stands on it's own& does not really need a sweetener, but a drizzle of honey really brings out the flavor!
252065252065B000F6SNQMAFY5OKC3FSDMBLinda0051298592000Green Tea with LemongrassI prefer this green tea to the one with jasmine. It has a nice flavor, more intense than the jasmine tea, but less intense than the original Good Earth tea.Good Earth Tea Green Tea, Lemongrass, 25-Count Boxes (Pack of 6)
252066252066B000F6SNQMA1LWNQUHV055A5kaila0051293321600Mom - approvedMy mother tried every single green tea out there.. and then she found this one. Every week she goes to the grocery store and buys more.. and then finally the grocery store around here stopped selling it. I bought her this 6 pack for christmas and she was overjoyed ! I personally don't like green tea, but she swears by this one !
252067252067B000F6SNQMA1M5YZ00PFL88OMalcolm Garstin "Deus Vult"0051265068800I liked the old man design better :)I don't normally add content to Amazon because the site is so huge, but I must say that this green tea is some of the best bagged green tea you can buy in my opinion, besides having good Sencha from Trader Joe's. Although it does not taste overtly like sencha or a nicer green tea, it definitely still carries the flavor but is accented by the lemon grass and citrus nutes they added. I always add wild flower honey or orange blossom honey, more of the wild fruity honey's taste better with this tea. Sugar tends to ruin the taste of it, so I prefer one teaspoon of honey and it is wonderful. If you like this, I would check out the ancient recipe for Hop Gar Shaolin Tibetan medicinal tea recipe Teh-Dah tea.
252068252068B000F6SNQMAZZ6D6EV3FL8VT. Martinez "Technology Lover"0051261008000All I can say is OMGThis tea is sooo delicious. I have been drinking it for years and recently couldn't find it in the grocery store but found it as I was looking for the dark green packaging. I love this tea. I don't like any other green tea. Try it and you will see why.
252069252069B000F6SNQMA20CKV0E0GP4V1Larry G. Monroe "Word Study"0051242000000Life is good w/Good EarthThe Lemon Grass, and a hint of Ment, is just the right touch to make this the greatest tasteing Green Tea I've ever had.Twinings Darjeeling Tea, Tea Bags, 50-Count Boxes (Pack of 6)
252070252070B000F6SNQMAUXI6ODX7GSJVGwen E. Smith0051231200000great green teaMy husband and I have used good earth green tea, for years. We can no longer get it in grocery stores, but have found it at one health food store...The difference in price by ordering it through Amaron is worth the effort.
252071252071B000F6SNQMA334RSY4J7PD7LAnnika0051226188800Delicious tea at great priceDelicious tea, the lemon grass really adds a lot of flavor. Love it! Price is about half of what you'd pay at a grocery store.
252072252072B000F6SNQMA1CGHDFA5DVEM5Debbie0051221350400I love this teaThis is the best green tea I've found. Not only does it have a great flavor when it's hot, it also makes a great iced tea.
252073252073B000F6SNQMA3B2VU1KB2LRLFGerald E. Berge0051219708800teaThe tea is good and is sometimes hard to find. Keep it available and I will be a happy camper.
252074252074B000F6SNQMA11SY90LCZKVCNH. Hoi0141289260800Not my cup of teaI bought this because it was on sale and it has perfect review. To be honest, it's not my cup of tea. The lemongrass taste is too strong and you can barely taste the green tea. But taste is a subjective thing. I recommend people get one from their local supermarket and try it before buying six boxes from amazon. Besides the taste, the "Natural Flavors" ingredient also concerns me. Basically, you don't know what you are drinking. Just because it says natural, it doesn't mean it's harmless. One last thing, to those who drink green tea for antioxidants, this tea is mix with a lot of other herbs. You are not getting as much antioxidants per tea bag as the other brands.
252075252075B000F6SNQMA2QMI73PEO0U4QB. T. Slader "iHero"0211324771200Amazon Shipped wrong itemI ordered regular tea. On Christmas morning my wife opened up the box and they were all decaffeinated. Item is not eligible for return.
252076252076B000FZU0N2AJYIMTCW7R1K1lola's mom0031319414400Carba Nada pastaI was very excited about this pasta. I have been eating low carb for a while and this gave me the ability to have pasta... Ah,h,h,h.. love it. No one else has mentioned this so maybe it's the batch I got but they taste a little rancid.
Anyone else had that issue? and yes,, they are better than those noodles in the liquid..-can't get past the fishy smell and taste of those
252077252077B000FZU0N2A2JOO7YH2PFBG6tedzilla0051283212800Great tasteThe only thing you're missing by eating this instead of wheat pasta is the carbs. It's got a really great light taste, the the bag makes a deceivingly large amount of cooked pasta.
252078252078B000FZU0N2A3GY4G6WZFPLAAPeggy Fleming0041281225600Carb-NadaAt fewer than half the carbs of regular pasta, Carb-Nada is a great alternative for the carb conscious person. Having personally tried numerous low carb pastas, I find this to be good tastng brand. I use it for all my pasta needs.
252079252079B000FZU0N2A6FLD8CWFWZRIPeggy T. Sutter0051272844800great noodlesThese noodles taste great, cooks fast and can be used in any pasta dish. I love the fact that they are lower in carbs than the average pasta. I was leary of the "roasted garlic" label, however there was no pronounced garlic flavor or smell.
252080252080B000FZU0N2A2QYP9LCID5O5SSan Perry0051258243200GREAT LOWER CARB PASTAIf you're watching your carbs and miss egg noodles, Carba Nada is a good replacement. It isn't greatly low carb, but quite a bit less than regular pasta, so you need to watch serving sizes, but it cooks in only 5 minutes and accepts tomato and other sauces very well. The different flavours add more variety, and its also easy to toss with some butter, parmesan, and seasonings. Add leftover chicken or beef, and some vegetables, and you have a quick easy meal for less carbs.
252081252081B000FZU0N2A3U3HBMYQR28BOBrian Bosemer "bbozky"0051237939200Al Dente Carba-Nada - Excellent Low Carb ProductThe Al Dente Carba-Nada Fettuccine is a great 18 net carb pasta product. It tastes great, consistency is "normal" and cooks quickly and thoroughly. This is just what I was looking for as the "zero carb" noodles that come in a plastic pouch in liquid is very different from anything pasta.

Thanks! Brian Bosemer, Lexington, KY
252082252082B000FZU0N2A20M9SQPNNLXG8K. Lane0051236038400Great!Tastes very good!!! If you are looking for low-carb-try this product, it tastes great!!!!
252083252083B000FZU0N2A3FOVBZCV3EX3RE. Dailey "Beth"0051212969600low carb noodlesThis is a great low carb noodles for diabetics or carb watchers they have good flavors and they cook faster.
252084252084B000FZU0N2A1QLFEVNLK5V7RToy mom0051204329600A great productMy family loves Carba-nada pasta, and it is not always available in the grocery store, so I am glad to be able to buy in bulk on Amazon. The pasta has a great flavor and is loaded with soy protien, so it doesn't need a meat sauce. My kids like it drizzled with olive oil. My husband and I like it with a white or red clam sauce.
252085252085B000FZU0N2A1KLAN2A1JLEWADiana Williams0051191628800Best Low-Carb Pasta Yet!I've tried several different brands of low-carb pasta including Dreamfields and Al Dente is the best. You can't tell that it's low carb. In fact, I used it in a soup that I made for a group and everyone went for seconds. I paid less getting it at Amazon than I would have at the Al Dente site. Got free shipping too so it only cost me $2.50 a bag.
252086252086B000FZU0N2A31XVLXD0QF1TCDesigned2Dazzle "small spaces with big style"1251180569600Pasta for a Low Carb LifestyleI love this product. After losing twenty pounds a few years ago by switching to a low carb/high protein diet, I could only enjoy pasta when I took a carb interceptor capsule. Now with this quicker cooking/more tender and flavorful pasta, I can enjoy my favorite home made pasta dishes such as Pasta with White Clam Sauce, Mushroom Stroganoff, etc. without worrying about putting all those pounds back on.
252087252087B000FZU0N2A2QDY00MAJ5XZ9Donald S. Brown0121186358400roasted garlic pastaProduct did not ship well. pasta broken into small pieces. flavor profile was poor.I like the idea of low carb pasta, however.
252088252088B003V1C04EA2NBQ5FOCYD67EA. Ramji ""2251315526400Love this green teaThis is a smooth grenn tea with a touch of cardamon. I let the teabag seep in very hot water for a couple of mins. Incidentally it is way overpriced here on Amazon. I pay less than $2.00 for a pkg of 30. Just google Tapal green cardamon to see various online stores.
252089252089B003V1C04EA1SH284VBHGL8MR.U.0041340064000Tasty without sugar!My co-worker drinks this everyday and was nice enough to purchase for me to try. I love it! the tea is not bitter so I don't need to add sugar.
252090252090B003V1C04EA136BYILR08J32Angelkitty's Mom0051327104000Very good green teaWhile green tea is not my favorite, I drink it for health benefits and this is a very good one. It's smooth and I find it very relaxing to enjoy a cup along with a good book or movie. Just wish it cost a little less.

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